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Yilgoren Music has recently released “Back To Grey”

Yilgoren Music is the brainchild of Turkish musician Arda Yilgoren, based in Toronto, Canada. He is an artist and songwriter with a direct and one-of-a-kind focus on making music that blurs the lines between different genres. These include alternative rock, indie-pop and so much more. The artist’s work is a balanced crossroads where all of the above meet, and then some! His most recent release, “Back To Grey”, is a perfect example.

In addition, the production quality lends the song an aura of credibility and professionalism. The aesthetics of the recording are a perfect match with the mood of this release. “Back To Grey” feels very genuine and it stands out as an authentic portrait of Yilgoren Music’s artistic vision and personality overall. This is highly recommended to fans of artists such as Daughtry, The Fray, and The Rasmus, only to mention a few.

Find out more about Yilgoren Music, and listen to “Back To Grey”. This release is currently available on digital streaming services.


ORCHAD Interview: Showing us deep inside the SKIN

Turning the volume up Canadian style and taking our hearts into a new galaxy, we sat down with ORCHAD to chat more about their heavy new release SKIN. Keeping it real and showing us the challenges of the current underground alternative scene in their hometown, this is an insightful look into how it started for the exciting Montreal band.

Hello there ORCHAD. Thanks for taking the time to slice it up with us and chat about your electrifying new single, SKIN. Firstly, please tell us who is in the band and how did things all start musically?

ORCHAD: Thanks for having us. We’re ORCHAD, a duo that’s made up of a singer and guitar player. On vocals we got Julian Della, and on guitars we got Justyn Vynn, and it’s been that way since 2018. ORCHAD started as the brainchild of Julian. After struggling to find members to complete a band, he decided to write and release the music on his own. He wanted to ground the music in rock, but be free to write anything he wanted regardless of the genre. He wrote and recorded a 6 song E.P. that ended up being ORCHAD’s first E.P. “Vices & Desires” of which he completely funded. During the recording process for that E.P. Julian called up good friend Justyn to add a few guitar solos to the tracks. Julian had wanted Justyn several times to join him, but he’d stopped playing in bands professionally. Through the process of writing and recording the solos, Julian asked again if Justyn would join, and after being floored by the level of quality with Julian’s songwriting, and his tenacity, he accepted. From there, it’s been both their goals to make you dance, and make your head bang.

Montreal, Canada is your hometown. What was it like growing up and is the local underground music scene thriving currently or not yet?

ORCHAD: Montreal is really an awesome place culturally. There’s no shortage of entertainment in the city, everything from Art shows and displays, comedy festivals & open mics, music events, so many restaurants, the nightlife is incredible. It’s brutally cold in the winter, humid as hell in the summer, and the city streets are always under construction, but we’re incredibly fortunate to be able to live in a city with so much culture, and personality. It really does inspire.

There are two ways to look at the underground music scene. On one hand, the music scenes are thriving in that there are so many acts with so much talent, and so much variety. On the other hand, there isn’t much visibility available to a lot of these acts, there’s not a ton of A&R around, especially for a metropolis like Montreal with such a diverse amount of music coming out of it. There are some very healthy scenes like the Metal scenes, Hip-Hop and Drum & Bass music scenes, but outside of those, there aren’t really any Music blogs, radio stations, etc. that are dedicated to Alternative or Rock music, especially ones that don’t fit neatly into those lines. Something we feel is important for a local scene to really thrive.

Your music seems to blur the line and is completely original. How would you describe your music style to someone who has never heard a song before?

ORCHAD: That’s our Achilles’ Heel. What is our music style? The only way we can describe it is that we make you dance, and make your head bang. It’s Rock N’ Roll with pop sensibilities, but there’s tasteful shred guitar, and electronic elements. We both love Guns N’ Roses, and Led Zeppelin, but we’re also huge fans of The Weekend, and Dua Lipa. We’ve had a hard time attempting to define our sound, and when we’ve asked members of the music industry, fans, family/friends, other artists, and those within the entertainment world, they also draw a blank to who we can compare ourselves to. If we’re to put something down, it’s adventurous Rock N’ Roll/Alternative, or Aggressive Pop!

Please name a few bands or role models who inspire you all to reach greater heights?

ORCHAD: There’s so many, and over the years the main artists we’re inspired by has changed, but right now The Weeknd, Dua Lipa, Fall Out Boy, Palaye Royale, Billie Eilish, LeBrock, Muse, Avenged Sevenfold, Guns N’ Roses, Queen, Elton John, David Bowie.

Ok, let’s dig deeper into your new release SKIN. What is the vision behind the track?

ORCHAD: SKIN deals with Toxic Hook-Up Culture, Passion, Non-Commitment, and Resentment. We’ve both had our fair share of these relationships, and we’ve both been active participants and fully aware of it. The song talks about a relationship based solely on sex and nothing more, the passion within it, the repeated cycles of attempting to end it and the eventual resentment of the other person who completely mirrors you who also doesn’t want to love you. The best description we’ve heard is that SKIN is an Anti-love song, that SKIN relates more to modern relationships than a ballad does.

Your debut album is set for release in the summer of 2023. What can new and old fans expect from this upcoming project?

ORCHAD: Expect to bang your head, expect to dance, expect for it to be fun, have some humor, be positive, and cynical, and expect that our sound will not fit into what we’ve already released before. No two ORCHAD songs sound alike, and we’re keeping it that way, but what we’ve got ready excites us so much and we can’t wait to share it with the world.

Last of all, do you have any tours or live shows on the horizon?

ORCHAD: We do! Our next show is on December 17th at Piranha Bar in Montreal, followed by some dates in Ontario in February (dates are still being settled now). From there, we’re still planning!

Hear this firecracker of a single on Spotify. See their socials on IG.

Interview by Llewelyn Screen

Underground Edmonton rapper MusseDese drops excellent new single WONDER

Enticing us in with a mystical intro beat to boom loud all day, MusseDese keeps trying and isn’t giving up as he looks to the heavens and sees the person who he’s working hard for on the street banger called WONDER.

MusseDese is an Edmonton, Canada-based indie hip hop artist who started out performing on the guitar and piano with sublime skill interwoven throughout.

MusseDese draws his inspiration from his own experiences and interpersonal relationships. Musically, his influences consist of J.Cole, J.I.D, and Smino. However, Musse is determined to keep his sound his own, using social media and posting on “open verse challenges” to exemplify his diversity, Musse enjoys to focus on his lyrics and meaning behind them, attempting to allow the listener to feel how Musse is feeling.” ~ MusseDese

Bouncing back no matter the cuts and almost-deaths, MusseDese swarms the beehive and swats away anyone who is getting in his way towards the honey.

WONDER from the Edmonton, Canada-based indie hip hop artist MusseDese is such a punchy performance and shall drill a hole of significant substance to remember forever. Slicing up our imaginations like nothing before, this is a scintillating track to play loud when extra inspiration is needed.

Listen up on Spotify. See more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Canadian jazz project THERMO warm us up with the toasty release Betty’s Buns

Birdlike by THERMO

Lifted off their silky smooth 10-track album Birdlike to release all previous worries in the sky, THERMO displays the kind of grace and care needed to appease all nerves on the wonderfully tranquil Betty’s Buns.

THERMO is a Toronto/Ottawa, Canada-based indie jazz project which is melted together so stylishly by Mike Manny and Nathan Hiltz.

The group was formed during the pandemic thanks to the low latency internet platform Syncspace. This allowed the group to develop, rehearse, and perform music by Freddie Hubbard, Art Blakey, and Oscar Peterson while 600km apart at the speed of fibre optic cable.” ~ THERMO

Reconciling us up from those pesky worries that can hurt your heart, THERMO takes into a better time when everything was slower and happier. Rich is character and showing so much poise and skill, we find ourself floating into amicable waters.

Betty’s Buns from Toronto/Ottawa, Canada-based indie jazz duo THERMO is such a calmingly delightful song which will surely ease many worries away in an instant. Smooth in nature and crowded full of punch, this is absolute delight to listen to and is one of the more mood-changing releases in 2022, without doubt.

Listen up on Bandcamp and see more vibes on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

3rd Degree: Canadian folk act Borrowed Standards return with the foot-tapping track Boombox On My Knee

With a catchy release that shall be heard all over the neighborhood, Borrowed Standards aren’t giving up easily and shall do whatever it takes to be with that special lover on Boombox On My Knee.

Borrowed Standards aka Dylan Csincsa is a Manitoba, Canada-based indie experimental folk project who formulates that joyous music to dance with all night with a few cold ones.

Transporting us back to a time when something impressive had to occur to reach the happy road, Borrowed Standards have released a sterling song to play on repeat. Drenched in honesty and soaked in so much genuineness, with passionate vocals to keep us truly inspired.

Boombox On My Knee from Manitoba, Canada-based indie experimental folk Borrowed Standards is a single laden with so much creativity it shall make many smile. Showing us that love can be saved if two hearts may mend as one, just like it should be.

When you’re in love, anything is possible.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Circonflex Interview: taking us back to our core with monumental new release Lorem ipsong

With their likeable charm and groovy treats to keep our hungry stomachs filled, we were blessed to speak to Circonflex about their excellent new release called Lorem ipsong. There are delightfully vibrant energies inside their music, so A&R Factory sat down and found out more about this dynamic outfit.

Hello Circonflex. Thank you for taking the time to speak with us today. To start, please let everyone know where you’re from and based currently?

Hello! I am based in Montreal, Canada! But Circonflex also has offices in Toronto and Paris (France!). We speak French, English, and….a bit of Latin!

When you close your eyes and imagine the vision of your new project called Lorem ipsong, what do you see?

We actually wrote this during the pandemic. Our vision was to put a smile on people’s faces during such a difficult time. We thought, music IS a universal language, and these lorem ipsum lyrics are non-specific, so everyone can dance!
Also, I like to imagine songwriters starting to use the Lorem Ipsum lyrics to help them to find a new topline. It helps designers to structure their graphic design, so why can’t these lyrics help composers structure their melodies?

Have you found the live music scene in your local area feels back to normal again?

Pretty much! It’s so great to see people getting together again. I can’t wait to walk into a venue where a band is actually playing a Lorem Ipsong cover!

How would you describe your sound to a complete stranger?
Our sound can vary quite a bit – really it is anything YOU want. We pride ourselves in writing orginal (bespoke) music that resonates. We also do audio branding: so we are known to discover the sound you’ve been searching for.

Your new song is super funky and certainly gets my feet tapping. Do you love making tracks that get the party started?
Absolutely! Have you tried memorizing the rap part? Challenge accepted?

Which musicians in the world inspire you the most?
You know, there are so many great musicians! It’s hard answer this question honestly. But these days, my favorite songwriter is Cicero – who actually wrote the lyrics of Lorem Ipsong in 45 BC!

Do you have anything lined up gig-wise in 2023 and where can we find you?
Hopefully writing more tracks that people love! We made Lorem Ipsum sound amazing – imagine what else we can do!
Which makes me think – maybe we should try and remix the song? Or is there anyone out there who’d like to give it a try?
The stems are available right here:!

Find this facinating outfit on Spotify.

View their website for more.

Interview by Llewelyn Screen

Montreal travellers Nöyze knows that the light is required for that true contentness on Guide Me

Showing us what it’s like to be on the road via the expedition to the next festival, Nöyze asks for that bright light to be shone colorfully so that wonderful love may be reunited again on Guide Me.

Nöyze is a Montreal, Canada-based indie 4-piece band who has played all over the world and continues to develop their sound throughout their life experiences.

The band’s initial influences include groups such as Pink Floyd, Kings of Leon, the Beatles, etc. With these influences as a starting point, Nöyze has created a sound which is very much its own.” ~ Nöyze

Presenting their harmonious melodies with a relaxing effect that might take you to a time and place that you recall so vividly, Nöyze are in a reflective mood on Guide Me and the Canadian band are in full flight with a marvelously serene single made from the heart.

They have once again taken the old continent by storm in the summer of 2018, playing 27 shows (festivals, theatres and clubs) in 50 days. This 15,000 km cross-country tour took them to France, Germany, England, Scotland, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands.” ~ Nöyze

Guide Me from Montreal, Canada-based indie 4-piece band Nöyze is one of those songs that stops you in your tracks. This is a peaceful single that will take you profoundly into their mentality that is only focused on that genuine love. Performed by a self-aware outfit who sounds in contemplative form and guide us to that better place, this is a track that you can’t help but truly appreciate.

Sometimes you just need to know that the light is available, so that you may be reconnected to that beautiful soul.

Hear this top song on Spotify and check out the IG page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Am Free Now: Oceans of Tears shows us the real picture on JE SUIS LIBRE- I AM FREE

Taken from the well-received rock musical BULLET IN A GUN – DROWNED IN A SEA OF TEARS, Oceans of Tears returns with a deep story that is filled with sadness and true life in a nutshell on JE SUIS LIBRE- I AM FREE.

Oceans of Tears is a Toronto, Ontario, Canada-based indie pop/rock project from artist Steve W. Boily who fearlessly develops popular rock and children’s musicals, songs and videos.

A semi-autobiographical socially relevant, thought-provoking musical which deals with sometimes “heavy” and often “provocative” themes. In this song, performed by a great vocalist, JOHANNE GAGNON-DEMERS, with music by Jim Crighton and Michael Sadler from the amazing and under appreciated rock band SAGA; the lyrics written by Steve W. Boily & his music collective “Oceans of Tears/ Océans de Pleurs” speak about a teen who is admitted in an insane institution due to her recent suicide attempt, to get away from the physical & emotional abuse she has received from her alcoholic parents.” ~ Oceans of Tears

After the sea-bending experience on October 2021 release Drowned In A Sea Of Tears Remix (feat. Nick Preymay Jr), Oceans of Tears joins forces yet again with Les productions ALASKA Productions and the results are quite scintillating.

JE SUIS LIBRE- I AM FREE from Toronto, Ontario, Canada-based indie pop/rock project Oceans of Tears is one of the most honest songs you are likely to hear in 2022. Soaked with an unmistakable rawness that takes us into the mind of someone who has had to deal with too much too young, showing us where society needs to be better rather quickly.

Being free is what all kind souls deserve, after all.

See more on YouTube and see the progression continue on Steve’s IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Duck And Hide: Chris Sunfield can’t unfold those deep feelings on Are We In Love

After guiding us to an inspired place to move upwards after so much pain on Begin, Chris Sunfield continues his inspiring road to showing us that anything is possible if you want it enough on the romantic new single Are We In Love.

Chris Sunfield is a multi-talented Toronto, Canada-based indie pop singer-songwriter, guitarist and keyboardist who quietly wrote songs for decades and has recently emerged from the shadows.

Chris recorded his first songs in high school. He was accepted into a university music program despite not knowing how to read music. He struggled and soon switched majors, eventually receiving a PhD in psychology and ending up as a consultant.” ~ Chris Sunfield giving us further insight into his early music and career life (taken from his website).

Shipping us into a kiss-filled story that shows us the doubts that many of us face when starting something new, Chris Sunfield is in a supremely joyous mood and guides into a promising world that might have your stomach flying with butterflies.

Still on crutches, he dug out all of his music gear and wrote his first completed song in years as a way of coping. It re-awakened him as an artist. He sold his house, moved back to the city, and began working with producers.” ~ Chris Sunfield guiding us through the special moment when everything changed for the better (taken from his website)

Are We In Love from Toronto, Canada-based indie pop artist Chris Sunfield is a groovy single that leads us into that heart beating story about wondering if a romance is real or not. Sending our mood into overdrive while also reflecting on what could go wrong down the road, ultimately going for a ride together and seeing what could happen as two souls connect as one. Sung with a pure intent and a catchy production to slow dance with, this is an absolute gem of a song to play loud all night.

When you give love a shot, anything is actually possible.

Listen up to this fine single on Spotify and find out more via his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Afraid to Show: Collective Unconscious makes that worrying deal on the much-awaited comeback release The Devil

After what seems like an absolute lifetime, Collective Unconscious returns after twelve long years away with a startling release from his hot-off-the-press-new-10-track-album Air with a bone-rattling track, The Devil.

Formed by Matt Boisvert (The Equation). Collective Unconscious is an Edmonton, Albert, Canada-based indie alternative solo music project that started back in 2009.

A departure from the folk and singer/songwriter style of the first two albums , Air is an audio tribute to the grunge, alt rock and Canadiana of Matt’s formative years.” ~ Matt Boisvert describing the new sound on his much-awaited new project

Showing us his bold quality in all areas of creativity, Collective Unconscious dances through the wicked maze that can strike any human down who is in the wrong time and place. Rocking our fragile minds off the wall with a thunderous display that will scare away the wild cat’s next door, this is a serious single made with such conviction and towering force.

The Devil from the Canadian alternative solo act, Collective Unconscious, shows us that claw-licking hunger that can get you tasting that pot of gold that is laced with dangerous toxins which could destroy all your innocence forever. Showing us something real and ear-shaking, to give us a heart-stopping experience which might make many turn up rather loud.

Hear this fiery new song on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen