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Trip-Hop’s Chosen One: Aroly Tariq

Aroly Tariq, in many was, is the culmination of promises made to electronic music fans from a generation ago. Where we had to scour used CD bins around the “acid jazz” and “trip-hop” labels to find a lovely female voice sweetly crooning over a slow and smooth beat… Don’t believe me? Then give “Perspective,” her newest track (available on Spotify) a listen. If you don’t hear what we all loved in Transistor, Portishead, Static Sound System, or Everything but the Girl – then you’re not paying attention.

The song: a lo-fi loop begins bubbling up – it’s so ethereal but quiet like you’re listening to someone’s radio a few blocks away. Then Ms. Tariq begins to sing. A breathy and upper frequency tone matches the one coming from the loop, and you get the impression that if you just turned down one band of the EQ, you’d have silence. Finally, a hiccupping and disjointed drum line comes in, and the world makes sense. It’s so elegant and mysterious, but catchy and full of groove at the same time.

A trek through Aroly Tariq’s Instagram was plesently engaging – where I’m used to seeing young female pop icons presenting themselves in sultry shots, Ms. Tariq is sharing some rather stunning visual arts. They look like surreal digital landscapes of vibrant dark colors. I don’t know if these images are of her own creation or art to go along with her music, either way, it is both captivating and beautiful.

Back To Stay: Craymo craves that romantic conclusion on Love Me or Leave Me Alone

Looking for a final decision to improve his mood rather imminently, Craymo has dropped a superb new single to play rather loud all day long with the spectacular Love Me or Leave Me Alone.

Craymo is an Orlando, Florida-based indie electronic artist who grew up with a dreamer mentality and hasn’t stopped crushing challenges since back in the day.

After kindly sitting down with us for a truly insightful interview, Craymo slams away the frustration with a statement track for anyone who is beyond fatigued of not knowing the romantic intentions of a mysteriously enticing soul.

Love Me or Leave Me Alone from Orlando, Florida-based indie electronic musician Craymo is a rather dynamically honest track which will leave brittle hearts alive with fire. Projected so splendidly and absorbed with so much excitement, this is a rather top-notch effort to get truly astounded about.

This is the type of track to meditate with when you’re looking for that answer.

Turn this up on Spotify. See more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Right Away: cadeu drops illuminating new electronic wave on don’t ask again (feat. Janaé E)

Sizzling our noses and causing many hearts to beat slightly quicker than normal, cadeu shall stimulate even the sleepiest minds on the thunderbolt of electricity we all need to hear on don’t ask again (feat. Janaé E).

cadeu is a German-based indie electronic artist and music producer who summons the creative forces within to launch a catapult-like avalanche of intent on each soundtrack for the masses.

Untruth can reveal itself on a scale of different volumes. On one end of it, there’s brazen lies that hurt and cause damage by the sheer fact of their existence. On the other end, there are lies that aim to make feel better, by surrounding with the protection of not knowing.” ~ cadeu

Rising through the cloudy skies and drizzling only superb spirit and imagination, cadeu has found the sweet spot of our ravenous palates and has made something rather memorable indeed.

don’t ask again (feat. Janaé E) from German-based indie electronic artist and music producer cadeu is a potent track which will surely trigger splendid memories for many hungry souls. Deep in heart and packed with dance floor energy, this is an energetic experience to slide the feet of millions who want to be free again.

Hear more on Spotify. See more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Dublin’s Jamie Dean eases our busy minds with tranquil masterpiece Alaska

Enhancing our mindsets into a better frame of connection to the earth’s beauty, Jamie Dean is rather special on this soaring new single made with so much love and care towards humanity on Alaska.

Jamie Dean is a Dublin, Ireland-based indie electronic music producer who assembles those exquisite melodies to feel free inside its kind coating.

He plays piano, synths, guitar, bass guitar and drums and has emerged as one of Ireland’s most innovative musical artists and composers.” ~ Jamie Dean

Helping our spirits renew so naturally after so much heartbreak and tragedy, Jamie Dean is the modern day superhero who has just walked rather smartly into our lives. Calm to the core and grabbing us onto a riveting ride to a better place in time, it’s hard not to be completely enticed into this box of relaxation.

Alaska from Dublin, Ireland-based indie electronic music producer Jamie Dean is a simply majestic single with so much elegance and light. Taking us all into the clouds and into happier climates, this is a superb single to swim swiftly into when your soul needs a boost.

When you need to be clear minded again, it’s best to close your eyes and imagine somewhere beautiful.

Listen up on Spotify. See more news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Hold On Me: Gary Mictian longs for that rare moment of body-shuddering love on I’ll Wait

Certain of something which could eventually breeze away into the night sky, Gary Mictian sings with conviction and well-loved kindness and hope with his latest single I’ll Wait.

Gary Mictian is a London, UK-based indie singer-songwriter and music producer who connects electronic pop, dystopian sci-fi and cinematic sound all together like he was born to make music.

Sending us into a romantic flurry of emotions, Gary Mictian can truly rocket into our ears with much excitement because of his hugely likeable music vibration that sends pulses into overdrive.

I’ll Wait from London, UK-based indie pop singer-songwriter/music producer Gary Mictian is a supreme effort of monumental magnitudes. Laced in so much beauty and genuine honesty, this is a fine song to take our hearts into what it takes sometimes for true love to happen.

If you have the perseverance and feel the return energy connection, two souls can be together forever.

Listen up on Spotify and see more vibes on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

In the Caribbean With the Prince | Siôr Boyesen

Scrolling through social media, we’ve all seen the meme about travel – an old Mark Twain quote which reads “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness…” I think we could add that travel is also fatal to a lack of colour in an artist’s creative palette, where new sounds and sights inspire you to create fresh works upon your return. This was certainly the case with Siôr Boyesen, a UK citizen travelling to the Caribbean who composed the amazingly energetic “Prince of the Favela” (both a song and the title of an EP).

Let’s talk about the title song which opens with sparse drums before going full force into a horn-driven Latin swing beat. The vocals are deeply rhythmic, and border somewhere between rap and recitative poetry. Boyesen’s lyrical style is very classically cool – like if we updated Cab Caloway to 2022 it might sound something like this. There’s sung backup vocals (most likely Boysen himself) which adds a texture I just can’t imagine the song lacking – this is some top-rate production. The horn solo appearing around the 2:30 mark sounds like it could have been lifted right from “Sketches of Spain.”

Fans of neo-swing or electronic jazz will feel right at home with “Prince of the Favela.” It’s sexy, dance-driven, and very hip. It’s nice to know that the artistic culture of the Caribbean continues to inspire musicians and creators from around the world and I have a feeling that Boyesen’s EP will be just as popular there as it is in his native UK.

Check out the track on Spotify.

Connecticut electronic wizard Matthew O’Callaghan fascinates our consciousness with Indispensable, Essential, and Authoritative

In My Head by Matthew O'Callaghan

Showing creative juices that are rather special to witness as our ears vibrate wildly, Matthew O’Callaghan returns with a sizzling song to swim inside with all day on Indispensable, Essential, and Authoritative.

Matthew O’Callaghan is a Connecticut, USA-based indie electronic artist, composer and college student who produces some of the most transcendent underground tracks imaginable.

Showing us his fearless attitude in one song stacked with greatness, Matthew O’Callaghan is in imperious form and takes our breath away with so much finely tuned skill.

Indispensable, Essential, and Authoritative from Connecticut, USA-based indie electronic artist Matthew O’Callaghan is such a supremely exquisite experience, your whole soul will thank you later. Probably. There is so much to get enthusiastic about here with a single made with so much precision and containing a beat so fresh it will cleanse the hearts of many. Turn it up.

Hear this great song on Bandcamp.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

You’re Lonely Too: Gemma Danielle drops emotionally charged single Hold On

Taken from her sizzlingly tantalizing debut, 6-track EP named Hearts Devotion, Gemma Danielle sings with true angelic refinement on the haunting tale of trust called Hold On.

Gemma Danielle is a Nottingham, UK-based electronic pop solo artist who loves to mesh in some sweet sounding jazz treats to satisfy our peckish desires.

If you’ve ever experienced heartbreak, or feelings of being lost, alone and battling self-worth issues, I think you will relate.” ~ Gemma Danielle

Picking herself up from the floor after a scream of frustration to the sky, Gemma Danielle reminds us of her stadium-like vocals that show us inside the healing process. Lighting up our imaginations with classy coolness, we are lathered into a truly fine single that might be stuck in our heads all day.

Hold On from Nottingham, UK-based electronic pop solo artist Gemma Danielle is a pulsating song that will warm up your cheeks and get us all thinking about that harsh feeling when a romance ends. Projected so beautifully and loaded with a fresh beat to get those bodies alive again-we are treated to a real stunner of a track from a young artist who makes such superbly created gems.

Listen up on SoundCloud and check out her moves on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

New York Squalor: Brooklyn’s Price Tag breaks his back on the old school gem Just Another Dollar

Rock The Mic by Price Tag

Taken from his much-anticipated and self-therapeutic debut album called Rock The Mic, Price Tag drops that Beastie Boys-like sound that has us pushing through all challenges presented on Just Another Dollar.

Price Tag aka Mike Preis is a Brooklyn, New York-based indie musician who makes his own authentic brand of self-coined Urban-lofi-hip-hop-punkadelic-street-pop-electro-hop-electronic.

With an MC-909 sequencer, Mike has created a sound that transports you back in time to the suburbs of Chicago where a younger nerdy version of him grew up.” ~ Price Tag detailing where it all started

Showing proper respect to the legends who trail blazed a path of ingenuity and creativity that changed everything, Price Tag is a reminder of that fresh-sounding music with that electrifying old school feeling that millions miss.

Drenched in that blue collar attitude who just wants to work hard, get paid and go home, this is a reminder that the underground shall never stop despite whatever fads are currently dominating the airwaves.

Just Another Dollar from the Brooklyn, New York-based multi-genre artist Price Tag is a track that might have you transfixed beyond previous levels of belief. Pumping up the volume and guiding us through life in this hugely busy city, to show us that realness when there are so many copycats pretending in every corner. Showing us his MTV and VH1 fused memories in one, this is exactly the rocket fuel we all need to sip rather quickly to keep on trying no matter what.

Keeping the faith when others give up shall give you a renewed sense of achievement no matter how small it is.

Tune into this underground master at work on Bandcamp and see his career blossom on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

To Myself: The Lonely People knows what the mission is on No One Else

Dropped in 2020 amid so much uncertainty and fear, The Lonely People light up our emotions and blaze a web of intrigue through heightened feelings and speaker-soaring awesomeness on No One Else.

The Lonely People is a Southern California-based indie alternative electronic/psychedelic rock/shoegaze/hip hop fused outfit.

The Lonely People have begun building a community of like minded people who value being themselves but not always being social accepted by the crowd usually causing them to be isolated or alone. The band makes it their mission to make sure people know that they are with them and they understand and because theres so many like them out there we are all in this together.” ~ The Lonely People outlining their vision for this incredibly meaningful project

Making music to heal us all from all the worries that can plague our souls when things get a bit too much, The Lonely People are in divine form and might thrill the power socket of anyone who just wants to plug out from the world.

No One Else from the multi-genre Southern California act The Lonely People is a creatively stirring performance that James Bond would be proud to play from his gadget-filled car. Laden with a pulsating beat that will get your blood flow dripping properly, we find ourselves in a nostalgic glow with a dreamy style to take your mind away for a few minutes.

When you’re wrapped into a spell, it’s best to see where it leads.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen