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I’ll treat you better: Angus Brill Reed is ready for when they see the light on ‘Nth Degree’

The recent EDM Winner of the 2020 UK Songwriting Contest, Angus Brill Reed returns splendidly with the wonderful new single about that deep feeling in your body, that can’t be explained called ‘Nth Degree‘.

Angus Brill Reed is a talented indie EDM/trap/funk artist from Australia, who is a fresh talent on the rise who makes music that explores love and finding those meaningful relationships to illuminate your soul.

”This song explores love without limits, where chemistry in a relationship has the potential to create forever harmony. Wrapped in an upbeat and fresh groove.”-Angus Brill Reed

This is the sweetly crisp story of that special kind of chemistry between two people that should be together, that has you dancing all over your lounge, you have been in his place when you care so much for someone, but they are taken right now. You are ready for the time when they see the light, as there is no one else you want.

The jazzy beat is a waterfall of pureness onto your body as you sense the love, and feel so vibrantly happy with his voice that illuminates the speakers and sizzles with a cheeky grin.

Nth Degree‘ from the incredible talent Angus Brill Reed, is a stunning effort from a soulfully advanced singer who brings us a true message of doing your upmost to look for something real and pure. Life is too short to have your heart played with so finding that special love, is something that is beyond valuable.

Hear this uplifting single on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Chords of Eve bring in the future of psych-pop with their intimately ambient single ‘Butterfly Machine’

Psychedelia comes in a spectacular array of guises, making the genre less about the sound and more about the sensation, under Chords of Eve’s nuanced prowess, it’s a meditative foray into electronically-crafted ambience complete with vivid sci-fi imagery.

The delicately inviting vocals meld into breath-arresting synth-led progressions, and despite the sonic quality of the soundscape, there’s a magnetic sense of intimacy which allows you to follow suit and feel without pretence as you listen.

Chords of Eve may have only been conceived in 2019, but the American multi-instrumentalist, Atlas Cage, is already making massive waves with their unique fusion of alt-electro-pop and trip hop.

Butterfly Machine is available to stream via Spotify.

Follow Chords of Eve to stay up to date with news of the forthcoming LP of the same title which is due for release in Summer 2021.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


2SixEight ‘Don’t Need Nobody’ to make us party.

Sri Lanka might not be the first place that springs to mind when you think of house music, but this – the new single from 2SixEight – adds vocalist Iman C, a Sri Lankan model with over 20,000 followers. The result is a full-on house dancefloor attack, heavy on the drum and bass with an impressive lift and drop; it’s got some proper grind to it, Iman’s mantra-like vocal breathy and seductive over the sparse instrumentation. There’s an element of Beardyman’s ‘6 am (Ready To Write) to it, along with some of Breach’s ‘ Let’s Jack’ and maybe even a little Flat Eric in places – it’s catchy, but it’s also effortlessly cool.

2SixEight – a reference to the artist’s home number – plan to release some official remixes of the track too, in the coming months, but for now ‘Don’t Need Nobody’ is a killer dancefloor groove all of itself.

Check out ‘Don’t Need Nobody’ on Spotify now; follow 2SixEight on Facebook.

Review by Alex Holmes


Moving on upwards: Scottish producer Gary Dewar is ready for what’s next on top notch debut single ‘No More Tears’

Gary Dewar is quite excellent on his debut electronic offering and this one will pull on your heart strings but eventually lift you into a better place on ‘No More Tears‘.

Mysterious Scottish music producer Gary Dewar somehow balances a full time job, being a Dad to young kids and finds time to make atmospheric edm soundscapes with that rhythmical bounce to lift you off your feet.

The wonderful mysterious female vocals are so sweet on the ear- like getting a kiss on the cheek from a crush you truly care about. The busty bass flies on upwards with wings that are wide and makes you float in the sun-filled sky, looking down at this crazy world and having a cheeky grin planted on your face as you get away for a short while.

The story about not crying anymore and the tears has dried up as its time to move on from the past. Sometimes we need a little bit of motivation to rise again and this is the perfect tonic. Crystal clear vocals with skilled production is the order of the day here on a terrific single that is full of class and poise.

Debut Spotify release ‘No More Tears‘ from soulful Scottish producer Gary Dewar is an indie-electro single with so much stylish sonic landscape that it puts you into a mood to get up again after falling down.

The last year has been horrific but luckily thanks to top notch music like this, the world can be a better place for a few minutes as it transforms your heart to be happier. When the going gets tough, the tough get going they say.

Hear the new single on Spotify and see the visuals on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Hit play on Cayetano’s infectious electro mix ‘Get Back (To Real)’ and Resume Reality

Cayetano’s latest feat of alt-electronica, ‘Get Back (To Real)’, kicks off with an instantaneously entrancing hook. From there on out, you’re dragged along by the euphoria-dripping glitchy funk-drunk tides. Any fans of Big Black Delta are going to want to delve into the intensely-packed mix which features collaborative artist, Georges Perin.

Get Back may remind you that dancefloors across the globe are accruing dust instead of being a platform for sweet hedonistic memories, but you’ll struggle to feel morose with this track which breaks the monocultural mould. Cayetano’s international lifestyle is stamped down in his passport as much as it is in his sound. There really is no room to wonder how he manages to hold so much acclaim on such a global scale.

You can check out the official video to Get Back which premiered on January 8th by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


What do they know anyway: Kritters send out strong message about small-mindedness on outstanding ‘Strangers’

Kritters are back with the 3rd single off their debut album ‘Go to School‘ ‘and this honest new track is named ‘Strangers‘.

Kirini O.K. and Rob Steadman formed the fascinatingly creative South Bronx/London-based art/electro-pop and DIY act Kritters together and they are partners in life and music. Both of these wonderful talents are classically trained and you can feel the extra quality in their incredible atheistic soundscapes- throughout this new song.

Kirini O.K is an established visual artist, poet, violinist, punk lover and singer, who was born in New York and moved to the UK to study.. Rob Steadman is a South African-born drummer, former member of Stornoway and prolific producer who is also UK and New York-based.

This is the true story about how most strangers don’t have a clue what the real story is- but love to add their two cents unnecessary advice. When you don’t know the full picture, its not wise and shows zero self-awareness too.

The feeling of a cinematic experience is first on the mind here, as these two talented musicians fuse their lovely vocals together as the energy changes suddenly. The chorus features an array of electronic variety that makes you turn up the volume as you close your eyes and immerse yourself in this world class song.

Strangers‘ from Kritters is a bitingly sarcastic track at times as the frustration floats to the top, influenced by the crazy year of 2020 and also by not being where they both thought they would be in lives as we speak. Their honesty and incredible creative minds are mind-blowing on the ear as you admire their class and technical ability.

Keeping your cool is extremely hard when small-minded people speak up over something that have no part in. Smiling and having a chuckle inside, is the only way to go and makes these moments seem comedic- rather than unnecessarily annoying.

Hear this illuminating single on Soundcloud and see their story on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Find the catharsis in Ric Santos quiescently evocative ambient electronica track ‘Drift’

NYC Electronic artist and producer, Ric Santos, set his own bar exceptionally high with ‘In the Lead Works with the Beast’ which we had the pleasure of reviewing last year, but once again, he’s blown us away with his profound ability to make electronic arrangements bleed pure emotion.

His latest cinematic score, ‘Drift’ is just one of the standout tracks to feature on their forthcoming EP which is due for release in January 2021. After hearing the quiescently evocative alchemy in Drift, it is safe to say that we’re already eager to hear the rest.

The experimentally ambient instrumental mix would be perfectly placed in an OST to aurally narrate fragility experienced in an aftermath. Whether that be an epic battle or an intense interpersonal upheaval. It’s the calm after the storm, a space to breathe, a time to dare to be optimistic, a soundscape to simply exist within; and a stunning one at that.

You can check out Drift via Spotify. Keep up to date with future releases via Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Keep your friends close and enemies closer: ‘Living in fear of’ by Ammar shows his self-awareness with those around him

The energetic  and sweaty start catches your attention right away. We are quickly drawn in deep by these creatively amazing sounds, and wonder what is in store next. Ferociously fast vocals then blend into the Electronic-Hip Hop track with much bluster and energy, this is a dazzling daze of a single made with intentions to prove yourself right. Ammar shows his frustration with those petty and small minded folk that don’t understand his journey on ‘Living in fear of‘.

With an assortment of genres that mesh quite nicely into a quick-fire track with meaning, this is about about spending too much energy on those people that love to bring you down in life. This is a sad occurrence but one that you can grow from, and learnt to deal with, despite how petty it is.

The supremely edgy sound is so fiery and gets you in the mood to deal with some negative humans, that you are completely sick of. The rap style is layered with the electronic vibes that is drummed so enthusiastically, and this is such a true message, sung and rapped with reckless abandon.

This firecracker fuse is lit so brightly and the sparks are all over the place to make this such an entertaining listen. The passion is so catchy and cool, the song is less than two minutes and you will remember this all day.

Ammar opens the book into his vivid world with so much appeal on ‘Living in fear of’. This is a lesson to us all to brush away of all those that want to ruin your vibe, this is your life and you want to be happy as that is all that matters. Not the thoughts of small minded people, who don’t get what you are trying to achieve.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


That love you can’t get enough of: ‘Without You’ from Matru is filled with electric energies of fascinating wonder

The soothingly subtle yet electric beat that fascinates the mind rather suddenly, is thrust before us. The magnetically charged Indie Electro-Pop feel gives you a comforting but sad feeling, as you get the picture here of troubled love. German producer/singer Matru is here with his new single called ‘Without You‘ and you will be transported into a wave-pool of emotions rather quickly.

His vocals strike you like a bolt of electricity in the system, the passion is so vividly expressed with a voice that means each word. This is about that love that you can’t get enough of, you want them to stay even though these times are so tough presently. The story of wanting them to stay is apparent, and the pure beat keeps your interested ears wide open, your eyes are open to hear more, and your thoughts go to that love you couldn’t get enough of.

With a stunning vocal experience that is so real and poignant, this is an Indie Electro-Pop journey that will awaken your senses and put perspective in your life. The possible heartbreak could be looming and this is journey of realizing what you really want is so clear to hear, the vision of that special love that you crave so much, that could be lost forever.

Matru opens up his heart on ‘Without You‘ and has sent us a song that is so relevant and makes think of past love. This is music to hold that special one close with, and to hope that you two can always be together, no matter obstacles block your love.

Hear this riveting new single on his Spotify and see more on Facebook, IG and Youtube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Music that heals the heart: Gjermund Wien is so tremendous on debut song ‘True Companion’

Taken off the recently released debut EP ‘Electric Fire’, this is a hauntingly real single full of an authentic energy, that passes in our ears piece by piece, lyric by lyric, to give us a warm embrace from this traumatic year of mostly sad solitude. Norwegian compassion is on full display here thanks to the new soulful singer-songwriter Gjermund Wien on ‘True Companion‘.

His voice lifts the mood as you get lost in the natural style that he possesses. A new musician to the scene, the freshness is so pleasant to see as he sings with such thoughtfulness. This is an artist who has been waiting for the right moment to send his music out to the world for manifestation, his humble artwork is vividly appreciated as you feel his true intentions which is to make music, that helps heal the wounded souls out there in the world.

The care that this musician has taken to move the audience is so cinematic and you feel like this is music that is perhaps ahead of its time. To truly comprehend its beauty, one needs to close their eyes and imagine floating in the sky, looking for that true love for your heart.

Gjermund Wien is a step above on the Electro-fused ‘True Companion‘ and this is a welcome listen to remind us to never give up on searching for that happy feeling, that holds your very being together.

Hear this new peaceful single on his Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen