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Find Your Peace: Toronto’s Steve Nicosia sails clamly with the ‘Ships in the Night’

With a hauntingly artistic commencement that has your complete brain feeling so thrilled and promptly alert, Steve Nicosia has us travelling on the peaceful waves beyond our mindfulness with the ‘Ships in the Night‘.

Steve Nicosia is a Toronto, Canada-based indie instrumental indie-folk musician who makes soundtracks that seem to touch the soul profoundly, as he politely pilots us with astonishing journies through our spirits like a magical time traveller.

Steve seeks musical inspiration everywhere, and his songs are a reflection of his eclectic taste. The common thread across Steve’s songs would be their gradual builds, emotional undertones, and climactic pay-offs.” ~ Steve Nicosia

Steve Nicosia is rather exceptional on a track that feels like he is guiding us beyond that rudderless temptation and onto happier seas, as he performs with a stunning style that is so free and mood-enhancing.

Ships in the Night‘ from highly skilled Toronto, Canada-based indie instrumental solo artist Steve Nicosia, draws us to a calming wave of pureness of the very highest order. No lyrics are needed here as he is in the transfixing mood to help alleviate the pain that so many are facing, with a truly wonderful guitar-packed experience to immerse happily into.

Hear this graceful effort on his Spotify music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Place To Place: Toronto folk band Ptarmigan are so peacefully excellent on ‘Rounder’

Sung with a gloriously enchanting wind that seems to breeze gracefully through the curious veins into your warmed-up heart, Ptarmigan are at their best on the single which will put you into a calm state of mind again with ‘Rounder‘.

Ptarmigan is a throughly entertaining indie-folk band based in busy Toronto who also have homely roots in cozy Peterborough, Ontario.

After starting to play together in 2009, these high school pals skillfully blend in various instruments like the banjo, to compelling levels of heightened enjoyment for the whole family to lap up lovingly.

There is much to lather into here – from a top band who seem to possess that world class ability – to totally immerse you into their love-filled offerings, which is such a delightful experience to tuly treasure.

At a time when much of the world is sheltering-in-place, how we think about home is more important than ever.” ~ Ptarmigan

Rounder‘ from Toronto, Canada-based indie-folk act Ptarmigan, is such a charming single which grabs your whole heart and takes you away from the real world for a while. The vocals are so sumptuciously delivered and each word has been carefully written, by a band who play for the love of the artform. This is the type of movie-like experience that deserves so much love, as you feel so swept away like a frolicking bird into the beautiful blue sky.

Hear this wonderfully peaceful new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Michelle Nyce’s high vibes go interstellar in her indie urban pop hit ‘Eh Baby’.

Since a young age, the spotlight has fallen onto the multifaceted talent of the Toronto-based rapper, dancer and singer Michelle Nyce. For her latest indie urban pop earworm, she collaborated with StraightOuttaThe6ix to create a high vibe drunk on love single and music video that successfully epitomises the intoxicating feeling of getting hooked on someone’s vibe.

The sun-kissed radio-ready single, Eh Baby, is a stunning extension of the sentiments offered in Crazy in Love. Even though she has the style and gravitas of a multi-platinum-selling artist, she hasn’t lost her instantly infatuating girl next door vibe that we can’t wait to hear plenty more of.

Stream and download Eh Baby via apple music. Watch the official music video on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Dreading The Call: Oceans Of Tears tells the tragic story of that heart-pounding conversation on ‘Drowned In A Sea Of Tears Remix’ (feat. Nick Preymay Jr)

As he sings with that pain-filled voice which feels each moment of this dire situation, Oceans Of Tears recalls the night when the youngest son was sadly taken away too soon with ‘Drowned In A Sea Of Tears Remix(feat. Nick Preymay Jr).

Oceans Of Tears is the creation of Toronto, Ontario, Canada-based indie pop/rock artist Steve W. Boily. He develops rock and children’s musicals, songs and videos, with his 80’s and 90’s inspired music created to add depth to a world that can appear to be so shallow at times.

It is 1 of 14 songs as part of a semi-autobiographical part live rock musical concert / part stage play written by him titled “DROWNED IN A SEA OF TEARS”. This is the track that started it all. It is performed by SHAWN, the main character of the musical which shows the pain and guilt he feels when he finds out that his brother Mike had been just killed in a car crash where drugs and alcohol were involved, leaving behind a young girls and boy who would never know their dad. He feels responsible for his brother’s death and must now contact his mom and dad to let them know of their son’s tragic death.” ~ Steve W. Boily

Sung with a really passionate tone and packed with a rainy ambiance that might have you shedding a small tear, this is an emotional single that has you thinking about those who are sadly no longer with us. The stormy roads have been cruel and unkind – as you look outside the window – to remember their memory, to try and only think of the good times.

Drowned In A Sea Of Tears Remix(feat. Nick Preymay Jr) from the Canada-based indie rock artist Oceans Of Tears, is a really sad story that is made with a nostalgic feel you can’t get out of your mind. The earth can be unkind sometimes and sweet souls who are gone should still be around, as we search for answers that might unfortunately elude us forever.

See this video on YouTube and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

There’s Something About You: Toronto’s Marlon Chaplin drifts where air isn’t necessary on ‘Slipstream’

As he carefully looks for a break from this suffocating world that is full of toxic energy that is ultimately bad for the fragile soul, Marlon Chaplin takes a trip into a different dimension for a short time with the love of his life on ‘Slipstream‘.

Marlon Chaplin is a well-respected Toronto, Canada-based indie folk/pop solo artist, multi-instrumentalist and former member of Brit Pop-inspired outfit Broken Bricks, Freeman Dre and the Kitchen Party, Suitcase Sam and Ada Dahli.

Since embarking on a solo career, Chaplin has accrued a notable list of accomplishments including touring and building a fanbase in NYC as well as on home turf, releasing 2018’s critically acclaimed full length “The Circle” and most recently inking a deal with renowned Canadian artist development company Nu Music Group.” ~ Marlon Chaplin

You feel his warmly coated embrace to go where there is no distracting vibes, as his crisp vocal style shines though here on a song that will put you in an altered state of mind from the normal, that can bore creative hearts cold.

Marlon has appeared and performed on Sirius XM’s That Eric Alper’s Show, CP24, Daytime Toronto, CHCH Hamilton, CIUT FM, CJRU The Scope and has had features in Toronto Guardian, Indie88, The Littlest Voice and was recently nominated for a Dropout Entertainment Canadian Independent Music Video Award.” ~ Marlon Chaplin

Slipstream‘ from the well-liked Toronto, Canada-based solo artist Marlon Chaplin, is a daze-filled daydream from an artist who is at the top of his powers. With a calming energy – he takes us to a world that is actually possible – if you find someone suitable to join you for the intriguing ride. He sings with such love and affection here with a relaxed tone, as he looks up and wonders about the sensational state of mind that is certainly possible with the right energy. This is a wonderful track made with a true care, from a rather stylish musician on the road to greatness.

See this new music video on YouTube and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Okay I See You: SirW moves swiftly onto the win with ‘Pass Da Controller’ (feat. BigLu91)

With a brightly-lit hunger in those ravenous veins and a motivated taste for the true victory, SirW sees that his time is now and tells others to move over so he can claim his rightful place on top with ‘Pass Da Controller(feat. BigLu91).

Selwyn Ichizedek Richard Williams aka SirW, is a Toronto, Ontario-based indie rapper, cook, anime enthusiast and music producer.

Featuring Luther Daniel Saunders aka BigLu91, a sizzlin’ Scarborough, Ontario, Canada-based rapper, this is a terrific new single which has your speakers bouncing in delightful enthusiasm.

Inspired by various animes, video games and movies, SirW’s music journey began at the tender age of 16 where he started creating instrumentals while being a cook.” ~ SirW

With vigorous raps of intent that seem to swirl just right into your intrigued soul, they morph together and grab the controls of their destiny with a gritty performance here. These are two skillful rappers on a mission to reach the finish line where the gold medal is at – and aren’t giving up no matter what the obstacles in the way – as they believe its their moment to be getting that W.

At 17, BigLu91 was given a pen and a pad by his Uncle and his main inspiration for music. After writing “Loneliness”, his first song about his absent father, BigLu91 found his outlet.” ~ SirW

Pass Da Controller(feat. BigLu91) from the Toronto, Ontario-based indie hip-hop artist and music producer SirW, is the message of not accepting second place anymore. Others have had their time at the top of the pack and have eaten greedily, whilst you believe the moment is now to jump up and never let this opportunity go by the wayside.

If you want it enough, believing in yourself is the only way to truly win in this game of life after all.

Hear this brand new track on Spotify and check out his SirW’s IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I’m Just Having Fun: Toronto rapper Rich Smoke wants it again for that ‘One Time’

Produced by platinum selling music producer Vinnyxprod and taken off his five-track EP ‘Stewmaker‘, Rich Smoke wants to spend that highly passionate late night with her ‘One Time‘ again, as he can’t get enough of her sultry ways.

Rich Smoke is an underground Toronto, Canada-based indie hip-hop artist. He fuses that honest street-filled rap music which is blunt and to the point always, as he flows quickly with a confident abandon.

His rugged flow furiously fills the smokey speakers with an air of lustful temptation, as he thinks deeply about that incredible time they had together before. He isn’t sure if she is girlfriend material – and dives head first into the freestyle-type single with an abundance of energy – to get her to come back to his place so they may be reacquainted.

One Time‘ from the Toronto, Canada-based rapper Rich Smoke, is the story of being with someone in the past and not having enough time before. He desires her so much and wishes they could be together again, so he could find out if perhaps there is more there inside her soul.

Made with a new school rap swagger and a self-assured tone, this is another cookin’ release from a rapper who seems to know what he wants and intends on taking it all.

Hear this new track on Soundcloud and see more on the IG channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Keep Walking: Youthful Toronto rapper Vinnin reminisces about those cowardly backstabbers who still show fake love on ‘Way Back’

As he bravely walks his own path so that he may stay happy away from his former brothers who let him down by talking garbage behind his back, Vinnin inspires us all to keep on the journey to that peaceful place on the quality new single ‘Way Back‘.

Toronto, Canada-based Malayali-Tamil indie hip-hop artist Vinnin, is a seventeen years-young laser-focused rapper and former competitive high school basketball player, who has a massive future after already having his music featured in the hugely popular NBA 2K21.

After finding success playing basketball competitively in high school, Canadian rapper Vinnin switched his focus to making music and quickly accelerated in his new lane.” ~ Vinnin

With a terrifically balanced flow which matches his precision on the basketball court, as he sprays lyrics that only seek to teach the youth on how to think in this messed up world. He has much confidence in himself but will never forget those who did him wrong – as he raps with such meaning and possesses breathtaking bars – on a catchy beat which only has your head nodding in approval.

Stay real and the fake, yeah they gon’ keep cappin.” ~ Vinnin

Way Back‘ by the youthfully exciting Toronto, Canada-based rapper Vinnin, is a three point shot that smoothly scores in style to win the Championship game before the buzzer. This is one of the best hip-hop tracks of the year, as he sends us a real message which cuts away all the fake noise, which is so each to get wrapped up into like plastic in the ocean. He is here for the now and future, as he laughs about those who can’t see up to the finish line, and small-minded only look down on others.

See this exciting talent rise up on YouTube and check out his IG for social news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Get a taste of tranquillity with Steve Nicosia’s latest ambient electronica single, Cotton Candy Sky.

Toronto-based ambient electronica artist Steve Nicosia has released his latest cinematically transcendent single, Cotton Candy Sky, which immortalises the sunset that inspired the tranquil melodies.

The accordant guitars cutting around the melodic chiptune beats ensures that Cotton Candy Sky possesses enough momentum to pull you through the progressions and keep you engaged with the rhythmic ambling of the instrumentals. It is a rarity that we can call instrumental electronica soundscapes soulful, but in Cotton Candy Sky, the energy and emotion of awe at natural beauty truly resonate. Nicosia weaves soft, colourful hues throughout the delicately tropic single; to resounding effect.

With plenty more releases planned, Nicosia, who made his debut with the release of his EP, Retrospective, in October 2020, is undoubtedly one to watch.

Check out Steve Nicosia on Spotify, YouTube, Bandcamp, Facebook and Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

I Wanna See You: Toronto-based singer JAHSHONA re-releases ‘Sustain’

As her kind soul heartily desires to be with someone who is only interested in a proper partnership, JAHSHONA sings with that love-laced passion to find that sweet relationship which will assist her to reach all those manifested-to-the-stars goals on ‘Sustain‘.

Jahshona Yahselah aka JAHSHONA, is a Canadian-Jamaican soul/RnB vocalist, Musical Theatre student and songwriter, who is based in Toronto, Ontario. She makes that emotionally-charged music which has your heart thumping quickly, as she takes us on a romantic-filled journey.

Jahshona’s musical prowess began at the age of eight when she began choreographing dances to Mariah Carey, and Aaliyah records in her elementary school library. Her father, a musician and producer, was around to hear Jahshona sing aloud, accidentally for one of the first times.” ~ JAHSHONA

With a mightily desirable vocal ability which lathers eloquently through your curious speakers, this is a terrific track which shows us her progression and the delightful ambiance attached, only strengthens her growing name.

Sustain‘ from the youthful Toronto, Ontario-based indie soul/RnB solo artist JAHSHONA, is a fervent song with so much sweet-nature-powered kindness. This is a wonderfully raw song with that proper passion attached – that has your body feeling so warm and intrigued – as you remember that time you just knew what you wanted.

In this world full of quick-swipes and ghosting in seconds, finding that loyal soulmate has never been more important.

Stream her new single on Spotify and see more on the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen