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We Will Fight for What is Right: Bitchin’ Hour roar us all into life on the battlefield with Tooth and Nail

After piercing our ears with no need to go to a shop to get them done via their scintillating Cargo Sessions live experience to play on full volume, the fearless Bitchin’ Hour are the courageous leaders we all needed to witness in this time of uncertainty with Tooth and Nail.

Bitchin’ Hour is a 4-piece Guildford, Surrey, UK-based Grunge-punk/rock band who have a bite in their step which will wake up the nosy neighbours next door.

You haven’t heard of Bitchin’ Hour? You have now. Turn this up and put the mobile down for a few minutes. This is better than your average kinda track. It’s been made with proper intensity you see, which will get the blood flow rocketing into a much better place.

Tooth and Nail from Guildford, Surrey, UK-based Grunge-punk/rock band Bitchin’ Hour is the kind of song which could inspire the youth to take up music. There is a fire in droves here which the fire department might need to extinguish..after the show of course. This is raw to the core.

Strong and dominant and never letting go for a second, we are thrilled by an underground band who knows how to shake the cobwebs off the kitchen floor.

Listen up on Spotify.

Find out more on their website.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

This Is How I Feel: Camberley rockers The Whiskey Knights let it rip on ‘Trashed’

With a booming start to proceedings that is guaranteed to knock off all the dust from the previously-lonely speakers, The Whiskey Knights show us how they really feel on the brawl-heavy new single all about sensing others who are mentally ‘Trashed‘.

The Whiskey Knights is a 4-piece indie hard rock band from Camberley, Surrey who were formed in 2013 and seem to evolve constantly throughout each release.

Their sound is best described as a mixture of hard rock, punk rock, indie rock and pop rock.” ~ The Whiskey Knights

With a sip-inducing single that has you knocking another one back to get into the mood again after all the recent heartache, The Whiskey Knights show us what hardcore rock music sounds like in 2022 with a tremendous effort that is sure to boost your immune system up to dominate the year.

Trashed‘ from the Camberley, Surrey-based indie hard rock act The Whiskey Knights, is a top-notch new single from a band who let it all out and couldn’t care less what anyone else thinks. Which is ultimately, just the way that they like it.

In a world filled with that fake stench that seems to be growing more horrid by the day in a confusing time for our precious world, this is a reminder to just let your hair down and vent out your true emotions. Bottling everything inside never works anyway.

Check out the single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Unstick My Lips: Guildford band The Doolallys keep their guard up on ‘Eye to Eye’

As they keep the toes on alert due to their lover playing hard-to-get when you just want to be cuddling adjacent, The Doolallys tell us the story about querying how long this will last on ‘Eye to Eye‘.

The Doolallys is a Guildford, Surrey-based indie funk-punk/rock 3-piece band that make a warmly-appreciated and catchy-cool combination of ear-healing music that has you singing with on full volume.

Having had a lot of support from BBC Introducing South, the band are loaded with an ammunition case full of fresh material, ready to take the music scene head-on.” ~ The Doolallys

The Doolallys are back and with unblemished aplomb. With the first of their new singles, they impress energetically and if this is the standard of upcoming releases, we are sure to be in happier moods thanks to their excellent inventions.

Eye to Eye‘ from the Guildford, Surrey-based indie funk-punk/rock act The Doolallys, is that highly relevant single that so many of us have faced before. We want to be with someone special but don’t want our brittle hearts to be broken again so we are a bit overly mysterious – when actually we need to be totally honest – to get that real connection plugged into the soul of the human we actually care about greatly.

Hear this terrific effort on Spotify and see more on their IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Hustle During The Day: Camino Flow stacks the bills up on ‘Ball In The Night’ (feat. MalT00Wavyy)

With his eyes firmly on the awaiting prize as he only makes those money moves that feels so right, Camino Flow keeps things freshly bagged up with cash as he moves up the food chain to an enticing level that has him shooting that three pointer on ‘Ball In The Night(feat. MalT00Wavyy).

Camino Flow is a Surrey, Canada-based indie hip-hop artist who flows in with a freshly minted style that is striking and filled with so much potential.

The enjoyable background style is packed up with a sultry beat – that has you grooving slowly and with intent – on a smooth lyrical delivery which has you edging a bit closer to the speaker with your lover, to fully take in this story about keeping that momentum revved up no matter what.

Ball In The Night(feat. MalT00Wavyy) from the culturally diverse Surrey, Canada-based rapper Camino Flow, is a track all about showing your new crush that you are on the way up. With a strong mindset and a hungry attitude to really make it, this is a terrific single that has much to get excited about. He is only interested in those designer clothes, and living a life that has him feeling so good about the future. This is a motivational effort that has you turning up the volume, to reach those dreams that might seem out of reach for many.

Hear this exciting new single on Spotify and check out more news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Must Be Paid: The Lunar Keys mourn the destruction of our beautiful planet on ‘Silent Ricochet’

As the fragile world burns and turns on each other with their masks on too tight, The Lunar Keys show us what is really going on outside with their honest and well-written new single called ‘Silent Ricochet‘.

The Lunar Keys is a thought-provoking four-piece alt-rock outfit from cozy Surrey in England. They make that honest type of soundscape that has you thinking deeply and wondering about what really goes on in the world and why.

Music, poetry and science have a strong hold on us as a band. To us they are the keys that unlock the mystery of the world and beyond. Violence, oppression and the annihilation of our environment on the other hand, seem to fast track global disaster. Silent Ricochet is about this contrast; it’s critical, but not without hope. Not without positive rage and lunar love.’’ – The Lunar Keys

His vocals illuminate a bright light into the cloudy sky, there are so many that want peace but there is so much going on that needs to be solved quickly. People are being shot for no reason and there are so many wars going on for no reason — as you hold hands — and come together to show that peace is really possible.

Silent Ricochet‘ from the consciously appealing four-piece Surrey, England band The Lunar Keys, lovingly bring our eyes to the truth and our minds to what is really happening going on. As we rack our brains to find answers and wish that things weren’t so money orientated — we all the need to be at peace — and be able to breathe healthily, to be truly free after all.

See this new music video on YouTube and check out the IG music page for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Birds Are Singing: Dylan Walker is in a happy mood with the beautiful romantic story ‘Life Began With You’

With a cheeky wink to that sweet love that fills your heart with such joy after being badly disappointed before whilst in a toxic relationship that brought you down hard, Dylan Walker is back with his second fresh single to bless our willing ears called ‘Life Began With You’.

Dylan Walker is a splendid Surrey-based indie folk musician, who sings about that feeling deep inside your bones, that has you smiling and feeling joyful after so much sadness.

With a happy whistle and a care-free attitude as his heart is so content now, this is a sweet song all about that springtime love that feels so right. He wants her to be his one and only, as he waits for the right moment to propose and to be together forever united.

He sings with such fluidity and finesse, the gushing vocals flow through like a summer breeze that cools you down after a hot day. This is a singer with a terrific tone, as the authenticity shines through majestically to give you a happy feeling.

Life Began With You‘ from the emerging Surrey indie modern folk singer-songwriter Dylan Walker, feels so warm inside on this lovely single that has you dreaming again. The world seemed dark and cold before and then before you knew it — it all flipped over and brought in so much goodness — that fills you palate with a taste you wish would last forever.

Hear this folk wonder on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

West Wickhams – Who’s Out There: Mind-Altering Blood-Chilling Psychedelic Garage Rock

Scilly-hailing, Surrey UK-based Dark Punk duo West Wickhams’ has dropped their most transfixing track to date, ‘Who’s Out There’. From the first fiercely chilly note, the Surfy, Psychy Garage Rock hit will leave you psyched. (Pun kind of intended).

With elements of Post Punk found within the antagonistic vocals which practically effervesce with aggressive zeal, there are some reminiscences to the likes of Magazine, but you’ve never quite heard an infusion of Psych, Post Punk, and Garage Rock quite like this before.

If you got excited about Fontaines D.C, West Wickhams might just leave you with palpitations.

You can check out Who’s Out There which dropped on October 26th on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

A real story about current confusion: Alutepena Hughes-John brings her uniquely talented music to help with the current UK ‘Lockdown’

The driving drums drop in so sweetly, as we are introduced to an authentic voice that breathes new life into the dull year of stale air, and dark clouds. This is all about the trauma about the ravaging bite that is 2020 and the rhythmically energy brought forth, is a pleasant listen from Alutepena Hughes-John. The Surrey, UK based performer speeds into the wild waters with the relevant ‘Lockdown‘.

Her voice is so smooth and authentic, her various styles and bands in her armor mesh with much enthusiasm here, this is a performer with so much to offer our sad hearts. The frustration of how the UK lockdown has been handled is so apparent, the confusion and poor management is described vividly, the shocking levels of sadness of the people is for all to see. The end is not in sight, and seeing other countries open up again, gives even more ammo to the weary-eyes souls of the once-proud nation.

With a vibrant energy that shines through the gloomy skies, the new single makes you smile as stories of sacrifice and not knowing what is right to do, and what is not. The vocals swim through the rock-filled waves with aplomb, her words are so hauntingly honest, and will make you feel better about things as you aren’t alone.

With her music style changing all the time from Steampunk to Goth dependent on her mood, the wildly talented Alutepena Hughes-John shows us all that creativity is alive and strong on ‘Lockdown‘. The citizens of the UK will just have to be a bit more patient for a while until the rain has passed, for this is a time that has shown who the great leaders are, and who are the ones that need to sit down, and leave big decisions to wiser souls.

Hear this supremely real song on her Soundcloud and see more on Instagram.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Remembering that real love: Robert Emms is breathlessly brilliant on debut release ‘Hold Me Lost Boy’

The soft piano start percolates your interest right away and you feel as though this is going to be a worthwhile listen of deep magnitudes. This feeling is backed up by a singer who is clearly feeling pain and loss from a relationship he cherished very much. UK based Actor/Musician Robert Emms sprinkles our ears with something that was so carefully made, and should be cherished on his debut song called ‘Hold Me Lost Boy‘.

Robert Emms is a renowned English film, stage, and television actor, who is now making his mark in the music scene and the results are rather fantastic. His voice is so perfectly expressive, each word is so meaningful, and the beauty of the song is a real treat to the ears of the uninspired.

His voice sweetly guides you through the song like its honey-tipped, the track made with love and regret. The sadness is personified through each sentence, as we wonder if he will every see his lover again. The warm embrace of the past hovers over the story, the lyrics so genuine and kind.

The journey to finding true love is a long and winding road, with many twists and turns that might lead you in the wrong direction sometimes. This is a song that help with closure, you want that warm embrace again from the person you loved but they went away and you need to find a new path to happiness.

Hold Me Lost Boy‘ from the wildly talented soul of Robert Emms, transports you into so much thought, as you reminisce about your own experiences with love and lust. This adds some comfort among the sadness as we all look for that special human, that loves you for who you are, deep inside your soul.

Hold someone you love close as you listen to this special song on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

‘Seasons’ is the kick ass track with so much luster by Ascot’s finest Picture The Scene

With winter in the UK coming around right about now- just as their 2nd lock down has begun- this is a Post-Punk firecracker with sparks of Pop and Rock, that is a like a warm blanket right now for our cold feet. Surrey band Picture The Scene are to thank for this, and they smash the ice right off the windows, with the brand spanking new single called ‘Seasons‘.

With so many different elements and influences in their music, you get the feeling that this is a professional outfit that love to constantly evolve, and they take you on a whirlwind of a carpet ride with their latest single. They are cutting edge and seem to sharpen as this track morphs into a water slide of exuberance- that you won’t forget too easily.

Seasons‘ from Ascot’s Post-Punk revelers and the act with the most awesome name- Picture The Scene– is a real shot in the arm, as they bring forth some rugged attitude and an ode to the grand days of summer. They vividly show us what is going on in the UK right now and this will definitely warm you up quite nicely.

Rock your socks off here on Spotify to hear this new single.

Follow the bands journey here on their Insta.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen