Caragold wants that peaceful equanimity for us all on their beautiful new single arranged with healing ‘Sunshine’

With their debut album set for release in July 2022, Caragold is in truly inspiring form with an enlightening single that compels us to look further than that meaningless material item that won’t make you happy on ‘Sunshine‘.

Caragold is a Glenwood, Washington-based indie rock 4-piece band who has such a divinely mellow style that might have you sliding those sunglasses on and getting back into nature.

The founding member, Ross Charland, would retreat to the cabin every couple of months to write in solitude. Enough trips to the wilderness laid the foundation for the band. Yes, you may say that this stereotypical mecca to the cabin in the woods proved fruitful.” ~ Caragold

Sending us into a water-filled world that is such a delight in all of our senses as you look to get in touch with our magnificent world again, Caragold shows us that peace and love that is such a welcome ear-hugger. Smooth vocals are on offer here with a band who seem perfectly in tune to what humanity needs right now.

Sunshine‘ from Glenwood, Washington-based indie rock 4-piece band Caragold is one of the harmonious singles on offer in 2022. They sing in unison and urge us to get out of those dusty boxes – that will never make your heart joyful – unless you break out and swim free. The calming energy is rather tremendous and will take you into a better place that only has good intentions.

The unpretentious message from Caragold is one of deep meaning and exactly what we all needed to hear today.

See this peaceful video on YouTube and see more news via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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