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Up all night: Gemfaire wants to feel less alone in a back alley kinda world on Chat GPT

Formally known as Ami Inu, Gemfaire breaks away from her influencer past and shows us her true love for music with a memorable outing on her dazzling debut single, Chat GPT.

Gemfaire aka Ami is a hugely loveable US-based hyper pop/cyber core solo artist who has fearlessly reinvented herself and performs with such honesty and truthful insights inside our digital world.

This is what I like to imagine it would sound like if Isaac Asimov [prolific science fiction writer] got yassified and made pop music,” GemFaire explains.

Telling us the truth and opening the door to her world so we can see what she’s really like, Gemfaire is absolutely mind-bending-ly brilliant on Chat GPT. Floating away from her mental health issues and showing such bravery, we feel glitching and vintage computer sounds, which urges us to embrace technology while keeping our intrinsic essence.

Chat GPT from Gemfaire is a scary look into the future….and the now. With a pulsating beat to tear holes through the speakers, this is a reminder that we are so alone right now.

Sung with frankness and telling us a real story, this is a complex web for us to unravel for the sake of humanity.

Hear this visionary single on Spotify.

Feel her vibes manifest on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Rev yourself up with the adrenalized volition in Matt’s Keys pop-rock amalgam, Let’s Go

Any fans of The Pretty Reckless will find just as much anthemic fire in the latest pop-rock hit, Let’s Go, from the songwriter Matt’s Keys. With no compromise to the intimacy of the lyrics or the power in the vocals, Let’s Go is a moving single, in pretty much every respect.

Rev yourself up with the adrenalized volition in the pop-punk spliced dance track that uses overdriven guitars to cause friction against the ascending piano chords and frenetic hyper-pop beats that will keep a firm hold on your rhythmic pulses until the outro.

Let’s Go is the ultimate playlist staple to put on repeat when you need the inspiration and permission to live life to the fullest, whether that’s by hitting the dancefloor instead of staying home with the cat or putting your heart on the line instead of keeping it behind lock and key.

Let’s Go was officially released on July 21; hear it on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Lose yourself in the escapism of MUNBOI’s hyper pop hip-hop hit, Runaway

It has been almost a year since MUNBOI walked us down Memory Ln with his stellar slice of stoic hip-hop, but it only took his fiery flow in the first verse of his latest trap-pop-hip-hop amalgam, Runaway, to jog our memory and remind us of all the reasons he left us in awe.

By blending elements of hyper pop, chiptune, and grime-y hip-hop, the 24-year-old Bracknell, UK-hailing alternative artist, producer, and audio engineer enticed us into his sonic fantasy. For the two-and-a-half-minute duration of Runaway, you’re enveloped by the – quite literally – animated escapism of the hit. The sticky-sweet texture of the melodies contrasted against the blazingly rapid rap bars is enough to leave your senses in a tailspin, but the beats will always bring you back down to earth safely.

Since we last heard MUNBOI, he hasn’t failed to make major waves in the industry. With the help of his hardcore fans, he has sold out his hometown and London shows. Radio 1, BBC Introducing, and BBC Radio Berkshire also played their part in raising the artist up from the underground.

Runaway hit the airwaves on the 12th of July; lose yourself in it via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Get down with the cognitive sickness with Sarah Sunday’s hypersonic pop-punk hit, all the world is crazy

‘all the world is crazy’ is ironically a sentiment that no one of sane mind could disagree with. When Sarah Sunday used it as the proclamation in her latest hyper pop-punk anthem, she made it impossible for her audience not to get down with the endemic of cognitive sickness.

The future-pop elements around the pop-punk guitar-driven hooks created the EDM evolution that the genre has never known it needed but has silently been crying out for. If any track has what it takes to make the masses shake off the depressing presumption that they’re outliers for feeling suffocated by entropy, it’s the anthemically sticky-sweet triumph.

Her uplifting vocal energy augmenting the lyrics, which cut right to the core of the madness we’ve tried to put our heads in the sand and ignore, ensured all the world is crazy is one of the most seminal anthems of the summer. We utterly adore her.

all the world is crazy was officially released on the 1st of May; stream the aptly zany official music video via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Azure Kai went hypersonic with her latest alt earworm, Gotta Get the Girl

Utilising her inherent passion for creativity, the artist and Monmouth University student Azure Kai went hypersonic with her latest alternative earworm, Gotta Get the Girl. With a beatboxing and record-scratching prelude, it was an easier-said-than-done feat to keep the energy just as high through the release, but the momentum never falters in the melting pot of genre and style.

From frantic EDM synthetics to funk-dripping basslines to Eastern rhythms and classical strings to syncopated pseudo-trap, this amalgamated tour de force is an all too welcome attack on the rhythmic pulses. Let the track take control and you will soon feel as exhilarant as this declaration of determined passion sounds.

The honeyed and harmonised vocal lines which wrap their soul around the reprise, “gotta get the girl” create a quintessential magnetic centre of gravity in the turbulently pioneering hit.

Stream Gotta Get the Girl on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Nicholas Dante incited a sonic insurgence with his harsh electro-art pop debut, Rebellion

The Brooklyn-based artist, Nicholas Dante, brought the uprising we’ve all been waiting for in his electro-art pop debut single, Rebellion.

The hyper-pop elements melded with harsh electro synthetics allow industrial tones to go pop in the insurgently promising debut that the world is already paying attention to. After making light work of putting momentum behind the debut, the Avant Garde originator will undoubtedly become a landmark fixture in the future of pop.

Beyond the cinematic production, the experimentalist holds reverence to pop pioneers, naming Britney Spears, Madonna, and Janet Jackson as his main aural influences, which goes a fair way in explaining the hooky proclivities of the track that will push your speakers to their limits.

Jump on the sonic insurrection by streaming Rebellion on Spotify, Bandcamp, and Soundcloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Madishu is a contemporary electro-pop cut above the rest in her hypersonically redemptive single, Naïve


The Austrian electro-pop artist, Madishu, is off the sonic Richter scale in her latest single, Naïve. The piercing RnB-tinged electro-pop aesthetic will ensnare you from the first melodic hook, while the lyrical vulnerability pushes you deeper into the soulfully disarming hypersonic world, which will be a hit with any fans of 8 Bit-adjacent music.

If any artist can relinquish you from the shame of being naïve, it is Madishu with this addictively vindicating earworm which effortlessly demonstrates the beauty in sincerity when there’s such a scarcity.

“The song is about a toxic friendship I broke free from, and the journey I took in learning to value myself enough to no longer tolerate people who constantly take from me without giving back.”

After achieving viral renown via her collaboration with MOONBOY on the track Need U and off the back of her own original work, the Austrian singer-songwriter is a vision of visceral colour in a drab and dark world.

Naïve will officially stream across all major platforms on February 3rd. Hear it here.

Follow Madishu on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

Review by Amelia Vandergast.

2burbo created a hyper pop-trap hit of hope for the masses with “just might save the world”

Aural originator 2burbo poured a potent shot of optimism into his standout single, just might save the world, which rips through every genre known to man to create a hyper hit of hope for the masses.

The 8-bit videogame synthetics around the trap and pop elements allowed the futuristically-inspired experimentalist to pair suitable sonics around his declaration of “hey, I just might save the world”. With the euphoria spilling from the short and colourfully sweet single, if anyone has what it takes to put our disillusioned world back on track, it is the Wisconsin-based artist who started operating under the moniker 2burbo in 2001.

Under the influence of everyone from Crystal Castles to Bowie to Prince to Steel Panther, it is no surprise that 2burbo was able to infuse so much distinction in his vibrant sonic signature.

just might save the world is available to stream on Spotify. 

Review by Amelia Vandergast

MACK delivered the ultimate hyper-pop indie hip-hop track, U COMING WITH ME?

The New Jersey-hailing hyper-pop hit maker MACK has launched another infectious hip-hop-pop-punk fusion with their latest single, U COMING WITH ME? Currently, the 20-year-old artist is known for winning the Write Out Loud songwriting contest hosted and judged by Taylor Louderman; it is only a matter of time before her accolades are 100% independent.

With an earworm of a melody that won’t quit until you have immersed yourself repeatedly in the alt-indie pop guitars, body-rocking pop beats and vocal lines you’d go to the ends of the earth to hear again, the single is a powerfully vulnerable hit that inhibits nothing.

So when MACK poses the titular question, it is hard to envisage anyone not falling head over heels for her talent that has seen her original music break the 1 million stream mark with her original music across all platforms.

Lyrically, the track encompasses the insecurities that can transpire when someone shows unconditional affection but long-lingering and intrinsic complexes make us feel unworthy. It’s an incredibly popular phenomenon, not that the airwaves would let you believe it. MACK isn’t just pushing sonic boundaries. She is bringing in a new wave of lyrical candour too.

U COMING WITH ME? along with the EP, WHEN DOES IT GET BETTER?, is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Uriel J. Winfree III brought in the future of RnB with the cinematically sensuous ‘Stranger of Mine’

Uriel J. Winfree III’s latest genre-fluid single, Stranger of Mine, will school you in sensuality. The Brooklyn-based artist takes influence from Chino (Deftones), Black Dante, Sam Cook and Hendrix for his hypnotically seductive amalgams of R&B, Indie, Rap, Hip Hop and Soul.

Stranger of Mine starts with a futuristic hyper-pop prelude before the smooth demure energy starts to flood the intricately layered electronica instrumentals, which push RnB beyond the contemporary curve. He single-handedly created a new trajectory in the evolution of the genre while keeping the impassioned soul and romanticism that the genre’s roots will always be implanted.

The tattooist, actor, filmmaker, singer-songwriter and performer seems to have cinematic multi-faceted talent from every pore. The best part? None of his elevated and artful creations feels too stylised to resonate as inaccessible.

Stranger of Mine is now available to stream on all major platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast