Written in books: NMBtranq sees the mad get uncomfortable on Hood Militia’s

With his mind ready to get away quickly before his number is called, NMBtranq has just dropped a raw soundtrack to chop it up with no matter what fires are currently raging outside on the eye-opening track Hood Militia’s.

NMBtranq aka Javon Miller is a Greensboro, North Carolina-based underground hip-hop storyteller who uses a quick-witted lyrical technique to enlighten the lost like a lighthouse during a ravaging storm.

With bags of talent to spare and surging ahead with something rather explosive for our palates, NMBtranq stuns all of our hearts in the right way. If you love it straight to the point and without cheese, this is the song to boom on loud to wake up the neighbourhood.

Hood Militia’s from Greensboro, North Carolina-based underground poet NMBtranq is a track which grabs us quickly and takes us into a whole new world of insight. We find a single laced with so much honesty and shall impress even the most hardcore rap fan.

Fighting away the demons and never giving up, this is an underground classic waiting to be crowned.

Laser into this gem on Soundcloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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