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Multi-talented Canadian composer Julia Vasiliev is quite fantastic on her beautiful ‘Scarves of Saturn’

The multi-talented Canadian composer/singer Julia Vasiliev is quite fantastic on her new beautiful single called ‘Scarves of Saturn‘.

Julia Vasiliev is a fantastic young Toronto based composer. She first learnt how to play the piano at the age of 6, improvising and composing has always been a heartfelt passion. Julia likes to use melancholy moods and themes, she uses the piano to express the motions she experiences in her adventurous life. Julia has 14 years of singing experience at the Holy Trinity church choir and sung in the University of Guelph Symphonic Choir. This is a young lady that likes to push herself and she does what she loves.

You stare up into the sky and wonder what is out there, your heart beating as you think of all the planets out there. This curiosity has always been inside you and now you are looking even deeper, trying to find meaning in it all.

Julia Vasiliev’sScarves of Saturn‘ is a fantastic piece of art, the beauty shines through and you can feel some sadness too, perhaps of an old memory that hasn’t passed yet. This is a stunning instrumental and this is a masterful performance that would be best with the volume turned up real high.

Click here for the YouTube page.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


SWiiMS splash in with the 3rd single from their debut called ‘Hand of Love’

Hand of Love‘ is the third video and single for the debut EP ‘Through Waves‘ from SWiiMS.

SWiiMS is an awesome 4-piece rock band from Toronto in beautiful Canada. Their unique blend of Brit Rock, Dream Pop, Shoegaze and New Wave swirls together to create a sound that is all they own as they slide into our hearts with this fantastic music.

After the success of ‘Let You Down‘, this is a formidable follow-up and keeps the same high standard. This is a gripping indie track, full of brilliantly constructed guitar riffs and the sound is from the ocean, lots of waves and crashes. The vocals are soft but clear, your ears prick up to pick up on each note. This is a quality band that have a mellow style that keeps you listening so intently.

We all need that ‘Hand of Love‘ sometimes and Canadian band SWiiMS have provided us with a harmonious song, full of flair and the musicianship is quite out of this world. The skill here is high, the music is translucent and there is so much to like here.

Click here for the YouTube link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Alex Frew and his band show growing maturity on their live version of ‘Get Out Alive’

Alex Frew and his band show growing maturity on their live version of ‘Get Out Alive‘ and this is a special listen.

This fantastic 4-piece have made such a stunning indie-rock track that impresses mightily here is 2020. The solo’s are amazing and the whole band really mesh well together. The Toronto band have so many intricate melodies and the sounds seep through into our hearts. This is a deep listen and you can see the passion here in his voice and the band backs him up perfectly.

Get Out Alive‘ from Alex Frew is all about getting out of bad situations as you need to be careful in life. Sometimes people lie and this can really affect you. They drag your clutch and really slow you down. You need to get out before it’s too late. This is a fantastic track that is of a high standard and a terrific listen. The Toronto band rock on this new single and this is a Canadian act that are set for huge things.

Click here for the YouTube link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Canadian singer Tyra Jutai strides out with a banging new track called ‘New Shoes’

Tyra Jutai proves that you can do anything with a new, stylish pair of ‘New Shoes‘.

This Toronto-born and proud native with a raspy voice that oozes absolute delicious sounds that waft in your ears and in your soul. This is a singer-songwriter that sings deep down from her lungs, the words smoke up in her mouth like it’s an infuser.

The young producer-singer with big dreams is in top form here, the beat that does her lots of favors. The sound echos from her dreams as she seeks that new shoes to get her dancing again during this crazy covid time.

New Shoes‘ from Canadian singer Tyra Jutai is a song that reminds me of a late night gig in a legendary venue, it comes on and jolts you in the heart here. With such poise and elegance, this is a fantastic artist with bags full of potential and it’s a wonder to hear.

PS: Somebody go and get this lady some shoes please, thank you.

Click here for the Soundcloud link.

Head through to the Facebook link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Samy raps about making it big in ‘Make It’

Samy is a French, Algerian and Dutch artist in Toronto who is here with his new track called ‘Make It‘.

This is all about making it in the crazy music world and reaching your dreams. You dream of being on playlists all over the world and getting your music out there. Failure is not an option here, only making it all the way upwards. You know that you can get up there as the music is quality, you just need a small but loyal team to help you get there.

With succulent piano beats at the start, this is a wonderful song to get you in the mood for success. This is dream-life and also reflects about past hero’s in music that you used to look up to. That feeling has gone as you have worked out they are fake. You dream differently now and are fully focused.

I love the vocals here and the chorus is meshed well with different sounds, this is a unique track with substance. Samy will make it and this song shows his quality. ‘Make It‘ is for all those who believe in their talent and really want it.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Grant Brotherz party up with volume on full ‘Bumpin Loud’

Grant Brotherz turn the lights down low and get the candles out on ‘Bumpin Loud‘.

Grant Brotherz are a Pop-Soul-Rap act outta Toronto in Canada. They return to our hearts with a vein-boosting song that will make you blush here. This is a hot song that is all about showing off that passion and late night partying with that special one.

Brandon, Duran and Dylan spent their time in the family home back in the day collaborating on lyrics, free-styling, singing and producing music from a very young age. With a homegrown passion and love for music, they bring their show to stages in and around Toronto, with their most notable performances on V-Mix/OMNI Television and the main stage at Yonge & Dundas Square.

Bumpin Loud‘ from Grant Brotherz is a new track that shows that this is a group who like to stay up all night as they are living their dreams. They hate being restricted and don’t care what anyone thinks. They are on a mission to reach the very top and won’t let anything stand in the way.

Click here for the YouTube link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Candian artist enFp-t drops new R&B love ballad ”These Days”

After growing up in Markham, Toronto in Canada, Aaron Sum aka enFp-T– knew what he wanted to do since a young age. Perform music. He just knew if from the bottom of his bones. Despite not being a big fan of piano lessons and learning about music theory growing up, he soon realized that he just to just needed to know the core and go from there.

These Days” is the latest track from this young artist and he impress on the love ballad that is ”These Days”. This is a fresh new track all about wanting to be with that special person and daydreaming about being with them.

enFp-T strives to be a figure of male sensitivity and unashamed of sharing his thoughts and feelings about relationships, romance, and introspection. His future projects are set to be totally honest and stack filled of thought-provoking ideas. This is a musician who loves to have fun during the process.

These Days” is a fine track for 2020 and the R&B vibe is for all to hear and enjoy.

Stream this brand new inspirational song about live here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


New artist Qsound drops visuals for debut pop single ”Let’s Go”

Toronto’s Qsound is a new artist in the music game and he makes a great impression with the new music video for ”Let’s Go” This song has just dropped on YouTube and we are excited about the new track.

Let’s Go” is a vibrant debut single about love and just going for it again. Sometimes love can get confusing and in these complicated times it is always good to take a step back. The key is to never give up and try again.

Qsound and his team have created a wonderful video here. This is directed by Daniel Iezady and he brings the heat with some lovely visuals. This is a fine R&B song that has me in a good mood and it is wonderfully shot. This young artist from Canada shows us his debut flavor and is bound to come out with more music of world class standard.

Stream this new artist’s debut video drop right here on YouTube.

Check out this new singers social media page and Insta is the place to find out more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Down the Void has cooked up a grungy artful storm with their latest single Electric Beauty featuring Meg Rowen

Toronto-based artist Down the Void has released yet another morosely masterful feat of genre-crumbling Alt Rock with their single “Electric Beauty”.

Fans of Pavement, Fidlar and Dinosaur Jr will definitely want to make time for the release which carries plenty of the trademarks of the Alt 90s style while simultaneously allowing Down the Void to stamp down their own signature sound.

The atmosphere which spills from the tight synergy of the instrumentals can only be described as alchemic while the raw vocals project plenty of rugged soul into the quite literally mesmerising soundscape.

Shimmering tones effervesce in the Grunge-laden Garage hit which will leave you with the compulsion to hit repeat to experience the stunning progressions once more. I can only imagine how mind-altering it would be to witness their sonic deftly-crafted walls of noise live.

Down the Void’s East Coast tour may have been cancelled and the official release of their album may have been postponed, but something tells me that in spite of lockdown, Down the Void’s success is inevitable.

You can check out Electric Beauty for yourselves via Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Toronto Nu-Metal band Under Stolen Skies release solidarity single called ”Kill Corrupt”

This is a group that is fed up with all the nonsense around us in the world. They rage through the machine style and rock the speakers until they are smoking with anger. This is music that inspires and would make an awesome movie soundtrack. This is the follow up track to ”State Of I’‘ which was reviewed in April by Amelia Vandergast.

Canadian act Under Stolen Skies needed a way to tackle the frustrations towards the corrupt systems that regulates their society and feel that things are way to cruel and unjust right now. A brave stance indeed and one that must be applauded. They are fed up and taking a stand with such a powerful song.

Nu Metal punk rockers Under Stolen Skies sing and rap their way into our sights with a powerful political statement that fits 2020 like a tight glove. ”Kill Corrupt” urges the world to open up their eyes to not be complacent anymore and stop all the wrongs that are happening right now. We live in a crazy world and this smashing track is all about being unified. That is the only way to make this beautiful planet better again.

Stream this angry Punk-Metal band right here on their Spotify page to hear more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen