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Take It Slow: Toronto producer Lostboyjay asks her to listen closely to the real story on ‘Ego Trips’

With that tree blaze always real close by to consume brightly, Lostboyjay wonders why she has so many stamps on her ‘Ego Trips‘, that is currently ruining the mellow vibe he wants to create.

Lostboyjay is an exciting Toronto, Canada-based RnB/trap-fueled artist/producer, with a creative knack of making snack-filled beats that satisfies your stomach and your hungry soul.

He likes to fuse a soundscape that is influenced by Bryson Tiller, Kanye West and Travis Scott, however you feel that he likes to do things his own way and his original style flows in smoothly with the lighter on hand, as the lights dim real low.

With his sensually appealing voice that is tracked on an attractive beat so alluring you might need to light another candle, we are whisked into a busy world where things can get twisted really quickly sometimes. The story of wanting her to listen closer is shown vividly through the speakers smokey exterior, as the selfie world can change a persons perspective about themselves way too quickly.

Ego Trips‘ from the promising Canadian producer/trap artist Lostboyjay, finds him sending us on a journey to find what he is truly looking for, only wishing that she would come down from her high horse so he could explain what he really meant in the first place.

Stream this fresh track on Spotify and see his IG for more info.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


I’ll Take Control: Toronto’s Paper Eros sends us a saucy message of desire with ‘Love Sex Sin’

With a wild side that will leave many either feeling uncomfortable or fascinated, Paper Eros are back with a heat-filled new single about exploration on ‘Love Sex Sin‘.

Paper Eros is a sensual Toronto, Canada-based indie alt-pop act that strive to teach us more about the relationship between domination and submission, pain and comfort, whilst also singing about reality and fantasy.

”We wanted to create a disjointed, rough, yet danceable track that was unapologetically designed for sexual liberation.”- Paper Eros

This is the blindfold type of song that has your mind full of imagination, as he sings with no inhibitions at all, the words are to the point, with the beat pulsating through your veins and to your whole body.

The beat has thinking about your deepest desires, with the safe word discussed before, your eyes locked onto each other as the night starts to heat up quickly.

Love Sex Sin‘ from Toronto’s alt-pop act Paper Eros, is a journey to the dim-lit bedroom in your mind, where your imagination takes over through a rush of passion from a song that certainly has your attention.

Hear this steamy new single on Spotify and see their IG for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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The Nights Feel Long: Soulful London-based singer Essosa searches for that true place that feels like home on ‘Belong’

Yearning for that true place that she feels comfortable inside, Essosa sings with so much class and promise, on the excellent lead single from her upcoming EP called ‘Belong‘.

Essosa is an East London-born, Toronto, Canada-raised dancer and neo-soul/RnB singer-songwriter who has that rare type of voice that will make you shiver in your spine.

Her crystal clean tone has you gazing outside the dusty window, wondering when you will find that elusive soulmate who you desire so much to stay warm with.

This is the story about feeling like you are in the wrong place in time, everything feels off and you can’t quite put your finger on it. You have been trying to get out there but are feeling despondent and people forget you too quickly. The world is moving so fast but you are an old soul who loves authenticity, rather than fake conversations about nothing.

She sings with such grace as she opens the snowed under window to let us inside — the freezing temperatures have her mood in a sad state of affairs — as she wonders if things will change around, so she can feel real love again.

Belong‘ from enchanting London neo-soul/RnB singer-songwriter and dancer Essosa, is that incredible real single that is too common in this socially distanced world. Life does indeed feel lonely and cold when you feel like you don’t belong, as you look for your tribe, that truly get you.

Stream this smoothly delivered track on Spotify and check out her IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Music RnB

Swimming in uncharted seas: Yasmine Gill is beautifully breathtaking during poignant relationship moment on ‘Blind’

Showing us her graceful voice that has your heart lost in the maze of love, Yasmine Gill is quite exquisite on her new blinkered single all about feeling lost called ‘Blind‘.

Yasmine Gill is an expressive Montreal, Quebec RnB/pop artist who has a sensually classy voice, that takes you to places you haven’t felt for so long, as her jazzy-trained tone lifts you up high and soothes away the mixed emotions that you currently feel.

This is the striking story of feeling lost in love when you felt really good before, as you start to realize that perhaps you are in too deep and need to come up to shore and take a deep breath again. Things have moved so fast and whilst it was exciting for a while, you feel like something is off and you have changed from who you know you are inside your soul.

Her vocal ability is supremely world class and each word is sung with purpose, you see her swimming in the rough seas and help her by throwing out a lifebuoy into her arms, pulling her out of where she doesn’t feel at home, guiding her to calmer waters where she feels comfortable and warm. Being away from the fake energy and back into the authentic light, is where she shines brightest.

Blind‘ from the spectacular sweet-soul of Canadian singer Yasmine Gill, makes you realize that finding that tribe who truly gets you, is what life is really about. Being with someone who doesn’t fully understand what makes you tick, isn’t going to truly make you happy long-term.

Sometimes we are blinded by lust of strong fleeting feelings when loneliness strikes and its only when you sit back and open your eyes, you see where you want to be in life. Being yourself and warm inside, keeps that cold wind of anxiousness away forever.

Hear this stunning new single on Spotify and see more of her music journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Hip hop Music

Letting her know how it is: Merezz hasn’t got time for reading ‘Signs’ (feat. Nessly)

Deciphering codes like a seasoned treasure hunter, Merezz is back with the mesmerizing new music video that will have you thinking beyond the norm called ‘Signs‘ (feat. Nessly).

Merezz is a wordsmith hip-hop/trap artist with bags of potential from Egypt, who was inspired to get into the music game from his life in Toronto, Canada and London, England. He scientifically formulates that quick-fire rap that stimulates the mind and gets your head bouncing all day.

This is the sensual story about falling in love real quick as your eyes lock into each other like you have never felt before. You read didn’t need to read the signs as you just knew she was into you and now things are good, you are close and she makes you feel like no other woman has ever done. The finances are royal flush so there is no problem as you treat her well, but tomorrow might be another day, so you take it one at a time but you hope this truly lasts.

Their rap attack is quality and striking, each word said for a reason in this confident smoke-filled night of wonder, the beat captures your mind and you feel like you are in a movie here.

Signs‘ (feat. Nessly) from Egyptian rapper Merezz, is that quality new school trap sound, that catches your body moving and your attention locked in tight to these top of the line emcees, on this fine new track to turn up real loud.

See this hot new video on YouTube and follow his career on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Bringing Beauty Again: Canada’s Steve Nicosia sends us a heartfelt ‘Reflection’ to immerse inside

Taken off his five-track EP from 2020 called ‘Retrospective‘, Steve Nicosia gives us a picture of his ‘Reflection‘ on this soulful track, that will have you feeling thoughtful about where your life is headed.

Steve Nicosia is a Canadian instrumentalist who likes to make music that means something deeper than most, as he filters out the noise of the world to create something meaningful and authentic.

The layers are made with such care and love, each verse swims into each other like a crystal clear river that shimmers into the sunlight. This is the perfect song to mellow your heart with, as you glide into the night with no worries in the world.

Reflection‘ from Toronto, Canada-based instrumental artist Steve Nicosia, is the sweet look inside the world that can be so pure if you let it consume you, as you block out the distractions and peacefully sift through what is actually important, and what really isn’t.

Stream this track on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Big dreams beyond: Monsters Who Sleep is breathtaking on ‘Death In A Texan Manor’

Taken off his recent twelve-track album ‘To Whomever It Becomes​‘, Monsters Who Sleep fervently brings us the vivid story of wanting much more in life and the urge to get away from heart-crushing mediocrity on ‘Death In A Texan Manor‘.

Monsters Who Sleep is the stunning solo project of Joshua Richard, the authentic indie folk singer-songwriter from the port city of Halifax, Nova Scotia, which is on the East Coast of Canada.

He delights our eager senses with his signature emotionally-charged music about the fleeting past, putting his future dreams to the fore, with a spellbinding style that lights up your eyes and fills your stomach up with lyrics that are so real.

This is a song that has been brought back from years ago when it was a metal song, re-imagined now and sung with a look to that moment when he was so unhappy and just wanted to live in a big house in Texas for the rest of his life.

Death In A Texan Manor‘ from Nova Scotia’s Monsters Who Sleep is a memorable journey into the mind and the belief that you can indeed get out of any situation you are in.

He sings with heartfelt passion that translates into a performance that breaks through the walls of self-doubt, so you can walk through onto the otherwise and follow your dreams to completion.

Listened to this vividly enlightening effort on Spotify and explore more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Take a walk with me: Alpina Noise sneak us underground with the mind-blowing ‘Coat Check Girl’

With their moody honesty pounding through the fragile speakers with abandon, Alpina Noise takes us into the underground club of mind-blowing temptation with ‘Coat Check Girl’.

Canada and California-fused indie dark-post rock act Alpina Noise, are the type of band you turn up loud and jump around in unwavering delight. Their pulsating energy transfixes your mind and never even gives you the chance to let go, as they maraud gleefully in your head until they are done with you, such is their mesmerizing presence.

This is the ear-tingling story of a girl who has your coat behind her, as you try and work out what she is into after a wild night. Your body is swaying around, as you chat to her and try to find out if she will go home with you. The evening has been adventurous but your heart is beating so fast when you look into her cheeky eyes, as then suddenly you feel strange as she has other ideas in mind.

The incredible eight minute experience is a true throwback experience to the proper cinematic music, that gives you chills in your whole spine, as you throw off your shirt and stomp around the lounge, in unadulterated joy from listening to this sweaty classic.

”A fusion of multiple musical genres, with dark echoes of post rock, punk, alternative, shoegaze, metal, noise rock, trip rock, and electronic-tinged pop confections.”- Alpina Noise

Coat Check Girl‘ from Canada/California dark-post rock outfit Alpina Noise, is the sensational song you knew was missing from your heart, as they take you for a riveting ride that you never want to escape from.

Head this heart-stopping track on Spotify and find out more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Don’t tip them off: Canada’s Alicia Lov shows her bad girl side on the dangerously exhilarating debut ‘Criminal’

Her mind going darker from this wild world around us, Alicia Lov sneaks in with her debut single full of flair and intrigue called ‘Criminal‘.

Alicia Lov is a young and supremely talented Canadian indie r&b/pop singer/dancer/violinist/cellist with Spanish roots, who is surely on the rise to the very top, with her tremendous voice that picks your pocket with a cheeky wink and somehow leaves you smiling at the same time.

We are drawn into the story of her alter-ego, the girl that does what she wants and won’t stop until she gets there. The taste is already in her blood flow and she can’t get enough, her claws are out and once she has her mind on something she won’t let go. The trap beat gets the pulsating feelings snapped into action, as you handcuff your ears to the speakers and let her take you away, on this hazardous journey to the back streets of the world.

With sensual vocals that lifts you into a pleasurable but anxious state, her wild nature seeps into your heart as you feel her dissatisfaction with her current predicament, as she ponders the dark side. Her voice is translucent and exciting, you feel the mystique and her young impressionable mindset is weighing up which road to embark on.

Criminal‘ from Edmonton, Canada’s future star Alicia Lov, is that catchy indie-pop dance track that is full of potentially risky decisions that have made her think from a different perspective, as she grapples with these feelings that will hopefully make her wiser as she matures naturally.

With a sumptuously elegant vocal delivery, she dazzles with a debut track you won’t easily forget.

Stream this rebel single here on Spotify and see more on her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Times are changing: Amilia Riviglia drops the line on ‘Calling You’ to enter a new world of possibilities

Amilia Riviglia dazzles our hearts yet again with her spectacular third original single from her blossoming young career, that will take you on a reflective road to self-discovery on ‘Calling You‘.

Maple, Ontario, Canada-based sweet soul solo pop artist Amilia Riviglia, creates that type of music that captures your attention, grabs on tight and pulsates a feeling into your bones that you have never felt before. She has an electronic-pop sound on this freshly crafted new song, that is such a special listen and shows the endless potential in her music, if she wants it enough.

This is the story of your former lover driving you crazy with constant calls and messages, while you are trying to move on. You will always love them but right now, you are going in a different direction to what they are doing. This is a strikingly poignant moment if life and you will only know how it truly feels, if you have truly dealt with this before. You want to be there for them but if they don’t get what you are about-then self-awareness is lacking from their side-not yours. Real sees real after all.

Calling You‘ from the immensely gifted Amilia Riviglia, is a sonic experience that awakens your inner belief that music can change your mood in an split second. With a gripping music video that fascinates your wildest senses and has you hitting that repeat to get it all in, this is a supremely talented artist that oozes class at the same time.

In life you get very few opportunities to grab that special moment and capture it forever. If you have to drop the phone a few times to get there, surely that’s worth it to rise above and reach for the stars, never ever letting go.

Hear this wonderfully talented musician on Spotify, see the visually-pleasing video on YouTube and view her socials on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen