Big Dreaming: Laguna Hills singer AYVA drops love-filled debut release ‘Better With You’

As her sparkling eyes glimmer longingly into her happily glowing sunglasses as she thinks deeply of her majestic lover, AYVA knows that things are going so well and she can’t see herself with anybody else on ‘Better With You‘.

AYVA is a focused young Tongan-American indie pop/RnB singer-songwriter who is based in Laguna Hills, California. She is an emerging talent who makes that romantically-charged music vibration which has your frolicking heart beating faster, as you get beautifully wrapped into her honey-tipped vocals which are packed full of wonderful charm.

AYVA credits her music to challenges she faced in her personal life. She has learned how to implement her own touch and millennial vibes into her music.” ~ AYVA

With a gloriously pure voice which perfectly intertwines into your blood-gushing veins of desire, this is a stunning single from a youthful artist who seems to pitch her sweet vocals so elegantly and with limitless energy.

Better With You‘ from the promising Laguna Hills, California-based indie pop/RnB artist AYVA, shows us a young woman who is finding her way into this obstacle-filled world, but knows exactly what she wants. She seeks that unconditional love without any fragile strings attached, as her mind only wants to be with someone who has her best interests at heart.

Sometimes you just know what you want, as you do whatever it takes to make sure that nothing will stop you being together, so that you feel that warm loving embrace.

Stream this debut single on Spotify and see more news on her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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