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Leo The Lion releases Dance For The Rain: One to lift your spirits

Leo The Lion has dropped his recent track ‘’Dance For The Rain’’, for all the lovers of EDM, Electronic and Pop then this one’s for you, it’s the perfect song to boost your mood completely.

You’re welcomed with this insane up-beat melody, it’s so energetic and up-lifting. That same infectious beat continues through out, really giving the song it’s Electronic feel. The vocals begin to collide alongside the rhythm, the vocals come in, keeping that pitch up-beat and the tone of voice vibrant.

This is a piece of music that gets you moving, there’s such an array of liveliness. The synthesised beat gives off this suspenseful feeling as the drum hits get louder and the volume amps up and everything is louder and has even more energy flowing through it.

Leo The Lion has definitely nailed this one, it’s got so many styles of instrumentals, the vocal ranges and the way the beat just combines with it so well, is impressive. Definitely one to listen too if you’re into this style of music.

Listen to Leo The Lion Dance For The Rain by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Karley Myall


PowerStateFailure – The Selector: A Hauntingly Fitting Acid House Tribute to Andrew Weatherall

Just one minute into PowerStateFailure’s latest single “The Selector (A Tribute to Andrew Weatherall)”, tears affirmed just how fitting the ode was.

For those unaware, Andrew Weatherall was a British artist, DJ, producer and a pivotal part of the Acid House movement in the 80s. His tragic passing in February 2020 made us all too aware of how much he contributed to the music industry. His deft touch was put upon cult classics by artists such as Happy Mondays, New Order, Primal Scream and My Bloody Valentine.

After hearing PowerStateFailure’s tribute, I’m fairly sure Acid House Electronica has never come with such a pensively arresting feel. The Selector perfectly captures the industrious grassroots energy which surrounded the take-off of the Acid House era. It’s a nostalgia trip of how much life Acid House brought to the bleak Thatcher years. Yet, the single sits perfectly on contemporary airwaves and playlists.

With the haunting atmospheric tones, this reflective tribute will leave a lingering resonance long after the 6-minute track has faded to a close.

You can check out PowerStateFailure’s track for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Loosh – Get Out the House: Polyphonic Hip Hop Pop

Loosh’s latest Alt Pop single “Get Out the House” is exactly what you want to hear when you hit play on a new artist.

It’s got that instantaneous draw as your mind attempts to get to grips with a beguilingly fresh new soundscape, and the progressive track has quite the aural trip in store. From polyphonic key solos to Hip Hop-style grooves to moodily convictive Alt Pop vocals, Get Out the House contains it all plus plenty of other intricate nuances which affirm that Loosh puts innovation and expression at the forefront when writing their tracks.

If you’re as tired as assimilative uninspired music as I am, go and restore your faith in contemporary musicians. It may have been bad timing to release a track called Get Out of the House just before the world went into lockdown mode. Yet, we can appreciate the sentiment all the same.

You can check out Get Out the House for yourselves by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Dakota Chappy – Right There: Entrancingly Danceable, Mindfully Inspired EDM Pop

Every once in awhile, it’s possible that you’ll stumble across a track which offers massive beats and an even more sizeable serving of soul. That’s just what we delved into when Electronic Pop artist Dakota Chappy appeared on our radar.

The strikingly talented vocalist dropped her latest entrancingly danceable yet mindfully inspired single “Right There” on March 4th. If you want to raise your vibration, strap on a pair of headphones and experience the vibrancy of the upraised radio-ready single.

There will undoubtedly be bigger and more refreshingly absolving music to come from Dakota Chappy. So, we’d suggest that you follow our lead and firmly affix her to your radars.

You can check out the official music video to Dakota Chappy’s latest single via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


BLOK – One Mile: Organically Euphoric Future Pop

Up and coming artist BLOK’s debut single One Mile is the perfect multipurpose hit. Whatever mood it catches you in, the seamlessly transcendent track is sure to make it sweeter.

Many producers may struggle to find the right balance between when it comes to infusing a feel-good vibe. But that’s exactly where BLOK organically succeeded. The undemanding track allows you to sink into the gentle mellifluous progressions as they naturally and efficaciously resonate alongside the high-energy magnetic vocals. Nuances of euphoria drip from the tonally-warm electronic melodies in this sun-kissed feat of Future Pop which you’ll undoubtedly want on your playlists after hearing it.

Debuts don’t come much more promising than this. BLOK is definitely one to watch. Or better yet, you can go and have a listen to One Mile via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Johnny Paradiso – Hypermisery: Volatile in Nature, Transcendent in Tone Alt EDM

Even the concept of hypermisery is beguiling and thought-provoking. Yet, with his release “Hypermisery”, Johnny Paradiso has created a soundscape which will speak to more than your mind.

Prepare for your rhythmic pulses to be arrested by this progressive feat of experimental electronica. For their debut single, Johnny Paradiso merged elements from a myriad of styles to create a melting pot of danceable euphoria.

Once you find the groove in the mix which is volatile in nature but transcendent in tone, the entrancing essence to the soundscape is all too easy to latch onto. Any fans of ahead of the curve EDM will undoubtedly want to take the time to explore the ingenuity of this artist. He’d go down a storm in Berghain.

You can check out Johnny Paradiso’s debut single Hypermisery featuring Tradavious for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Isolda – Winter: An enthralling new EDM and Dance single

‘’Winter’’ the new single by London-based artist Isolda is a mixture of EDM and Dance intertwining together to create this dark yet fascinating track.

With a very rare vocal range like no other, Isolda sure knows how to sing in such a bewildering way, there’s high-pitch tones but also low and then there’s the hard-hitting high notes that are sung in such an confounding way, this track definitely deserves a lot of recognition.

The melody that flows alongside Isolda’s vocals gives it it’s EDM sound as it is a lot more up-beat, but even though the vocals are a lot lower the rhythm collides so well.

It’s so special in its own way, it’s not something you hear all the time and it’s certainly not generic in any way, it really does show how much this single deserves to be a hit.

Winter shows of the talent that Isolda has with the vocal aspects but not only that the way in which the overall sound of the track sounds. Definitely one that stands out in so many ways and one that you must delve into.

Listen to Isolda’s new single Winter by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Karley Myall


Caribbean Roots and Hard Dance Beats Clash in JP Backhouse’s Viral Worthy Track “OMG”

If it has been a while since you discovered an EDM artist which left you instantly obsessed with their sound, pointing you towards JP Backhouse’s latest Hard Dance mix “OMG” would lead you in exactly the right direction.

The Curacao-born artist used the influence of Caribbean and Latin Rhythms in their hard and driving mix which would melt the minds and arrest the bodies of anyone lucky enough to be on a dancefloor when it drops.

You’ll also pick up on a few borrowed elements of Hip Hop which infuses even more adrenalizing momentum into the colossal mix. OMG is pretty much the definition of aural insanity. There’s something insanely infectious about the meeting of exotic sunny rhythms and the stylistic European EDM tones. The two genres have never merged quite like this before.

You can check out OMG for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Talented producer Dylan Drendel – ‘Ocean’: As funky as it is cool!

This inspired and confident offering from Dylan Drendel is aptly named. It brings to mind everything that is magical and serene about the Ocean. The musicianship is spectacular in that it pulses with life, at a tempo that is reminiscent of a heartbeat, and the hypnotising classical piano breathes, like a prayerful chant throughout. Dylan digs deep and musically characterises a pulsating, connected, primordial under water organism.

This track is superb in its simplicity and subtlety, and takes no small amount of expert craftsmanship to pull off, but its fair to say that Dylan ’s understated thought process culminates in a luxuriously decadent and calming end product.

Let’s not get it twisted though. Soul is at the very heart of this creation and this track is no shrinking violet. You will want to tap your foot and move to it. It is as funky as it is cool and Dylan has been able to artfully balance the ethereal nature of the theme with soft EDM hooks and baselines. He effortlessly displays an ingenious level of versatility that is hard to ignore.

You’ll definitely want to check out ‘Ocean’ by Dylan Drendel at Spotify. Let us know know what you think. Enjoy!

Review by Susan Harriott


Producer Glahz releases Experimental new single ‘Senses’

Electronica, Trap, and Techno all rolled into one for this latest single by Mexico-based DJ Glahz who has just released his new track ‘’Senses’’.

From beginning to end there is always something different, it starts off with a slow tempo and within seconds it emerges into an electronic dynamic, making sure to get a full variety of unique techno sounds to intertwine into the beat.

It has this uplifting sound and there is always suspense as you listen to the eerie background noise that leads into these insane breakdowns. When it starts to become more upbeat you can hear multiple sound effects and styles that have emerged into this track, from static TV, sirens, radio alerts, to high-pitched shrieking noises.

Towards the end is when you really hear the trap elements take over, vocals flow throughout as the pitch begins to get higher and the noise begins to become distorted, then the tempo begins to lower abruptly as the track comes to an end.

Glahz has created something that shows he can make an infectious track that will make you feel good.

If you want to you can now stream Senses by heading over to Soundcloud.

Review by Karley Myall