R&B Pop Artist Char Is Set to Release Her Latest Single “Control”

London-based R&B Soul artist Char is set to release her second single “Control”, and we can assuredly let you know it’s an offering of irresistibly mellifluous urban Pop rhythm. With Control, the up and coming artist has created a cathartically progressive hit which will hook you from the first velvety vocal notes

Control kicks off with a cathartically ambient prelude before evolving into a fiery R&B Pop mix following the infectiously empowering chorus. Yet, the production on the single means that no matter how much energy has been thrown into the mix, it never loses its succinctly sweet feel. Furthermore, there’s a palpable depth in the lyrics which you won’t find all too often within contemporary R&B.

Control is due for release on November 1st.  You can catch it by heading over to Char’s SoundCloud page where you’ll also be able to check out her debut single “Find Me Dub”.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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