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DANCE PARTY – TOO HOT TO TOUCH: The Party has just started

Spreading some off-the-hook vibes of the late 70’s, Dance Party make their way onto the dance floor with their latest “Too hot to touch”, a radio hit that could definitely pump up your ride and give Disco music a fresh new start.

As soon as you hit play you can’t help but dance along (whether you’re sitting or standing) and snap your fingers to the beat. The synth melody sets the tempo (with its crescendo in the first bits) and brings in a disco-mixed-house atmosphere that reminiscences that Disco Inferno era. The hook on the guitar solo and the solo itself perfectly wedge in the rhythm leading to a voice solo chorus part that holds up the beat and makes you clap along.

“Too hot to touch” is a hint to one simple thing: the party has just started.  

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Review By Jim Esposito


Lady Moon & the Eclipse – GLOBAL WARNING

There may be no surprises when it comes to what Lady Moon & the Eclipse lyrically tackles with their latest single “GLOBAL WARNING”.

But what is surprising, is that Lady Moon & the Eclipse are one of only a few artists trying to get climate change-deniers to open their eyes.

Even with the heavy sentiment behind the track, Lady Moon & the Eclipse have made sure that the single is accompanied by a light and somewhat poignant pop instrumental arrangement. So, far from the track giving you an existential crisis, you’re provided with a Funk-deep mash up of Pop and Disco which sugars the jagged pill which we have to swallow with the acceptance that our planet is probably going to combust.

You can check out the latest single from Lady Moon & the Eclipse for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Van Den Wolfe – Grade A Loving: Disco Paradise for the Rhythmically Inclined

Does anyone still listen to Disco? I hope so. Otherwise you’ll all be missing out on the sonorously sensual sounds from Van Den Wolfe who has just dropped his 2018 debut single Grade A Loving.

With infinite layers of groove, the track progresses through Funk-addled instrumental lyrics that weave around Van Den Wolfe’s (I mean come on, even his name is sexy) soulful vocal style. Whilst the lyrics don’t really offer anything pioneering or that you wouldn’t expect from a Disco track, instrumentally the track is flawless. Nothing could have prepared me for the guitar solo that draws the track to a close, I’ve never heard a riff like it contained within a Nu Disco Electro Funk track. It may have been more at home on a Guns n Roses track, however I’m not going to complain about the rhythmic prowess.

You can check out Grade A Loving which was first released on 09/04/2018 on SoundCloud now.

Keep up to date with Van Den Wolfe’s latest track by following him on Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


The Zero Won’s New Track “Lights” Will Definitely Hypnotise You

The Zero Won are a band from Athens with a very distinctive sound, bridging a link between indie pop and disco through hypnotic sonorities and mesmerising vocals. With a strong electronic influence in their sound, these guys have something fresh to offer and upon first listening to their new track “Lights,” one of the primary things which is noticeable is the image evoking quality in the music. All the elements are blended so well within the texture that the sound created has the ability to take you on a visual journey just by listening to it. In fact, I personally can’t wait for a music video to accompany the song.

Apart from the mesmerising and hypnotic quality expressed in the music, “Lights” also features a variety of sounds ranging from delicate guitar countermelodies, big synth sounds, pointillistic percussions and a strong melodic line in the vocal part. This, in fact, results in a memorable expressive chorus which drives the music constantly forward. As the song reaches the end, momentum is built up towards a final climax which is literally an explosion of sound featuring all the interesting elements of instrumentation chosen and combining everything together through a great mix. Listening to this song is just a hypnotic experience from start to finish.

-Sarah Marie Bugeja


Arcade Hearts “Running” Hits Hard And Fast With Energy

With modern indie music finding every possible crevice between hybrid genres, we shouldn’t be surprised that people are trying to bring back disco. Arcade hearts recognize that their music isn’t here for subtle nuance and avant-garde, textural soundscapes. They aren’t here to beat around the bush and hope someone finds an exotic beat catchy. In fact, the song Running hits hard and fast with energy that far too many have forgotten. This isn’t the disco of yesteryear, but a refined, dense and efficient machine sent here to wake up the seated audiences and get them jumping for joy. Even if you don’t think it your style, this is music that anyone should be able to enjoy.

Running is powerful and has a mix that maintains a constant sense of motion. It seems to take some nods from today’s chaotic synth acts like Passion Pit while also delivering blistering, unapologetic lead guitar tones from straight out of your favorite 80s jams. Disco may be dead, but Arcade Hearts are still beating and they’ve taken some of the best of alternative culture’s ever-growing playlists and set them Running.

-Paul Weyer


Check Out The Bassline on T-Bow’s Release “The One”

Without funk, what’s the point? Sure, music can translate feelings that range infinitely, but let’s be honest. Swing can get you moving one way, EDM can get you moving another, but that timeless soul that is injected into every note in a funk bassline is worth that bass’s weight in gold. T-Bow brings not only the bassline funk, but a trusting vocal, plucky guitars and even some Miami-flavored extras after a certain length of the new track The One.

These keys and brass parts bring a completely different life to the party, but the beat doesn’t skip and nothing can stop the swagger of those soulful instrumental loops. This music embraces life and love and good times. T-Bow may not have a powerful delivery like some singers of old, but he has the tone set and can make you move while performing in a way that is unreservedly intimate. This helps him stand out in a way that will have you requesting The One on every dancefloor you touch, from Miami to the ends of the Earth. If you need something to help you feel good with a splash of different styles over soul, this song is The One.

-Paul Weyer


Van Den Wolfe’s ‘My Love is Calling’ Is Seriously Funky!

Every generation gets to experience the amazing music of their youth and then gaze in horror at the strange expressions of those that come after. Everyone wants to know what comes next, but they also fear the changes that may occur. Van Den Wolfe is among those who understand the truth: music is not linear. Trends may come and go, but expression is timeless and there’s no reason to ever abandon a style that can ring infinitely through our society.

My Love is Calling is a track that may take some people back to the clubs they used to dance in. They remember their clothes, their hair, their friends and loved ones. But this isn’t a track they’ve heard before. The nostalgia for the time may be evoked, but this is a song that has every bit as much to deliver to those inexperienced in the ways of funk and disco. This song is a perfect gateway to realizing that music is for everyone and that a little soul can go a long way. Get your shoes, we’re going dancing!


A&R Factory Present: Julian Azar

The discoindie track “Another Love” is about how life with age becomes more and more realistic instead of romantic. How we all evaluate all opportunities instead of just following our dreams. The song is a mix of old 80’s music but still manage to keep the vibes from the sound of today.

Stockholm (Västerås) native electronic musican and producer Julian Azar was borned and raised in a home filled with music. The childhood anthems was Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode and Michael Jacksson. These artists together with the influences from todays music (such as years & years, jamie xx and foster the people) made Julian try a sound that mixed the genres disco, indie and techno.

The song “Another Love” was written by Julian with inspiration/support from Robin Eveborn (Last Lynx). The final production was made by Dennis Tkacuk Lundkvist (Tkacuk). The single also comes with a club mix signed by Karl Lund also known as Karl Alley (Kings of the universe).

Before going solo Julian Azar was one half of the indie-duo Adventure Of where he played with bands such as Peter, Bjorn and John, Youth Lagoon, Is Tropical and Cults. The 22nd of september 2016 Julian Azar will release his debutalbum on the record lable Tack För Igår.

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