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You Came From The Light: The incomparable Bridget Barkan slays the fame-hungry vampires mightily on the inspiring anthem ‘F**k You Money’

As the burning fire inside her pulsating veins flowed over massively to perform her strikingly real music again as the world shutdown, Bridget Barkan tells us straight up how she feels about those who just greedily take whatever is given despite the soul-stealing consequences, with a stunning effort that will surely grab your attention mightily on ‘F**k You Money‘.

Bridget Barkan is a wonderfully talented New York-based and multi-hyphenate film and theatre actor, director, poet, activist, and indie RnB/soul singer-songwriter. She is also impressively a teaching artist at Carnegie Hall, working with incarcerated youth and young mothers.

Some have said she is like the secret child of Cindy Sherman and John Waters, raised by the ghost of Janis Joplin.” – Bridget Barkan

Her melodiously elegant yet powerful voice is toned so perfectly, as he slides gracefully into your willing speakers – she sings with such precision and breathtaking meaning – her style is ferociously independent – as she never forgets where she came from.

Her beloved late Father and Uncle taught her so well and she stands for the things that mean something – hard work and being true to yourself no matter what others sneakily offer you – as she refuses that blood money and going against anything that calls her morals into question. She was told when she moved to Hollywood that people would try and grab her valuable soul away so she created a character called Mr. 1985 New York – a combination of her Dad and Uncle –  and shows a fitting tribute here to their everlasting spirit and life-changing advice.

As a singer, she toured the world with pop glam band Scissor Sisters who opened for Lady Gaga, sung with Lily Allen, drag legend Joey Arias and many more.” – Bridget Barkan

F**k You Money‘ from the multi-talented and totally authentic New York-based singer, actress, director and that true all-round entertainer Bridget Barkan, is an monumentally remarkable effort that is one of those pure songs you can’t forget easily. This is the insightful lesson of being rather careful with your hard-earned money – as it is so easy to spend it on things that you don’t really need – or gaining it in ways which will have you avoiding the mirror for a while, as you are so ashamed of yourself.

Your trusty gut is your only guide to true self-awareness and that rare enlightenment, which this world class human has in abundance. This is the only way to be truly grounded after all and after listening to this tremendous track, you will probably feel that this is the elusive anthem, that we all needed to find in 2021.

Hear this excellent new single on her Spotify and see more of her exciting straight-talking adventures on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Did It For The Love: New York’s Natey G paints us his vision with the catchy ‘Hush Money’

Returning with his latest single after the super ‘Wake Up‘ from 2020, Natey G brings us a feel-good track for the ages with the blue-eyes, blonde-hair daydream single ‘Hush Money‘.

Multi-talented Connecticut-born, New York-based indie hip-hop artist, pianist, guitarist and keen fisherman Nathan Goldenberg aka Natey G, makes a tasty blend of meaningful music that has you feeling rejuvenated after a long slumber away from what you love.

At a very young age, he knew his passion for sound would lead to an artist career. With his father an avid trumpet player and older brother playing Cello, Natey G quickly showed interest in the realms of Jazz, Classical Music, and Rock. In following the musical footsteps of his family, Natey G himself pursued a variety of instruments including piano, drums, violin and guitar.” ~ Natey G

The vibe is alive with a motivated stance upwards, he knows what he wants and is only determined to head on the right journey for his soul. This breathtaking beat has your ears perked up and you feel like you can do anything – as his eyes move towards the girl from Bel Air – while you move your hungry body to this superbly-made single, with such a stylish ear-bending ability.

Hush Money‘ from the experienced New York-based rapper Natey G, shows us the way to being truly happy in this rather strange world full of undesirable paths. He performs with a real confident flow and the chorus here is absolutely bounce-filled with such a likable style, which has you feeling so much better after the rough recent seas. This is one of those songs to wake up to, as this flows wonderfully into your mind and gets you motivated. Just like great music does.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

In My Zone: Keylo Jsr is the triple threat on the money-maker ‘Zon3’

He wishes that she was right next to him right now but knows that the trust is there so they can kiss through the phone, as the rejuvenated Keylo Jsr gets into the right mindset to make that ‘Zon3‘.

Keylo Jsr is a driven indie rapper based in Greenville, South Carolina. The Queens, New York-born artist makes that enlightened music as he was behind bars for over five years, so had plenty of time to work out what he wanted from life. Long-term success is what he is after – as he drops proven bars that slam down with much-appeal – to have you inspired by his true redemption story.

This is the type of track that is rapped confidently with so much certain conviction, as he has your ears locked into to a destination of peace and ever-lasting comfort that so many fail to see with their small-minded minds.

He knows that she believes in him and vice-versa, his mind is relaxed and their love is so real. This is the message of putting faith into those caring eyes that are interwoven so naturally, no matter how far your beating hearts are from each other.

Zon3‘ from the highly motivated and excuse-less South Carolina RnB/hip-hop artist Keylo Jsr, is a riveting display from an artist on a mission to let his girl know, that he is there for her no matter what. He refuses to let the distance get to him – as he flows with such a skilled ambiance – which has you overwhelmed at times by his smooth quality.

This is that get-into-the-vibe music which shows us a skilled emcee who has only used his past failures to enhance his life, not the opposite. Music heals all wounds after all.

Stream this single on Spotify and check out more visuals on his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Sound The Alert: Bolt Seminar bring back that excellent underground boom bap dystopian sound on ‘Gargle’

Bolt Seminar by Bolt Seminar

Taken off their special twelve-track spark of lightning into your sleepy soul that needed this mighty awakening, Bolt Seminar spray the truth all over our healing gums with the electric new single named ‘Gargle‘.

Bolt Seminar are a Dell Wells and John Sarastro combined Brooklyn and Zurich-based boom bap beat inspired duo of the highest quality imaginable. They fuse that wildly thoughtful music into your awaiting ears, which gives you a whole different perspective on the world as you see it currently.

We are your tour guides on this rollercoaster of sound and syllables. Dell Wells (emcee, singer, songwriter) from Brooklyn, NY and John Sarastro (producer, graphic artist) from Zurich, Switzerland. While paying homage to the glory days of hip hop, this international duo has conjured up a sound that can only be described as Dysotopian Dope“. ~ Bolt Seminar

You feel the swirling energy wrap vigorously around you, as you get so lost into this barrage of bars that smack the sense right back into your face, with a rampaging style which is so rare in modern day music that is hidden deeply into the underworld. The prolific storytelling is in mass abundance, the head-nodding ambiance is such a joyful wonder to all ears concerned.

Gargle‘ from the terrific Brooklyn/Zurich duo Bolt Seminar, is a cleverly-penned track that showcases such unbelievably creative rhymes that your favorite rapper wish they had even attempted to write. With a beat that punches a hole into the ceiling, this a track of immense skill which will leave you quite breathless.

This is up there with the best hip-hop tracks from 2021 without a shadow of a doubt – that certainly gives this at-times stale genre – a real wake-up call.

Stream this new single on their Bandcamp and check out the IG music page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

So Little Is Free: New York duo Astroblue Express remind us to stay innocent with ‘Cotton Candy Dreams’

Released as the 3rd song from their upcoming EP named ‘The Optimistic Traveler‘, Astroblue Express willingly take us for an exciting truth-filled journey to show us this money-grabbing world on ‘Cotton Candy Dreams‘.

Astroblue Express is an imagination-packed New York City-based husband and wife duo who also produce their own music. Their soundscape is a mixture of exciting cinematic music, dreamy freshly poured pop, busty blues, and experimental RnB.

Cotton Candy Dreams is about the universal desire to achieve a dream or a vision of how our lives should be, in a reality where our perception is inevitably distorted by all the media input we’re saturated in. It’s both optimistic and flawed, it’s about life in our era.” ~ Astroblue Express

On such a well-made music video which shows you where the signs are to hide from, you feel their unique style lather a thoughtful ambiance into your reflective mindset. The beat has you nodding along slowly, and this is such a terrific experience to remind yourself where your priorities should be.

Cotton Candy Dreams‘ from the New York City-based duo Astroblue Express, is a wonderfully expressive music video which shows us how consumerism can really bloat your mind into having things that you don’t really need. The world can be so free and innocent if you choose to ignore the noise, and keep your mind pure with those dreams you know are good for you. This is a superb reminder from a refreshingly self-aware duo – who know that its better to be happy without useless junk – sapping your straining wallet.

See this new music video on YouTube and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Want To Have Fun By Myself: JANEX needs to break from the toxic energies on ‘Dejame’

As she needs a break to replenish her tired smile after being closed up in an undesirable box for too long, JANEX looks for the exit from all the manipulative lies on her beautiful escape track called ‘Dejame‘.

JANEX is a sensationally multi-talented music producer, graphic designer and indie-pop singer-songwriter from New York City in the USA. She organically generates a vibe that is so tremendously pure – as her journey from indie-folk through electronica – makes her one of the most fascinatingly inventive artists around.

With a stunning vocal ability that is soft but clearly strong inside, she sends us such a terrific single that is mixed with some French to keep things international. Her real message is heard loud and clear, as she transfixes such an angelic energy, that has your delicate heart feeling so powerful again.

Dejame‘ from the wonderfully talented and always honest New York-based artist JANEX, is a vital journey to find that elusively hiding key to freedom, that you desperately need to get away from all those tensions and unhappiness. She sings with such a beautiful tone that is so clear and crisply textured – to help you gain the inner strength to climb away – even if you feel like you can’t. Letting go of the rope that is wrapping you to a place you loathe, is the only way to truly heal.

Hear this new track on Spotify and see more on her IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Maybe Its Me: New York pop-punk artist NB knows that the time to leave is now on ‘Breaking Bad’

As he fondly remembers when things were spark-filled and the caring love was so breathtaking, NB reflects on how that time has now passed by and its probably time to move away from this town as their memory makes him so sad on ‘Breaking Bad‘.

NB is a New York City-based indie pop-punk solo musician. He brings the fire on each track he makes and fuses that electric energy, to leave audiences enthralled with his vivid storytelling.

Filled with pain, broken hearts and non-justify love, his music is for sure something you would relate too.” ~ NB

His potent vocals flow through the broken window that was once looking so pretty, as the love drifted out unexpectedly and only brought in air of regret – with that heart-sore sadness – that needs to be replaced quickly.

The hauntingly familiar story floats vividly into your mind, as you wonder why the love faded so quickly on this sad breakup story. The powerfully-struck energy shows so much regret and is performed with such outstanding heart all the way through.

Breaking Bad‘ from the New York City-based solo indie pop-punk artist NB, shows us a talented soul who is feeling rather reflective after thinking back to this recent relationship. This is the striking moment when you hoped that they would come back, but instead moved on to someone else and this shatters your heart into two broken pieces.

Hear this fresh new track on Soundcloud and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Door Is Locked: Brooklyn’s monroe and she want to break free from this burning world on ‘Crash Over Me’

Taken off their unmistakable four-track debut EP called ‘White Hot Fire‘, monroe and she edge bravely towards the slippery waters edge to smartly get far away from the heat-filled world of fiery disillusionment on ‘Crash Over Me‘.

monroe and she is a Matt Monroe and Lea Leone-created Brooklyn, New York-based indie trip-hop duo who fuse in sensational shoegaze and dream-pop into their stupendous sound.

In spherical lightness, Lea Leone describes how the world burns, over a crashing guitar she sings how she can hardly breathe – only to then ask herself if that doesn’t simply mean to live.” – monroe and she

You feel their astonishing soundscape that feels like you are watching the world heat up with them, as they try and heal up our imagination with a carefully penned and totally captivating song for the ages, that is up there with the best of 2021. Being challenged daily seems to be the new normal when it shouldn’t, as they elegantly show us into their wildly creative consciousness.

Crash Over Me‘ from the Brooklyn-based indie monroe and she, is a quite magnificent display from a truly elite outfit who put on quite a remarkably transfixing performance. The beat is so terrifically crisp and spellbinding, her vocals strike vividly into your mind, as you are wrapped beautifully inside such a supremely stunning track.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more on their growing IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Take These Broken Wings And Learn To Fly: Lawrence Ryan releases sterling cover of The Beatles classic ‘Blackbird’ (Live)

With a terrific vocal ability and masterful guitar skills to match, Lawrence Ryan is highly impressive on his cover for The Beatles legendary single called ‘Blackbird’ (Live).

Lawrence Ryan is a soulful solo indie blues/rock singer-songwriter from Brooklyn in New York who now resides in New England. He is a skilled musician who has had experience in bands, but now performs solo.

After moving to New England, his songs and voice became the mainstay of several Northeast area bands. One of which was the blues/funk band Lux Radio. As lead singer and guitarist, he has opened for national acts such as Meatloaf and Cub Coda of
Brownsville Station.” ~ Lawrence Ryan

This is a song that was all about the U.S. race riots in mid-1968, that caused so much shock all over the world due to their intensity. The track is a metaphor of the struggle for the black civil rights movement and is sung with much vigor, from a singer who knows how important this release is.

Blackbird’ (Live) from the solo blues-filled New England songwriter Lawrence Ryan, shows us into a world that has come back after many years with tensions bursting underground, that have now surfaced into the forefront of television sets globally. He sings with a true sense of responsibility and this is a courageous effort from a quality musician.

Hear this audio on YouTube and see more of his journey via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

For Humankind: Buffalo gem Sara Elizabeth sings for the brave souls on terrific ‘Rational Anthem’

With a self-aware attitude that shows her incredible strength and inspiring resilience to survive anything that comes in her path, Sara Elizabeth sings with so much soul to unite us all on ‘Rational Anthem‘.

Sara Elizabeth is a deeply thoughtful Buffalo, New York-based indie alt-rock singer-songwriter and a proud graduate of a Bachelors in Music and Minor in Sound Design for Theatre from the University at Buffalo.

I wrote this song last year during a global pandemic, an election year, a time when fundamental truths began deepening the divisions in our country. “Rational Anthem” rephrases some familiar stanzas with one theme in mind – people over patriotism.” ~ Sara Elizabeth

You feel her superb tone shaking through the dust of your fragile speaker, her powerfully elegant voice is the whole package and shines through like a light at the end of a dark and dingy tunnel. If feels like she is in such inspired form here and performs with a delightful style, each word is meaningful and tremendously performed with complete love.

Rational Anthem‘ from the much-respected Buffalo, New York-based indie alt-rock singer-songwriter Sara Elizabeth, shows us her thoughts on a very touchy subject that has many people divided, when the USA needs to be more together than ever as it leads the world. After almost walking away from music a few years back as she felt so lost, thank goodness Sara kept her faith that she could she succeed.

This is a quality track that is such an enthralling listen and needs to be admired for its courageousness to speak up in this time of uncertain divisiveness, that must be conquered for the good of humankind.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see her moves on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen