Unstick My Lips: Guildford band The Doolallys keep their guard up on ‘Eye to Eye’

As they keep the toes on alert due to their lover playing hard-to-get when you just want to be cuddling adjacent, The Doolallys tell us the story about querying how long this will last on ‘Eye to Eye‘.

The Doolallys is a Guildford, Surrey-based indie funk-punk/rock 3-piece band that make a warmly-appreciated and catchy-cool combination of ear-healing music that has you singing with on full volume.

Having had a lot of support from BBC Introducing South, the band are loaded with an ammunition case full of fresh material, ready to take the music scene head-on.” ~ The Doolallys

The Doolallys are back and with unblemished aplomb. With the first of their new singles, they impress energetically and if this is the standard of upcoming releases, we are sure to be in happier moods thanks to their excellent inventions.

Eye to Eye‘ from the Guildford, Surrey-based indie funk-punk/rock act The Doolallys, is that highly relevant single that so many of us have faced before. We want to be with someone special but don’t want our brittle hearts to be broken again so we are a bit overly mysterious – when actually we need to be totally honest – to get that real connection plugged into the soul of the human we actually care about greatly.

Hear this terrific effort on Spotify and see more on their IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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