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Alt Rock band New Manhattan impress with rock-filled demo debut ”New York”

New York” is the smashing debut from brand new band New Manhattan. I love music like this and the energy is tremendously displayed like old wily professionals that are hungry. This is band that doesn’t take themselves too seriously at all. They are here to rock the crowds socks right off.

New Manhattan stroll in with ”New York”. There is some blues infused into the song here and gosh, that rock n roll style shines straight through the sunglasses that have had too much UV rays. The band are returning to New York and they are so excited. The vocals are so crisp like a packet of lightly salted Lays that eases into your mouth.

New Manhattan impress here with such a high-energy song that is marked by some excellent drum solos that makes me just want to dance and shake my body all on the sweaty dance floor. This is a new act that will surely rev their engines at all the best venues and festivals. This is music to motivate and make us happy.

Click here for the new track that is on the band’s Soundcloud channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Riveting Jewish country with Queens singer Aryeh Kunstler’s ”Accept”

You need to accept that sometimes things need to end. There is no point worrying about it or other-thinking. It needs to happen and you will feel at peace.

Aryeh Kunstler is a rising star in the Jewish music scene and is from Queens, New York. With his stunning guitar skills and a whole bunch of songs from different styles, he has captivated the imagination of fans from Israel and the USA. Performing for the last five years, you get the feeling that this is his breakout moment.

Accept” is a wonderfully visual video and shows off Aryeh in full force. This video that was shot wonderfully by Jay Aron and is a sight to behold with the sea in the background. The song is a break through for this singer-songwriter who has tried out different styles. I feel like he is onto a winning formula here as he becomes more and more well-known globally. There is a nice vibe here and I feel like singing too.

Aryeh Kunstler impresses here with his Jewish country track called ”Accept”. He feels at peace and this can only be a good thing for this massive talent from New York.

To see his Wiki page head through there and get even more information.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


The Singer Jazz amazes with top shelf ”Reach for the Stars”

Thesingerjazz has just released her debut album and this is a fine effort from the mysterious singer from bustling Queens in New York City. She’s somehow found the time to study Textile & Surface Design at The Fashion Institute of Technology where so obtained her Associates Degree. Brains, beauty and breath-taking vocal ability all at the same time.

From growing up singing in musicals, the intriguing singer with distorted beats that sounds so wonderfully beautiful is here with her new single called ”Reach for the Stars”.

I love this song and I get lost in her voice. The whole music arrangement fascinates me as I try and work out what is going on. I think that is the point. You aren’t supposed to. This is a music creation that is unique and shows off this wildly talented artist from Queens creativity and skill set.

To hear this jazzy wonder be sure to head through to Soundcloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Keeping on that grind with your ”Head Down Low” is smashing new tech house anthem from Mettā

You are sent home unexpectedly and need to look deep inside to work about what is missing in your life at the moment. You soon work it out and know what you need to do next in order to succeed. The crazy world may seem dark but if you are always on the grind staying busy then you will know when it’s time.

Born in Berkeley, Califonia and raised in Honolulu,  Yves Atom Kline aka Mettā studied music and multimedia arts. He attended the prestigious Icon Collective and Dubspot programs in New York City and Los Angeles, as well as Rudolf Steiner/Waldorf Schools in California, Hawaii, and Switzerland. This man is a Producer and engineer too so likes to keep busy as you can see.

Head Down Low’‘ is a finely tuned deep tech house single that inspires us to keep our heads down low and not to be distracted but anything. The world is a strange place and this has been the time to reboot and refocus. This powerful single enforces that fact and is a great effort.

To stream the track via Soundcloud.

To find out news about this artist via Facebook then click through and get those live gig announcements.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Annie Scherer has released her sophomore Alt Neo-Classic Pop single “Andy Warhol”

Whatever your opinions on Andy Warhol, Alternative Singer-Songwriter Annie Scherer’s Alt Neo-Classic Pop single which pays a stunning ode to his style while painting metaphors of blossoming relationships definitely won’t leave you torn.

I can only imagine that people will find themselves similarly as inspired by Annie Scherer’s striking vocals and expressively boundless approach to songwriting.

The single may boast a timeless Pop ballad style, but with Annie Scherer’s unapologetically bold and slightly dark style which pulls in a myriad of stylistic elements, it boasts palpable amount of contemporary commercial appeal

Andy Warhol isn’t the only artist to have left an impact on Annie Scherer. She also takes inspiration from the likes of Amy Winehouse, Lana Del Ray, Lorde and Florence and the Machine. Any fans of the aforementioned will undoubtedly appreciate Annie Scherer’s arrestingly soulful release.

We’ll definitely be fixing the NY-based artist firmly on our radars to stay up to date with her future releases.

You can check out Annie Scherer’s single Andy Warhol for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast



Scotty Otten urges peace with each other on new single ”Earthstrong”

An artist who has just been transported from the early 80’s into our ears at precisely the right time. Most importantly, he has the right message of peace and unity.

Earthstrong” is taken off the debut album from New York native Scotty Otten. A singer with flair and imagination.

Scotty Otten is new on the scene and sparkles brightly with this 80’s influenced pop song for the ages. He saunters in with a scream to announce his arrival and from there, you will be dancing around your room. The sound is pure and with a deep sense of meaning. Everything around you falls away for just a few minutes while listening to ”Earthstrong”. This is a song about unity and just plain ol’ hope. Scotty also has a sense of humor with the strong message which is usually the best way to go about it. This song took me back down memory lane and if this is a taste of what’s to come- the rest of ”Puzzle Pieces” will be a marvel to listen to.

Stream this 80’s inspired artist with a big future on his new SoundCloud channel and get those dancing shoes ready for action.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Forget your worries with fantastic DJ Michael Liconti & Rob Roman exclusive ”House Arrest Radio Episode 2 Still Quarantined May 2020”

Ah yes. A music mix that has been carefully created for these troubled times in lockdown. Music is the only cure and these two DJ’s know it. Are you ready?

DJ Michael Liconti & Rob Roman from New York City bring us this banging exclusive and it’s a pleasure on the ears and sore heart. I am jamming along in the lounge and smiling at the classics that are fired through the desks into my happy face. This is the follow up to March’s wildly successful mix and they have been carefully putting this together for us to devour like hungry cats that have just woken up and need feeding.

”House Arrest Radio Episode 2 Still Quarantined May 2020” gets the business done and I can’t recommend this mix enough. The classics are here from all the legends and they have gone above and beyond. The DJ’s even added in Akon’s ”Locked Up” which brought me back down memory lane. With artists like Queen, Culture Beat and fittingly Swedish House Mafia end off the mix with ”Save The World”.

Here is the track list below just to wet your lips in anticipation:

This is real
Mr. vain
Rhythm is a dancer
Use somebody
Somebody I used to know
Don’t cha
Push it
It’s my life
Radio Gaga (ML x RR EDIT)
Eye of the tiger
Livin on a prayer
Locked up
Bored in the house
Intoxicated Weekend
Bad habit
Better off (ML x RR EDIT)
Million Voices (ML x RR EDIT)
King & Queens
Dancing On My Own (ML x RR EDIT)
Love My Friends
Feel it @ Night (ML x RR EDIT)
Step By Step
Save Me Tonight
Save The World

Check out this incredibly created mix here on Soundcloud and turn the volume on real high. Thank you DJ Michael Liconti & Rob Roman. You have saved some souls with this creation.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


”Corporate Anthem” by New York’s George Sarpola is trippy ride to space island

George Sarpola is a freelance musician, drummer and educator in New York City. He makes different music. I call it Sarpola. I feel like this was made in a planet very far away and transported here somehow. When you turn this up it feels like you are in a tv game and you have no control.

George is one talented guy. Currently a member of the bands Kaptive and Bother, he has performed throughout the USA with various rock and pop groups, orchestras, concert bands and jazz groups. Quite a creative isn’t he?

Corporate Anthem” from George Sarpola is such a different experience. Taken off his new album ”Fugue State”. he is such a ground-breaker with his music and blends so many instruments and samples that gives me so many different emotions. I feel a bit paranoid at times as I wonder if I’m actually real. This has to be music for a video game or movie, its that good. Somehow I get the feeling that George is telling us not to be robots and instead breakout and live our own lives, away from the mainstream. This music won’t be everyone’s cup of team but it will intrigue and blow your mind.

Click on the Bandcamp link to hear all of this ground-breaking artist’s music and treat your soul.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Atlanta Rapper/Producer ‘Yahchi B’ drops visuals for his self-assured‘’Quarantine Freestyle’

‘’I’m not your boyfriend, bae or anything in between.’’ Sending a message to the ladies in his life, ‘Yahchi B’ is quite fine with being single right now as he is on a quest for global respect and recognition. 

Heavily influenced by Nas, Outkast, Tupac, Rakim, Eminem, and Kanye West, you can feel the old school style in his lyrical delivery. He mixes in his own new school style while on the mic and the results are quite impressive.

Formerly from the Bronx in New York, ‘Yahchi B’ made the move from his roots a few years ago and this change seems to have paid off. New York is a great city but it is easy to get lost in the suffocating environment of NYC Hip Hop. His style fits the more relaxed but music-crazy South USA.

In the Hip Hop game since 2012, this veteran rapper & self-produced artist has amassed quite a good following since his debut. A very confident Emcee, his flow is impressive, the beat real fly and with a summer time/chill by the pool with your bikini or swim shorts on energy to it. 

Stream this Atlanta rapper’s YouTube visuals right here.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


New York’s ‘The Poet Andrew’ spreads his positive message with new single ‘’New Day’’

I like that one, I like that one a lot. Andrew Carson aka ‘The Poet Andrew’ is a conscious R&B poet/singer/songwriter/producer and MC with a positive attitude to all of life’s obstacles. No money in his pockets? No problem, there is always a silver lining to everything.

Just from listening to his music, you can tell that he is influenced by greats such as André 3000 to Frankie Lymon, just to name a few. 

‘’New Day’’ is the fresh follow up to 2018’s debut ‘’Lonely Love’’, a creative track with a smooth flow that received much love on the notoriously fickle New York streets. On ‘’New Day’’ the energy is high, the church-type feel in the background adds a beautiful element to the track and I feel happy listening to this underground gem.

The Poet is clearly picking up momentum and his name is spreading to all corners of the world now. An MC with a peaceful message of love & hope, ‘’New Day’’ is a welcome escape from the depressing news that is around us. ‘The Poet Andrew’ is pushing himself up the ranks and is a talent to watch, his true breakthrough can’t be too far in the future when he features on a J-Cole or Common track.

Get to know The Poet Andrew and revel in this positive influence on Spotify

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen