There’s Something About You: Toronto’s Marlon Chaplin drifts where air isn’t necessary on ‘Slipstream’

As he carefully looks for a break from this suffocating world that is full of toxic energy that is ultimately bad for the fragile soul, Marlon Chaplin takes a trip into a different dimension for a short time with the love of his life on ‘Slipstream‘.

Marlon Chaplin is a well-respected Toronto, Canada-based indie folk/pop solo artist, multi-instrumentalist and former member of Brit Pop-inspired outfit Broken Bricks, Freeman Dre and the Kitchen Party, Suitcase Sam and Ada Dahli.

Since embarking on a solo career, Chaplin has accrued a notable list of accomplishments including touring and building a fanbase in NYC as well as on home turf, releasing 2018’s critically acclaimed full length “The Circle” and most recently inking a deal with renowned Canadian artist development company Nu Music Group.” ~ Marlon Chaplin

You feel his warmly coated embrace to go where there is no distracting vibes, as his crisp vocal style shines though here on a song that will put you in an altered state of mind from the normal, that can bore creative hearts cold.

Marlon has appeared and performed on Sirius XM’s That Eric Alper’s Show, CP24, Daytime Toronto, CHCH Hamilton, CIUT FM, CJRU The Scope and has had features in Toronto Guardian, Indie88, The Littlest Voice and was recently nominated for a Dropout Entertainment Canadian Independent Music Video Award.” ~ Marlon Chaplin

Slipstream‘ from the well-liked Toronto, Canada-based solo artist Marlon Chaplin, is a daze-filled daydream from an artist who is at the top of his powers. With a calming energy – he takes us to a world that is actually possible – if you find someone suitable to join you for the intriguing ride. He sings with such love and affection here with a relaxed tone, as he looks up and wonders about the sensational state of mind that is certainly possible with the right energy. This is a wonderful track made with a true care, from a rather stylish musician on the road to greatness.

See this new music video on YouTube and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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