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Running His Mouth: North Carolina rapper Lil Glokkah drops underground bar-fest ‘On Yo Block’

Released off local indie label Branch Off Records, Lil Glokkah enthusiastically smashes the door open and kicks it down easily so everyone knows that he is in town with the speedy new rap track ‘On Yo Block‘.

Lil Glokkah is a underground Brunswick County, North Carolina-based rapper with a fiery delivery that lets it be known that he is on the rise.

His style is full-on – as he tells street stories that will shock many – as his straight up attitude shows you what he deals with on a daily basis with small-mind folks really getting under his skin with their false narratives. This is the story about making it known that you are not going to take any cheap shots from anyone, as you build up your name the right now, and show all that your bars need to be taken seriously.

His flow is fast and he slides ruggedly on the mic, as he breathlessly takes charge and brings some of that rare new school hardcore rap back to the masses. You feel his energy is so transfixing – as he strongly slams down the weak competition into a vicious choke hold – that will be so hard to get out of.

On Yo Block‘ from the emerging North Carolina-based hip-hop artist Lil Glokkah, is a quick-fire swarm through like a hungry bee ready to bite at whoever gets in his way. This is his time to shine, as the determination is so evident and you feel that he will do whatever it takes to be the top dog.

Hear this new track on YouTube and follow his IG for more block news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I’m Chosen: Greensboro rapper Mista Lyrical never forgets what he saw on ‘Holden’

As he flows tremendously with street stories of back in the day with friends and how those sometimes fond and sometimes harsh memories are still close to his heart, Mista Lyrical shows us his quality skills on the excellent new single ‘Holden‘.

Jigg.E $upreme aka Mista Lyrical is a Durham, North Carolina-born, Greensboro, North Carolina-raised indie boom-bap rapper. He makes that stylishly crafted music that is full of storytelling, of the highest order.

His rapid rhythms and supremely harmonious melodies has your body grooving, as he webs around the bars to project a man that is on his way to where he wants to be in life, as an artist and as a self-aware man that wants the best for his family. He is willing to do things the right way, so he can look in the mirror with a smile and not gaze into hatred for what you have done.

This is the story about reflecting about past memories whilst looking to the future, as the road was hard and lots of sacrifices were needed. The time to rise up and do what is necessary to make that paper is here and he is ready.

Holden‘ from the determined North Carolina hip-hop artist Mista Lyrical, has that rare back-in-the-day feel, that warms your mind and has you turning the volume up, as you appreciate his top shelf lyrical delivery that sets him apart from most.

Life was tough growing up and through music and hard work, he shows that anything is possible if you put in the time and effort. When you feel like you are chosen to do what you love, each day is a blessing.

Stream this top new single on Spotify and see his IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Ins Kino is ‘Coming Around’.

Coming Around by Ins Kino

Ins Kino is the recording project of Raleigh, North Carolina, based singer-songwriter Evan Farkas, and ‘Coming Around’ is the first single from his forthcoming debut EP. There’s a melancholic-yet-upbeat feel to the track, reminiscent of The Divine Comedy, early Smiths, or My Life Story. That could be down to Farkas’ use of strings and woodwind over a pushy, bouncy rhythm section, rather than simply relying on the more usual ‘indie’ guitar, bass, and keyboards approach.

It’s a nice mix of cynical and optimistic, chilled-and-mellow yet somehow bouncy-and-upbeat all at once, hooky melodies and a catchy pop chorus coupled with orchestral, cinematic sweeps and swooshes from the off-beat instrumentation, Farkas’ vocal beautifully delivered in that sort of almost-distracted, sardonic Neil Hannon, Ed Harcourt kind of way. It’s undeniably chamber pop, but with an eye to lazy, witty lyrics and deep, crooning vocals.

You can hear ‘Coming Around’ on BandCamp, and follow Ins Kino on Instagram.

Review by Alex Holmes

Take That Ride: Inspiring Winston Salem duo The Courier Pigeons shelter from the driving rain on ‘Gypsy Train’

Taken off their much-anticipated ten-track album set for 6th April 2021 release named ‘Black Mountain Sessions‘, The Courier Pigeons sing so gracefully on the lead single called ‘Gypsy Train‘.

The Courier Pigeons are a thoughtful Winston Salem, North Carolina-based indie-country/folk duo consisting of Jeremy Johnson and Bill Jarrett. They have that genuine feel to their creations that are all about the true connection in life, no matter where you are headed.

”This is a story of positivity in what was a difficult period of time for us all. Musical soulmates reunited from a distance under quarantine.”- The Courier Pigeons

This is the story about keeping your head up when things are tough, as you take a journey through the authentic old towns that have so much history. You are on the mission to find your peace and come across lots of adventures, that have you learning so much about yourself as you find your good friend along the way.

You feel his wise voice float over the loving guitar, as the song simmers in warm when it is cold and wet outside from these unpredictable times. This is that perfect road trip song – that has you holding onto something safe – when you don’t know what is going to happen next.

Gypsy Train’ from North Carolina’s The Courier Pigeons, is a message written deeply from the isolated cabin in Black Mountain, as they created something special to distract themselves from the bleak times outside. They have intricately made a wholesome song here that has your heart slowly healing from the frostbite, as you feel their love for making music that is so meaningful and textured just right.

Stream this quality track on Distrokid and see more on their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Joshua Dennis – Turn Around: A 2021 folk-pop playlist staple

Brand New Day by Joshua Dennis

North Carolina genre-blender, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Joshua Dennis has unleashed their affable folk-pop album ‘Brand New Day’ which will top up any optimism that you may be falling short of.

The instrumentals in the standout single ‘Turn Around’ merge indie with pop and folk while Joshua Dennis’ softly all-consuming vocals bring 21st-century modernity to the crooning soul-pop style.

If any album should be on a hipster’s turntable, it’s Brand New Day. Joshua Dennis’ commitment to bringing a sense of positivity to the airwaves is just one of the reasons why you’ll want to add him to your radar.

Turn Around is available to purchase and stream via Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Eyes Put a Spell: Branndon flows in the love time machine when he is with ‘Tiana’

Whilst he feels like he is definitely catching feelings when he is around her, Branndon tries to keep it cool on his catchy new single about a special woman in his life called ‘Tiana‘.

Branndon Onyemem aka Branndon is a lyrically skilled Nigerian/American hip-hop artist/singer-songwriter born in Greensboro, North Carolina, who brings the funky grooves with him on a vibe that has you nodding your head in appreciation of his growing skill set.

“I use my art to connect to my fans, portray themes, and uses words to paint pictures for my listeners. My music takes lots of influence from my poetry, including my Spoken Word poetry which I post on my Instagram for my followers to enjoy.”- Branndon

He raps with consistent skills, each word seems to flow with the next and his quality wordsmith skills are quite impressive. The lyrics are all about his huge crush on this sweet girl, that he can’t seem to stop thinking about.

Tiana‘ from Nigerian-American rapper/singer Branndon, shows us his love for fusing his love for blues, funk, hip hop, soul and boom-bap all into one pot of tasty goodness, as he is put under a spell from a girl who has his heart beating rather quickly.

Stream this track on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Learning to love as one: TwentyNine30 are scintillating on debut track ‘I Won’t Hide’

TwentyNine30 are a new name to immerse yourself into through their stunning song about loving your partner throughout all on ‘I Won’t Hide‘.

Durham, North Carolina dreamy-pop band TwentyNine30 make that kind of music that makes you reflective and inspired at the same time to be a better person and to deal with whatever is holding you back in relationships.

With the breathtaking honey-layered vocals of the classy Emily Pierce and the skillfully pure guitarist Jack Thomas adding in his incredible voice to mesh a intertwining bundle of glorious goodness for our hearts, this is a special song full of heartfelt treats.

Its so easy to turn your back and hide away when you find something out about your lover. Perhaps they are hiding the key to the real reason away as they are embarrassed or worried you will leave them. Being a strong couple and fully fusing your hearts together to be so madly in love so nothing can or will break you, is extremely hard but possible if you both want it enough.

This is the story about how two humans decide that they want to know each others deepest fears and secrets, so that they can fully trust and be at one to navigate life’s adventures hand in hand, heart to heart with gusto and that rare ultimate trust.

I Won’t Hide‘ from North Carolina’s indie-dream band TwentyNine30 is a pleasurable experience on the soul and they sing with such passion and the eclectic guitar piece at the end puts you in such a calming state- after the deeply emotive lyrics and supremely gifted vocals of that true love.

We might not like what we find inside each others minds and hearts sometimes, but if you love someone enough and can see that they genuinely are a kind person and have valid reasons for their actions, you can overlook it if when you look into their eyes you see true goodness, you know that they are someone you can fully trust and be with no matter what.

After all, the eyes never lie.

Stream this wonderful single on Spotify and see their next move on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Staying away from the undesirable reality: Trevor Griffin brings that classic groove back on ‘The Second I Said It’

Taken off his uniquely brilliant five-track EP called ‘The Sky Is Falling! the Sky Is Falling!‘, Trevor Griffin brings us an enthralling new single to thoroughly enjoy on ‘The Second I Said It‘.

Inverness, Florida-based and future North Carolina resident, writer, producer, alt-indie rock musician and Au-pair Trevor Griffin, fuses his marvelous mixture of honest lyrics and groovy energy to manifest into a real hug-close and don’t-let-go type of song, that has so much soul attached to its inner-woven sinews.

His voice is so clear and catchy, with a warning about how the economy in the USA might crash soon and that we need to live right now. With an insightful look into the currently world, he performs with that honest self-awareness that tells us that life is the way we created it and we can only get out through good music. That is our escape pad so we need to use it wisely.

The Second I Said It‘ from the gifted Florida singer-songwriter Trevor Griffin, is the type of song that you play when you feel like dancing to a real catchy tune to break free from those negative thoughts. He blends all his skills together to make your fingers click, despite the political undertones about current times.

The sky might really be falling too, so living life to the fullest and telling that special soul in your heart that you love them, is absolutely paramount.

Hear this in-the-trolley gem on Spotify and see more from his wild adventures on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Turning classic poems into music: True Gospel Bookstore release love-torn 9th single ‘Fades Into Blue’

True Gospel Bookstore (aka TGB) was formed by North Carolina native Don Edwards to record his poetry work and to bring it alive again through music. Now based in sunny LA, he also works with singer-songwriter Angela Michael, who helps brings his music to a whole different level. ‘Fades Into Blue’ is the 9th single release and this is an alt-rock song about that lost love.

The steady start flickers like a memorable time in your life when things were way more peaceful. In these dark times we need a hero to step up and help us gain that perspective again. His voice is strong and confident and the name of this band says it all really. He wanted to have a bookstore when he was at college and this would of help house a church too. Sadly he couldn’t get the lease he wanted and ended up working at various jobs instead. The idea stuck with him and now through music, it has come alive.

This is about that love you can’t get out of your mind. You were drinking your beer and life was going along decently. From that moment on however, things all changed and you couldn’t get enough of that smiling face. Sadly things didn’t work out and they left so there is so much regret sprinkled in here as you lost your faith for some time. You wanted to be together but the stars had other ideas.

His voice is full of life stories from that special moment that is now just a memory but also a pleasurable one. ‘Fades Into Blue’ reminds you of those memories that you love so much, but are now fading rather quickly into the dust. True Gospel Bookstore is a classic music creation that has been brought to life through lots of love and determination. This is a man who realized that hardly anyone appreciated real poetry anymore, so he evolved and made it into music instead; to reach a global audience. This is a true inspiration to those out there who have given up and need a humble hero to look up to.

Take a listen to true class on Soundcloud and follow the story via IG and Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Chasing that rush: North Carolina Pop singer Natalie Carr knows the party needs to end on lyric video for ‘Blue Lights’

Her voice is so real and relevant. Natalie Carr shows us what life is like on the run while chasing those tempting tattoos for a little bit too long on ‘Blue Lights’.

You love that feeling of danger and partying wherever and whenever you want. You know deep down however that this needs to end otherwise you will be seeing those dreaded lights a bit too close and things will change forever. You keep yourself close to that partner for the night but also have a plan to get out if the going gets too dangerous.

“I’ve found my stride in being honest in my writing, for everyday people, like myself, to relate.”- Natalie Carr

Her music is refreshingly straight forward and she gets to the core of the story without too much fuss. This is all about having fun and enjoying each moment as life comes, you wish it wouldn’t stop. However, you know that it needs to end and you should move on to better things. So many of us find ourselves stuck in this maze of bright lights, the chase that is so hot to begin with and then it burns out like a used cigarette.

With an honest R&B/Pop style that sizzles the ears, she is the ultimate partner in crime. The late nights, going on fun adventures lasts for a while and these will be memories forever. However it only takes one slip up to have this moment crash down like a pack of cards into dust and doom, locked up for something so silly that shouldn’t have really happened.

Blue Lights’ from US Pop singer-songwriter Natalie Carr is a breath-taking track and the visuals only make this song a sultry view and listen for the lost hearts out there, frustrated with lock-down days. The temptation and urge to explore again is sometimes too much to pass up. Taking time to take a step back however, is the safer but less fun way to go.

See this exciting video here on her YouTube and find out more about Natalie on her IG and Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen