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Strangerfamiliar Releases “Insecure.” – An Abstract Expression Of Raw Emotion

Strangerfamiliar is a solo project by Illichna Morasky based in Montreal with a sense of aesthetic unlike any other. Linking abstract expression with sound and emotion is not easily accepted as the norm in music, yet Strangerfamiliar manages to make an outstandingly mesmerising song that clearly portrays raw feelings of anger and sorrow through a sound and visual content that is abstract and very conceptual, making Illichna Morasky’s artistically creative expression stand out from all the rest and going beyond genre and stylistic titles.

“Insecure” is a track which stems out from raw emotions felt during heartbreak but it sounds nothing the many typical pop songs which delve into the same subject matter. The music carries a certain weight that you can feel while listening to it while the vocal part is lighter but with a strong underlying sense of strength and a tone that is seductive and soulful. This quirky sound is not thick in texture and every element has its own place and intention. Through her music, Strangerfamiliar expresses a sound that stands out from the rest, rich with symbolism and deep underlying philosophical concepts that are expressed through music in an abstract way that can still deliver the message clearly and strongly. Strangerfamiliar is just one of a kind, and a free soul finding a truly authentic voice in music expression.

-Sarah Marie Bugeja


Jasim Malik – Lullaby: The Riddle Trapped Inside The Enigma

The Canadian based singer songwriter Jasim Malik’s new single Lullaby dropped in September, blowing us away with its poignant mix of R&B and Soul fuelled sound combined with immersive transient, hard hitting bass lines and pacified by his dulcet sound.

What really stood out for me in his latest track Lullaby were his thunderous baritone vocals in parts are reduced to a sensual whisper that drags you all through the verse to the uproar of the chorus mixed with delectable breakdowns that have the ability to make you forget how to breathe.

Malik’s latest track in parts is just what it says on the tin, a melodic medley of soul infused sound with a twinge of raucous trap energy. He brings the rhythm to our blues, using his music to paint the colours in his spectacularly poetic mind. He approaches his sound with a delectably humble and playful manner, he is undoubtedly a pensive mind, his music serves as a window into his pain. The end product is a piercingly resonant sound.

Check out Malik’s latest track Lullaby on the SoundCloud or Apple Music link below:


Andrew Machum Pulls At Nostalgic Heart Strings

When you first hear the gentle and silky tones of Nighttime Remembers, the first thought is generally along the lines of “wow, I didn’t realise that people made music like this anymore.” It is a song which drips with and older elegance, a nostalgic romance, like an old black and white movie from an earlier age or a fine wine retrieved from years in storage. It is balladic, cinematic, soothing and sensual.

Plaintive and emotive piano lines dance over subtle strings and guitars add the most tempting of musical motifs or lace gentle melodic lines through the song. Timeless perhaps but yet not dated, for all its allusion to a past pathos it is also very much a song which sounds part of the here and now, a mature creation which references the crooners, rat-packers and torch song singers of the past but which also sits very comfortably amongst the modern pop balladeers. Andrew Machum states that he doesn’t want to define himself as an artist, but if he did then a career as a 50’s inspired jazz-pop sensation is just around the corner.


J-Geezy G-Town – The Hip Hop Enigma

J-Geezy G-Town is a Canadian Hip Hop & Rap artist, whilst Canada is scarcely known for their Hip Hop, J-Geezy G-Town may just be the one to put them on the map. His music is a far cry from the usual pseudo-angst of many Hip Hop artists which is why he’s currently taking the West Coast by storm. Alongside his undeniable talent J-Geezy G-Town also writes lyrics for other Hip Hop artists that struggle to achieve the same playful poignancy.

His latest track True G reflects his effortless and natural vocal ability over a contemporary Hip Hop styling which has the perfect amount of bass to allow the lyrics to resonate. So what sets J-Geezy apart from all of the other Hip Hop & Rap artists on the scene today? He plays with his refreshing sense of humble humility to create a sound that doesn’t bow to the industry demands. Instead he’s created a unique sound that is hardly comparitable to any of the other acts that are currently on the scene today.

J-Geezy G-Town has new music coming soon; in the meantime check out his latest track True G featuring Gkane:

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A&R Factory Present: Kayla Diamond

Toronto solo artist Kayla Diamond has shared first single “Carnival Hearts” off her debut EP Beautiful Chaos due this summer via Cadence Music. Listen to “Carnival Hearts”

At the beginning of her first year in law school in 2015, Kayla entered and won Slaight Music’s It’s Your Shot contest, which landed her a recording contract with Cadence Music. After winning the contest, she put her studies on hold to pursue music and has barely left the studio since.

Beautiful Chaos teams Kayla with noted Toronto based writer/producer Craig McConnell and is a look into Kayla’s life over the last few years with each track inspired by a different person. With a bouncy melody and soaring vocals on “Carnival Hearts” Kayla reflects, “[‘Carnival Hearts’ is]’ inspired by the concept of isolation and being lost in your own world. This is about me creating life within and from emptiness. I started writing when I felt empty. It’s a revival of something presumed to be unusable and abandoned.”

While prepping the EP, she has worked within the EDM community lending vocals for various DJs including Kiso’s cover tracks of Mike Posner’s “I Took a Pill in Ibiza” and Zayn and Taylor Swift’s “I Don’t Want To Live Forever”. She also teamed up with Anveo on the track “Feel Something”, which has hit 3 million+ streams on Spotify since its release in December. Those collaborations have received notable praise from the likes of Tiësto, Gareth Emery, Axwell and more.


A&R Factory Present: Jeff Beadle

Jeff Beadle, a Canadian folk singer-songwriter, was born into a music adoring family that encouraged his love for song writing. He started writing at 12 years old to immediate local recognition. He and a few school friends started playing local fairs, arcades and house parties – all with original song-writing. When in High School, he created multiple bands and attended all possible music classes while continuing to play live shows whenever he could.

Jeff now works alone every day, battling Toronto traffic all the while writing what has become The Huntings End. Over the last four years he has been cleaning and servicing the swimming pools of the elite in the downtown core. The daily solitude provoked the fears, tragedies and heartbreaks of his past. These strong reminiscences weighed heavy on his lonely days, begging for a release.

Jeff would arrange these feeling into rough songs on his cell phone, using voice memos and notes. Covered in grease and with chlorine stained clothes, he’d rush home to unpack the ideas, hashing out the fundamentals into melodies and complete lyrics. There is always rushed excitement to his creation, as is heard in the heartfelt tracks on The Huntings End.

His house is the local hub for all his friends. He makes late night dinners for everyone (Chef Jeff) that eventually turn into a wine infused testing ground for young songs. Based on this close to home feedback, Jeff would then fine tune his tracks at many local venues in Toronto. He plays constantly, at home, a-capella in the car, live shows at bars and backyards all for the love of playing and to fine tune his songs.

After running his songs through the local gauntlet of live venues, Jeff partnered up with his close friend Frank Gairdner to plan a raw and pure recording session. They chose Frank’s parent’s place, a quiet and remote farm house with 20 ft wood beam ceilings located on the rolling country hills of Southern Ontario. The evocative lyrics and catchy melodies reverberated wonderfully.

Jeff has a lot of experience that he draws from. The bands that he has headed cover many genres, have toured Canada multiple times as well as through China. He developed a love for the road while touring every nook and cranny of Canada. The unique towns and people that he met all had their own appreciation and love for music, and all of them had their own stories for having it.

For Jeff, this is one of the most important parts of writing music. Along with telling his own story, he needs to tell others’ as well. His intense empathy for people’s situations and losses motivate a lot of his music. The road was his library, gathering stories and experiences and translating them to music.


A&R Factory Present: The Sunset Kids

The Sunset Kids are a unique Canadian Electro Folk/Dream pop music duo created in early 2013 by Josh Palmer (Guitar, Synths, Vocals) and Ally-V (Synths, Vocals). . Beyond providing energetic performances throughout the country, they share their enthusiasm and passion for music and film. Nominated for best Independent Music Video at the 2016 HMMA’s ( Hollywood Music in Media Awards). Their merits as artists also extend internationally, all their main official videos have been produced in California in collaboration with videographers and other crew members from the TV series Breaking Bad.

Ally V , grew in post Soviet /post Berlin wall Siberia, with no money and political unrest for years. She later immigrated to Saskatchewan Canada and her cinematic eye and musical ears were inspired by her journey to Canada. Her other worldly experiences bring a uniqueness to the Sunset Kids music and videos that’s all their own. The Kids make exciting Electro Folk music and also Cinematic music videos  and short films. For their live show they combine this cinematic eye for a multimedia experience with video projection.

The Sunset Kids have become well known for implementing visual art during their performances.  This comes in the form of original videos that capture the attention of their audience by mimicking the essence and mood of their music. To date, The Sunset Kids have played nearly 100 shows, including local, national, and international venues. The Sunset kids are heavily influenced by the New-Wave and Synthesized Sounds of the 80’s and folk pop of today. Their music represents a blend of many genres, from folk to synth electronic and indie.

Other than the most recent Music Video Nomination, one of their exciting milestone was the release of their first EP Seventh Sky on March 23, 2014 in front of a Los Angeles audience at the famous and Historic, House of Blues HOB on Sunset BLVD. Thanks to the overwhelming crowd response.  In fact one of the last performances their before the legendary club closed down.

Find out more here


A&R Factory Present: The Modern Hearts

The Modern Hearts, with a signature sound built upon a foundation of hook-filled guitar pop and soaring vocals, are poised to win over fans and critics alike with their new EP, World’s On Fire. The irresistible single, “Want You So Bad,” released in the summer of 2015, kicks things off, clearly displaying how far The Modern Hearts have come as radio-savvy hit-makers in a short period of time.

The Toronto-based quartet consisting of lead vocalist/synth and rhythm guitarist Gary Stitt, lead guitarist and harmony vocalist Steve Wilde, bassist Jason Sulyma, and drummer A.J. Pinsonneault, began making their mark at the start of 2014 with their self-released full-length debut album Into The Wild.

On the strength of that record’s “world class songs that draw from classic and modern influences,” in the words of Last Gang Entertainment founder Chris Taylor, The Modern Hearts beat out 1600 other artists to win that year’s Breaking Bands competition, sponsored by Big Music Fest in Kitchener, Ontario, and a place on the festival’s bill alongside Aerosmith, Bryan Adams, Slash, and other rock giants.

As more warmly received performances increased that momentum, The Modern Hearts returned to the studio in 2015 with JUNO Award-winning producer and engineer Dan Brodbeck (Dolores O’Riordan, The Gandharvas, The Salads) to lay down “Want You So Bad,” released in time for the band’s return to Big Music Fest, followed by a tour of western Canada.

The upcoming EP’s other songs—“Show Me Love,” and “World’s On Fire”—reflect an equal amount of craftsmanship and sonic diversity, and a desire to focus on the best material on hand, polished until perfected.

 The Modern Hearts’ evolution is sure to take a huge leap forward with World’s On Fire as the band’s songwriting and live show have coalesced into a movement with undeniable appeal. As Canadian broadcasting legend Alan Cross said of The Modern Hearts, “Watch this band. They have the songs, the chops and the smarts to be a factor.”

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