USUALLY MODEST became the biggest free-from-vanity rockstar in pop with ‘Toothpick’

USUALLY MODEST came in red-hot with his latest rock-licked hypersonic pop hit, Toothpick, which blurs genre boundaries through an explosion of high-energy hooks and a sense of unfettered exuberance that becomes infectious from the first progression.

Unravelling like an accelerated sonic lovechild of the Weeknd and the 1975, Toothpick speeds past contemporary trends, arriving safely in the confines of the future of pop, inviting listeners in by laying out a doormat woven by innovation

Just as his moniker would lead you to believe the up-and-coming Switzerland-born-and-raised artist with Ukrainian roots, his free-from-vanity sensibility shines through in Toothpick. The sticky-sweet emotional underpinnings are the cherry on the hyper-augmented sonic cake, which will undoubtedly allow the self-taught singer, songwriter and producer to rack up even more streams.

Since his humble beginnings on SoundCloud in 2017, USUALLY MODEST is well on his way to becoming a viral sensation. In the last three years, he’s racked up over 350,000 streams on Spotify along with 50,000 total views on YouTube. His standout single, Soul Searching, has also been in regular rotation on one of the biggest Swiss urban radio stations, yet, we’re sure that there are far bigger accolades waiting to fall on the revolutionary.

Stream the official music video for Toothpick when it premieres on June 7th via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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