Sydney-based DJ/music producer ZUSO is quite majestic on his 3rd single, ‘Daydream’

After helping us fly over the rugged mountains on his 2nd release named ‘Atlas‘, ZUSO oozes class on the latest track from this rising talent that shall guide you into the crisp waters of the peaceful ocean with, ‘Daydream‘.

ZUSO is a scintillating Gabriel Cuenca-created Sydney, Australia-based indie electronic artist/DJ who pulsates our throbbing veins with the type of anthems that shall warm the insides of your soul.

The remainder of 2022 will see Zuso continue to expand his release catalog and flourishing support nationally and internationally, in addition to building on his live performances and headline shows.” ~ ZUSO

With a particularly clean sound that seems to pack a real punch of love and gets you into the zone to achieve anything you want, ZUSO washes away all self-doubts with an exquisite performance that shall hug your speakers in expert fashion.

Daydream‘ from Sydney, Australia-based indie electronic artist/DJ ZUSO is a comprehensively astonishing anthem for summer. It’s rich in terrific textures, packed with enlightening exuberance and features some of the most soul-healing ambiences you are likely to hear this year. This is an extremely exciting artist at work who only seems to make hits, that seems to have the masterful skills needed to help us all forget those pesky and tiring worries.

Listen to this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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