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Irish singer-songwriter Eiza Murphy is effortlessly incredible on her new single ‘Black Hole’

Eiza Murphy is effortlessly incredible on her new indie-pop single ‘Black Hole‘, her voice transfixes all of your senses.

Eiza Murphy is a conscious artist from Cork in luscious Ireland. After moving to the big lights of New York when she was 15 to study, she learnt what she needed and then came back to the UK. Living in busy London from 2018, she has performed all over the city and has big plans. With lots of radio play, she is on a mission to get her vibrant music out there.

Black Hole‘ from Eiza Murphy is a cinematic masterpiece from all angles of view. The sounds are so well put together, the production matches her voice so well and you can’t help but smile. This is the type of musician that is around but you have to do a bit of digging to find gemstones like this. This is music from an upcoming series or movies surely, the beauty is for all to see and enjoy. The Irish singer is an act to keep a very close eye on,

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‘Ghost Town’ from MikePowerNYC is a real story about the world and the damage caused by humans

New single ‘Ghost Town‘ from MikePowerNYC is a real story about the world and the damage caused by humans and terrible decisions.

New York City-based Mike had to play some slide guitar because has unfortunately ripped open his finger, running it up the neck. Adversity sometimes leads to opportunity due to the ghostly sound of the slide with harmonics interwoven. Sometimes things go wrong but that is actually leading you into the right path. This is a great story about how a song was made and this insight is brilliant.

MikePowerNYC sings with such passion and grit, he is a fine singer with real stories on ‘Ghost Town‘. The world is in a strange place and it’s a scary place. This is a man who performs for the art, he loves music and this is his message to the rest of the globe. He is honest and for that, we need to listen. This is a rare indie real gem of music, sounds that show a growing frustration to the world. This is a wise poet who sings with meaning.

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NYC band Lower Power are fully-charged on ‘All About Me’

Lower Power charge in with the politically aware new Rock banger called ‘All About Me‘.

New York City band Lower Power rages with fire and self-confessed wild and honest abandon. They speak on the important topics that usually get brushed under the carpet. Issues like gun violence, mental health, war, status of women, the rise to power of evil people that take over with their greedy style are all mentioned here. This is a video that cuts into the real problems that modern day society face, both in the USA and the world.

The story goes that the band came together when Pat met Jon and Ben playing at an 80’s Karaoke gig. Singing at the top of the lungs I’m sure as they are all passionate music fans, first and foremost. Pat asked them if they’d like to play in a punk rock band. they said yes. Pat met Konrad at a bar where he was playing a country gig and asked him if he wanted to play in a punk band. He said yes and the rest as they say, is history. They had two 2 hour rehearsals a month apart. The band went into Konrad’s and recorded the basic tracks in just 4 hours. This shows how energetic the band is and they wanted their music out there as soon as possible to spread their message, far and wide.

Lower Power rock out with the best intentions on their new single ‘All About Me‘. Their video and song strikes a topic that we all need to be aware about.

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Brooklyn emcee JLA strides on the scene with ‘I Love That’

JLA cruises through with his lyrically-excellent new track ‘I Love That‘.

Asian-American artist, born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. JLA discovered his love for music early in his years of adolescence as it brought emotions that later inspired him to tell his story through songwriting.

”My first ever completed project, this means a lot to me. I’ve always struggled to complete songs just because I didn’t believe in myself enough. I’m glad I did this time. I have so much planned and I can’t wait for the rest of the world to see it.”- so are we JLA, this is super dope.

With a tight flow and a consistent delivery, this is a efficient like Uber Eats. Your taste-buds are happy and ‘I Love That‘ from JLA is a welcome addition to 2020’s Hip Hop discography. From the bouncy piano beats that blast us up and into a better place. This is an artist who has found his voice and is making best use of it.

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Lil Simba rolls in with honest picture of life on ‘Vibes’

Lil Simba is a rising New York based rapper/singer who is back with his new trap-infused track called ‘Vibes‘.

Far Rockaway in Queens was the birthplace of this young talented emcee that has since moved to Long Island. Lil Simba is 17 years old and is a fast-rising rapper in this crowded genre. He has a melodic flow that is soothing to the ears and you can see that he is influenced by artists such as Lil Baby and Post Malone. The sound of the new school that is so popular right now.

Vibes‘ from Lil Simba is a vibe that is so chilled and has been made to be enjoyed with friends. There is a peaceful tone and it’s nice to hear an emcee that isn’t trying to brag or flex too much. This is a promising emcee with a Hip Hop flow that is riding the wave of the reborn New York music scene. This is the sound of 2020.

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NYC 6 Piece Instrumental group Bombzr jazz our senses on ”Epic”

Bombzr are a 6 Piece Jazzy-soul Instrumental group from New York City who choose not to use vocals. They are back with their new song that is called ”Epic”.

Epic” is a journey of fun with our senses. The jazzy infusion is like having a fruity smoothie on a boiling hot summer’s day. Your body feels fresh and ready to take on anything. This NYC group take us back to the old school days on this one and I love the instrumental variety that is in Bombzr’s music arsenal.

Bombzr shine on ”Epic”. This is a tight group who somehow fuse Trumpets, Synths, Saxes, Talkbox, Keyboards, Guitar and Bass. These supremely talents musicians give us an epic performance with their funky soul style that is jazzy all the way through. The New York group give 2020 a happy smile with this new single.

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NY artist Zach Zafuto sings into our hearts with ”Break My Heart”

Orchard Park, New York is the home of singer-songwriter Zach Zafuto and he is back with his 2nd single ”Break My Heart”. This is a fabulous song that that propels the young artist up the ranks of musicians in his genre.

Zach Zafuto is a singer-songwriter from Buffalo in New York State. He began performing live around town at various restaurants and bars, singing cover songs. In 2019 he began working with producers and other songwriters releasing his first single “One Plus One” a few months ago.

The US singer is on top form for this one and he sings with such heart and passion. This is a Pop-R&B heartbreak track of epic proportions. Zach is so in love but ”Break My Heart” is about someone that clearly feeling the pain from being let down badly. You know that the time is done but you are powerless to do anything. The time for healing has begun.

Stream this new fresh track here on Soundcloud.

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Ry sends us post-covid inspiration with real ”Talking To Myself”

Ry Lee is an artist-producer from Binghamton in the United States. He dances his way onto the floor with ”Talking To Myself”. This is an 80’s inspired journey from soul, funk back to electronica.

The mysterious producer and engineer from NY is here with a brand new song that spikes our interest in earth travelling waves. Ry has a style that is a truly intriguing edm song that fills our speakers and marshal’s a return to the dance floor. Soon. In the meantime we can play this loud and send it to many a friend.

Talking To Myself” is a fabulous release from Ry who is a fantastic young artist who is on the way to fitting heights with his smooth edm style. This is a well-done song that has been playing in my ears again and again. This artist has reached the end of the line with lockdown and is starting to get tired of being at home. He misses the conversations of real humans.

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”Come With Me” is J.Roze at his finest on R&B latest single

J.Roze is a young R&B artist who has just dropped the party banger ”Come With Me” that illuminates that current late night vibe.

Omar Langshaw, formally known as J. Roze is a smooth Indie Pop artist from South Jamaica, New York in the USA. Jamaican culture has fired his passion, love and thirst to learn all about music. From the age of 15, J. Roze’s curiosity to know more about creating music and perfecting his sound led him to find a loyal group of creative artists that showed him how to record and produce music to a high standard. This push to go solo has clearly fired up this young artist to get his name out there and create.

J.Roze has a kind of energy that shines here and I like ”Come With Me”. This is all about the girl that you care for but she doesn’t want to commit just right now. This is a tough experience and you look out for her but she is so carefree and in her own bubble. ”Come With Me” is a fine release from J.Roze.

Stream the new song right here on Spotify.

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New York band Nick Sumner & The Assistance give us real life advice on ”Look Out Below”

Nick Sumner & The Assistance are a singer-songwriter rock band and they add a terrific song to calm the fires of 2020 with ”Look Out Below”.

The New York-based rock trio comprises three totally different musicians who fuse together like ice cream and swimming on a hot day. The band have extensive experience on different platforms-from MTV’s TRL in Times Square to the Hammerstein Ballroom and everywhere in between.

Look Out Below” is all about realizing that what you have always wanted was right in front of your eyes all along. Just going for it is the mantra here and not doubting yourself if you feel that it’s right in your heart. This is a really true story and an attitude that we should all follow. How do you know unless you try?

Nick Sumner & The Assistance have a great flow together as they join forces joyfully here on ”Look Out Below. This is a band with a real message and you can feel their authenticity vibrate through the guitars

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