Can’t feel my face: LA’s Brian Angelo blocks out his current helplessness with wild adventure on ‘Hell of a Night’

Inspired by The Weeknd’sBlinding Lights‘, Brian Angelo kicks up the volume and shows us what a ‘Hell of a Night‘ looks like with his 3rd single that numbs the pain for a while, so he can step out of the lonely darkness for a mile.

Brian Angelo is a determined Los Angeles, California-based r&b/pop singer-songwriter, drummer and pianist, who makes that real 80’s influenced music that makes you dance and self-reflect at the same time. He grew up as one of nine siblings and had a rough life as a teen so you can feel the passion in his voice, that makes you realize that he isn’t ever going back to that life. This is what he does and there are no other options but success.

This is the true story about how he needed a break from it all and zoning out for a while was a way to step away from being by himself too long. He took some drugs and morphed into a different world, while cruising around the city and seeing it in a different matrix felt good, until he realized he took too much which made the adventure so trippy and movie-like.

He sings with a flamboyant style that has your whole body grooving and moving in delight but with that thoughtful aspect in mind, due to the content of the real life lyrics about how prevalent drugs are in modern day society. Taken to ease the suffering and put you into a different place, this has become so mainstream its actually quite concerning.

Hell of a Night‘ from the exciting r&b/pop artist Brian Angelo, leads us into to his world with a striking beat and lyrics that will have you thinking deeply about the state of affairs in 2021. Breaking away from reality is the only way that some survive and sleep at night.

Hear this deep track on Spotify and see his visuals via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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