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I just move like this: Lxry LB will always get 50 assists on Like This

Ice cold and dribbling past all frosty incomers no matter what the court or competition, Rich Legacy Entertainment fueled Lxry LB projects his inner Shaq and Kobe dynamism to drop 3-pointers all night long with his hot new single, Like This.

Lxry LB is a Greensboro, North Carolina-based hip-hop artist who flows with a tremendously raw edge which shall summon nodding heads no matter what type of rap you’re into.

With a dazzling array of lyrically sharp ear-sizzlers to get us enthusiastic about what we are witnessing, Greensboro rapper Lxry LB has the kind of conviction which will motivate others to follow their dreams. Brushing away any pointless negativity and slicing open the court of life, he showcases his briskly tuned bars which will surely gain respect from underground hip-hop heads worldwide.

Like This from Greensboro, North Carolina-based rapper extraordinaire Lxry LB features one of the tightest beats around and introduces us to a smooth talker who has moved far from those dark days. Leaving haters shivering in fear and cross-dribbling to snap ankles, this is an uplifting track showing us the value of self-belief and valuable investment to be the best.

When you know it’s your time, the only way to win is to shine right now.

Lace up and never regret anything on SoundCloud.

Find out more about future shows and releases on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Written in books: NMBtranq sees the mad get uncomfortable on Hood Militia’s

With his mind ready to get away quickly before his number is called, NMBtranq has just dropped a raw soundtrack to chop it up with no matter what fires are currently raging outside on the eye-opening track Hood Militia’s.

NMBtranq aka Javon Miller is a Greensboro, North Carolina-based underground hip-hop storyteller who uses a quick-witted lyrical technique to enlighten the lost like a lighthouse during a ravaging storm.

With bags of talent to spare and surging ahead with something rather explosive for our palates, NMBtranq stuns all of our hearts in the right way. If you love it straight to the point and without cheese, this is the song to boom on loud to wake up the neighbourhood.

Hood Militia’s from Greensboro, North Carolina-based underground poet NMBtranq is a track which grabs us quickly and takes us into a whole new world of insight. We find a single laced with so much honesty and shall impress even the most hardcore rap fan.

Fighting away the demons and never giving up, this is an underground classic waiting to be crowned.

Laser into this gem on Soundcloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Playing With Fire: Tahj McQueen feels like he is headed to the top on ToolieBeam

With so much hardcore energy and in a mood to slice off the excess fat in his life, Tahj McQueen has dropped a rather memorable sizzler to sip on slowly, ToolieBeam.

Tahj McQueen is a Greensboro, North Carolina-based indie hip-hop artist and music producer currently studying at UNCG and working alongside the 506 creative teams.

Inspired by Roc Marciano and J.I.D, Tahj McQueen is in raw form and shall send many ears into a better place in time. This is ravishing stuff which will get those underground rap heads turning this up to the absolute maximum. The flow is quality and we find a ravenous soul ready for anything presented.

ToolieBeam from Greensboro, North Carolina-based indie hip-hop artist Tahj McQueen is an elite track which will break many moods in half. Voyaging through the airwaves and brimming with so much confidence, we are treated to something rather introspective and packed with life to savour forever.

Hear this new single on Spotify. See more on his website.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Cellist extraordinaire Brianna Tam is quite exquisite on her memorable new release Eris

With her 4th single from the upcoming album called I AM, Brianna Tam is at her brilliant barefoot best with a toe-curling single of hypnotic proportions on her scintillating release, Eris.

Brianna Tam is a one-woman electric/classical cellist/looper who writes and records from her portable home studio with her loyal tabby kitty cat, Mr Gnocchi.

With a love for travel and adventure, Brianna now ventures throughout the Southeast, sharing her electric cello set with a wide variety of venues.” ~ Brianna Tam sharing more in-depth detail about her genuine passions

Brimming with mystique and flowing rather sensationally into our transformed earlobes with a world class soundscape that is Game of Thrones-like, Brianna Tam is at her skillful best with a dynamic display for the ages. Technically superior and sending our hearts pounding beyond previous levels of comprehension to revive all of our curious senses.

Inspired by the Greek goddess who shares the same name, is an all cello epic composition that begins as a depiction of controlled chaos, and then gradually transforms into a ruthless illustration of overwhelming discord.” ~ Brianna Tam describing the vision for her latest single

Eris from the magnificent Greensboro, North Carolina-based electric/classical cellist/loop artist Brianna Tam is an outstanding anthem for those who love meaningful instrumental music. She builds up the tension which will cause your whole body to be lifted into her world, only for us to be jolted awake by a rising great.

This is a rather special experience that might change your entire perspective, as we are taken into a fascinating universe by a remarkable artist who hasn’t even touched her prime yet.

Hear this gorgeous piece of work on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

North Carolina-based alternative act Fillerhook returns with the reflective anthem, ‘Delaying Tactics’

Showing us that profound moment that such a reflective mind-bending experience can cause a kind soul, Fillerhook guides us to that picture which isn’t ideal right now as you lust for that warm embrace on, ‘Delaying Tactics‘.

Created by bassist and vocalist Christian Kerwin, Fillerhook is a Greensboro, North Carolina-based indie-alternative band that makes a cinematic blend of music to really delve deeper into.

Lacing heavy bass grooves, gritty guitars, catchy hooks with influences of punk, funk, progressive rock, jazz, and reggae.” ~ Fillerhook

Taken off their recent 5-track release called ‘Pressure Of Progression‘, Fillerhook shows us their incredible precision and intricately deep soundscape that shall take your breath away at times.

Delaying Tactics‘ from Greensboro, North Carolina-based indie-alternative band Fillerhook is a meditative single that shall have you looking into the mirror to find yourself again. There is so much to look into here as you wonder about that soul who isn’t around right now, no matter how much you want them to be next to you so you may both connect wholeheartedly again. Sung with a passionate energy that might have you reaching for the full volume button, this is a welcome addition to any playlist in 2022.

Listen up to this new meaningful song on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I’m Chosen: Greensboro rapper Mista Lyrical never forgets what he saw on ‘Holden’

As he flows tremendously with street stories of back in the day with friends and how those sometimes fond and sometimes harsh memories are still close to his heart, Mista Lyrical shows us his quality skills on the excellent new single ‘Holden‘.

Jigg.E $upreme aka Mista Lyrical is a Durham, North Carolina-born, Greensboro, North Carolina-raised indie boom-bap rapper. He makes that stylishly crafted music that is full of storytelling, of the highest order.

His rapid rhythms and supremely harmonious melodies has your body grooving, as he webs around the bars to project a man that is on his way to where he wants to be in life, as an artist and as a self-aware man that wants the best for his family. He is willing to do things the right way, so he can look in the mirror with a smile and not gaze into hatred for what you have done.

This is the story about reflecting about past memories whilst looking to the future, as the road was hard and lots of sacrifices were needed. The time to rise up and do what is necessary to make that paper is here and he is ready.

Holden‘ from the determined North Carolina hip-hop artist Mista Lyrical, has that rare back-in-the-day feel, that warms your mind and has you turning the volume up, as you appreciate his top shelf lyrical delivery that sets him apart from most.

Life was tough growing up and through music and hard work, he shows that anything is possible if you put in the time and effort. When you feel like you are chosen to do what you love, each day is a blessing.

Stream this top new single on Spotify and see his IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Eyes Put a Spell: Branndon flows in the love time machine when he is with ‘Tiana’

Whilst he feels like he is definitely catching feelings when he is around her, Branndon tries to keep it cool on his catchy new single about a special woman in his life called ‘Tiana‘.

Branndon Onyemem aka Branndon is a lyrically skilled Nigerian/American hip-hop artist/singer-songwriter born in Greensboro, North Carolina, who brings the funky grooves with him on a vibe that has you nodding your head in appreciation of his growing skill set.

“I use my art to connect to my fans, portray themes, and uses words to paint pictures for my listeners. My music takes lots of influence from my poetry, including my Spoken Word poetry which I post on my Instagram for my followers to enjoy.”- Branndon

He raps with consistent skills, each word seems to flow with the next and his quality wordsmith skills are quite impressive. The lyrics are all about his huge crush on this sweet girl, that he can’t seem to stop thinking about.

Tiana‘ from Nigerian-American rapper/singer Branndon, shows us his love for fusing his love for blues, funk, hip hop, soul and boom-bap all into one pot of tasty goodness, as he is put under a spell from a girl who has his heart beating rather quickly.

Stream this track on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Kaqeo Vega – Wilyn : A new Ice-cool lyrical Vibe

This song has that smooth cool attitude that’s hot and all tasty – it tastes of nothing like crimson but like a cream crispy dessert. Kaqeo might as well have gotten his musical influence from the “black beetle” crooner Rae Sremmurd because his style of rap isn’t quite too different from theirs.

A balanced music diet is what that’s been served right on this track. “Wilyn” is that perfect mix of every element which characterizes a good music, technically well-toned up and all mashed up in the right proportion to conjure such an awesome smash hit like this one.

The mid-tempo beat of this song is quite alluring and awesome; it might seem too simple but yet captivating.

Pure talent isn’t too hard to find, Kaqeo has a nice lyrics and a good lyrical flow, perhaps this was what made the rapper to be able to weave his word on a smooth glide. The flow of the song is also flawless and clean.

No doubt, there’s definitely still, some more work that’s needed to be done to enable Kaqeo to unleash his full potential because his creativity is top notch.

Being consistently consistent and keeping to his original sound without allowing the industry influence rid him of his precious style he’s already started to create himself, is the only thing that can propel Kaqeo music career to the zenith.

Everything you could possibly ask for in regular cool hip hop/ rap music genre is what “Wilyn” is all about.

Overall, it is decent rap music with an eccentric vibe that’s well structured and organised. I’m looking forward to seeing more nice songs from Kaqeo, and I just hope you won’t disappoint.