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Alex Frew and his band show growing maturity on their live version of ‘Get Out Alive’

Alex Frew and his band show growing maturity on their live version of ‘Get Out Alive‘ and this is a special listen.

This fantastic 4-piece have made such a stunning indie-rock track that impresses mightily here is 2020. The solo’s are amazing and the whole band really mesh well together. The Toronto band have so many intricate melodies and the sounds seep through into our hearts. This is a deep listen and you can see the passion here in his voice and the band backs him up perfectly.

Get Out Alive‘ from Alex Frew is all about getting out of bad situations as you need to be careful in life. Sometimes people lie and this can really affect you. They drag your clutch and really slow you down. You need to get out before it’s too late. This is a fantastic track that is of a high standard and a terrific listen. The Toronto band rock on this new single and this is a Canadian act that are set for huge things.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Canadian singer Tyra Jutai strides out with a banging new track called ‘New Shoes’

Tyra Jutai proves that you can do anything with a new, stylish pair of ‘New Shoes‘.

This Toronto-born and proud native with a raspy voice that oozes absolute delicious sounds that waft in your ears and in your soul. This is a singer-songwriter that sings deep down from her lungs, the words smoke up in her mouth like it’s an infuser.

The young producer-singer with big dreams is in top form here, the beat that does her lots of favors. The sound echos from her dreams as she seeks that new shoes to get her dancing again during this crazy covid time.

New Shoes‘ from Canadian singer Tyra Jutai is a song that reminds me of a late night gig in a legendary venue, it comes on and jolts you in the heart here. With such poise and elegance, this is a fantastic artist with bags full of potential and it’s a wonder to hear.

PS: Somebody go and get this lady some shoes please, thank you.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Samy raps about making it big in ‘Make It’

Samy is a French, Algerian and Dutch artist in Toronto who is here with his new track called ‘Make It‘.

This is all about making it in the crazy music world and reaching your dreams. You dream of being on playlists all over the world and getting your music out there. Failure is not an option here, only making it all the way upwards. You know that you can get up there as the music is quality, you just need a small but loyal team to help you get there.

With succulent piano beats at the start, this is a wonderful song to get you in the mood for success. This is dream-life and also reflects about past hero’s in music that you used to look up to. That feeling has gone as you have worked out they are fake. You dream differently now and are fully focused.

I love the vocals here and the chorus is meshed well with different sounds, this is a unique track with substance. Samy will make it and this song shows his quality. ‘Make It‘ is for all those who believe in their talent and really want it.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


ACIZM, Evil Ebenezer & C-Lance step up with the quality ‘Don’t Leave Me Hanging’

ACIZM, Evil Ebenezer & C-Lance step up to the mic with the quality ‘Don’t Leave Me Hanging‘ that gives us such an awe-inspiring single for 2020.

ACIZM is a hip hop artist from Brisbane in sunny Australia who’s hard hitting topics are mixed with a flow and writing style that is both technical and extremely lyrical. This style has earned him some pretty major accolades including a song featuring the legendary B-Real of Cypress Hill and Slaine of La Coka Nostra fame.

The Vancouver-based emcee Evil Ebenezer has shared the stage with internationally recognized names such as A$AP Rocky, Tech N9ne, Raekwon just to name a few. His dope flow is masterful and the Canadian rapper is on the rise.

Excellent producer C-Lance has made a tight beat here and you can see why he is so well respected in the game.

These three work so well as a team together and this is a fine song all about friendships that can sometimes become blurred when people let you down, they leave you behind when things should be different. ‘Don’t Leave Me Hanging‘ from ACIZM, Evil Ebenezer & C-Lance is a hauntingly beautiful track with grit and tread. The wheels roll with high speed here and this is a song to listen to again and again.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Pulse Park rock the airwaves with the awesome ‘Apollonian Heart’

Pulse Park by Pulse Park

Psychoacoustic Noise-Pop band Pulse Park rock in with this fantastic new single called ‘Apollonian Heart‘.

The four men first met some time ago on an arctic expedition in Qikiqtaaluk/Canada and started learning their instruments during the long polar nights. These were ukuleles that they had traded dry fruits for at the Inuit. After introducing a breeding program for bowhead whales the band decided to sing about this experience. Songs about the cold, the dark, cod-liver oil and dinky arctic hares.

With an enthusiastic start, the scene is set on what is to come here from this fab band. The vocals are a bit hard to hear at first but perhaps that is the point here. The band want you to listen closely, take the sound in and feel the vibrations. I like how the bass line roars like a hungry lion cub, bursting for an adventure and probably food too.

Pulse Park warn us about daily consumption here and how its damaging the world. This is a fine song from this excellent band who’s music is easy to get lost in.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Grant Brotherz party up with volume on full ‘Bumpin Loud’

Grant Brotherz turn the lights down low and get the candles out on ‘Bumpin Loud‘.

Grant Brotherz are a Pop-Soul-Rap act outta Toronto in Canada. They return to our hearts with a vein-boosting song that will make you blush here. This is a hot song that is all about showing off that passion and late night partying with that special one.

Brandon, Duran and Dylan spent their time in the family home back in the day collaborating on lyrics, free-styling, singing and producing music from a very young age. With a homegrown passion and love for music, they bring their show to stages in and around Toronto, with their most notable performances on V-Mix/OMNI Television and the main stage at Yonge & Dundas Square.

Bumpin Loud‘ from Grant Brotherz is a new track that shows that this is a group who like to stay up all night as they are living their dreams. They hate being restricted and don’t care what anyone thinks. They are on a mission to reach the very top and won’t let anything stand in the way.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


New producer Menna opens up the sky with debut edm gem ‘Sunset’

Menna is a brand new house producer and he is here with his debut song called ‘Sunset‘.

Canadian based DJ and electronic dance music artist Daniel Menna, or simply Menna, soulfully blasts off his music career with a real dance banger.

There is a sunset feel here as the beat gets more and more in the trance-house vibe with added tropical fruits to keep us dancing all night. This is a song best played under the stars, on a yacht or during a date. This is a luscious daze of a song that will have your grin on full blast. The young producer brings us a marvel of a song that is purely to be enjoyed to make the night young again.

Sunset‘ from Menna is a fab party track that is perfect for those sunny days or sweaty late nights.

Stream this new track here on Soundcloud.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Canada’s Yvngcatch spins in with ”Hot Wheels”

Edmonton, Canada is the home of Yvngcatch and he sprints in with ”Hot Wheels”.

Replaying the motions of my life through music has always been this young artist’s means to escape. Music might be the only thing keeping his generation alive. This is a self-aware man that is aware of that who intends to do his part in sharing his whole heart with you. We’ve stayed numb for too long. This is the mantra of Yvngcatch who shows maturity beyond his years.

The beat sways in like an old pro with a lyrical delivery this is clear and the beat is like cruisin’ in the clouds. There is no spinning here which is a testament to not lose focus. This is a cool like summer breeze kind of flow that is all for us to see in 2020.

Canada’s Yvngcatch has raised the bar here with his brand new track called ”Hot Wheels”.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Canadian indie-pop act Cardboard Cop shows his skills on the mic with ”Why Can’t You See Me Now?”

Cardboard Cop is the recording project of Leonardo Barragan who is an experimental indie-pop from Victoria in Canada. This is such a unique release and his new song is called ”Why Can’t You See Me Now?”.

Why Can’t You See Me Now?” is all about how some people find you invisible after sharing a special moment together. This is such a horrible feeling and one that can cause you to feel really down about it. Cardboard Cop expresses his pain with his signature style that is like no other. He sings with heart and the beat is very laid-back with a summer kind of feel to it.

Cardboard Cop’s Why Can’t You See Me Now?” is the most intriguing song of 2020 and a good vibe for those afternoons while chilling out after a long day. The experimental Canadian artist continues to build up his name and will be a name to watch moving forward.

Stream this unique track here on Spotify.

Check out more about this artist on his Facebook music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Truitt’s Demos returns with a sad story about suicide on ”Shining Over You”

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in Canada is the home for singer-songwriter Brent Truitt. He performs under the name of Truitt’s Demos and the new song is the very sad track called ”Shining Over You”.

This new release is all about a close person in Brent’s life that unfortunately passed away due to suicide which is so tragic. ”Shining Over You” is an indie-folk track that speaks about the feeling that Brent has about this and how hard it is. He understands that the mind was made up but that it is so hard to cope with.

The Canadian singer-songwriter Truitt’s Demos sings with heart and lots of soul. He has a signature style and speaks so well on such an important topic. The guitar riffs are electric and played with intricate skills on such a sad topic.

Shining Over You” is the new song by Truitt’s Demos and this is a well-done track that gives a fond farewell to the close family member in such sad circumstances.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen