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J. Mic – Vibe : Funky Disco R&B

‘Vibe’ is the opening track to ‘OctNova’, the latest project by J. Mic.

What’s extraordinary about this track is that it sounds so unbelievably groovy that I can bet you that if you play it to anyone from your 10-year-old nephew to your 75-year-old grandmother; they would equally absolutely vibe with it.

The funk is real with this track. To be more accurate this is a funk/disco banger that one can claim it features some rapping (or some fast singing) in the verses before exploding in the anthemic, smooth chorus “I just wanna vibe tonight”. There’s this catchy bass line that grabs your body and makes it wobble, and that bridge sounds… oh so spicy.

‘Vibe’ can do great in your “Sexy R&B” playlist as much as your “Funky Stuff” one. This is the kind of soundtrack that you would be listening in “Grease” or “Saturday Night Fever” if these were 2019 flicks. But they aren’t, so be sure to head over to J. Mic’s Spotify page and stream ‘Vibe’.

You can do so here

Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis


Cape Cod – I’m Coming Home ft. Richard Farrell: Soulful Funk-Laden Disco

If up and coming Disco Funk artist Cape Cod still hasn’t appeared on your radar, you’ll soon thank us for the introduction to their euphorically soulful approach to production.

Their standout hit “I’m Coming Home” featuring Richard Farrell will allow you to appreciate just why there’s such a hype around their naturistically high-vibe soundscapes.

I’m Coming Home may borrow a few elements from decades past, but in its essence, I’m Coming Home is a vibrant, rejuvenating modern floor-filler which is will bring ample amounts of deftly mastered Funk onto your playlists.

Through the depth of lyrics, the charismatically inviting vocals, and quality of the production, I’m Coming Home has set the bar for EDM artists crafting beats for the intention of putting out uplifting tracks which arrest the listener’s own rhythmic pulses.

You can check out Cape Cod’s standout single I’m Coming Home for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Discover the Euphoric Funk Wrapped up in Dj Paul Vicktor’s Bass-Driven Hit “Droga”

Dj Paul Vicktor’s standout track “Droga” off their recently released third album is all about the bass, the sonic atmospherics, and wavy euphoria.

The experimental mix may not ease you in gently, but once hooked by the solid rhythm, you’ll have few little concerns about being thrown headfirst into such a high-octane, charged mix.

The duration of the tracks may be fairly short with Droga only running for 1:25 minutes. But considering that Dj Paul Vicktor has poured plenty of innovation into his mixes with the aim of creating pioneeringly enjoyable music, that’s just more of an excuse to listen to the album in full. The sublime fusion of Hip Hop, Disco, Funk and Bounce found in each of the tracks is nothing short of entrancing.

You can check out Dj Paul Vicktor’s track Droga along with the rest of their album by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Rachel Huggins – Take Control: Funk-Infused Deep Soul

There’s probably no preparing you for the amount of soulful Disco Funk which will greet your ears when you hit play on up and coming Deep Soul artist Rachel Huggins’ latest single “Take Control”.

But considering that the single is an inspiring hit based around taking control of your life, there’s no harm in Rachel Huggins throwing you in at the effervescent deep end.

With a slightly vintage 70s tone, there’s a familiarity to the single thanks to the archaic groove and the artist’s undilutedly soulful vocals which are extremely efficacious at sharing empowering vibes. For fans of the genre, you may as well start considering Rachel Huggins a quintessential artist.

You can check out the latest single from Rachel Huggins for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Mestizo Beat drops their latest feat of Disco Funk “Midnite Nurse”

Up and coming Disco Funk artist Mestizo Beat dropped their latest single “Midnite Nurse” on September 18th. By creating an eccentric, genre-contorting soundscape from slightly archaic tones, Mestizo Beat was able to offer the airwaves an instantaneously accessible single. But through the rhythmic experimentalism contained in Midnite Nurse, the track still boasts a contemporary feel.

With unexpected increments of tribal drums interrupting the organic progressions of wah-soaked guitars, Mestizo Beat keeps you hooked in the high-energy instrumental mix. If you like your Funk with plenty of arrestive groove, it’s safe to say that you’ll love the colourful 70s nostalgia which Midnite Nurse throws at you.

You can check out Mestizo Beat’s latest track Midnite Nurse for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Gold Blooded Woman drops their latest euphoric dance hit “Blood is Blood”

Up and coming Dance House artist Gold Blooded Woman dropped their latest anthemically danceable track “Blood is Blood” on September 24th sharing with the airwaves an accessibly immersive radio-ready hit.

Even though Blood is Blood has plenty in common with hit 90s dance tracks, the artist didn’t fail to weave plenty of fresh, new, vibrant energy into the mix. There’s a fair amount of Disco Funk infused into the beats, giving Blood is Blood an infectious snappy rhythm which may need a little bit of convincing to leave your synapses alone. Any fans of Daft Punk, The Weeknd, and Deadmau5 will definitely want to put Gold Blooded Woman on their radar.

You can check out the official music video to Gold Blooded Woman’s latest single Blood is Blood for yourselves by heading over to YouTube Now

Review by Amelia Vandergast


DANCE PARTY – TOO HOT TO TOUCH: The Party has just started

Spreading some off-the-hook vibes of the late 70’s, Dance Party make their way onto the dance floor with their latest “Too hot to touch”, a radio hit that could definitely pump up your ride and give Disco music a fresh new start.

As soon as you hit play you can’t help but dance along (whether you’re sitting or standing) and snap your fingers to the beat. The synth melody sets the tempo (with its crescendo in the first bits) and brings in a disco-mixed-house atmosphere that reminiscences that Disco Inferno era. The hook on the guitar solo and the solo itself perfectly wedge in the rhythm leading to a voice solo chorus part that holds up the beat and makes you clap along.

“Too hot to touch” is a hint to one simple thing: the party has just started.  

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Review By Jim Esposito


Lady Moon & the Eclipse – GLOBAL WARNING

There may be no surprises when it comes to what Lady Moon & the Eclipse lyrically tackles with their latest single “GLOBAL WARNING”.

But what is surprising, is that Lady Moon & the Eclipse are one of only a few artists trying to get climate change-deniers to open their eyes.

Even with the heavy sentiment behind the track, Lady Moon & the Eclipse have made sure that the single is accompanied by a light and somewhat poignant pop instrumental arrangement. So, far from the track giving you an existential crisis, you’re provided with a Funk-deep mash up of Pop and Disco which sugars the jagged pill which we have to swallow with the acceptance that our planet is probably going to combust.

You can check out the latest single from Lady Moon & the Eclipse for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Van Den Wolfe – Grade A Loving: Disco Paradise for the Rhythmically Inclined

Does anyone still listen to Disco? I hope so. Otherwise you’ll all be missing out on the sonorously sensual sounds from Van Den Wolfe who has just dropped his 2018 debut single Grade A Loving.

With infinite layers of groove, the track progresses through Funk-addled instrumental lyrics that weave around Van Den Wolfe’s (I mean come on, even his name is sexy) soulful vocal style. Whilst the lyrics don’t really offer anything pioneering or that you wouldn’t expect from a Disco track, instrumentally the track is flawless. Nothing could have prepared me for the guitar solo that draws the track to a close, I’ve never heard a riff like it contained within a Nu Disco Electro Funk track. It may have been more at home on a Guns n Roses track, however I’m not going to complain about the rhythmic prowess.

You can check out Grade A Loving which was first released on 09/04/2018 on SoundCloud now.

Keep up to date with Van Den Wolfe’s latest track by following him on Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


The Zero Won’s New Track “Lights” Will Definitely Hypnotise You

The Zero Won are a band from Athens with a very distinctive sound, bridging a link between indie pop and disco through hypnotic sonorities and mesmerising vocals. With a strong electronic influence in their sound, these guys have something fresh to offer and upon first listening to their new track “Lights,” one of the primary things which is noticeable is the image evoking quality in the music. All the elements are blended so well within the texture that the sound created has the ability to take you on a visual journey just by listening to it. In fact, I personally can’t wait for a music video to accompany the song.

Apart from the mesmerising and hypnotic quality expressed in the music, “Lights” also features a variety of sounds ranging from delicate guitar countermelodies, big synth sounds, pointillistic percussions and a strong melodic line in the vocal part. This, in fact, results in a memorable expressive chorus which drives the music constantly forward. As the song reaches the end, momentum is built up towards a final climax which is literally an explosion of sound featuring all the interesting elements of instrumentation chosen and combining everything together through a great mix. Listening to this song is just a hypnotic experience from start to finish.

-Sarah Marie Bugeja