Nicole Raviv – Best of You: Electro-Pop Just Got a New Girl Boss

Best of You is the debut single from Nicole Raviv’s latest EP ‘#Girlboss’ which is a sensational mix of her vibrant NYC sound mixed in with her tangibly euphoric voice of female empowerment. It’s no secret that the Indie Dance Pop genre is somewhat lacking in female icons but with Best of You, Nicole bridges that gap and creates a sublimely electric mix. Her infectious good vibe is catching before you even reach the chorus. Her attitude isn’t the only jaw-dropping element in her debut single, the hyped up beat is enough to see Best of You becoming one of this summers club hits.

Best of You is the sound of summer, female strength and positivity combined which the deftly talented singer songwriter tells through a story based on her own experiences. This connection to the lyrics really creates a palpable passion which really drives through the beat.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

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