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Annava & Calmea delivered a hypersonic K-Pop/Hip-Hop mash-up with their infectiously fresh single, PARALLEL WORLDパラレルワールド

For his latest single, PARALLEL WORLDパラレルワールド, the US record producer and DJ Annava fused his beats with the razor-sharp bars of rapper Calmea to orchestrate a hypersonic earworm drenched in infectiously fresh K-Pop flavour. The distinction within the production was all too fitting with the titular theme; within parallel worlds, few things are completely uniform; this is inventively visualised within the arrangement and the authenticity of the track.

With Annava’s discography delivering everything from happy hardcore to hyper pop, the unleashing of PARALLEL WORLDパラレルワールド was an unexpected move, but one which notably resonated with his growing fanbase who can’t tear themselves away from the energy he brings to every release. By blending exhilaration with melodic precision, the up-and-coming artist is making a name for himself on the airwaves and beyond.

PARALLEL WORLDパラレルワールド is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Don’t you tie me Down: OCILIO drops ear-opening debut track Give Me Light

Tired of being left in the dark and feeling so cold for far too long, OCILIO needs his bones to recover from all past pain via the body-grooving new single to be enthralled by, Give Me Light.

OCILIO is a Mykonos, Greece-born, Canada-based indie electronic music producer and chill house artist who assembles the kind of songs that will beam a smile on previously miserable faces.

Taking us by our hand and guiding us into a much better time and place, OCILIO has superpowers that will surely enchant everyone who takes a worthwhile listen. This is a special soundtrack which is worthy of all playlists.

Give Me Light from the Canada-based electronic music producer OCILIO is such a massive song that is monumental in nature and important in context. This is the kind of single to change moods around and strike away any frightening energy, which needs to be vanquished forever.

If you need the pulse to wake up again, this is the single you needed.

Hear the vibe manifest on Spotify.

See more of his energy come to life on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Malta’s Stanley Fenech shall summon our pool-splashed spirits with Summer Time

Showing us all that 50 is the new 20, Stanley Fenech is in a happy mood and guides us deep into a much more fulfilled place with the sun-soaked ray of sunshine that is his Summer Time.

Stanley Fenech is a Malta-born electronic music producer and multi-instrumentalist who grew up in the classical music world through his family and has constantly evolved throughout his career.

Summer Time from Malta-born electronic music producer Stanley Fenech is a calming single with minimal fuss. That’s the point it appears. This is for all the humans in the world who want to forget about their lives. Splashing around is the aim. Experimental you’d say. There’s something rather joyous about this song and it might even swap a frown into a smile.

In a dark time for humanity, perhaps this will ease the worries away into the bottom of the swimming pool.

Turn this up on Spotify.

Find out more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Where they Gone: KNARS sees the bankers laughing on the most important single of 2023 called World is Burning

Telling us all the facts inside the cruel world of politics and banking which seems designed to hurt those who need money the most, KNARS boils our feelings and shall summon an energy which opens up those wounds which many are still healing from on the epic new single, World is Burning.

Created by the Dutch lyricist, music producer and filmmaker, Martijn Holtslag, KNARS is a massively reputable musician who has shown us his deepest frustrations on this memorable experience.

He shows us what is really happening. In raw detail. Wow. This is surely one of the most revealing tracks made this year. Or ever. KNARS is his name. Respect has been gained. It takes a  lot of gusto to tell it like this. He’s not wrong, is he?

World is Burning from the Dutch indie electronic/hip-hop fusion artist KNARS might rocket a vibe of eye-opening proportions beneath all listeners. Golly gosh this is an instant classic right?

With a beat so catchy and lyrics to wake up the sleepy..or tired..we are thrilled to the core on this brilliant single to play until the world does finally sizzle into nothingness.

See this fine music video on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

If It Bothers You: Alien Al and the Juperoids ride inside the hot beat on Queer Anthem

Wondering what the vibe is and mounting the ride just at the right time, Alien Al and the Juperoids open up our minds with the authentic single which will make many eager and others totally flabbergasted with the Queer Anthem.

Alien Al and the Juperoids is a high-tempo indie pop/electronic band that loves to take charge of the moment and make some delightfully punchy and fun music to hold hands with during those frigid nights.

Known best for their massive debut single called Probe, Alien Al and the Juperoids are in shirt-tearing form and shall startle many birds with this exhilarating anthem for those who are looking for new heroes to believe in. Conducted by their fearless leader Alyx Nazir, this is a stomach healing track to munch on rather merrily.

Queer Anthem from the thrilling pop/electronic band Alien Al and the Juperoids is the kind of song that could inspire anxious humans to express themselves. In a world that often judges without knowledge, this is a reminder that music with substance is always welcome.

Hear this proud new single on YouTube.

See more of the vision on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Fade Away: Amanthi Beam helps us remember the precious moments of innocence on Mama

Inspired by her daughter and glistening with joy on this gorgeous single which helps everyone who has felt rather low in this savage climate, Amanthi Beam transmits the purest form of music possible on the sure-fire must-listen for a lost generation on Mama.

Amanthi Beam is an emerging multi-instrumentalist and electronic music producer who is on a mission to do what she loves and stay in a healthy mindset despite the worries of the world.

I’ve struggled a lot with depression and suicide as a teen. I consider myself very lucky to be alive still.” ~ Amanthi Beam

Taking us on a majestic voyage and illuminating through the darkness, Amanthi Beam is quite extraordinary inside this excellent song which will make many sad hearts smile again. Delighting throughout, this is a tremendous song to praise for its core beauty.

Mama from multi-instrumentalist and electronic music producer Amanthi Beam is a total gem which deserves as much love as possible. Hurtling us through the galaxy and sending us a massive lift into a happier place, we find a tremendously precise single to play on loud.

Listen up on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

EONE X MARAM fly into unimaginable places so high in the sky on TEMPERED

Featuring vocals from Bahraini soul artist MARAM, EONE X MARAM‘s TEMPERED is a rather delightful statement to plunge into with much mass appeal and lip-licking delight and one to get soulfully excited about.

EONE is a Brighton-based electronic music producer, DJ and music lecturer who is known best for his performances at the legendary Ministry of Sound nightclub and radio all over the world.

With the ability to enhance any bass-heavy music style with his unique sound, Eone has become seen as one of the leading lights across the UK’s experimental Neogrime and Wave scene. Right off the bat from his Los Angeles debut for Tears in the Club, he has been securing prime-time DJ slots and last year played at Brussels and Prague shortly after. He has also just played his first-ever headline show in Budapest.” ~ EONE

EONE X MARAM‘s TEMPERED is one of those masterpieces which are rarer than the most exotic diamond. Feeling the energy and taking us to an extraordinary place to treasure no matter the weather is the mission, which has been skillfully navigated like an inspirational captain of the seas.

TEMPERED from Brighton-based electronic music producer/DJ EONE X MARAM is one of the most spectacular songs around right now and deserves to be on everyone’s mind. Thundering in with a heavy beat and so much intrigue, we find a rather stunning song to get thrilled about all night with the pj’s stretched to the max.

There are dreamy melodies to get involved inside like a night out on the town, that shall stay soaked into the mind forever.

Turn up loud on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

CMD’s ‘Wasted Time (The Big Sexy Mix)’: An Electronic Odyssey of Captivating Images and Infectious Beats

Chronic Mood Disorder’s “(It’s Not) Wasted Time (The Big Sexy Mix)” is a deliciously catchy and upbeat electronic song that is sure to get you moving. The song is a true earworm, with its infectious rhythm and perfectly executed vocals. JC Paul’s production skills are on full display, as the song’s many elements blend seamlessly together to create a cohesive and engaging sonic experience.

The music video for the song is just as captivating as the music itself, featuring a range of visually stunning and thought-provoking images that are sure to leave a lasting impression. From start to finish, the video perfectly complements the energy and mood of the song, making for a truly immersive and enjoyable experience.

As a musical project, Chronic Mood Disorder is a true gem. With influences ranging from ELO and Queen to disco and 80’s synth pop, the music of CMD is a unique and exciting blend of different genres and styles. It’s clear that JC Paul is a talented songwriter and producer, and the many amazing vocalists he has engaged for the project only serve to enhance the already impressive quality of the music.

Overall, “(It’s Not) Wasted Time (The Big Sexy Mix)” is an absolute joy to listen to and watch. With its infectious energy, catchy melody, and stunning visuals, it’s a true masterpiece that deserves to be heard and appreciated by music fans everywhere. Be sure to check out Chronic Mood Disorder’s website and social media channels for more great music!

Good Head: Astrotrain feels the previous romance collapsing on Dead Weight

Taken straight off the newly minted 3-track EP called Lilium, Astrotrain feels the wrath of someone who wants access without actually doing anything on Dead Weight.

Created by Jørgen Tonvang, Astrotrain is a Norwegian electronic house/techno music producer who makes the kind of dynamic releases which will warm up even the coldest souls.

My goal for this track was to take the listener on a journey where the soundscapes and melodies combine with the vocals to create an experience that you want to return to many times.” ~ Astrotrain

Simply superb. Astrotrain rails up our minds and turns up the speed on this quality song made for cinematic use. This is an outstanding song which will inspire many to rid themselves of something which isn’t real anymore.

Dead Weight from Norwegian electronic house/techno music producer Astrotrain is a breaking-away-from-someone-who-didn’t-care-enough message and anthem. Layered with so many intricacies and pushing the highest standard possible, we find something rather special.

Pulling off the plastic which isn’t helping growth, this is a rather tremendous single worthy of any playlist.

Listen up on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Chxmist drops an instant electronic classic to turn up all night called Rather Be

Seducing our inner party mode with punchy electronic drum lines to start the weekend with, Chxmist does his hometown of Dublin rather proud with a rather excellent soundtrack for summer on Rather Be.

Chxmist (pronounced chemist) is a Manchester-based project formed by the exceptional electronic producer and DJ Conor Barry.

Pitched vocals and garage grooves complete the sound forged from an ambient project birthed during the national lockdown of 2020.” ~ Chxmist

Scintillating with an assortment of delightfully crisp and saucy music to get enthusiastic about, Chxmist demonstrates so much quality in boatloads as we feel happy and free-flowing excellence to munch on for hours on end here.

Rather Be from Manchester-based electronic music producer and DJ Chxmist is a rocket-fueled mission that Elon Musk might listen to. This is a superbly lit experience which didn’t need too many vocals. Each ear shall feel thunderbolt stuff from a hearty meal of a song that shall change moods and get many dance fans excited. For good reason too.

This is addictive music which will get the body moving. Turn it up.

Listen up on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen