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Always Been A Boss: NYC rapper YN ROCKY shows us his purpose on ‘Wouldn’t Understand’

Slowly sliding the knife out of his back with rare calmness you don’t see often, YN ROCKY realizes that this journey will be a tough one but ultimately worth it as he achieves all of his goals on the boss-mentality new single ‘Wouldn’t Understand‘.

Shanime Williams aka YN ROCKY is a New Rochelle, New York-based indie hip-hop solo artist who raps with a smooth conviction of someone who can deal with pressure and emerge victoriously.

Putting his stamp on the game that needs new heroes in capes to emerge from the lonely darkness, YN ROCKY displays his breathless bars in an enlightened format that shows you that he is for real. After dealing with so much disloyalty growing up, it feels like he has decided to rise above the tide – and showcase strength when others are praying for him to fail – with a street-filled track that has you in a massively contemplative mood.

Wouldn’t Understand‘ from New Rochelle, New York-based indie hip-hop solo artist YN ROCKY is an underground release for anyone who gets that you will, unfortunately, have to deal with extra if you chose to be your own leader. Instead of following others and making them rich, this is a man with a true intention who certainly delivers when he needs to. With a catchy beat and consistent flows from an artist on a mission to the top, this is an anthem for all the hustlers out there who don’t stop to nap when there is work to be done.

Check out the YouTube audio and see more news on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Move Forward: NYC alt-rockers Wake the Sun don’t let the past define them on ‘Deep Blues Skies’

Inspired by their heroes from the legendary band’s Foo Fighters and Rival Sons, Wake the Sun put on their sunglasses and stomp all the self-doubt out of your soul with ‘Deep Blues Skies‘.

Wake the Sun is a New York, USA-based indie 4-piece alt-rock band that sends us a real banger here that seems to illuminate all senses and take you to a better place than before.

With the recent pandemic, mental health has been at the forefront of many people’s minds. Luckily, more and more people are being made aware of its effects every single day and having a frank conversation. This song seeks to shed light on that ever-growing problem. The song depicts the frustrations of getting caught up with your own thoughts and how they can harken back to tribulations of years past. It conveys how past adversity can color our perceptions of today.” ~ Lead singer and lyricist, Dillon Mealy

Sometimes in life, you hear a band so underrated it makes you positively inspired to tell everyone you know with good music taste about them. Wake the Sun is that band. What they achieve on ‘Deep Blues Skies‘ is quite magnificent as they bust a deep hole into anything that has been suffocating you lately, with an excellently delivered track that will leave you speakers blushing.

Deep Blues Skies‘ from New York-based indie 4-piece alt-rock act Wake the Sun, is a thunderous track from a really exciting band who understand that the future can be bright if you lose the baggage at the airport and fly free again. There is a tempo projected here that is quite outstanding and very Foo-like, as they press play and let their music do the talking.

Life is all about looking for sunnier climates, so that you may bask in the light and forget anything that has held you back in achieving anything you want.

Check out this top new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Your Soul Is Darkening: Ani Amnell reminds us to stay true to our morals no matter the situation on ‘Blind Eye’

After writing this song to world leaders as she gritted her teeth and wondered why many of them were so heartless while millions were clinging to their lives, Ani Amnell brings us her Attack on Titan season 3 mentality with on the excellent new single ‘Blind Eye‘.

Ani Amnell is an emerging New York, USA-based indie-pop/rock music producer and singer-songwriter who has an eye for detail and pulsates our consciousness with a top drawer effort here.

I write my songs specific enough that you know what the song is about, but purposely vague enough where you can decide for yourself what you want it to be about. My songs are about whatever you need them to be about, in the moment that you listen to them.” ~ Ani Amnell

With her impressive self-belief flowing tremendously through the shocked speakers, Ani Amnell shows us the best way to keep that heart clean and sings with superb elegance at every turn. With a rampaging soundscape that will have you turning her all the way up, this is the kind of track that has you looking into the mirror to see if you are doing enough to help this planet.

Blind Eye‘ from the determined NYC indie-pop/rock music producer and artist Ani Amnell, is a view-painted picture that shows us how we need to open up our eyes, as pretending that certain things aren’t happening is not a healthy way to live. Performing with an enlightening style and a rocking vibe – with sensational vocals to shiver with – this is a brain-opening single that urges us to open up our souls to a better life. It’s our precious world to save after all.

Listen to this new single on Spotify and see more of her travels on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Underdog Rises: Kru Manasa sends us his loveletter to New York on ‘Want’

After courageously moving to NYC with just his two trusty guitars, a backpack, and a dream four months ago, Kru Manasa looked out of that dusty subway window on his way to the gym one day and just knew that this complex city had his heart on ‘Want‘.

Kru Manasa is a 23-year old Bangalore, India-born, New York, USA-based indie-pop singer-songwriter and aspiring actor at the Lee Strasberg Film & Theatre Institute.

Being an Indian and making it into the mainstream pop world, now that’s a first. But somebody’s gotta do it. I’m here, I’m ready.” ~ Kru Manasa

You feel like you have been transported into a beautifully honest mindset of love when you listen to Kru Manasa. The genuine nature of this ambitious young man is so easy to admire, as he shares his true feelings on a song that you will find highly memorable as it brings a welcome glow to your famished soul.

Want‘ from the NYC-based indie-pop artist and acting student Kru Manasa is a catchy single that has you feeling so much happier than before as you get wrapped into this ear-soothing experience. He sings with a huge smile and this kind of energy transmits like a massive light leading you to a better place as you realize where you wish to be in this world.

After chasing his dreams to be in a city that can either make or break you – this is the ultimate artist underdog – that never gave up and is exactly who we should all be rooting for.

Listen to his new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Guess Its My Fault: Mickey Gold opens up about his recent struggles on ‘My Mind Is Made’

As he gently shows us into a scar-filled world that so many of us can relate to, Mickey Gold faded away for a while as he worked on brushing away the mental demons forever with his new single called ‘My Mind Is Made‘.

20-year old Long Island, New York-born Mickey Gold is a Brooklyn, New York-based indie pop/rock/electronic recording artist and music producer who fuses in hip-hop with a tasty blend of Lo-fi.

One night, I was in a depressed state, just burnt out basically. Using music as a coping mechanism, I made a song. My intention wasn’t to write a story but it became one.” ~ Mickey Gold

With a true account all about mental health and performed from two perspectives on the trauma from that deafening silence, Mickey Gold leads us into a picture that many will find eerily familiar. This is a natural storyteller who isn’t afraid to open up his heart, to a world that can wrap you full of plastic until you struggle to see where you need to be.

My Mind Is Made‘ from the Brooklyn-based music producer and artist Mickey Gold is a soul-healing new single for anyone who needs to hear the truth. You can feel like you need to hide away for a while to deal with your issues when actually the best way is to be around those who truly care about you. Meshing your soul together to make everyone stronger should be the plan, as keeping yourself locked away just makes it all worse.

Sung with real insight into a feeling that millions deal with each day, this is a superb track to play when you need inspiration away from the cold darkness and into the warm light again.

Hear this intimate new single on Spotify and see more of his vibe on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Agaaze proves that pace is the trick in his electro-pop-meets-neo-psych single, Take it Slow

The New York-hailing multi-instrumentalist and producer Agaaze is fresh from the release of this debut 7-track EP, A Portal Inside, which features the eclectically progressive, Take it Slow.

Take it Slow was curated to prove that when it comes to progress, pace is the trick. The progressive single starts with the downtempo, dreamy textures you would expect from a track under such a name. By the time Take it Slow reaches the outro, expect to find yourself in a trippy, psychedelic rabbit hole that is structured by Agaaze’s soulfully sweet magnetism and the sheer range of his experimentalism. At the age of just 19 years old, his songwriting talent transcends the majority.

The world will never see another David Bowie for the simple reason that they’d rather place icons on pedestals and believe independent artists can never reach them. As far as we’re concerned, Agaaze came pretty damn close with Take it Slow.

Watch the visualiser of Take it Slow on YouTube or add it to your Spotify playlists.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Second Guess: Whirlin’ Jack Dervy teaches us about the rising tide on ‘Bad Trip a.k.a Existential Blues’

With his EP scheduled for January 2022, Whirlin’ Jack Dervy teases gently us with a new single that he is truly proud of and is so delighted to lead us into this honest story about that ‘Bad Trip a.k.a Existential Blues‘.

Whirlin’ Jack Dervy is a Rochester, New York-based indie folk/rock solo singer-songwriter and band member of The Wily Tycoons.

After deciding that this special track needed that extra sauce layered inside, we find a musician who is so thrilled that his creation has come to life with a professional touch from a studio that understood his vision completely.

I’m actually really proud of it.. it’s honestly the best song/recording that I’ve made so far. And I say that with absolute confidence.” ~ Whirlin’ Jack Dervy

As he entertains us with his intricate guitar playing and honest lyrics that might bring a smile to your face, Whirlin’ Jack Dervy takes a big sip and leads us into this well-made single that has you feeling like you are listening to a proper storyteller who hasn’t reached his prime yet.

Bad Trip a.k.a Existential Blues‘ from the soulful Rochester, New York-based indie folk/rock solo artist Whirlin’ Jack Dervy, is a fantastic story made by somebody who has truly lived. He shows us how that night can change for the worse when you hit that mental roadblock that can hide your mind away, as you need someone close you guide you to safety away from the storms that can blow you over off your feet.

Made with a gritty feel, this is the perfect late-evening track over a campfire as you spend time with those who truly understand your vision.

Hear this smokey new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Should Let Go: Chris Milo keeps on holding onto those vivid ‘Memories’

As he glances into the dusty mirror and wonders why they pretended to love him in the first place, Chris Milo gazes intently and wishes that he hadn’t wasted his time as he still thinks of them whilst comprehending that he shouldn’t on ‘Memories‘.

Chris Milo is an 18-year-old Long Island, New York-born indie-pop multi-instrumentalist, music producer, actor, and much-respected dancer.

In addition to singing, Chris is also an accomplished dancer, having appeared at numerous, international Latin ballroom competitions. He has also appeared in independent films as well as performed on numerous main stage theatre productions in the New York area.” ~ Chris Milo

With a voice so uncorrupted and carefully-written lyrics which are so strikingly unpretentious that it leaves you remembering their name forever, Chris Milo shows us why he is so highly regarded as one of the most exciting young acts to truly keep a close eye on globally. His crisply calm style feels like the first bite of the tastiest meal you have ever eaten, that soothes your palate and entrenches a time in your life that you will find hard to forget.

Memories‘ from the well-liked Long Island, New York-born indie-pop multi-instrumentalist, music producer, actor, and dancer Chris Milo, is a nostalgic single from a young man who can’t get his ex’s picture out of his mind. He feels like he needs to move on but somehow struggles to, as he wonders if they will ever leave his consciousness. The vividness was so real for him, as he feels like a fool who was lied to by a soul-grabbing greedy human who had evil intentions.

Sometimes love just doesn’t make sense and is unfairly cruel, teaching us a valuable lesson to be so careful on who we let see our precious energy.

See this descriptive video on YouTube and find out more news via his IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Ain’t Got Time: New York alt-RnB artist PARTYNXISE makes his moves despite the haters on ‘Talking About Me’

With a floor-thudding intro beat that surges into our beating sensitivities with breakneck spirit, PARTYNXISE strives to disregard those small-minded people who just don’t get his style on ‘Talking About Me‘.

PARTYNXISE is a flourishing The Bronx, New York-based indie alt-RnB/soul solo artist and music producer who has recently emerged on the scene with his comforting vocals and profound lyrics.

While everyone is masking their sound behind money woman and materials. PARTYNXISE talks about the dark truths of life, addiction, depression and anxiety. There are happier moments as well but not every day there’s a happy ending.” ~ PARTYNXISE

PARTYNXISE sends us a booming new single that is furnished with an imaginative endeavour, that is such an explosive experience for your ears that might need to have a massage to calm down. There are high-tempo vocals here paired with a dynamic desire, that takes you to a place that is quite euphoric at times.

Talking About Me‘ from The Bronx, New York-based indie alt-RnB/soul solo artist and music producer PARTYNXISE, is a freshly-brewed track from a youthful artist who just desires to be the biggest artist in the world. There is something somewhat unique about his music that is packed with authentic vision, that shows us a man who is only going to go upwards towards his manifested dreams.

Check out this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Trapped Up: New York emo rapper Francois feels like he is going insane on ‘Junkie’

Dropped off from his fire 8-track recently-released debut EP called ‘Broken Record‘, Francois rips his ex to pieces who broke his heart and made him feel like he wasn’t worth the time on ‘Junkie‘.

Francois is a 20-year old Scotchtown, New York-born, Newburgh, New York-based indie emo rapper, gamer and singer-songwriter who started making music when he was 17.

Music was a big part of Francois’s childhood and helped him battle depression and anxiety growing up.” ~ Francois

Francois sings and raps with a gusty edge that is such a bass-busting listen – that shows us a creative who is releasing his true emotions – that keeps on bringing his mind back to those romantic moments that were thought to last forever. This is a powerful effort that keeps you locked into the story and grips your curious mind, as you nod your head to an artist that flows with an efficiently illuminating technique.

Junkie‘ from the New York-based indie emo hip-hop artist and singer Francois, is really heartbreaking track from a man who is feeling the brunt of those sensations that are slamming hard in his face. He is endeavouring to get over her but just can’t seem to stop thinking about that cute smile – and the laughs that were so prevalent – as we hear the passion swirling genuinely through your speakers at home. This is one of the more break-ups fueled singles you will detect all year, from a rising artist who carries his heart on the sleeve and doesn’t ever hold back.

Hear this quality new single on Spotify and find out more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen