Paul Allen Wright instructs us to keep the flame alive on the funky pop single, ‘Hold On’

Seducing our bodies with something to truly groove with all night long, Paul Allen Wright leads us into the story of wanting to slow things down so that you can keep the heat alive with, ‘Hold On‘.

Paul Allen Wright is a USA-based indie DJ and music producer who is known throughout the world for his strong basslines and happy vibes music to get the blood circulating freely again.

His latest album, “From Out Of Nowhere” is not only club-ready but radio-friendly as Paul effortlessly adds to his musical resume by dabbling successfully into the Pop genre.” ~ Paul Allen Wright

Dusting off any self-doubt and ripping up the script with a fine performance, Paul Allen Wright brings us a super track to play loudly and get the neighbours knocking briskly on the door.

Hold On‘ from USA-based indie DJ and music producer Paul Allen Wright, is a catchy single that will capture your attention and perhaps shall get you climbing on that mission to an exciting ascension. With masterful melodies, sensual vocals and a real pro behind the decks, this is a summertime single when you need to make a statement. Knowing what you want and opening up your words when you need them to work at the optimal time – is such an important skill – when things could fall flat and end forever.

Hear this catchy new tune on Soundcloud and see more from his life on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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