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igor fused rhythmic ferocity and tender vulnerability in his alt-rock hit, My Own Way

Self-reservation cascaded away when igor stridently proclaimed, “The rumors are true – I just went insane”, in the opening lyric of his latest strident and evocatively raw single, My Own Way.

If people still held their lighters in the air, there are few better calls for an inferno of flame than this reclamation of the 00s alt-rock sound. After a short and sweet prelude, which could easily have given way to a Springsteen anthem, pop-punk signatures sink their teeth into the anthemic production that takes you on a cataclysmic ride through a confessional vignette of how much we give away to meet the expectations of someone that was inching away from us the entire time.

With guitar hooks as viscerally sharp as My Chemical Romance’s under igor’s engrossingly distinctive vocal lines, which refuse to forego authenticity for assimilation, My Own Way is a testament to the Ukraine-born, Russia-raised, NY-residing singer-songwriter and his determination to wear his heart on his sleeve.

While earworms that delve deep into scarred psyches to expose the commonalities of agony are a rarity, igor achieved all of that and more in the symbiosis of rhythmic ferocity and tender vulnerability in My Own Way.

My Own Way was officially released on December 1st; stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Looks at Me: Agaaze drops the groovy-lusciously sweet daydreaming gem Token Clown

Looking back at the sun with his windows down and the air flowing into his lungs rather wonderfully, Agaaze sparks up on his trip into a more content place to be enlightened inside on Token Clown.

Agaaze aka Agathya Visveswaran is an award-winning Rochester, New York-based indie multi-instrumentalist and music producer who is currently studying at the University of Michigan.

Featuring an array of psychedelic peaches to munch on with much vigour, Agaaze keeps things sky-gazing and might change moods around here. He makes punchy music you see. This is soul-boosting and with a style that is rather likeable.

Token Clown from the Rochester, New York-based indie multi-skilled musician Agaaze is a dreamy single to remember for days on end. The beat transports all ears in a memorable trance. that shall elucidate veins and surely convalesce wounds. There is so much to love about a release with a heart-healing aura and for this, we should be certainly thankful.

Turn this up on Spotify.

View more news on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Sandor Gavin borrowed from 80s synthpop pioneers in his captivatingly lush synthwave single, Ghost of a Memory ft Weldon

For his latest single, Ghost of a Memory, the Synthwave sensation, Sandor Gavin, borrowed the mesmeric vocal timbre of the featuring artist, Weldon, to leave the airwaves awash with nostalgia, emotion, and captivatingly lush melodies.

There is a strange assumption amongst artists and producers that when summer hits everyone is drunk on love and desperate to hear anthems which capture the euphoria of lust. Thankfully, Sandor Gavin injected realism into his latest synthwave crusade to help his audience through the minefield of lost love and shattered dreams.

The relatability of his crushed romanticism does so much more than just scratch at the surface of superficiality. Everything within Ghost of a Memory runs deep, from the basslines to the ennui to the reverberant hums emanating from the vocals, ensuring that the bitter-sweet release hits all the right marks.

Ghost of a Memory hit the airwaves on June 16; stream it on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

I Slide: Queens rapper ptmWOK cruises away from those tapped lines on ZOOM

With dope production, illuminating visuals and a massively likeable flow, ptmWOK is in no mood to get caught up in easily avoidable moments which could end the good times forever on his latest video, ZOOM.

ptmWOK is a Queens, New York-based indie Latin-American rapper who has the cool smokey style which puts hairs up on the back of many spines and shows us what the underground sounds like right now.

Teaching the youth how to rap with a decompressed but effective technique, ptmWOK drops the mic of anyone who is doubting. Sending our minds into a flurry of emotions, we find a real emcee who is only improving his craft and straying far from flimsy click-bait fads. This is adult rap to look introspectively into you see.

ZOOM from Queens, New York-based indie Latin-American rapper ptmWOK is a supremely confident song to delve deeper into the mindset of a real visionary. Avoiding the lame wackness which is sadly in abundance and straying away from the common songs which will never be timeless, this is a reminder that proper lyricism is alive and well.

If you love underground hip-hop with significance, turn it up and forget the rest.

Check out this Flushing Meadows-shot video on YouTube.

Follow him further on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Nice and Juicy: FLIPPIN’ GOTHIC FABP munches on that appetising fruit with, HOW I EAT A MANGO

Taking another bite and loving each second no matter who is watching, FLIPPIN’ GOTHIC FABP knows that its definitely time to taste each fibre of one of the most mouthwatering treats in the entire world on the hugely enjoyable lesson for us all on how to appreciate a treat, HOW I EAT A MANGO.

FLIPPIN’ GOTHIC FABP (formally known as Fabp aka Fabpz the Freelancer) is a Jamaica Queens, New York-based hip-hop artist who loves his tracks laced by the crew at X-Calade Promotionz.

Sizzling with intent and educating us all about what is possible if enough care and precision are projected, FLIPPIN’ GOTHIC FABP will entertain many with this raw track to turn up rather loud.

HOW I EAT A MANGO from Jamaica Queens, New York-based hip-hop creative FLIPPIN’ GOTHIC FABP is an underground lesson on how to relish something so scrumptious, lives are changed from the first bite. Made with true fondness and dropping fire for us to lacerate into, this is the kind of single to play loud and with lips licking in anticipation.

Just let him eat in peace.

Check out this new music video on his YouTube page.

Check out this top-notch single on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Let Me Make You Smile: Chuck Starr finds the missing love on Swipe Right

Taken directly via the debut album called Love Math, Chuck Starr has unearthed a new love for us to be encouraged by in such an ignore-me-now world with an absolute gem called Swipe Right.

Chuck Starr is a Columbus, Ohio-born New York-based indie RnB-influenced pop singer-songwriter who loves to invoke deep emotions to enthrall all listeners deep inside.

Leaving his audiences with lasting impressions of happiness, love, and joy after every show, Starr easily gained popularity through social media following and expanded his fan base internationally.” ~ Chuck Starr

As he lights up the stage and causes blushes to emerge from the crowd, Chuck Starr is so fantastic on Swipe Right and might cause romantic moods to reappear.

Swipe Right from Columbus, Ohio-born New York-based indie RnB-influenced pop singer-songwriter Chuck Starr is a hand-holding kinda track for those who have felt so lonely and out of love. There is pure calmness here in droves, leading us into a romantic embrace like no other.

Sung with a tremendous tone and bringing us hope, this is a slow dance single to glide with all night.

Turn this up loud on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

If Only For This Moment: Autrige Nyemah Dennis looks for that eternal love on Will You Marry Me (Party Mix)

Hearing yes and feeling so much care and love for this special moment, Autrige Nyemah Dennis feels the passion flow through like a stream in the ocean on the romantic wonder that is Will You Marry Me (Party Mix).

Autrige Nyemah Dennis is a Monrovia, Liberia-raised New York-based indie pop singer-songwriter, music producer, writer and owner/senior patent illustrator at

Since 2007, Autrige has worked with many inventors, patent law firms and companies around the world. ASCADEX and Autrige Dennis are highly recommended by leading IP law blogs such as IPWatchdog and media outlets like Verizon News.
Autrige holds one U.S. Utility Patent for a unique product that was illustrated using the same techniques he uses to prepare clients’ drawings.” ~ Autrige Nyemah Dennis

Superb to the core and giving us all so much more to live for, Autrige Nyemah Dennis is the kind of creative soul who is making music for love. Self-produced and brimming with quality, this is a romantic love letter to cherish.

Will You Marry Me (Party Mix) from Monrovia, Liberia-raised New York-based indie pop singer-songwriter Autrige Nyemah Dennis is a stunning soundtrack for all the lovers out there in the world. This is the type of song which will sweep many off their feet, and take us all into a much better world packed with kisses and hope.

Turn this up on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

On My Rooftop: Graztopia is the underrated storyteller the world needs to hear on Nocturnal Lullaby

Nocturnal Lullaby-Single by Graztopia

Looking deeply at the moon and showing us a mesmerizing vibe which is rather soothing on our creaking bones, Graztopia performs with so much love on this sleepless night conquering wonder called Nocturnal Lullaby.

Graztopia is an experienced and proudly original New York, USA-based 1-man-band/looper that loves to fuse alternative psychedelic folk, rock and jazz.

Drawing from a large repertoire of original songs mixed with unique renditions of cover songs, no setlist is ever the same, making every Graztopia show its own unique live experience. As a live-looping artist songs are often segued together creating a seamless improvisation/jams/soundscapes in between songs.” ~ Graztopia

Surging through with a natural sound which is totally authentic, Graztopia is one of the most spiritually aware musicians in the world. With lyrics to learn from and stories to enjoy for all ages, this is a truly top-tier release for the soulful who are looking for a new hero to believe in.

Nocturnal Lullaby from New York, USA-based 1-man-band Graztopia is one of those join-with-me anthems which are usually hidden in the underground. Showing us why he is so highly regarded, we find a simply exceptional single to delve deeply into as our hearts flutter in excitement.

With a delightful melody and wondering where the sleep is coming from, we find a cruising song which will make many tap their feet in unison.

Turn this up on Bandcamp.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

If You Don’t Know: Binary Z drops no games track Devil’s Advocate (prod. Bloom)

Gripping through the mood-assisting spliff and feeling like things are turning heavy and cold outside, Binary Z will never hide and has chosen to move away from evil small-minded fools on Devil’s Advocate (prod. Bloom).

Binary Z aka Aziz Urrutia is a 27-year-old Westbrookville, New York-based indie hip-hop artist who is the kind of underground warrior who sends shivers inside the mind of most listeners.

My mind, soul, heart, sweat, and tears are what created this album and I hope that you guys feel and relate to my emotions.” ~ Binary Z

Revealing the sound of our skittish generation with a lost soul message which too many humans have felt in recent times, Binary Z tells it how it really is. Establishing distance to those who have let down a torched heart in the past, we find a proper ear-stinger amongst the jellyfish.

Devil’s Advocate (prod. Bloom) from Westbrookville, New York-based indie hip-hop artist is a monumental statement from a tortured soul who is in no mood to mess around. This is an underground track for those who love to claw deeper to a niche sound which will resonate with anyone who is tired of being thrown the fire.

This is the underdog message. Inside a world which will give many shivers as this is real life and not a movie.

Listen up on SoundCloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

After School: Mattelight remembers those fun Tony Hawk times

With massive inspiration from the classic Tony Hawk Pro Skater game, Mattelight jams with youthful delight to savour on the superb new single to grind with, Tony Hawk.

Mattelight aka Matthew Parker is a New Paltz, New York-based indie rock project who loves to bring laughs and nostalgia to our lives at each possible opportunity.

Taken from the 12-track release from 2019, Greatest Hits!, Mattelight ramps us back to an innocent time with introspective lyrics, a likeable video and ear-hugging vocals to stir that passion from within. If you like music to take all worries away, this is the perfect tonic.

Tony Hawk from New Paltz, New York-based indie rock solo singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Mattelight is a refreshingly honest story about how life flips around so quickly. Showing love for his mates and those fun times munching snacks and playing a classic video game, we are thrilled to the core by a catchy song which will get many feet tapping nostalgically.

See this funny music video on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen