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While You Watching The News: Cam Chilcott wonders if the feeling shall be reciprocated on can you see me?

Catching our attention early on as he strums by the dusty window to entice us in, Cam Chilcott tries to reach out and reflects on the painfully barren feeling which is so hard to shake off on the beautifully performed, can you see me?

Cam Chilcott is a 19-year-old Guildford-based indie pop singer-songwriter who layers in stories about love and heartbreak which relate to most of humanity.

After growing up on the busking scene and earning his stripes with over ten years in the scene, Cam Chilcott is quite brilliant here and sings with the kind of precision which seems to be lost in the world currently.

Showing us the empty bed which used to be filled with love, we see the lost photos and the lonely energy which so many millions are currently feeling in a strange time for our universe.

can you see me? from Guildford-based indie pop artist Cam Chilcott is a definite playlist adder for those cold lonely nights when thoughts revert back to those happy times which appear to be playing hide and go seek.

Sung with a real vision from someone who has felt the hurtful loss of a true romance, this is a genuinely exceptional anthem to help dry the tears when they seem to be flowing like a powerful waterfall.

Listen up on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Space Drive wonders if they are both blinded by the same distraction ‘Chain Reaction’

With a superbly silky style that makes you want to turn up the volume to max, Space Drive knows that nature can take you off the path you were seeking to begin with on their top new release, ‘Chain Reaction‘.

Space Drive is a Guildford, UK-based indie-alt-pop fusion 3-piece band that assembles that catchy-cool music to get your ears ready for the night’s adventures.

”A journey through time using nostalgic soundscapes and memorable melodies, cemented by thumping grooves.” ~ Space Drive

Clicking into 3rd gear and getting us to look at life from a different perspective, Space Drive ride into the darkness with confident aplomb and leave us wanting more with their intriguing style that will sizzle your senses awake.

Chain Reaction‘ from Guildford, UK-based indie-alt/pop fusion 3-piece band Space Drive, is a mind-bending experience that will stop you in your tracks as you try to untie your hands. With expectations in the world sky-high and words confused into knots, this is a hot single that helps us remember to ignore the noise. Featuring a dazzling beat, and an array of splendid soundscapes that keeps you on your toes, this super single will probably take your breath away as you try and find that middle ground again.

Being with that special love is the mission, as you look to find your way out of that confusing maze.

Hear this new single on Spotify and check out their social style on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Unstick My Lips: Guildford band The Doolallys keep their guard up on ‘Eye to Eye’

As they keep the toes on alert due to their lover playing hard-to-get when you just want to be cuddling adjacent, The Doolallys tell us the story about querying how long this will last on ‘Eye to Eye‘.

The Doolallys is a Guildford, Surrey-based indie funk-punk/rock 3-piece band that make a warmly-appreciated and catchy-cool combination of ear-healing music that has you singing with on full volume.

Having had a lot of support from BBC Introducing South, the band are loaded with an ammunition case full of fresh material, ready to take the music scene head-on.” ~ The Doolallys

The Doolallys are back and with unblemished aplomb. With the first of their new singles, they impress energetically and if this is the standard of upcoming releases, we are sure to be in happier moods thanks to their excellent inventions.

Eye to Eye‘ from the Guildford, Surrey-based indie funk-punk/rock act The Doolallys, is that highly relevant single that so many of us have faced before. We want to be with someone special but don’t want our brittle hearts to be broken again so we are a bit overly mysterious – when actually we need to be totally honest – to get that real connection plugged into the soul of the human we actually care about greatly.

Hear this terrific effort on Spotify and see more on their IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen