Back And Forth: Miss Lia wishes they could keep things chilled instead of toxic with ‘Summersault’

As they always seem to get back together despite the constant fights and ugly vibes, Miss Lia reminisces about that passionate love which she can’t get enough of with the sexy new single called ‘Summersault‘.

Miss Lia is a tantalizing Toronto, Canada-based indie RnB singer-songwriter. She is a sensational vocalist and keeps things beautiful and intimate, on each one of her heart-beating creations.

Pulling inspiration from her life, her music is based on love, lust and struggles.” ~ Miss Lia

Her unmistakably passionate vocals have you feeling so intrigued by the story, as your heart simmers and relives past experiences with a soul who you love but also hate. You remember the steamy nights of passion which make you blush intently, but you also grimace as you remember those arguments which caused you to find the exit quickly.

Summersault‘ from the playful Toronto, Canada-based indie RnB artist Miss Lia, shows us a mood that so many of us have experienced. You love someone so much but your personalities somehow clash noticeably – as you end up leaving again and again – but somehow can’t keep away from each other, as you try and figure about why this keeps on happening. Sometimes your bodies rule your mind – and keep you tumbling into the toxic waterfall – when you know you need to jump out quickly to calmer lands.

Stream this hot new single on her Spotify page and see more via the growing IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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