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Full On Conditions: Dora Donaldson feels those unwanted tight chains on ‘If This Is Your Love’

As she plots her cunning escape from someone who is keeping her away from the person who she wants to be, Dora Donaldson defies gravity and glides away as she needs to feel like herself again on the terrifically honest new single ‘If This Is Your Love‘.

Dora Donaldson is a Hungarian-American-Swiss indie-pop singer-songwriter and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia-based multi-talented artist.

”“If This Is Your Love” acts as step one — recognizing when control is disguised as love (whether romantic, platonic, familial or societal). ~ Dora Donaldson

Dora Donaldson presents such a courageous comprehension and sings with a real finesse that is highly extraordinary. She seems to keep you so captivated from the first moment onwards – as she flies up above and gets far away from this evil heart that has kept her away – from the true path for this inventive soul to flourish freely as she deserves.

If This Is Your Love‘ from the Hungarian-American-Swiss indie-pop singer-songwriter from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia named Dora Donaldson, indicates a true beauty in an often cold world due to her luscious vocals – and incredible lyrics made from the heart – that might have you shaking in disbelief. This is a brave woman who has decided that enough is enough, as she flaps her gorgeous angelic wings away from the blind love that she regrets getting involved with in the first place. Sung with real strength, this is an anthem for anything who needs some inspiration-  to get away from that horrible person – that is greedily keeping you for themselves until they are finished with your cherished soul.

Hear this lovely new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Bring It: Atlanta-based multi-creative Weku Did That is in peak form with ‘Blood Moon’

Featuring a dazzling beat that elevates you up and has you automatically accelerating on whatever floor is in front of you, Weku Did That positively conveys his illuminating broadcast on his latest instrumental-boost-mood single that has you howling at the ‘Blood Moon‘.

Weku Did That is an Atlanta, Georgia-based Nigerian-American record producer, RnB/hip-hop musician, film and music production expert and songwriter, who is on the rise due to his mysterious style and marvellously-made music creations.

He has garnered national attention by the mystique in the use of his signature full-face mask and he is being credited as the front runner for production in the budding genre of music that he has coined as Trap Rock.” ~ Weku Did That

Atlanta’s Weku Did That fires through hot with a sensual gem via his 9-track ‘Trap Rock‘ release. There is a booming amount of passion-filled activity foaming in this fine record, that has your head drifting around like you are back in the zone again.

Blood Moon‘ from the multi-skilled Atlanta, Georgia-based Nigerian-American record producer, RnB/hip-hop artist and film/production professional Weku Did That, shows us a man on a mission for that world domination. With his name on the lips of so many right now as his bass-thumping production has the masses jumping up and down in unadulterated excitement, there is much to love about a party track like this. Bring on summer.

Soothe your ears on Spotify and see more masked adventures on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Free From Pain: Robbie Vonn just wants to be happy on ‘If I’ (feat. Juliet Lyons)

Sung with such a lusciously elegant style that has your beating heart in quite the flutter as you look back at your own adventures in the past, Robbie Vonn has us reaching for the window to see the beauty in the world that can be hidden by so much darkness on ‘If I(feat. Juliet Lyons).

Robbie Vonn is a soulfully advanced American indie-pop solo artist who performs with a world-class attitude and supremely glorious ambience.

His fine music creations seem to have a rare gift that has you looking for the bright light which wants to find you, that comes after all the sadness from before. There is so much to like about a breathtaking song that packs an honest punch – filling your curious mind with engaging ideas – on how to separate away from whatever is holding you back on fully expressing yourself.

Robbie Vonn, in a simple and elegant way; makes life, loss, and love tangible in his visionary pop sound.” ~ Robbie Vonn

If I(feat. Juliet Lyons) from the always-evolving American indie-pop solo musician Robbie Vonn, is such a quality song that is easy to get lost in. His stylish range of skills comes through on each second projected here, which is only strengthened by a stunning air of class from an enlightened singer who is as sensationally appealing as they come. A truly top-notch effort is in store for your ravenous ears to consume greedily, as you close your eyes and imagine what is actually possible if you get out of your own head.

Hear this refreshing new single via Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Last Time: Jack Bibb drops debut track all about wishing you had a chance to say more on ‘Away’

As he closes his tired eyes and recalls a happier time in his life that ended so suddenly, Jack Bibb shows us the pain which has entrenched his soul and is weighing him down underneath the seas of his tears with ‘Away‘.

Jack Bibb is a youthful American indie Pop/RnB singer-songwriter who has recently re-branded himself and is ready for the next exciting step in his career.

Jack is a huge supporter of people being able to express their emotions in a way that is positive and still promotes mental health. It’s okay to be sad just like it’s okay to be happy, as long as it’s in the right environment.” ~ Jack Bibb

Away‘ from the American indie Pop/RnB singer-songwriter Jack Bibb, is the sad story about feeling like your heart has been broken into small pieces all over the ocean. You know that they didn’t mean to make you feel this way but it happened anyway, as you take the much-needed time to heal up and move into calmer waters. Made with a reflective tone and filled with a love-torn feeling, this is a track to turn on when you are feeling a bit down and need to get those emotions out.

Hear this debut track on his Spotify and see what comes next on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Feel The Confinement: Gaby DeSpain desires that stimulating thrill on ‘Settle For Skin Deep’

After dazzling us with the incredible singles ‘Dark Delight‘ and ‘Disaster‘, Gaby DeSpain knows that she shouldn’t submit to her potentially dangerous urges but needs to fill the cravings right now on ‘Settle For Skin Deep‘.

Gaby DeSpain is a thrilling American-Icelandic indie synth-pop and blues singer-songwriter who is based in Seattle. She makes that eerily brilliant music which grips hard at your curious soul, taking you to exciting places in your vividly trained imagination.

Raised in India and Turkey and now based in Seattle, DeSpain spent her formative years traveling Europe and Asia.” ~ Gaby DeSpain

With her glorious vocal ability causing your entranced body to shiver nervously in delight – you sense her smartly-written lyrics open your hungry mind up to the temptation-filled world – which most of us feel is desperately needed currently. She shows us into her night out to the stale smoke-filled local bar – knowing that this evening might not be worth it – but could be a wild adventure she might nonetheless enjoy.

A world weary poet, DeSpain uses her music to broaden perspectives while illuminating the commonality of all human kind.” ~ Gaby DeSpain

Settle For Skin Deep‘ from the Seattle-based sensual indie-pop/blues artist Gaby DeSpain, is that whiskey-soaked experience that you need to have in your life sometimes. She sings with such an hauntingly beautiful tone and is rather refreshingly honest here, as she tells us the frisky story that so many of us have felt lately. We need to get outside and feel that hot spark again with a total stranger, who might be tomorrow’s regret.

Listening to your heart is usually the way to go, but sometimes you just need to take the plunge and seek out something that thrills you enough, to awaken your sleepy soul.

Listen to this sensationally performed new single on her Spotify and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

That Hot Late Night: THEMXXNLIGHT bring the pulsating heat with steaming visuals for ‘Naughty or Nice’ (feat. Wiz Khalifa)

Produced by Sledgren, Jacobi and Soriano, fast-rising RnB hit duo THEMXXNLIGHT charmingly return with their hot new single after the massive success of ‘Body Language‘, with the sensually sensational ‘Naughty or Nice(feat. Wiz Khalifa).

Akash and Krish Chandani aka THEMXXNLIGHT are a mightily confident Indian-American California-based indie RnB duo and identical twins. They bring on board the legendary Wiz Khalifa for this outstanding track with so much bounce, you can’t help but nod your head in ultimate joyful excitement.

Featuring direction by GShots and Joe Hood, the stimulating visuals here bring us smoothly into this drink-filled story of knowing what you want. This is the feeling of looking into her glittering eyes and wondering deeply is she is a good girl, or if she is looking for that bad girl kind of evening.

The vocals are brilliantly polished with class and mixed with the impressive feature of a hip-hop great, and this is one of those summer tracks to marvel gloriously with. This is the dance floor filler, as the atmosphere has you looking for that fun night, with a sexy track which has you swaying your whole body all night to.

Naughty or Nice(feat. Wiz Khalifa) from the excellent California-based RnB twin duo THEMXXNLIGHT, is a house-party winner if there ever was one. With a lusciously tasty beat, gorgeous visuals and featuring three world class artists in their prime, this is a sure-fire hit that has your whole delighted body in absolute euphoria.

See this party-lit music video on YouTube and see more news via their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

She Like My Drip: Aj0hn kicks the naysayers away like Messi on ‘L!t’

With a unique blend of creation that has us so intrigued about this new style of rap in 2021, Aj0hn shows us why she is really into his swag-filled vibe on his new freestyle-like single which has him feeling rather ‘L!t‘.

Aj0hn is a newcomer Allentown, Pennsylvania-based indie rapper. He makes that new school type of ear-bending hip-hop music which has the beat shaking and the vocals sparking into this full paced assault on the mic.

The bars are slammed through the unsuspecting rate that might make a skilled sailor nervous, as the winds pick up and have you feeling like your heart is beating so much faster than before. He leaves little on the bones left for anyone else to munch on, as his mind is made up that she is the one for him and nothing else will do.

L!t‘ from the charming Allentown, Pennsylvania-based American rapper Aj0hn, is a rampage on the mind as you filter all of the self-doubt out of your senses, as you only bring in fresh smelling energy back into your life. This is a quick-fire track which might leave you in shock at first due to its complexities – as the style is alive and stocked full of entertainingly honest sentiment – which shows his utter confidence. She is into him and not the other guy, which makes him rather pleased with himself.

Sometimes you just have a feeling something is going to work, as you strive for that finish line to start the night for real.

Stream this new single on Soundcloud and see more via his Twitter.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Big Dreaming: Laguna Hills singer AYVA drops love-filled debut release ‘Better With You’

As her sparkling eyes glimmer longingly into her happily glowing sunglasses as she thinks deeply of her majestic lover, AYVA knows that things are going so well and she can’t see herself with anybody else on ‘Better With You‘.

AYVA is a focused young Tongan-American indie pop/RnB singer-songwriter who is based in Laguna Hills, California. She is an emerging talent who makes that romantically-charged music vibration which has your frolicking heart beating faster, as you get beautifully wrapped into her honey-tipped vocals which are packed full of wonderful charm.

AYVA credits her music to challenges she faced in her personal life. She has learned how to implement her own touch and millennial vibes into her music.” ~ AYVA

With a gloriously pure voice which perfectly intertwines into your blood-gushing veins of desire, this is a stunning single from a youthful artist who seems to pitch her sweet vocals so elegantly and with limitless energy.

Better With You‘ from the promising Laguna Hills, California-based indie pop/RnB artist AYVA, shows us a young woman who is finding her way into this obstacle-filled world, but knows exactly what she wants. She seeks that unconditional love without any fragile strings attached, as her mind only wants to be with someone who has her best interests at heart.

Sometimes you just know what you want, as you do whatever it takes to make sure that nothing will stop you being together, so that you feel that warm loving embrace.

Stream this debut single on Spotify and see more news on her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Wanna See Ya: Art.I.Ficial truly knows what he wants tonight on ‘Hey Mamacita’

Taken off his debut five-track EP named ‘The First Kumming‘, Art.I.Ficial politely asks her to join him for the after party back at his place, on the late-night track all about connecting your eyes together as one with ‘Hey Mamacita‘.

Art.I.Ficial is an indie Liberian-American Anime rapper, songwriter, and music producer. He is a highly creative artist who is fairly new to the game but has the music soundscape born deep in his veins, and you can feel his wonderfully rare chemistry on each part of this exciting track.

This is a steamy story all about stating your intentions and leaving nothing to luck, as you flow into the conversation like a smoke-filled dream. He tells it straight up and isn’t being too pushy, as he sees what he likes and wants to make sure that she is feeling the hot vibes too.

Hey Mamacita‘ from the emerging Liberian-American rapper Art.I.Ficial, shows us a man with one thing on his mind and she knows it. He smoothly speaks to her and leaves her heart beating so much faster, as his words are deeply toned and with so much charm.

This is a late-night track with so much to enjoy, as it sums up our mood away from the doom and the constant gloom, that is slowing passing like the ravishing wind.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see his IG music page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Put It On Me: Emezzy has us all blushing on ‘Body’ (ft. Michael I-Zayah and Shaleowill)

Taken off the latest two-track EP called ‘AQUARIUS‘, Emezzy returns with the supremely sensual new single all about seeing that special one you can’t resist for another moment called ‘Body(ft. Michael I-Zayah and Shaleowill).

Nnaemeka Keke aka Emezzy is a top shelf Nigerian/American rapper and singer, who carefully combines his music skills to make soundscapes that has you dancing and turning up the volume, all night long.

The busty beat has a party sound to it, as the smooth vocals flow into your eager mind as the descriptive lyrics tell you exactly what the plan of action is for the evening. You feel the love energy around you real close, as the attraction starts to get more intense, their bodies are locked in together and the night is only just getting started.

Body‘ (ft. Michael I-Zayah and Shaleowill) from the Nigerian/American rapper/singer, leads us into a story of attraction, as you want to be with them so badly — as the glint of the eye leads you in — to see if there is indeed a connection.

Stream this new track on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen