Söur Bruthers – Sinkin Down: Archetypally Accessible Rock

Sinkin Down is just one of the singles from the Söur Bruthers latest album. If you’re a fan of classically styled roots deep Rock, you’re going to find yourself in heaven with the slightly nostalgic mix which throws you back to the time when Rock was still celebrated as a genre.

Whilst there was very little to fault about Söur Bruthers latest single, I couldn’t help thinking that  Sinkin Down would have benefitted from being steered in a slightly more prodigal direction. Having said that, listening to Sinkin Down is as easy as breathing, the anthemically raucous production was packed with plenty of soul and raw emotion which allowed the lyrics to truly resonate, especially in the choruses. Because no one can deny that the lyrical hooks were catchy.

You can check out Söur Bruthers’ latest Rock anthem Sinkin Down for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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