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Coming For Ya: Emerging NYC artist Inés gets away from this wild year with the exhilarating new single ‘Run’

With a wildly intoxicating technique that is so delightfully proficient and ear-warmly enlightening, Inés sparks bright like an excited fuse that dazzles the mind on her new single ‘Run‘.

Inés is a classy solo project who was formed by the young and talented NYC native Patricia Zulueta who is a EDM music producer, indie-dark-pop singer-songwriter and guitarist. Influenced heavily by her hero’s Björk and SOPHIE, she makes that different vibe that is full of her almost wizard-like creativity.

This song speaks to the crazy, unpredictable nature of the past year. I hope that the ever-changing textures and beats evoke
the rapid twists and turns of 2020/21.” – Inés

Her approach is supremely graceful and filled with such innovation that quite frankly, boggles the mind. As you turn the volume up so you can clearly hear her quick-fire vocals, you admire her DIY artistic approach that is quite a sumptuous effort.

Run‘ from New York City-based EDM music producer and dark-pop singer Inés who made this terrific track from her cozy bedroom, shows us her fascinating experimental project in full force with an outstanding display of skill. She is definitely a rising name who brings forth her eclectic music style, that certainly rivets the mind, body and soul, into life again after being dormant for too long.

Stream this electric new single via her Spotify and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Had A Dream: Andy Mison wants to feel the vibration on ‘Sell It To Me Slowly’

Taken off his debut eleven-track collection of 2020-made songs called ‘Fergus Circuits‘, Andy Mison shows us what the game is all about on ‘Sell It To Me Slowly‘.

Andy Mison is a likable and well-respected Canberra, Australia, indie singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and music producer. He is a confident man who loves to makes those happy funky retro-electro tunes, to help take our minds off the seriousness of this quickly crumbling world.

With a succulent mixture of 80s new wave, 90s indie rock, EDM sounds and pure pop beats to stack your plate full of tasty treats to nibble on heartily, Andy Mison kindly cooks us up this is a meal music box for the ages, that will have you stuffed like a chicken wing as you sing along full as a cucumber.

The unique vibe has you feeling so alive and has you thinking deeply, of this consumer-based world that has you buying everything in sight if you are not careful. His outlook is on point and the flourishing sounds has your pulse racing and your head nodding, all the way through.

Sell It To Me Slowly‘ from Australian retro-electronic maestro/producer/multi-skilled master Andy Mison, shows us his incredible thirty years experience with a thoughtfully funny but truthful single. He kindly tells us that we need to slow down before making big purchases. Life is too short to regret those big moves after all.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Electro-pop duo Atomic Berries reclaim euphoria in their latest single ‘Relive the Moment’

Electro-pop duo Atomic Berries’ latest single, Relive the Moment, is steadily racking up the streams since its release on April 23rd; the raw-emotion-packed dance track was made for the dancefloor. But if you need a shot of euphoria ASAP, grab your headphones and experience the collective sense of nostalgia that inspired the single.

Through the build ups, breaks and everything in between, there’s an arresting intensity to Relive the Moment. It is so much more than your average lip service ‘high-vibe track; it captures the visceral nature of yearning for the past when the present leaves you disillusioned. If you can’t relate to that after the year that we have endured, your soul may be defunct.

With the stunning cinematic edge to Juniper’s vocals and the retro-future grooves in the mix, courtesy of producer Mike Midas, the duo will take the live scene by storm in 2021 with their grinding techno beats, synthesised crescendos and catchy lyrics.

You can check out the official music video via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

New White Shoes: Charles Keyte sings from the reflection in her eyes on ‘Euphoria’

After releasing ‘Seaside Town‘ and ‘Stuck In The Hole‘, Charles Keyte returns with the fantastic new song that will put you in a state of ‘Euphoria‘.

Charles Edward Keyte aka Charles Keyte, is a determined Leicester, England-based indie singer-songwriter. He started off with EDM tunes, to now be performing a soothing mix of indie rock music, that settles the stomach and has your head nodding along with him.

This is the story of having a crush that is like a perfect score in the exam, everything about them makes you happy and you see so much goodness when you take a closer look. You are feeling so good whilst looking at them, as you smile to yourself and wonder if you could be together. That purple hair has you struck and you like it.

He sings with such a gritty style and the electric guitar strikes hot into your mind as you bounce along and get caught up in this wonderful gaze, that has you thinking about your dream human.

Euphoria‘ from the very talented Charles Keyte, has us singing along with this fine singer who has brought us a real gem here. This is a laid-back song that has you thinking so sweetly — as your stress heals from this mellow ambiance — that has you happy inside.

Hear this awesome new single from a passionate young artist on YouTube and see more via his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Dilemma leaves us Feeling Alive with his latest single

‘Feeling Alive’ is just one of the recently released euphorically alchemic mixes from up and coming artist and producer Dilemma. Future Bass fans couldn’t ask for a more entrancing soundscape to immerse themselves within.

Feeling Alive boasts so much more than just momentum; the sense of ecstasy runs right through the instrumental mix that will be perfect for those hedonistic summer nights that make it impossible not to be grateful to be alive. Dilemma found a way to leave you feeling like what it means to be human is layered amongst the disco, techno and future house textures. We can’t wait to hear what is in the pipeline.

Feeling Alive is now available to stream via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Dilemma has released his ensnaring alt-electronica mix, ‘Moments’.

Even with EDM being the hardest genre to establish authenticity within, up and coming artist Dilemma discernibly didn’t fail, with his recently released single, ‘Moments’. His intoxicating mash of synth-pop, future bass and disco put you on a sonic trajectory right from the intro; from there on out, it’s a sonic whirlwind of intense hyper emotion.

When you get to the breaks, Dilemma deftly delivers that essential feeling of catharsis when tension erupts into euphoria. With sax solos, glitchy white noise and veraciously ensnaring beats all weaved into the intricately layered and textured mix, all reminiscence to Dilemma is extremely fleeting.

After being involved in an accident that left all five of Dilemma’s senses in a state of hypersensitivity, music allowed Dilemma to find purpose after everything else felt meaningless. The amount of love poured into his releases is practically unparalleled. Moments will make you think twice about delving into releases that offer any less than the exuberant passion that you will find right here.

Moments is now available to stream via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Koko Nova has made an artful alt-pop debut with, ‘Addicted to You’

For her debut single, alt-pop artist Koko Nova served a seductive slice of era-spanning European electro-pop that won’t fail to leave you arrested through the atmospheric post-punk elements amongst the 90s pop artfully anthemic grooves.

The sonic experience itself is enough to get you excited about Koko Nova. Yet, with a successful corporate career behind her and a background in science that feeds into the constructs of her sound, you don’t just get the sense that her music is intellectually inspired; you get the affirmation.

If you pay close enough attention to the lyrics, you’ll find that Addicted to You isn’t your usual saccharine love song; instead, it is a siren call to our habits that form around our vices. Something tells us that her sophomore single will be just as subversive.

Addicted to You released on April 23rd; you can check it out for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Min The Universe and Mina Grace want to show us ‘A Million Fireflies’

Thrumming, pulsing, rising and rolling electronic bass over electronic beats and rushing chords, all topped off with Nina Grace’s powerful vocal – that’s ‘A Million Fireflies’ by New York’s Min The Universe.

A true ‘citizen of the world’ Min (or should that be Mr. Universe?) has travelled from Shanghai to Liverpool to Boston to Atlanta, spending his formative years as a lead guitarist and keyboardist, rocking out in progressive metal bands before finding his love of electronic dance music in his early 20’s. There’s a mix of Calvin Harris and Deadmau5, Avicii and Eric Prydz, a trancy, progressive house style backbeat and swelling keyboard parts, Grace’s vocal carrying the track in between the ebb and flow of electronic verse and chorus.

It’s a top dance track, clubby and uptempo with some quality guest vocal work from Nina Grace.

You can listen to ‘A Million Fireflies’ on Spotify; Follow Min The Universe on Facebook.

Review by Alex Holmes

Josh Hernandez – Dance Alone: Disco Pop Empowerment

Josh Hernandez

As clubs tentatively open their doors this summer, it is going to take euphoric hits to get people who have picked social awkwardness during lockdown moving. The unifying funk grooves in Josh Hernandez’s debut disco-pop track should do the trick.

The tribally-compelling rhythms and melodies which make an earworm out of Dance Alone bring the danceable energy as the female vocals verse the empowering lyrics that divert from the usual dance-pop tropes. The lyricism is sure to resonate with anyone who has found comfort in their independence in recent months. If you can endure lockdown alone, you can dance alone, not that you’ll need much convincing to be arrested by the Latin and Reggaeton-inspired mix.

Dance Alone released on April 16th. You can check out Josh Hernandez here.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

EBM meets alt hip hop in Infinity Dragon’s ensnaring single, ‘Infectious’.

If you could imagine what it would sound like if Juice Wrld and Covenant collaborated, you’ll get a good idea of what’s in store when you hit play on the standout track, ‘Infectious’ in Infinity Dragon’s latest album, ‘GodKing’.

In place of the usual trappy 808s, Infinity Dragon opted for entrancing EBM-style beats that blaze beneath layers of reverb in the euphoric mix that certainly isn’t without its conviction – which mainly comes down to the snarling and inventively-distorted rap bars. The ingenuity that lies in Infectious easily parallels what you’ll find in Saul Williams’ most authentic tracks – the only difference is that Infinity Dragon didn’t need to pull in Trent Reznor for the production.

Infectious is now available to stream along with the rest of Infinity Dragon’s obscurely danceable alt-rock album via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast