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Destiny Intertwined: Bentin wants to leave now to get away from the suffocating walls on ‘The Life That We Want’

On a gutsy story that urges his sweet love to fully blossom away from the naysayers who want to stop this dream from becoming reality, Bentin tells us the story about being there to go the distance no matter what on ‘The Life That We Want‘.

Bentin is a mysterious indie storyteller, songwriter, and music producer who has kept his true identity hidden away from the world.

I like to keep in the shadows, make it personal.” ~ Bentin

As he unhurriedly opens up the lit of this story to tease us with a smell that is certainly tantalizing, Bentin turns off the lights and shows us into his world where he is trying to guide someone who he cares for into his direction. With a few others against his motives for unknown reasons, this is a battle that he refuses to lose. Sung with a steely determination – you feel that he has his back against the wall – but is going to try until he succeeds with this goal of being together with someone who completes him romantically.

The Life That We Want‘ from the highly contemplative solo artist and music producer from location unknown who is called Bentin, is a softly-sung single that really strikes you in your whole soul to leave you shaking in admiration for such a brave warrior. He declined to let that special soul flame out like so many would, as he feels like he can’t live without their courageously beautiful spirit. With a highly eloquent style that captures your imagination in this movie-like script, this is a worthwhile track to put on when you need some strength in fighting for someone who you believe you deserve to be with.

Hear this new single on YouTube and find out more via the night-lit IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

What Is My Purpose: DREW TRAVEIL realizes that he needs to love himself first on ‘Heartless’

As he intimately searches for his true mission in life, DREW TRAVEIL tells us how he knows his cold nature isn’t helping right now but he is struggling to find his warm soul again with the emotional new song asking for help on ‘Heartless‘.

Eryc Cuevas aka DREW TRAVEIL, is a passionate free-styling storyteller and indie RnB/pop artist. He loves to paint his listeners a vivid picture and appears to make music for the love of the game, as creating is in his blood.

I knew I had something deep within me that needed to be brought to life so others can hear and become inspired by my work, but it’s also a way of expressing myself and learning things I never knew I was before.” ~ DREW TRAVEIL

This is a significantly touching track that hits home so hard, as we are told the story about how things have been so hard lately and he feels so lost. The elusive compass is hidden away right now and he knows he needs to find it quickly, before he gets lost in the world of woods, which can take you down paths that are so undesirable.

Heartless‘ from the new RnB/pop musician DREW TRAVEIL, is a sad journey that is about getting the powerful mind away from the winter cold, as he looks to find where he needs to go next. This is a call for his sleepy soul to ignite again with a spark to life – as right now the fuel is on empty and he is worried about where he is heading – in this darkly-lit world full of confusion.

Stream this new track on YouTube and see more on the IG channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Fresh Start: Leifer only wants them to grow together on ‘You (Everything I Do)’

With so much new-found self-awareness flowing rapidly into his lungs as he passionately calls for their love to be so much stronger than it has been lately, Leifer conveys his feelings to his partner that he is only here for the long-term on ‘You (Everything I Do)‘.

Leifer is a wandering Kinderhook, New York-based indie pop singer-songwriter and storyteller, who sings with so much conviction and growing maturity as he finds his true identity in this complex world, with many puzzles awaiting to be solved.

He sings with such flowing sureness that this is it, he is ready for more and the past is in the past. The core isn’t broken yet and wants to make this happen.

The harmonious melodies keep you intrigued like a neatly wrapped present that is almost ready to be opened — you think you know what it is but aren’t 100% sure — as the mystery keeps you locked into the picture, of what it actually is.

You (Everything I Do)‘ from the emerging Kinderhook, NY solo artist Leifer, draws us into the story of wanting to prove that he is indeed the real deal and a royal flush. The hope is that his partner gets it soon, otherwise he will be left wondering if it was even worth all the effort and time spent, building up trust and love in the first place.

Hear this new sweetly textured single on Soundcloud and check out the IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Come back to me: Spacific Brown asks for those close to return home on ‘Distant Dude’

Taken off his latest ambitious eighteen-track album called ‘High Tide‘, Spacific Brown brings his quality flow to the masses on his latest single called ‘Distant Dude‘.

A UK-based storyteller, boom-bap artist and poet, with that classic feel to his edgy music, Spacific Brown flows through the enlightened corridors with that supremely authentic feel to his music, which is full of reflective thoughts about those who have somehow hidden away from plain sight.

His lyrical delivery is raw and full of introspective pictures that paints this story as one that is underground on the tube, seeking out information about where they went to. When you are close to someone and miss their presence you have to do something about it, as you can only do so much on social media or via text.

Distant Dude‘ from UK artist Spacific Brown is a trip down the road that brings you closer to thinking of past friends and lovers who aren’t here anymore. He digs deep into the mic and lays down a track that is certainly memorable and shows that the world doesn’t need to be so forgetful and that some of us do indeed remember those who aren’t where they should be.

Sometimes you remember those good times and wonder where a person is, who was a strong figure in your life, but is now far away and you don’t know what happened to them. Life goes quickly like a blink of the eye and cherishing those special moments is so vital.

Turn this old school vibe up on Spotify and see his movements on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen