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I’ll Take Control: Toronto’s Paper Eros sends us a saucy message of desire with ‘Love Sex Sin’

With a wild side that will leave many either feeling uncomfortable or fascinated, Paper Eros are back with a heat-filled new single about exploration on ‘Love Sex Sin‘.

Paper Eros is a sensual Toronto, Canada-based indie alt-pop act that strive to teach us more about the relationship between domination and submission, pain and comfort, whilst also singing about reality and fantasy.

”We wanted to create a disjointed, rough, yet danceable track that was unapologetically designed for sexual liberation.”- Paper Eros

This is the blindfold type of song that has your mind full of imagination, as he sings with no inhibitions at all, the words are to the point, with the beat pulsating through your veins and to your whole body.

The beat has thinking about your deepest desires, with the safe word discussed before, your eyes locked onto each other as the night starts to heat up quickly.

Love Sex Sin‘ from Toronto’s alt-pop act Paper Eros, is a journey to the dim-lit bedroom in your mind, where your imagination takes over through a rush of passion from a song that certainly has your attention.

Hear this steamy new single on Spotify and see their IG for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


PleasePrettyLea wants to take us and shake us up with ‘You’re Home Finally’

Opening with some very voodoo-y, lynch-type imagery, the superb video for PleasePrettyLea’s new single ‘You’re Home Finally’ firmly sets the scene for our heroine’s witchy, lustful intent. Flipping easily between disdain and flirtation, PleasePrettyLea works her magic to seduce her ex-lover back to the warmth of her bed – soft piano chords and a deliciously tempting smoky, sultry cajun voodoo-blues n’ jazz-inspired vocal draws us in as much as her tantalizing dance-moves and wicked, bewitching lyrics. There’s no doubt about her intent here, the NSFW lyrics setting out very clearly what PleasePrettyLea would like to do to us, over a backing of deliberately discomforting, disquieting bass, drums, and piano. It’s dirty, it’s sexy, it’s entrancing, and it’s very, very, good.

Check out the video for ‘You’re Home Finally’ on YouTube; follow PleasePrettyLea on Facebook and Instagram.

Review by Alex Holmes



MYB served a cocktail of pop, blues and jazz with their latest soul-filler, ‘Pessimistic Panorama’.


If singles charted on the strength of their titles alone, the Michigan-duo, MYB’s single, ‘Pessimistic Panorama’ would be a chart-topper, but that’s not to say the seductively upbeat soundscape itself isn’t aural gold.

The experimental artist who take influence from The Beatles, Prince and Journey deviated from archetypes when orchestrating this uniquely enamouring hit which is a minefield of aural curveballs. While we could never have anticipated being thrown into a jazz-blues style instrumental breakdown, we more than appreciated the jazz piano progressions jaunting next to the soaring guitar riffs; they seemed to parallel the enigmatic soul which MYB effortlessly exuded in their latest single.

You can hear MYB on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


La Palma drop a ‘delightful mix of dreamy old-school’ with Nostomania

While many of us over the last twelve months have either been burrowed down and tucked quietly away or fighting the desperate urge to flee our houses and go somewhere – anywhere – else for a while, nostomania’ is an intense homesickness, an irresistible, almost pathological compulsion to return home. There’s a beautiful, folky melancholy yearning to the references to California, underpinned by some rolling, resonator guitar-style picking and soft, delicate vocals. The track has an old-school, 1970’s California hippie vibe, something that would be utterly at home in the ‘commune’ section of the Easy Rider soundtrack or sitting on a playlist between Big Brother and the Holding Company and the Fraternity of Man. It’s evocative of a time and a feel, but also of dust and sunshine and a nostalgia and pining which seems perfectly suited to the current Covid-19 rootlessness and ennui.

La Palma released their self-titled debut album in 2019; ‘Nostomania’ is taken from their forthcoming follow-up, ‘Moonflower’, a delightful mix of dreamy old-school indie-folk, psych-pop, and dashes of 1960’s stoner and surf-rock. It’s submersive, expressive, and uplifting; a perfect sunlit antidote to lockdown, locked-up blues.

‘Moonflower’ is released on the 1st April. You can check out La Palma on Facebook and via their website.

Review by Alex Holmes


Troubled Traveller has released his psychedelically despondent art-pop debut, ‘the lucky ones’

Canadian singer-songwriter Troubled Traveller has made their debut with the all too resonant single ‘the lucky ones’, created in collaboration with Floridian space pop producer Brian Squillace and vocalist Amber Nicole.

With shimmering guitars cascading down melodies first heard in 70s psych-rock finding synergy with deadpan vocals, everything in the lucky ones pieces together like a perfect jigsaw that you never want to tear apart.

Troubled Traveller succeeded in lacing the lucky ones with the same despondence that we’ve all been in bed with recently without making it a self-flagellating melancholy fest. He’s set the bar with his seriously strong debut, but we’re more than assured he’ll exceed expectation with their upcoming releases. Don’t be surprised if Troubled Traveller ambles onto your radar when you hit play on their debut.

the lucky ones is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Music Pop

Harry Bodley-Scott offers solidary to anyone locked in a cycle of unhealthy idealisation with ‘Instagram’

Harry Bodley-Scott tends lyrically delve deeper than most singer-songwriters, the London-residing artist’s latest indie-pop single, ‘Instagram’, is the perfect example.

While it is no revelation that social media can be an alienating toxic cesspit, the evocative indie pop rap vocals paint a poignant picture of just how unhealthy being locked in a cycle of idealisation can be. Whether you feel empathy or solidarity, you’re sure to feel something while lyrical blows such as ‘I’m in love you, but you’re just a fucking idea now’ hit.

The sparsely accordant instrumentals leave plenty of room for the vulnerability and honesty for Harry Bodley-Scott’s vocals to lure you into the progressive single which may have started in the archetypal acoustic pop genre, but as the track grooves towards the outro, you’ll start to pick up on reminiscences to the likes of the 1975.

Instagram officially released on February 26th; you can hear it for yourselves via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Music Pop

Goldë shines a light on the human experience with her latest indie pop single ‘Dodged Bullets and Close Calls’

If you share Goldë’s fascination with the human experience, you’ll undoubtedly want to dig for the introspective gold in her latest lo-fi indie-pop single ‘Dodged Bullets and Close Calls’.

While it is pretty easy to get depressed over the fact that navigating a dating pool is essentially like crawling across a minefield, the optimistic tones in the single bring a sense of comfort by affirming the collective nature of our intimately frustrating experiences.

The accordant sun-soaked production may be simplistic, but that doesn’t prevent it from drawing you into the aural experience completely.

You can check out the official video to Dodged Bullets and Close Calls via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Music Pop

Aimee Saturne has left her sultry mark on the airwaves once more with her dark pop single ‘Silver Screen Lover’

There was no forgetting Aimee Saturne after her audaciously titled debut single ‘Don’t Tell My Boyfriend’, although it was hard to see how the sophomore release could top the entrancing seduction. We clearly underestimated the dark pop songstress who is hell-bent on leaving her sultry mark on the airwaves and on the lascivious streets of LA.

With “I think I’ve finally lost my fucking mind because I think about you all of the time”  as the opening lyric in ‘Silver Screen Lover’, you can’t help but be drawn in by the candid lyricism which Aimee Saturne’s seductive vocal range wraps around as bass-riding notes blazon beneath.

It would be an edgy track, if the empowering feat of sexually charged pop wasn’t so flawlessly produced. What you hear in Silver Screen Lover is an admission of someone entirely in command of their sexual agency. It’s the ultimate antidote to crass faux feminist pop.

Silver Screen Lover is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Daniel Ryan-Astley has released their feat of positive alt-pop ‘Spread Joy’

After making their 2020 debut, alt-pop artist, Daniel Ryan-Astley has persevered with their unique talent and vision and left an array of positive pop on the airwaves.

‘Spread Joy’ is the perfect introduction to their eccentric take to electronic pop which pulls in elements of techno, indie, trap and KPop. Each progression in the extended mix leaves you completely oblivious to what is coming next. The only consistency in the progressive mix is the positivity that projects through the vocals.

Spread Joy is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Fall into Crawford Mack’s Hauntingly Poetic Chamber Pop Single ‘The Art of Losing You’

Following on from the success of their debut album, ‘Bread & Circuses’, Glasgow-hailing, London-residing alternative artist, Crawford Mack has lavished the airwaves with their chamber pop single, ‘The Art of Losing You’.

With hauntingly poetic lyrics falling into the smoothly sparse production which teases nuances of jazz and folk, Crawford Mack exhibits an inimitable style, but more importantly, he doesn’t fail to appeal to the softer and more sentimental side of the human condition. Any fans of Father John Misty, Benjamin Clementine and Gabriel Kahane will want to delve in.

The single marks a new chapter for Crawford Mack who has shared stages with the likes of The Paper Kites, Damien Dempsey and Tom Walker. It’s a page-turner. Get him on your radar.

The Art of Losing You is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast