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Korfian’s Latest Offering of Darkly Dubbed Lyrical Philosophy

Korfian’s latest single Territorial is one of those rare tracks that manage to perfectly balance doom-impounding beats with devastating introspective which leave you in a state of utter beguilement. Sometimes music is an artform, sometimes it’s pure philosophy and that’s exactly how Territorial unravels as you allow the heavy waves of digitally rendered resonance crash over you. The deep baritone vocals which verse the pensive lyrics are amongst the most captivating I’ve heard from this genre in a long time. As for the beat, well, that’s just an ingeniously progression composed of contrasting concordant symmetry; the reverb from the synth spills over the harsh kicks and snares from the hard hitting electronica beat for the ultimate pacifying effect.

The Athens based artist’s sound is by large incomparable to many contemporary artists yet, any fans of Chase & Status’ iconic album No More Idols, are going to be in absolute heaven with Korfian’s dark, twisted Dub heavy Electronica mix. You can check out the official video to Korfian’s latest single Territorial which was released June 26th on YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Dinny Skip – The Stabber Pad: An EP of Chaotic Catharsis

In January 2018 Dinny Skip dropped the first half of his two-part EP ‘The Stabber Pad’ and the wait is almost over for the second half. Whilst I was bowled away by his earlier release, nothing could prepare me for EP part two and the chaotic catharsis which was on offer.

Being a massive Mike Patton fan, it was hard not to appreciate the experimental style of the New Orleans, US based artist as he created  Soundscapes which could almost be described as Lynchian. Whilst the tracks on the EP may be concordantly uplifting in parts, it’s not long before Dinny Skip surprises you and almost terrifies you with his macabre aural alchemy which wouldn’t be out of place in a Horror soundtrack. The progression which fluidly creeps through each of Dinny Skip’s extended tracks is seamless, and what more, it’s polished to perfection.

No two tracks on the second half of the EP are the same or can even be defined by the same genre. Whilst the 10 minute Dreamscape track sold Dinny Skip’s sound for me, My Religion will make me a repeat customer thanks to the level of genius riddled into the mix.

The second part of the EP will be available on BandCamp from July 6th, but you can check out the first part of the Stabber Pad now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast.


Splimis – Midori: If X Files Did EDM It Would Sound A Little Like This

New Jersey based Ambient EDM artist Splimis has just dropped their vexingly resounding latest track Midori. The emerging artists single offers six whole electrifyingly ambient minutes of EDM that won’t only take you to a higher plateau, you’ll feel the ascension to a whole new aural dimension. Very few artists and I mean very few are able to capture such eccentricity into their electronica. Every level in the mix sat at the perfect pitch to allow the fluidity of the soundscapes to wash right over you. Even though Midori was an instrumental only track the emotion driving the soundscapes was palpable from start to finish. Midori is just one of the tracks from Splimis’ latest EP ‘Lunar’ each of the five tracks on the EP is as resoundingly compelling as the last. After I checked out Midori the only question I walked away from the experience was, whether the hell has he been hiding his cinematically stunning talent?!

If you’re on the hunt for some melodically transient mixes to add to your playlists you can check out Splimis’ latest track Midori by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Alys Revere – Homecoming: Alternative Electronic Dream Pop

Alys Revere’s latest track Homecoming is Indie in the ultimate definition of the word. The 1:58 track was recorded through Garageband on his phone, as soon as I noted that I prepared myself for something truly distortedly abhorrent. The aural hype that I found within Revere’s latest track Homecoming blew me away. Obviously the quality of the production wasn’t all too terrific, but somehow that fed even further into the waves of Alternative Dream Pop which bled through the soundscapes of the conceptually fresh artist. Now I’m infinitely excited to see what the Dallas, Texas based artist can cook up in a studio after being treated with his experimentally harmonious creation of Lo Fi. Genre wise, you can expect a mix of Trap, Shoegaze, and Electronica.

You can download and stream Alys Revere’s latest single Homecoming which was released on May 21st, 2018 on BandCamp now along with his first single I Don’t know. With his second release it’s clear that Alys Revere is slowly finding a way to stamp down his own elementally experimental style.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


KTOWN – Autopilot: Ambiently Unpredictable EDM

In May 2018 KTOWN treated us to his latest drop Autopilot; an EDM mixed fuelled by ambience, yet alive with melodic, transient progression. The unpredictable multi-layer beat ran through with a smooth flow tinged by the producer’s fluid style.

The Los Angeles, US based EDM artist may be only just emerging onto the scene yet his prodigal styling isn’t failing to gain the up & coming artist the notoriety he deserves. As first single’s go, you couldn’t really expect more from KTOWN, the beat may be a tad too harsh in places where the snare smacks against the bassline. Yet within the track flaws are hard to come by as you’re constantly caught up in the ride of the rise and fall of the build up’s.

If Future Bass is your bag, head on over to SoundCloud where you can check out KTOWN’s latest single which dropped May 2018 on SoundCloud now. You can expect a labyrinth of snaring kicks, dizzying drops and immersive breakdowns that demand your heartbeat falls in line.

You can connect with KTOWN & keep up to date with his new releases by heading over to Facebook & giving him a like.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


The Less Is More School Of Music At Its Best

Any track originating on an album with a title as majestic as In Absolute Darkness We Brooded on The Origin and Destiny of The Galaxies is going to come from a very different place than most modern music. Appropriately Beneath The Stars comes from a world of music like little else you will have heard before, wandering between modern classical orchestration and post-everything minimalism, it avoids the obvious and the immediate instead revelling in a slow burning majesty capturing its titular concepts in all their glory. Strings brood and bruise rather than drive, chime rather than create melody, often doing little more than painting musical colour to frame the anticipation and atmosphere found in the natural world. And it is this tense reserve which feels like the calm before the storm, the deep breath before the plunge, but tantalisingly the storm and the plunge never happen, not on this track at least.

That is the bravery of the music, that it knows it is the antithesis of most modern music, that is has nothing to say directly to the listener but instead tugs at emotions, dances with the heart and becomes one with your very soul. When was the last time music gave you that experience?


Welcome to the soundtrack to the last party ever

Anim8 is a strange musical beast and duo R34L is an interesting prospect. They may wield synths and make electronic music, mainly aimed at a dance audience but it seems to come from a very different place than most people working in that territory. They seem to come from the darker corners, the underground and the fringes of the club scene and Anim8 is a strange, fluid blend of styles and scenes, techno genres and eras. It is almost a musical montage, one happy to change its music direction at will, leaning heavily 90’s club and rave culture whilst racing into the future laying out new electronic dance pathways and firing off salvos of sonic art attacks as it goes. But it also blends in dreamier soundscapes, modern house beats, strange alien sounds and futuristic musical visions

This is dance music built from the detritus found scattered across an industrial wasteland, all sharp edges and jagged design and driven by a relentless powerhouse of bruising beats and searing sparks. It is the white-hot groove of factory noise being rendered onto the night club floor, but not the night club that just anyone can find. This one is probably in a decaying warehouse or dead car plant miles away from civilization and possibly even in some sort of parallel universe, and as the clock strikes thirteen this is the sound which hits the sky for probably the last party before the apocalypse. How weird is that?


High Math – Hallelujah: Cinematically Ethereal Electronica

High Math have just dropped their latest mix of Hallelujah (Cathedral Mix), the Electronically inclined producer created an ambiently warm rendition of the timeless club classic which would never play to an empty dancefloor. The synergy that’s weaved into the layers of the beat could only be described as cinematically uplifting. High Math’s approach to creating music was never going to result in sub standard mixes given his penchant for abstract in every corner of the art world. High Math doesn’t just create music to listen to, he creates music for his fans to connect with, through his expert knowledge of meter & rhyme. Each track High Maths has put out with a little help from his record label Pythagoras has been a transcendental journey through pacifyingly blissful synth.

You can check out the high-vibe electronica mix Hallelujah by High Math on SoundCloud now & Follow High Math to keep up to date with his latest remixes on Facebook

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Broox – Fuck Me Up: When’s the Last Time You Heard An Endearingly Experimental Melody?

I’m not sure there’s a pin sharp enough to put into Broox’s pioneeringly electric Electronica track Fuck Me UP. it’s safe to say that you won’t find many artists with the ability to create such a succinctly melodic track which meanders through such a domineeringly beautiful soundscape. The progression of her latest track Fuck Me Up from her debut EP ‘Out/Through’ is something that no one could anticipate. The loops and seamlessly put together vocals samples create a sound that’s fresh until the very end.

With other tracks from the NY based artist Broox EP such as Someone New, there’s a much more recognisable Synth Indie Pop sound which she uses as a platform to project her harrowingly chilling vocals upon. The 22-year olds vocal ability absolutely blew me away upon first hearing them as they illicit such raw emotion. For her creative explosion of experimental melodies Broox takes inspiration from acts such as Lorde, Lapsley and Sylvan Esso.

You can check out Fuck Me Up along with the rest of Broox’s 6 track EP on SoundCloud or through Broox’s official Website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


14th Avenue – Scar Tissue: A Seamless Spiral of Lo Fi Synth Synergy

With a penchant for pensively composed music, a track titled Scar Tissue was always going to go down well with me. Yet 14th Avenues latest 2018 debut gave me chills. The immersive swirling and muted thrashing of the Electronica beat created a succinct cacophony of tangible sound that you just can’t help but get lost in.  Unlike with most other Electronica tracks 14th Avenue provided a sweet narration of the spiral of despair that was keyed into the synthy sound. It was perhaps 14th Avenues (AKA Cole M) vocals that melted through me the most. His Lo Fi sensibility incited an irresistible charm and fragility to the track. However 14th Avenue isn’t just another Lo Fi band assimilating the same sounds as Pavement, Wavves and Neutral Milk Hotel, he’s added  urban rhythm into the vocals that turn his tracks into more of a story than simply just another superficial track.

My mind was officially blown to learn that 14th Avenue is ‘just’ a high school kid, well, now I feel pretty lazy, I wasn’t a multi-instrumentalist with the ability to play drums, guitar, bass, piano ukulele, trumpet and the harmonica alongside producing my own tracks.

If you want to be put to shame check out out 14th Avenues track Scar Tissue on Soundcloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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