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Keep your friends close and enemies closer: ‘Living in fear of’ by Ammar shows his self-awareness with those around him

The energetic  and sweaty start catches your attention right away. We are quickly drawn in deep by these creatively amazing sounds, and wonder what is in store next. Ferociously fast vocals then blend into the Electronic-Hip Hop track with much bluster and energy, this is a dazzling daze of a single made with intentions to prove yourself right. Ammar shows his frustration with those petty and small minded folk that don’t understand his journey on ‘Living in fear of‘.

With an assortment of genres that mesh quite nicely into a quick-fire track with meaning, this is about about spending too much energy on those people that love to bring you down in life. This is a sad occurrence but one that you can grow from, and learnt to deal with, despite how petty it is.

The supremely edgy sound is so fiery and gets you in the mood to deal with some negative humans, that you are completely sick of. The rap style is layered with the electronic vibes that is drummed so enthusiastically, and this is such a true message, sung and rapped with reckless abandon.

This firecracker fuse is lit so brightly and the sparks are all over the place to make this such an entertaining listen. The passion is so catchy and cool, the song is less than two minutes and you will remember this all day.

Ammar opens the book into his vivid world with so much appeal on ‘Living in fear of’. This is a lesson to us all to brush away of all those that want to ruin your vibe, this is your life and you want to be happy as that is all that matters. Not the thoughts of small minded people, who don’t get what you are trying to achieve.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


That love you can’t get enough of: ‘Without You’ from Matru is filled with electric energies of fascinating wonder

The soothingly subtle yet electric beat that fascinates the mind rather suddenly, is thrust before us. The magnetically charged Indie Electro-Pop feel gives you a comforting but sad feeling, as you get the picture here of troubled love. German producer/singer Matru is here with his new single called ‘Without You‘ and you will be transported into a wave-pool of emotions rather quickly.

His vocals strike you like a bolt of electricity in the system, the passion is so vividly expressed with a voice that means each word. This is about that love that you can’t get enough of, you want them to stay even though these times are so tough presently. The story of wanting them to stay is apparent, and the pure beat keeps your interested ears wide open, your eyes are open to hear more, and your thoughts go to that love you couldn’t get enough of.

With a stunning vocal experience that is so real and poignant, this is an Indie Electro-Pop journey that will awaken your senses and put perspective in your life. The possible heartbreak could be looming and this is journey of realizing what you really want is so clear to hear, the vision of that special love that you crave so much, that could be lost forever.

Matru opens up his heart on ‘Without You‘ and has sent us a song that is so relevant and makes think of past love. This is music to hold that special one close with, and to hope that you two can always be together, no matter obstacles block your love.

Hear this riveting new single on his Spotify and see more on Facebook, IG and Youtube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Music that heals the heart: Gjermund Wien is so tremendous on debut song ‘True Companion’

Taken off the recently released debut EP ‘Electric Fire’, this is a hauntingly real single full of an authentic energy, that passes in our ears piece by piece, lyric by lyric, to give us a warm embrace from this traumatic year of mostly sad solitude. Norwegian compassion is on full display here thanks to the new soulful singer-songwriter Gjermund Wien on ‘True Companion‘.

His voice lifts the mood as you get lost in the natural style that he possesses. A new musician to the scene, the freshness is so pleasant to see as he sings with such thoughtfulness. This is an artist who has been waiting for the right moment to send his music out to the world for manifestation, his humble artwork is vividly appreciated as you feel his true intentions which is to make music, that helps heal the wounded souls out there in the world.

The care that this musician has taken to move the audience is so cinematic and you feel like this is music that is perhaps ahead of its time. To truly comprehend its beauty, one needs to close their eyes and imagine floating in the sky, looking for that true love for your heart.

Gjermund Wien is a step above on the Electro-fused ‘True Companion‘ and this is a welcome listen to remind us to never give up on searching for that happy feeling, that holds your very being together.

Hear this new peaceful single on his Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Music to get weird with: Bahbiss Cobb drops mysteriously exciting ‘Feeling Loopy’

Moonpie and Yum Yum by Bahbiss Cobb

With a fascinating start with many layers in intrinsic electronic sounds to wet the thirsty pallet, the gorgeous groove is soon woven into your tired brain and you enthusiastically gaze, and wonder out loud what this is all about. You like the vibe and close your eyes, forgetting all worries for a few minutes. Michigan’s Bahbiss Cobb are back with an EDM single to help us alleviate current life stress on ‘Feeling Loopy‘.

Bahbiss Cobb is the electronic music project of Eric Curry, and this style was made by mistake which makes it even better to listen to. Sometimes you greatest mistakes turn into your greatest wins, life is strange like that sometimes.

The thudding bass bellows through into your earlobes like a sudden thunderbolt as you get into the galaxy-gazing melody of this mysterious wonderland of a fantastically flavored juicy song. The concept is quite awe-inspiring as you get lost in the wormhole that has been created for us to enjoy with friends- who appreciate electronic sounds of splendor.

Feeling Loopy‘ is that song to get a bit weird to, to explore the mind and stare at the stars to and dance all night with. Alongside good friends, speakers alert and ready for the incredible busty beat that traps you in and won’t let go. Michigan’s Bahbiss Cobb found this style while making other types of music and for that, we are truly blessed. Music is all about creating your own lane, not following anyone else’s.

Turn off your worries via this song on Bandcamp and find out more about this electric act on Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Velvet Shakes – WORLD: Ensnaring Indie Electro Pop

Velvet Shakes

Manchester’s most frenetic Indie Electro act, Velvet Shakes, is set to drop their geography-transcending galvanising track, WORLD. If any new release is going to leave you itching to hit a dancefloor, it’s this one.

The sonic energy is only paralleled by their eclectic ingenuity which pulls in elements of Indie, Disco, Psych, Electro Pop and House. With vibrant Indie guitar licks which soar across a kaleidoscopic tonal palette interlacing with synapse-ticking synths and disco grooves, you’d need to be classed as clinically deceased not to get ensnared with the entrancing rhythms in WORLD.

You’ll have to wait a little longer before you can check out WORLD for yourselves. In the meantime, you can check out their former releases via SoundCloud.

Stay up to date with new releases via Facebook. You’ll definitely want them on your radar for when they’re able to tear up festival stages and live venues once more.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


‘Hope in the Dark’ from Hartford’s Dean Frost is a song all about staying positive no matter what

Hope in the Dark‘ from Hartford’s Dean Frost is a song all about staying positive no matter what the detour you take in this crazy world. This is a fun electro-pop track that simmers with hot beats to keep us entertained.

Hartford, Connecticut singer/producer Dean Frost is a poet who used his music gifts to inspire others as the summer beat really gets your feet tapping in delight. The vocal delivery is quite flawless and this is such an enjoyable ride that is of majestic quality. The added raps make it even better and shows the multi-talented ability.

You find hope in every situation and you never give up, no matter what. Giving up just isn’t in your dictionary as you keep pushing hard, doing what you love.

With influences such as Logic and The Chainsmokers, you can get an idea of what type of artist Dean is. Previously performing under the alias The American Boys, this is a supremely create musician who likes to make happy music for fans to enjoy.

Dean Frost is back in a big way on Hope in the Dark‘ as he stimulates the speakers with a sultry effort that is like giving your ears a high-5.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Manif – Not Expected: Unimposingly Immersive Ambient Techno

UK artist and producer Jon Turner has hit the airwaves under many guises, under his latest moniker, Manif, he’s paid an ode to his own authenticity. Their latest standout track ‘Not Expected’ is a hypnotic blend of unimposingly immersive ambient techno, dubstep and house.

The glitchy beats along with the flurries of light keys ensure that the production will ensnare you right from the intro. From there on out, you’re in for a tantalising ride as Manif takes hold of your rhythmic pulses and uses them to guide you through a sonically cosmic mix which oozes entrancement.

With no lyrics to detract away from the efficaciousness of the progressions, Not Expected is the perfect mix to slip into if you don’t want to be completely in control of your consciousness.

You can check out Not Expected via Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


MASSIVESAD – Re: Builds: A Melancholically Mesmeric Playlist Essential

It’s been a while since a new track literally gave me goosebumps. Yet, the chill crept across me before the first verse hit in MASSIVESAD’s melancholically mesmeric Alt-Indie single “Re: Builds”.

The Floridian artist and songwriter found the perfect balance of smoky, sludgy atmospherics and striking soul in Re: Builds’. The track starts as a melodic and almost Neo-Classic Electronica score before the soundscape gains momentum and starts to offer electrifyingly static aural turbulence. The evolution in the track perfectly captures the feeling of losing control after starting out with poise, grace and good intent.

You can waste your time attempting to pigeonhole each beguiling component in Re: Builds. Or you can simply let the alchemy unfold in this truly pioneering single which doesn’t ostentatiously throw aural futurism in your face. Instead, there’s a real sense that MASSIVESAD through themselves completely into the candid and evocatively transfixing release. And in the process, they created one of the aptest tracks for our dystopic and dark times. 

You can check out Re: Builds for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Positronic brings ‘80s influence to 2020 to this upbeat electronic track

Created by Michael L. McDannold, Positronic brings ‘80s influence to 2020 adding an explosion of synthpop to this upbeat electronic track that certainly has no plans of falling down. Professing that he’ll “be there for you”, in the lyrics of the track, Positronic spreads love and positivity with the release of this song, “When You Fall Down”.

Positronic has been making music since 1988, so it is not surprising he is inspired by the likes of the Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode, and Erasure, which can definitely be heard within this track. Uplifting, inspiring, and elevating, Positronic sure knows how to deliver with this one.

Click here to listen on Spotify


North West England’s NTHN brings us hauntingly beautiful album ‘Delta’

UK singer-producer NTHN brings us a real gem with the release of his latest indie-electronic album called ‘Delta‘.

Singer and producer from the North West in England, NTHN draws from hip hop and emo rap. Composing and sampling dark and ambient atmospheric sounds inspired by metal and emo genres, NTHN is inspired by his immediate surroundings and is using his music to break down the stigma surrounding men’s mental health and displays of vulnerability. A self-taught producer, he started out as purely instrumental but has begun to bring in his own vocals as he becomes more confident in his sound.

Expansive and nuanced, NTHN’s debut album ‘Delta‘ is a candid and therapeutic exploration into his own journey with mental health. Taking inspiration from early Bring Me The Horizon and Clams Casino, this new album sees NTHN exploring new sounds and influences whilst resampling his older work providing seamless continuity.

Totally written and recorded and produced by himself, NTHN explains the process as cathartic, allowing him to accept the many facets of his identity. Wanting to break the stigma surrounding mental health, particularly men’s mental health, ‘Delta‘ is structured in three distinct phases; awareness, acceptance and action. Wanting to celebrate his different influences and showcase his versatility as an artist, the album varies in genre, with each track addressing a different aspect of his struggle with mental health. He certainly has achieved his goal here as standout tracks ‘Alone’ and ‘Enough’ are so terrific and really hit home the hard truths of the powerful mind.

I love how honest this album is. NTHN has brought us an important message and the hope is that other men reach out if they are feeling down. The only way to feel better is to reach out to those close to you as another soul is so important to your heart right now. With closed doors and staying inside too much due to covid, mental health is even more vital right now. ‘Delta‘ is such a terrific release and helps with it’s soothing energy and top production. This is a top release that must be heard by young and old.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen