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I Got That Juice: Norweigian Pop artist Frimann is hot stuff on ‘Last King Alive’

As he skillfully jumps up on the horse and grabs his lover to join him on the saddle, Frimann takes this flourishing ride to a place where they can be alone and feel romantic together on ‘Last King Alive‘.

Frimann is a proudly queer solo Disco-Pop artist who is from cozy Norway and sings with the wind at his sails that features a pleasingly pure vocal ambiance.

We find a passionate student at Paul McCartney’s Liverpool Institute For Performing Arts here, as you feel an electrifying edge that has you dancing with his each word he projects. There is a mighlity motivated texture to each note, as he crafts a sound that has been created for lovers to dance closely to.

Since his debut as a recording artist back in early 2018, Frimann has released five singles with three music videos.” ~ Frimann

Last King Alive‘ from the flamboyant Norway-based indie Disco-Pop artist Frimann, is that sensual track all about finding that person who you feel so connected with, as you both decide that enough is enough, and you need to be free together so that you may grow as one. Being in love is so magical as you feel the passionate swirling in the smoke-free air from a truly exciting artist, who sings with that extra bit of flair that is so rare to see these days. This is the type of single to put on when you need some inspiration – to lock hands with someone you really care for – as you both run away for a while to see what happens.

Hear this fresh new track on Spotify and see more vibes on his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Christopher George goes ‘All the Way for the Win’ in his debut single.

Christopher George

Pop artist Christopher George is set to release his optimistic floor-filler, All the Way for the Win, which carries the untainted soul of Bananarama along with elements of funk and disco to ensure that the euphoria really flows through this stridently enlivening release.

Before you even get to the chorus, you can tell that Christopher George has a soul of gold. His technical ability is one thing, his ability to appeal to human emotion in such a visceral and compelling way is quite another. His his Jazz degree and years of experience as a professional session musician allowed him to be primed and radio-ready for his solo debut. We can’t wait to hear what follows.

Check out Christopher George on his official website, Facebook and Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Definitely Not Aliens – Rub Hands Together: hail our new extra-terrestrial aural overlords.

‘Rub Hands Together’ is the latest single by the eccentric aural expressionists, Definitely Not Aliens. While their human status is questionable for the way they explore human behaviour in a detachedly bemused fashion, one thing that isn’t in question is their sonic appeal.

Lyrically, Rub Hands Together is a series of witty one-liners that won’t leave you enamoured by Definitely Not Aliens’ playful way of parodying the reality that so many artists try to sugarcoat and glamorise only to leave us with unrealistic romantic expectations. Ironically, all we needed to bring us down to earth was something extra-terrestrial.

Check out the, quite frankly insane, official video to Rub Hands Together via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Ism has dropped his iconic cross over single, Grey Matter.

Any fans of John Grant’s deadpan witty drawl, Daft Punk’s danceable grooves and Nile Rodger’s guitars will soon get suckered into the latest electrifying indie synthpop track, Grey Matter, by up and coming artist Ism, featuring the soulful vocals from Roo.

Grey Matter is just one of the infectiously experimental singles found on Ism’s latest album, Blue Artist, that seamlessly entwines disco, funk, hip hop, synthpop and indie – to energizing effect. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that Grey Matter is one of the best crossover tracks since RZA and Paul Banks formed Banks & Steelz.

Grey Matter is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Angelique – Trench: Soul-Laden Disco RnB

Through disco beats, old school soul vocals and RnB grooves, Angelique’s latest single, Trenches, defies genre constraints to offer a sensual sonic experience that fuses futurism with nostalgia.

The LA-born singer-songwriter’s classical training allows her vocal notes to hit with ease and carry plenty of sensual energy with them while her refusal to fit into the mould gives Trench a sense of authenticity, amplifying the eloquently arranged emotion. If you could imagine Daft Punk rhythms meeting Lauryn Hill’s luxe style, you’ll get an idea of what you are in for when hitting play on Trench. Her fusionist and expressionist style practically makes her the antithesis of plastic pop.

Trench is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

The Clock Is Ticking: Thrilling New York artist Olym is at his fabulous best on sleek debut single ‘Finest Hour’

Turning back the clock to that premium time which just felt so wonderfully bright and exquisitely effulgent, Olym knows that his chance is looking right at him and he is ready to conquer all with ‘Finest Hour‘.

Olym is an emerging New York-based indie pop/EDM/disco artist who loves to keep things rather exciting and freshly squeezed with that tantalizing exhilaration. He is a highly motivated artist who smartly fuses his music library together to form a sparkle-fueled energy field, which takes the listener into a happier place than before.

He draws inspiration from fashion, mythology, and his own philosophy. His music is filled with life experiences and nods to icons such as Gianni Versace, Madonna, and Elton John.” ~ Olym 

He has such a scrumptious vocal ability which is a real pleasure to witness – as he strongly opens up the car door with his fresh sunglasses on and looking so professional – as he walks in with a such self-assured smile, that makes you eyes sparkle with expressive admiration.

Not addressed to anyone in particular, this song is a manifesto of the belief in oneself. Doubting self-intentions is natural, yet realizing the momentousness of life is an abnormality that everyone needs to embrace. Remember to seize it when you see it.” ~ Olym

Finest Hour‘ from the youthful and supremely fashionable New York-based EDM/disco artist Olym, is the inspiring story about taking your chance when you have it presented to you. The self-doubts needs to be thrown away into the trash before you leave home – as you strike a light into the fire and walk right through it – so you can win at whatever you want. He sings with such confidence and this is a such a divine debut track that has your head nodding and your thoughts breathing deeply, as you just get into the zone so you can be truly happy.

Sometimes, you just need to believe in yourself and forget whatever happened in the past. The future is waiting for you right now, if you want it enough.

Hear this exciting new raw track on Soundcloud and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Take It: Helen really likes the loving vibes on the freshly squeezed disco/pop anthem ‘Go’

After writing this disco-packed track over two years ago when her crush-filled heart was fluttering cutely like a happy bird in the clear blue sky, Helen curiously explores that feeling of that amazing new-found love with her hot new single that will have your face blushing in excitement telling you to ‘Go‘.

Helen Kebede aka Helen, is a twenty-three-years-young Silver Spring, Maryland-based indie pop/RnB artist and proud University of Maryland graduate. She started writing songs when she was just fourteen years old and makes that passionate energy soundscape – that is assuredly full of that genuine tenderness we all crave – which makes your fragile heart feel stronger again.

Sonically, her sound is somewhere in the likes of FKA Twigs, Rina Sawayama, and Billie Eilish.” – Helen

This is such a graceful performance from a sweet soul who shows the awaiting world her sizzling potential with a truly dynamic performance, on such a beautifully created summer soundtrack. You wholeheartedly feel the electric spark between two lovers who know the unspoken tension can’t go on, as they lock eyes tightly and know that this is a going to be something truly special.

Go‘ from authentically pure Silver Spring, Maryland-based indie pop/RnB artist Helen, lights up brightly like a disco ball in the star-lit night – as you remember that sweet feeling of being with someone so exciting – your body shivers organically in anticipation each time you think of them.

Sometimes you just have to take the chance and go up to that person who you really like, otherwise you never know what you might miss out on.

Hear this stunning new track on Soundcloud and see more on her IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Tom Tom Park embraces authenticity in his single, ‘Adore Me’, featuring Disc Eyes.

For his latest feat of hyper disco-pop, Netherlands-based songwriter and producer Tom Tom Park teamed up with vocalist Disc Eyes to create a vibrant funk-riding hit that surpasses energetic and moves into the realms of mania – in the best possible way.

The dancey beats, dizzying synths and funky basslines are reminiscent of what you will find on Daft Punk and the Weeknd records. But Adore Me comes with an even deeper sense of soul which is where the influence from artists such as Donna Summer comes into play.

Given that Tom Tom Park has already received praise from one-half of the Scissor Sisters (Jake Shears), he scarcely needs our approval. Yet, notably, his boldly eccentric approach to disco deserves to be met with rapturous acclaim internationally; digging authenticity out of disco in 2021 is no easy feat.

Adore Me is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Hatty Keane – Big soul groove at ‘Club 69’

‘This one goes out to the Fashionistas’….and oh, yes. It most certainly does. With a gloriously old-school drum machine pattern and the most sublime disco-soul groove, ‘Club 69’ instantly transports you back to the height of the 1970’s dance era. Think big hairstyles, big beats, and a big, mirror-ball lit dancefloor; Donna Summer, Anita Ward, Thelma Houston, and Gloria Gaynor are all here in spades. Funky wah-wah guitar, retro-as-anything synth strings, and a bass that literally forces you to dance, Keane really has hit every note – both vocally and metaphorically – absolutely perfectly. There is some serious soul power in her voice, and for sure the track is artfully arranged and put together, but overall – and most importantly – this is one seriously fun record. Get up, get down, and get to ‘Club 69’.

Check out ‘Club 69’ on Spotify; follow Hatty Keane on Facebook and Instagram.

Review by Alex Holmes

Bad Wolf peeks behind closed doors in his latest nu-disco single, ‘Curfew at the Disco’

While plenty of us sulked about the inaccessibility of dancefloors and lack of like-minded community, Philippines-based artist and producer Bad Wolf imagined what went on behind closed doors while creating his latest melodically tropic single, Curfew at the Disco.

After the release of his debut single, If I Can Make You Dance, in January 2021, he was scouted by MojoHeadz Records and inspired to release at least ten new singles in 2021. Based on Curfew at the Disco, we can expect plenty more soul-oozing DAW-created grooves from the artist who is quickly becoming renowned for painting with metropolitan strokes and with kaleidoscopically urban colour.

Curfew at the Disco unravels as a mix of euphoria-evoking nu-disco and roots deep techno that allows Bad Wolf to invite you into his imagination where you can explore the intimacy of the house parties which happened while dancefloors and venues gathered dust. The air of hedonist rebellion runs right through Curfew at the Disco, right next to the influence from indie dance and 80s Japanese City pop.

Curfew at the Disco officially released on May 3rd; you can check it out for yourselves via SoundCloud. Connect with Bad Wolf via Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast