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Inzenze – Don’t Stop: The Summer EDM Drop Your Playlists Have Been Waiting For

After a string of successful single releases, breaking EDM artist and producer Inzenze released their debut album Into the Unknown. While each of the anthemic hits will leave you galvanised and rhythmically arrested, the perfect introduction to Inzenze’s high-octane sound is Don’t Stop.

Don’t Stop may carry a nostalgic element or two with the nuanced infusions of 90s Dance Pop, Disco and House, but Inzenze’s Trap-influenced production style sits way ahead of the curve.

There’s little room to wonder why Inzenze has been able to amass so much hype around their radio-ready sound. Get them on your radar, their infectious earworms will end up in your ears one way or another.

You can check out Inzenze’s exhilaratingly danceable mix Don’t Stop for yourselves along with the rest of the album via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


J. Anthony Gomez has made their debut with the entrancingly trippy soundscape “Hypnagogia”

Electronica artist and producer J. Anthony Gomez has made their debut with their absorbingly mesmeric soundscape “Hypnagogia

For those not in the know, Hypnagogia is the trippy part between wakefulness and sleep where you’re not quite in control of your consciousness and hallucinations can manifest.

J. Anthony Gomez paid a fitting ode to the mental state with the almost tribal explorative loops which meandered with no mind to traditional time signatures. Instead, they weaved through the ambiently multi-layered atmospheric soundscape arresting your pulses until the track succinctly fades to quiescent resolving close.

We will definitely be paying attention to future releases from J. Anthony Gomez, their ability to deftly craft hypnotic electronic textures.

You can check out J. Anthony Gomez’s single Hypnagogia for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud. Probably wouldn’t recommend listening to the mind-altering mix while driving.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Journeyman Positronic synths in the speakers with pop song ”When You Fall Down”

Positronic is the creation of Michael L. McDannold. Michael is from the Inland Empire in Southern California and has been making catchy synth-pop music since 1988. His first band was formed in 1988 with some friends from High School called Foundation. His next band was also with some friends from High School and was called Optic Rain. Shortly after Optic Rain broke up however, Michael moved to Michigan to marry the love of his life. After being in one more band, Michael decided to rather venture out on his own and came up with the name, Positronic because his music has a positive message and he loves electronic. Now back in his home of California, this is an artist who is ready to push his music to all corners of the world.

When You Fall Down” is a positive song with a strong message of help during these dark times. He is there for the love of his life and wants here to know that he is there for her always. This indie-pop song is a welcome addition to Positronic’s collection.

Stream this super song here on Soundcloud.

If you are keen for more info then head through to Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


633 (feat. Drowze & Dan Onkar) flow through with new single ”Run Around”

East London’s DJ & Producer duo 633 combine R&B, Afrobeats, Pop, Hip-Hop, Electronic, and Dancehall influences to bring out their latest track ”Run Around”. They have brought in the skills of Drowze and Dan Onkar for this summer banger with lots of dance appeal.

The duo 633 consists of long-term friends Jevanni Letford and Eugene Diabour who formed a musical partnership following their initial signing to Sony Music.

This is a reflective song and one about a girl that they know that always comes back even though she know it will not work out. A very sad story actually but one that is far too common these days. The beat is good and the song is quite consistent with the features also impressive. This is going to be a popular song on the dance floor and you can hear the Dancehall style which is massive in the world currently. 633 are on the rise and seem to have a path for the top. Look for more tracks from this new duo who are close to their faith and you should see them on the biggest music channels soon.

Stream the new track on Spotify and follow these top artists on the rise.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Mumbai producer Axesgray brings Golden Goddess on board for beautifully crafted ‘’Precious’’

Formed in 2017, ‘Axesgray’, is a popular producer all the way in Mumbai, India. A haven for cricket, this artist has broken through and is featured on lots of Spotify playlists which shows his knack for making some good music that is loved worldwide.

‘’Precious’’ features the stunningly voiced ‘Golden Goddess’ on this very mellow but enjoyable track. The song takes you on a deep journey, full of good energy and funky beats. ‘Axesgray’, a computer science engineer who is now fully immersed in music, much to his delight. He is clearly talented at this and a real natural.

Let’s see what else he can deliver as this producer is fantastic at what he does. By making happy music, he has opened up a door of delight, inspiring fellow Indian producers to up their game and learn from ‘Axesgray’.

Stream all of this on Spotify and enjoy the progression.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Southsea’s MATTE! brings ambiance to wild world with new single ‘’’Aurora’’

There is something quite comforting about this new track from ‘MATTE!’. I feel like it would be perfect late at night while just chilling with friends after a late night out. The perfect tonic from those busy crowds.

‘MATTE!’ is the alias of James Dinsdale, an electronic music producer from Southsea in England. He combines minimal electronic and lo-fi house vibes, his use of layered rhythmic elements and deep bass, shows off his signature style which is really soul-clenching. In a good way.

After being in bands when he was younger, I get the feeling that ‘MATTE!’ makes music for fun now and for that, I applaud him. The music scene is fickle and the whole point of music is to inspire and reach the real music fans. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind his music featured in a series, advert or movie of course, but this is someone who sees the bigger picture. Music is meant to be pure.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Melodrame – A Thousand Times: a melodic new-wave atmosphere

In the process of mastering and getting ready to go live on a number of new tracks, A Thousand Times is the latest effort by Melodrame, released on May 1st 2020.

Championing EDM through a heavy emphasis on multiple percussions and a handful of harmonic synths, A Thousand Times presents a melodic new-wave atmosphere with a rather original structure. Drawing bits from dancehall music, the track strikes as a perfect upbeat track whether you are in a club or just want enjoy some good chillout.

Playing with catchy melodies, Melodrame is not just a person but a project that the artist puts together to talk us through his life experiences. Through reviving memories, people and personal events, Melodrame moves through a personal catharsis leading towards rebuilding something positive – a promise for himself as well as his listeners.

Check out A Thousand Times for yourself on Spotify.

Review by Jim Esposito.


Toronto’s The Silk Demise stalk in with seductively haunting single ‘’Professor’s Lake’’

Wrapped in a promise, under stars. I set our feet as we melt in the dark.

Founded in 2006, this is the ultimately dark ambient electronic, trip-hop, and chillout music for the soul- to be enjoyed with the lights ideally off. 

The Silk Demise’ are highly influenced by trip-hop legends Massive Attack and Portishead and they expertly conjure their own smooth brand of the genre, relying on samples, synths, and melodic drones. Their music is a bit scary but enjoyable and this is a quality outfit.

Let’s enjoy this top act from Toronto, Canada and hope for more quality release while they create that one massive hit to propel them to the front of the queue. 

Stream more from ‘The Silk Demise’ here on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Outer Space visitors Burnt Umber Penumbra send electronic signals via music with ‘’Juno Morning’’

Very seldom does music give me chills like this. ‘Burnt Umber Penumbra’’ aka BUP is the name. Their self-titled album has recently dropped and I feel like the world is sleeping on this wave of magnetic energy forces, sent from a different galaxy.

Not much is known about ‘Burnt Umber Penumbra’. Perhaps they are hiding this away for now, building up their music collection before unleashing a wave of information and music to us mere mortals. I kind of like it when artists hide away, it makes my job harder but a challenge is always accepted. Music-wise anyway.

I feel like this band should focus on getting their music in a movie. From there, they will surely explode. Or wait to be discovered. No matter what they choose, this is really enjoyable music that puts you in a weirdly enthusiastic mood. Bring on more ‘Burnt Umber Penumbra’. A perfect name for a cat I’d say.

Get more Burnt Umber right here on their Spotify page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Leon Seti’s effeminate, ethereal electro-pop hits its apex with ‘Silver Lining’

Italian electronic artist Leon Seti has released his new track ‘Silver Lining’ from his chart topping new album Cobalt

Pulsing, fabricated synthetic waves of wavering vocals and silky sonic textures are quick to overwhelm on Seti’s new single. ‘Silver Lining’ is unrelentingly full-on in driving forward with mournful, high-pitched quivers alongside stuttering high-hats and blubbering electro grooves. It’s eclectic electro pop that has an appreciation for the sensibility needed to match art with pure, unadulterated enjoyability. 

Leon Seti is an exciting artist with a strutting, confident vocal prowl – evident in his grandiose falsetto on ‘Silver Lining’. Check it out if you like Pet Shop Boys-influenced work that takes on a completely modern, reinvigorating artistic presence and aesthetic. 

You can check out ‘Silver Lining’ on Leon Seti’s Spotify page here.