The Clock Is Ticking: Thrilling New York artist Olym is at his fabulous best on sleek debut single ‘Finest Hour’

Turning back the clock to that premium time which just felt so wonderfully bright and exquisitely effulgent, Olym knows that his chance is looking right at him and he is ready to conquer all with ‘Finest Hour‘.

Olym is an emerging New York-based indie pop/EDM/disco artist who loves to keep things rather exciting and freshly squeezed with that tantalizing exhilaration. He is a highly motivated artist who smartly fuses his music library together to form a sparkle-fueled energy field, which takes the listener into a happier place than before.

He draws inspiration from fashion, mythology, and his own philosophy. His music is filled with life experiences and nods to icons such as Gianni Versace, Madonna, and Elton John.” ~ Olym 

He has such a scrumptious vocal ability which is a real pleasure to witness – as he strongly opens up the car door with his fresh sunglasses on and looking so professional – as he walks in with a such self-assured smile, that makes you eyes sparkle with expressive admiration.

Not addressed to anyone in particular, this song is a manifesto of the belief in oneself. Doubting self-intentions is natural, yet realizing the momentousness of life is an abnormality that everyone needs to embrace. Remember to seize it when you see it.” ~ Olym

Finest Hour‘ from the youthful and supremely fashionable New York-based EDM/disco artist Olym, is the inspiring story about taking your chance when you have it presented to you. The self-doubts needs to be thrown away into the trash before you leave home – as you strike a light into the fire and walk right through it – so you can win at whatever you want. He sings with such confidence and this is a such a divine debut track that has your head nodding and your thoughts breathing deeply, as you just get into the zone so you can be truly happy.

Sometimes, you just need to believe in yourself and forget whatever happened in the past. The future is waiting for you right now, if you want it enough.

Hear this exciting new raw track on Soundcloud and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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