Dedicated to all our serving military friends: Teku Syndrom leaps towards the light at the end of The Path

Taken from their spectacular 5-track EP to consume with utter satisfaction, Teku Syndrom sees the target in sight and drops a soldier-filled single for all those who wonder why they’re involved in such destruction on The Path.

Teku Syndrom is an Edmundston, New Brunswick, Canada-based indie rock band who are 5-member strong and rattle the fences nearby with an exhilarating blend of powerfully designed music to start up all slow heartbeats.

The band’s debut single “Help Me Grow” was released in May 2022 and quickly worked its way up numerous online charts as well onto Australian radio. The powerful ballad captures the emotions surrounding Raz’s daughter’s gender transition, delving into how she reached out to her family for support throughout her life-changing/altering/awakening and inspirational journey.” ~ Teku Syndrom

Goodness gracious me, this is precisely what our warn-torn world needed. A proper song with a meaning many will truly feel. Teku Syndrom is rather brilliant on The Path and projects a real story that others chose to hide away from, instead of embracing.

The Path from New Brunswick, Canada-based indie rock band Teku Syndrom is a drum-packed experience featuring ear-healing vocals to show us inside the mindset of those brave warriors who carry on despite the emotional and long-lasting trauma.

Showing us deep inside real life and honouring those who put their life on the line each day, to pulsate our souls and make us all respect those who fight with the inner emotions of slaying other humans when called upon.

See this dynamically charged music on YouTube.

Find out more and see where they’re playing live next on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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