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I Slide: Queens rapper ptmWOK cruises away from those tapped lines on ZOOM

With dope production, illuminating visuals and a massively likeable flow, ptmWOK is in no mood to get caught up in easily avoidable moments which could end the good times forever on his latest video, ZOOM.

ptmWOK is a Queens, New York-based indie Latin-American rapper who has the cool smokey style which puts hairs up on the back of many spines and shows us what the underground sounds like right now.

Teaching the youth how to rap with a decompressed but effective technique, ptmWOK drops the mic of anyone who is doubting. Sending our minds into a flurry of emotions, we find a real emcee who is only improving his craft and straying far from flimsy click-bait fads. This is adult rap to look introspectively into you see.

ZOOM from Queens, New York-based indie Latin-American rapper ptmWOK is a supremely confident song to delve deeper into the mindset of a real visionary. Avoiding the lame wackness which is sadly in abundance and straying away from the common songs which will never be timeless, this is a reminder that proper lyricism is alive and well.

If you love underground hip-hop with significance, turn it up and forget the rest.

Check out this Flushing Meadows-shot video on YouTube.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

POVEDA reminds us of that warm 1985 glow on Otra Noche Más

Bringing us the first composition of Roberto’s career from 1985 which has extra flair added for modern times, POVEDA performs with an electric skill and wholehearted desire on Otra Noche Más.

POVEDA is a 2-piece project born from the creative minds of Cuban composer Roberto Poveda and the American drummer Layton Weedeman.

It is no coincidence the song of freedom was picked up and recorded by the national record label of Cuba, EGREM, but met its interesting fate and was mysteriously lost without a trace. Nearly 35 years later, during the 2020 pandemic, Roberto brought the song back to life.” ~ POVEDA

Decompressing the stresses of the world with something so peacefully chilled and pleasant to sip on at the beach, POVEDA has dropped a rather influential soundtrack to summer. This is a superbly constructed song with innovative juices dripping from each corner and shall evoke a warm feeling of hope into each listener’s veins.

Otra Noche Más from the Cuban/American duo project POVEDA is a rather peaceful soundtrack to roaming around and seeing the world with a positive mindset. Sung with a soulful passion and brimming with a carefully calm aura of adventure, we are treated to something rather unique.

In a world replenished with sneaky copycats, this is a warm ray of sunshine in all the right places.

Turn this up in full via Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Make It: Kem .SoL hopes for the romance to blossom on 1 Day

Wanting so much more and sensing that the formally fragmented pieces are finally plunging together, Kem .SoL shows us an unbelievable new creation on the superb 1 Day.

Kem .SoL is an American indie alternative artist who is now based in London, UK and makes a sterling blend of vividly descriptive soundscapes to love forever.

Hoping for love to stay strong despite the strong winds and taken as the 2nd track off The Only Way Is Up, Kem .SoL sends our gaze right into better days. Vocally smooth and drifting with some impact, this is a rather splendid experience to love for its kind energy.

1 Day from the London, UK-based indie alternative artist Kem .SoL is a tremendous single to turn up loud and with some velocity. This is a strength-packed song when you need to keep that hope strong, that two loving humans may stay close despite all the temptations lurking. Lathered in magnificence and calming our ears, we are treated to something so honest and caring when needed most.

When you speak your intentions, the road suddenly clears.

Turn this up loud on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Bless The Children: Foundry Town Survivors gives us hope on The Night Is Alive

Urging us to take the moment and never stop dreaming no matter what, Foundry Town shows us the way to properly live as those previous fears get washed away forever on Survivors The Night Is Alive.

Foundry Town is an American rock two-piece band who fuses together that classic sound and gives the world timeless wonders on each one of their releases.

Displaying something so wonderful for our souls to feel replenished by, Foundry Town drops a simply excellent single made from the heart and packed with incredibly soothing vocals. Leading the way and showing us where to fly, we are blessed by a meaningful release to gain a new perspective altogether.

Survivors The Night Is Alive from American rock two-piece band Foundry Town is a call to ignore the noise and rather find a happier place to live in peace. Soaring with a caring beauty and filled with so much to be enthralled by, this is a terrific track to play loud when a ray of sunshine appears.

If you dream of something and visualize the moment, anything is possible.

See this new single on YouTube and see more news on Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Think Of A Few Things: Skai Pwonmai has got lots of plans on Pikachuu

With a dark and heavy beat to truly get involved inside this piercing sizzler, Skai Pwonmai looks at the honeys and knows exactly what he wants to do next on the vehemently catchy song to dance with all night long called Pikachuu.

Skai Pwonmai is an American music producer, singer-songwriter, rapper, actor, and DJ who grew up on stage and was exposed to music and theater at 6 years old.

He started putting effort into making his first beats and tracks at 13 years old using a PSP given to him by his older sister’s friend and Beaterator – Timbaland’s crossover with Rockstar Games in ’09.” ~ Skai Pwonmai

Formally known as Giavekz, Skai Pwonmai slams into 5th gear and refuses to slow down even for traffic lights on this steaming new song for all the single folks out there in the world.

Pikachuu from American music producer and multi-creative Skai Pwonmai is a slamming hot song which might leave some burns to attend to tomorrow. Rife with intent and showing us it’s best to speak up when you want to be with someone in life.

Listen up to this new single on SoundCloud and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

JNO desperately wants that romantic connection to return on ‘Come Thru’ (feat. AllyStarDreamly)

Taking us into this subdued mood that has no hope of changing for the better as the candles have blown out, JNO wants the night to spark with all-night passion, but he is feeling the icy winds of wrath from his former flame on ‘Come Thru(feat. AllyStarDreamly).

JNO aka Joshua Nathan Ortañez is a 22-year-old Northern California-raised Filipino-American RnB singer-songwriter who loves telling genuine stories that are packed with life.

After starting his career in 2014 with prolific releases aplenty, JNO is showing us exactly what is happening at this precise moment and vividly describes it with a hazy smoke in the air. Packed with a heartbreaking scenario that can’t possibly twist back from the hurt before, that wrapped your smiles away during the hurtful conversations.

Come Thru(feat. AllyStarDreamly) from San Francisco, California-based indie RnB artist JNO is a reminder that sometimes true love can happen between two souls who have departed from each other. Sung with a genuine passion that will soak your veins and cause you to shiver slightly, this is a superbly projected single that will have you in awe of the aura presented.

Love can be so cruel if your morals don’t connect as one.

Listen up to this new track on Spotify and check out the IG page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Sofie Mathiasen drops her planet exploring excellent 2nd single ‘Before We Say Goodbye’

Showing us through the ravishing but ultimately infrequent romance between the sun and the moon, Sofie Mathiasen is exquisite with her stunning 2nd release that will have you in awe of her natural vocals with ‘Before We Say Goodbye‘.

Sofie Mathiasen is a 17-year-old American/Danish pop singer-songwriter who has seen an exciting start to her fledgling career and is signed by FerienAmBalkon Records.

It was actually for a school project that I wrote ‚Before We Say Goodbye‘ – we had to write a Nocturne in music class, and I took the opportunity to try to write a song inspired by the love story I had imagined for such a long time.” ~ Sofie Mathiasen

Showing us so much beauty from the lonely moon’s perspective of a love that is too far away to embrace, Sofie Mathiasen has just presented us with a superb release that will have you feeling so grateful for any genuine tenderness that you have in your life.

Back in Austria, she is now attending Vienna International School – an art-affine institution that produced talents like Arrie Krista and others.” ~ Sofie Mathiasen

Before We Say Goodbye‘ from the youthful American/Danish pop singer-songwriter Sofie Mathiasen is a lusciously projected single that will have you staring upwards no matter where you are in the world. Her aura is one of a romantic nature in this lovely song that shows us that true love is hard to find, no matter if you are so close sometimes.

That sweet kiss is so hard to feel sometimes, even if two forces should be together forever.

Hear this splendid song on Spotify and see more of career progression on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Mass Mercury misses those tender touches on ‘Makin’ Me Crazy’ (feat. Heini Ikonen and Yoni Teràn)

With a catchy summer track that shows you that love certainly grows fonder when two lovers are temporarily apart, Mass Mercury reminds us that it’s best to make use of those opportunities to be together on, ‘Makin’ Me Crazy(feat. Heini Ikonen and Yoni Teràn).

Mass Mercury was formed by Chris Sanders and Sean Sanders, who are an American-Finnish, father-son production team who use their family ties to make outstanding music.

A song about missing loved ones during these COVID-19 lockdown times.” ~ Mass Mercury

Reminding us that romance can be hard to deal with if you are far away for too long, Mass Mercury joins forces with Heini Ikonen and Yoni Teràn to seduce our minds and get that lonely heart beating faster again with a sumptuous display.

Makin’ Me Crazy(feat. Heini Ikonen and Yoni Teràn) from the father-son production unit Mass Mercury is a hot single that is sung with such tremendously enjoyable Latino exuberance that you will find yourself getting the volume dial all the way up to red. There is a saucy atmosphere that sends your emotions into the sky – with a top beat to smile with fondly – as you imagine being with the human of your dreams.

Sometimes, you can’t stop thinking about that transformative touch that has you feeling like you are loving for the first time again.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Warm Place: EmMeka sips on the white wine together with his new lover on ‘Yellow’ (feat. N8TR)

Released off his brand new 4-track EP called ‘Week 25‘, EmMeka keep the lights on low and finds the right song that makes everything seem so flawless on ‘Yellow(feat. N8TR).

EmMeka is an Atlanta, Georgia-based hip-hop/RnB/soul-fused Nigerian-American music producer, singer, rapper, and writer.

A massive Atlanta Falcons fan himself, you feel his touchdown appeal here with a spiral-like accuracy brewing the whole way through this electrically passionate new single.

I like to incorporate my own composed and performed live instrumentation on the piano, guitar, bass, drums, and synth leads into my signature style.” ~ EmMeka

Taking us on a voyage of self-discovery as you lock lips and gravitate closer towards that new romantic interest, EmMeka sends our naked spines into a euphoric shiver with this sumptuously inviting track you will find so tempting.

Yellow(feat. N8TR) from the understated Atlanta-based Nigerian-American music producer and RnB/hip-hop/soul singer/rapper EmMeka, is a romantic single with silky vocals and a top-notch beat – that gets your body grooving to the vibe – as you cuddle close with that special soul who truly cares about what you say.

This is that slide-close track to play late at night after you have gotten back from a night out, and just want to get inside that warm place that feels just right.

Hear this new single on his Spotify and check out the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

He’s A Fool: Homeland Hope tells that boss to get lost on ‘Life Is Tough (But I’m a Whole Lot Tougher)’

Taken off their massively ambitious 25-track album, Homeland Hope shows us that we need to value ourselves despite all the noise in this wild world on ‘Life Is Tough (But I’m a Whole Lot Tougher)‘.

Homeland Hope is an American-based indie-country duo that makes the type of soundscapes that are filled with Christian values that has you tapping your toes and singing along.

Growing up in North Carolina, Kathryn Bryant has always had country music in her blood. Michael Justin Lee, on the other hand, might seem to be a very unlikely person to become a country music creator, having been born in Hong Kong. Nevertheless, powered by a burning passion for country music, Lee perfectly complements Bryant, crafting spell-binding compositions and creating joyful music together as Homeland Hope.” ~ Homeland Hope

Presenting us a song that encourages us to brush away anything or anyone who is holding us back, Homeland Hope is at its honest best with a vocally-charged performance that is filled with courage and backed up with a likeable melodic blend that only seems to sweeten the soul. Heightened with a guitar-filled combination of merry melodies, you sense that they are only getting started on this delightfully inspiring journey of standing up for yourself.

Life Is Tough (But I’m a Whole Lot Tougher)‘ from the USA-based indie-country Homeland Hope, is a catchy new single all about staying strong no matter what challenges come your way. The world can be tough and people might try and throw sand in your eyes to distract you, but if you stay true to yourself then there is nothing that can really stop you from reaching your goals.

Hear this brand new YouTube audio.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen