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Zaid spins us back to the good vibes on ‘Party Time’ (ft. Notbad)

Zaid turns the tables up on 2020 with a new release that helps us feel the ‘Party Time‘ of 2021 (ft. Notbad).

After growing up as a Canadian kid in Abu Dhabi, he knew rather quickly what he wanted to do with his life. Be behind the decks and entertaining crowds of party-goers has seeped into his soul and he feels so alive when he is pumping the audience up. This is what he does and lives for.

The rising atmospheric soundscape sets the mood for what is next. The building block that goes higher and high in your mind and then drops hard, the party starts and the bass lifts the doom and gloom. With an electronic boost and sensual vocals that makes you close your eyes and imagine those sweaty nights in the club, dancing with your friends and meeting new lovers for the night, this is exactly the tonic that we need to make us believe in life again.

Party Time‘ (ft. Notbad) from the Canadian DJ Zaid turns back the hands of time to a better place. When there were packed crowds, smiling faces and happy bodies, sliding all over the dance floor or splashing in the sun-soaked swimming pool like there was no tomorrow.

When the world is back to almost-normal, this is the exactly the type of music that needs to be played for hours and hours while we get our dancing mode back, to forget what happened in the past and look towards the future.

Get the party started on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Seeing the bigger picture: Ziyaad Luceō transcends perceptions on ‘Through These Eyes’

Ziyaad Luceō is back with his spectacular signature voice and blushing beat via new single ‘Through These Eyes‘.

The experimental artist Ziyaad Luceō is a new school musician with a zest for making sounds that we can only dream of and he is on his absolute top form here.

”Wish I can see what you see when you look at me.”- Ziyaad Luceō

Dark R&B, alternative, and hip-hop all meshed into one sound, this is an artist that likes to try things out and make his own road, through the twists and turns and into our hearts with a song that is like no other. He experiments with an impressive and translucent energy that you can feel inside the deepest part of your bones.

With a voice that grabs tight and keeps it for a while, toying with it and taking you on a journey through the unknown basement of 2020, this is an artist who is only getting started and already making a massive impact with his loyal following.

His eyes are looking beyond the obvious and wants to truly feel how we are feeling inside, so he can make music that satisfies our very existence.

Through These Eyes‘ from Toronto’s Ziyaad Luceō is a new-wave delight that packs in more treats that a box of tasty chocolates. You get the feeling that he does this for the love and is only just getting started. This unique type of music is what its all about, as copying other artists is like cheating yourself of all your inner creativity. Life is meant to be a fun journey after all, not a copy and paste exercise that holds you back from being the real you.

Stream here for this top track on Spotify and see his story via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Church on Sunday – Destiny: Boisterously Eclectic Contemporary Punk

With an opening riff reminiscent to ACDC’s ‘Thunderstruck’, Church on Sunday’s feisty new single ‘Destiny’ kicks off before evolving into a high-octane feat of boisterously eclectic contemporary punk rock.

The Toronto-based artist found the perfect balance between connectable angsty energy and raucously playful charisma with Destiny. With a massive chorus, a plethora of rhythmically-binding hooks and the sheer relentless talent exhibited, it isn’t hard to see why Church on Sunday have shared stages with the likes of Cancer Bats.

With elements of hard rock, pop punk and skate punk all influencing the insurgent matured track, it’s distinctive enough to grip you by its authenticity alone. The volatile euphoria and optimism which Destiny instils is the cherry on the cake. You can assume the cake has been left in the gutter in this instance.

You can check out Destiny on all major streaming platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Defying the odds: Blaine Sharp and Oz Noy send us a glorious message on lockdown-made ‘Merry Christmas’

Blaine Sharp and Oz Noy join forces to send through a happy festive song that celebrates a time that has been dark but the lights become brighter on ‘Merry Christmas‘. With Blaine on vocals, he is joined by renowned jazz guitarist Oz to bless our hearts with some old fashioned good music.

Canadian-born singer, actor and songwriter Blaine Sharp is now based in thriving Los Angeles and has spent large parts of his life in England, the United States and France too. He is a jazz-influenced performer with undeniable charm and his love for music is so easy to see.

The theater and film influenced creative has a sensational voice and he seems to grab your attention and doesn’t ever let go as he is so glorious to listen to. This is a song that wasn’t supposed to come out but it did anyway and celebrates a special time in most of our lives.

Jazz and blues together is such a wonderful mixture and when you add in a singer of this quality and a guitarist that is so skilled, it ends up being a holiday song of absolute class. This is exactly the type of music to play when family and friends are around and you need some soulful music to cheer you up.

‘I didn’t plan on releasing a single for Christmas this year but when I heard the lyric of this song I just had to do it, it’s been such a tough year and this song feels right’- Blaine Sharp

Click here to hear this fun song on Soundcloud and see more on FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Trying to block out the noise: Toronto based singer/rapper Brandeus drops new single ‘Sirens’

Australian born Hip Hop artist, singer, emcee and producer Brandon Williams aka Brandeus, is back with a song all about the crazy sounds from his flat on ‘Sirens’.

Inspired by fellow RnB/Rap artists such as Saint Jhn, NAV, Drake and Russ, this is a quality act that is creating his own lane in the music world and driving straight through to the top. You can sense his extra motivation in his voice that the best acts have.

After feeling extra anxious from the constant sounds of sirens bellowing while he’s trying to work or sleep, he craves the love of that special soul to make his mind calm again. The rain is falling down and so many people are dying due to covid and crimes out there which is making this young artist think so deeply about the whole situation.

His voice and style are excellent and this musician has the gift of being able to sing and rap at the same time. The beat is marvelously woven together and made to perfectly suit him. You feel a thoughtful air cloud over you and also get into the lyrics, wondering what life is like in his world, staring outside and trying to stay safe from all the madness so close to you. Big city life can be so draining on the soul.

Sirens’ is a dope track and there is so much potential for Brandeus to reach his goals. If can stand out from the crowd and get some support slots for well-known artists once the world calms down again, the crowds will go wild for his style. Blocking out that noise is tough but finding that inner peace and laser focus is the only way to go in 2020.

Check out this hot track via Soundcloud and check out his socials via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Space travel adventures: Dorian explores the never-ending love galaxy on ‘Where You At? (feat. Who’s Lara? & Kevin Na$h)’

Released by The Living Room, Dorian has dropped his latest Rap-Pop track called ‘Where You At? (feat. Who’s Lara? & Kevin Na$h)’ and this will have you lifting off and imagining being in the massive grounds of space.

Montreal, Canada born Hip Hop artist Dorian spent a lot of his childhood at school and surfing in stunning Sydney in Australia but has returned home. Home is always the safest place to create and he is a man on an important mission in 2020.

The globe-trotting atmospheric entry certainly feels like you are floating for a few moments from the piano-filled energy. Looking down at the burning earth comes to mind and you suddenly hear the fiery raps that absorb you endlessly and excite the heart.

His story is about wanting her to love him so deeply and without doubt, but something is going wrong here. She has been told that she can go wherever she wants but something is holding her back as you are waiting outside in the cold. There is a lot of extra-mural activities going on and perhaps the mind isn’t working as clear as it should.

The chorus is breath-taking and this is a song to get behind and play real loud with the true friends who want to party and ride all night. ‘Where You At? (feat. Who’s Lara? & Kevin Na$h)’ from Dorian is a mind-bending indie-electro rap song that is a catchy listen and a worthwhile entry for 2020. After all, being with the right person is the only way to fully be happy inside and feel content.

Stream this space-filled journey of finding love via Soundcloud and see the journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


A song for Halloween: Canadian Electronic-Rock band Waxlimbs jump into the cold seas on ‘Dead In The Water’

The ominous electric guitar, the background strewn with mystery as you await more. Your heart skips a few beats as you see the masks of the band as they hide their faces from the wasteland of the world, with misery and disillusionment scattered all over the lands. Toronto based Electronic-Rock band Waxlimbs, tease us and draw us further into the abyss on the excellent ‘Dead In The Water‘.

Her voice is so gritty and real, she holds each tone expertly, and the band thunder in with powerful bass riffs that cut like a sharp knife. This is the vivid story of falling down so deep that you don’t know where you are. You need your real friends to pull you out of this and you hope that they will be there when you need them the most. This is the sign of a true friend- there when you are down and possibly out. They need to grab you by the hand tight and lift you to see the bright light again.

Dead In The Water‘ from Waxlimbs is a dazzling video, full of darkness, mystery and intrigue. This story feels like 2020 almost, with humans feeling like they are drowning right now, and need help to get up and be strong again. You will be inspired to re-think what type of people those closest to you really are deep inside, and if they would drag you up if you really needed it.

The video is incredible on YouTube but do be aware of the flashing lights. Find out more on their Bandcamp and support their journey.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


The story of absolute despondence: ‘Sorry for Me’ by Tom Ivory is the tale of going under due to heartbreak

The song starts right away with a bang, and there is no break the whole way through. The sad story of a broken soul is described through the lens of a new school Rap artist, who keeps it real the whole way through. The love has been lost and the barreling wave of getting sucked under the foamy water, is proving too much at the moment. 21 year old Candian Rapper/Producer Tom Ivory is so honest on ‘Sorry for Me‘, and this is a worrying story of how love can crush your heart into smithereens.

The fragmented splintered soul is so fractured like a broken arm, the pain is there right in front of you and won’t go away. This is the story about how this artist is taking too many pills to mask the hurt underneath. The actual pain is actually only growing day by day, and by hiding away in the dark corner questioning everything you did, the hurt is only manifesting deep into the body and mind.

His words are so honesty portrayed and he raps with such skill, the fury of being let down is so paramount to the listener. The open wounds are far from being healed, and the beat stings the tail like a jellyfish at your leg, the blood thickens and you feel like you are going to pass out all the time.

With a wild imagination and a downward cycle of self-distraction, the tale of how love can cut you up so deep, it hurts like nothing else you have ever felt. Vancouver local Tom Ivory is quite breathless on the exuberantly produced ‘Sorry for Me‘, the warning for all that fall too hard, and can’t get up. The support of real friends and kind strangers, is the only way to step up into reality again.

Hear this intense song on his Spotify and find him in Social Media via Insta.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Brendy is back with his new school-filled ‘Sauga City Summer’ single and this is a brooding Hip Hop track.

Brendy is back with the nicely portrayed new school-filled ‘Sauga City Summer‘ single and this is a soothing & brooding Hip Hop track.

Brendy is from Mississauga, Canada and performs with a real cool style, the vocals consistent always, with the long signature hair flowing so smoothly like the new song.

You miss them so much when they are so far away. You were together in December and things were incredible. Now you are so far away from each other and things can be tough with the long distance. You are worried that by messaging so much you are coming across as needy and that is worrying you. All you want is for you two to be together, then everything will be okay again.

Brendy sings and raps with sublime skill on ‘Sauga City Summer‘. This is a new wave of Hip Hop artists that are starting to gain much attention due to their much-growing popularity in the music scene. With a sound that keeps you hooked, you reminisce while listening to this new track and remembering similar moments in your life. This is much to chill with, think about and will get your head bobbing. This is a new name to keep a close eye on.

Stream here.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


‘Cigarettes et rosé’ from Elise Boulanger is just incredible for the ears

With the start that sounds kinda like Game of Thrones, you just know that this is going to be cinematic and gloriously sung. It is. ‘Cigarettes et rosé‘ from Elise Boulanger is the new and powerful single from this Canadian-born singer and more.

With over 15 years in the music game, Elise Boulanger is a sweet singer that has an aura of orchestral instrumentation. Hailing from Canada, this charming chamber-folk-pop artist completely captivates audiences with her haunting avalanche of a vibrant voice. She is a bilingual multi-instrumentalist and composer that creates cinematic dreamscapes. with cello, violin, piano, drums and ukulele sounds that make this song so special. Her voice is hauntingly beautiful and this is a music that is off the top shelf. The way the song changes so quickly shows that this is a musician like no other.

Cigarettes et rosé‘ is an energetically percussive anthem of silly French happenings alluding to history and the importance of trusting people. While living in France, Elise observed that, “people wouldn’t trust others to come into their homes. Thus, they would avoid having at-home gatherings. This absolutely fascinated me, especially given that Canadians are so welcoming and accepting.”

This is a fascinating story, the song is full of different instruments and they wave in, you feel the goodness here and the meaning behind the song. This is a lovely anthem and you can tell that lots of time was put in here, this is quite glorious to listen to.

Cigarettes et rosé‘ from Elise Boulanger is the new and powerful single from the Canadian-born singer who impresses so much here. This is music that probably will be played loud and over and over again, this is a gem.

Click here to stream.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen