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Turn This Up: Ozzie hard rockers Hawker drop speaker-breaking debut double A-side single ‘Bot Noxious’ and ‘Chaka’

With a slasher-like sound that reverberates ominously into your previously-calm consciousness like a hot flame has just been lit into your heart and won’t stop burning, Hawker strips our ears apart with their debut track that have been released as one called ‘Bot Noxious‘ and ‘Chaka‘.

Hawker is a brooding Sydney, Australia-based indie hard rock band who make the sort of intense music that you either rapturously love or can’t stand at all.

Hailing from Sydney’s northern beaches, the four-piece – Jefferson Grainger on guitar/vocals, Ish Karunanayake on lead guitar, Chris Grainger on bass and Jason Robertson on drums – conjure the spirit of grunge for the 2020s, its searing music invoking the likes of grunge-era royalty like Nirvana, Mudhoney, Hole and Tool.” ~ Hawker

Hawker might be the most hardcore band you will hear all year. Their music seems to help you get over any heartbreak you are considering, as they grab you by the scruff of the neck and take you to a community that is loaded with sweaty mosh-pits and lots of jumping around like it was 1994 again.

Bot Noxious‘ and ‘Chaka‘ from the full-voltage Sydney, Australia-based indie hard rock band Hawker, is a stand-up and take action type of encounter. They showcase their highly effective skills in all corners with tyre-ripping drums, window-cracking guitar riffs and head-knocking vocals that might cause an ear or two to bleed out as the paramedic’s patch you up. This is that heavy music that your neighbours might call the cops to, as it defies normal volume standards.

Hear this enraged new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

No One Else To Hold: Soothing Sydney pop artist Jeffrey Chan drops the break up single of the year with ‘You Only Want Me When I’m Gone’

With an honestly-written story that tells us how those maddening nights staying up too late while wondering what their true intentions actually are, Jeffrey Chan wonders why his ex-lover wasted valuable time in the first place with a sadly shallow love that could have been avoided on ‘You Only Want Me When I’m Gone‘.

Jeffrey Chan is a Sydney, Australia-based retro pop solo artist and pianist, who sings with such a calming nature, you feel like you are being transported into a whole new dimension.

His passion for music was first ignited through classical piano lessons from the age of 5, but it wasn’t until later when he began to incorporate his piano training with his love for singing and songwriting, into modern pop music.” ~ Jeffrey Chan

Jeffrey Chan shows us his world-class quality yet again on a lost love track which is completely packed full of introspective enlightenment – which opens the door to that much-needed process to get bad energy out of your system – so that you may resume normal service in your life.

You Only Want Me When I’m Gone‘ from the Sydney, Australia-based retro pop solo artist Jeffrey Chan, is that track which most of us can certainly relate to. You fell in love with the wrong person who didn’t actually care for you as they were so selfish – and you are now left with repairing your broken-down-like-a-car heart – which needs time to heal up. There is such a deep tone sung here from a truly unique musician, who has the rare gift of getting your complete attention.

Check out this new single on Spotify and see more news on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Piece Of Me: Australian RnB artist Caylene knows that she was more than good enough on ‘Late Calls’

As she thinks back to that sweet time that they first met and things were so much simpler, Caylene wishes that they had just stayed friends and not become evening lovers on her sizzling new single all about those ‘Late Calls‘.

Caylene aka Caylene Gutierrez is a 22-year old Sydney, Australia-based RnB singer-songwriter who makes such an exceptional blend of emotionally arousing music for our hidden senses to truly swim deeply into.

Caylene’s lyrics in “Late Calls” draws inspiration from real-life experiences that involve heartbreak and pain. Caylene expresses within the song, a situation with someone that is only with her for the physical parts of their relationship, while she is fixated on being with them emotionally as well, craving something more serious.” ~ Caylene

Caylene’s scintillating vocals are so lusciously braided within the seduced speakers right next to you, as you feel your heart beating so much faster than before. This is a true storyteller at her best – slowly opening up the curtains into this romantic moment – as she thought twice about answering the phone but did anyway. The lip-biting desires took over automatically and she yearned for that spark-filled intense skin touch, no matter what the consequences were the next morning.

Late Calls‘ from the excellent 22-year old Sydney, Australia-based RnB solo artist Caylene, shows us a mature woman who realizes now that the playful passion took over and she regrets that moment it all changed. She understands that there is no time machine and nothing can go back to normal – as she wonders if her former lover actually did care for her after all – or just wanted to ravenously engage with just her perfectly sculptured body, and not think about her precious soul in the slightest.

Hear this uplifting gem from a true future star on Spotify and see her journey upwards on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

She Had To Go: Tony Ronalds reflects on a relationship from the past on ‘Gone’

With a glance to the past of something that shined so bright when it was around, Tony Ronalds recalls when he went to the bottle to survive the trauma of lost love with his top notch new single ‘Gone‘.

Tony Ronalds is a highly experienced and soulfully aware Sydney, Australia-based, Canada-born indie Pop solo singer-songwriter.

Gone” shares the story of a man realizing too little too late that not all relationships have a fairytale ending.” ~ Tony Ronalds

You feel his memory revert back to the moment when the ex lover left him behind, as he wanted her back but soon moved on anyway after healing his soul up for a while. Featuring an atmospheric beat of desire that is filled with that breathtaking bounce, that puts you into an instantaneously contemplative mood from a door you closed shut before.

Gone‘ from the Sydney-based indie Pop solo artist Tony Ronalds, is the deep story about thinking about a previous relationship which has come and gone, that has your curious heart remembering the moment when it shattered all over the place like misplaced glass. He sings with a real insight and this is a tremendous listen – filled with a story from the past that he has since learnt from – but will never forget.

Hear his new single on Spotify and follow his journey via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Do We Know How Long: Sensational Sydney creative Ash Hendriks looks for that hero on ‘Overdrawn’

After sparkling up our mixed moods like a stunning mermaid sent to help heal the world from all worries on ‘Above Water‘, Ash Hendriks reminds us of her always-evolving greatness with her latest gem called ‘Overdrawn‘.

Ash Hendriks is a beach-loving Sydney, Australia-based indie Electronica-Pop solo singer-songwriter and music producer. She makes the type of music vibrations that has your soul reinvigorated again, after many months of sad slumber.

You feel her simmering light slowly moving onto your hungry heart as her superbly toned voice takes you to a place in time you didn’t know existed. Ash somehow fills your body with enough strength to move beyond the past, and into a new world that takes your gains with too. You sense her angelic-like energies taking you to a better place – that has you soaked in her enchanted ways – which are truly spellbinding and brilliantly projected.

Overdrawn‘ from the elegantly classy Sydney, Australia-based indie Electronica-Pop solo singer-songwriter Ash Hendriks, is that story all about hoping the hero emerges to make everything okay again. With a voice so dreamy you will miss your alarm clock ringing, it turns out she is actually the hero. This is exactly the type of track to lather peacefully in, while you look up to sky to wish for a better tomorrow.

Hear this glorious release that shall break away all tensions on Spotify and see her journey unfold via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

This Is My Story: Underground Sydney rapper 1FIVE8 opens the book up on his life with ‘Storytelling’

As he raps with an ode to the past and a look to future successes, 1FIVE8 flows with an introspective style as he opens up the door to what he is feeling about all the enthralling adventures with ‘Storytelling‘.

1FIVE8 aka The Kid, is a gritty Sydney, Australia hip-hop artist and music producer. He makes a sterling blend of raw rhymes and mixes it with well-executed beats, that has your heart beating rather quicker than before.

Using music and writing to tell his story and the struggles he faced with mental illness growing up.” ~ 1FIVE8

He raps with a real underrated flair and keeps things hardcore the whole way through without the corny fluff – as he cooks us up the story of his life – while fighting for everything that he has earned. Featuring that no-nonsense approach and filled with fiery bars that would break most soft rappers in half, this is a thrilling ride from the beginning to the end.

Storytelling‘ from the rugged Australian music producer and rapper 1FIVE8, is a strong-willed track from a man who is clearly on a mission. He raps with an underground style and lets it be known that he sees himself at the top soon – no matter what happened in the past – which threatened to derail all his most well-intended plans.

Telling the world your real story, is the only way to connect to those who feel the same.

Check out this new music video on YouTube and find out more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Never Felt So Alone: Sydney pop artist -B-Low- knows she only wants his ‘Attention’

With a true story and a breathtaking beat from Sugimura about the dangers of those toxic relationships which can give you long-lasting scars, -B-Low- is at his honest best with the latest striking single to grab your ‘Attention‘.

-B-Low- is a Sydney, Australia pop artist. After falling in love with making music at high school, he has since used this valuable art form to escape from the harrowing road of life, which can suck you in and grab hold of you forever if you aren’t careful.

-B-LOW’s new album brings the listener into his world of issues of Substance Abuse and other problems relating to his world. His new style is inspired by artists such as the Weeknd and The Kid Laroi.” ~ -B-Low-

After releasing the excellent ‘Wasted‘ and terrific ‘Feelings‘ in 2020, we feel the return of an artist who has unfinished business. His supremely likable style keeps you hooked the whole way through, with so much passionate and heartfelt emotion steaming from the concerned speakers.

His vocal ability is rather special, as he takes us into this story which we have either dealt with personally, or seen close friends try and handle.

Two people can stay together forever but will never be fulfilled until they stay with their true love for eternity.” ~ -B-Low-

Attention‘ from the Sydney, Australia-based pop artist -B-Low-, is a harrowing tale about how someone can have so much hold over you. Your ex’s mind games are so manipulative – as you look for love but only find pain – your heart creaks as it breaks suddenly again, while you wonder why they want to hurt you so much. This is the break-up track to play when you know you need to walk away, but keep on looking back as when you are together, their touch feels so incredibly beautiful. Until they throw you away again that is.

Hear this new single all about that person you love and hate on Spotify and see more on his IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Looking At You: Australian artist Scott O’Hara misses the normal days away from the ‘Zeroes and Ones’

With the lead single from his debut solo album ‘Clutter‘, Scott O’Hara wishes that the fun days could return of seeing your loved ones face to face, rather than on a lonely screen with ‘Zeroes and Ones‘.

Scott O’Hara is a talented multi-instrumentalist, guitarist for BathTub Orchestra and indie rock singer-songwriter based in Bath, UK and also Sydney, Australia.

As a Tasmanian teenager he developed a reputation as a great blues guitarist, which led to jamming with Son Terry and Brownie McGee. He cut his teeth in high school bands with members of Devils in Heaven before forming Evolution and The Funky Phantom. In the 90s he traveled the world playing guitar in the US with Tate & the Million Dollar Band in Chicago, home of the electric blues.” ~ Scott O’Hara

His vocals are gritty cool, with guitar playing of the very highest order that sizzles hungrily through your curious ears. He is the old school storyteller who has seen most things in this world from his travels, and plays with a sterling soul which takes you places you forgot existed. This is a singer who has a rare ability to lift you into a different world, as his quality shines through here with a terrific new single.

Zeroes and Ones‘ from the Australian/UK-based indie rock artist Scott O’Hara, is the real story of longing for normality to return. After being stuck inside for so long, he misses the human interaction as the video calls have grown tiresome, as he wishes there was a better way to connect. Sung with a real vigor and true experience, this is a reflective track that we can all relate to.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see his IG page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Don’t Want To Waste It: Sensational Sydney singer Cami Bex hangs on by a thread on the stunning ‘Nowhere To Put My Love’

With a fantastically edgy single that is all about love and how it can consume you so much, Cami Bex takes us for an amazing ride to express those important feelings that shouldn’t be bottled up on ‘Nowhere To Put My Love‘.

Cami Bex is a sensationally appealing Sydney, Australia-based indie alt-pop musician. Created with Los Angeles producer, Jason Boule, they have combined beautifully to make a striking single that has you feeling so reflective on how your romantic nature can be so powerful, and control you sometimes.

Cami was originally nervous about the graphic image in the close of the chorus, but has noted that it is more about a symbolic catharsis than a deathwish- ‘I’ve been dreaming of bleeding out into the ocean, but there’s no ocean big enough. There’s nowhere to put my love.’’ – Cami Bex

Nowhere To Put My Love‘ from the brilliantly lovable and alluringly cheeky Australian indie alt-pop singer-songwriter Cami Bex, sends our healing hearts in an absolute spin, as you think about doing things you wouldn’t normally do. She sings with so much vigor and pulsating passion, that is such an excellent listen to our warming souls. This is a wonderful single that has you captivated beyond belief, as she really has you thinking about how you truly feel inside your beating heart.

We are never alone and love will always follow us, no matter what has happened before. Don’t ever waste your love.

Hear this incredible new release on Spotify and check out her exciting IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Looking For True Meaning: Sydney’s Tom Vs Tom drops fascinating new single ‘I’m Probably Sleeping’

Taken off his terrific debut EP called ‘Bedroom Demos’, Tom Vs Tom drops the synth-filled daydream that will have you in a gaze outside called ‘I’m Probably Sleeping’.

Tomas Somera II aka Tom Vs Tom, is an underground Australian songwriter/multi-instrumentalist, who has opened the door from his bedroom within, to create ear-filling psychedelia and cinematic mystical sounds, that transforms your mind into an alternate universe of discovery.

This is the story of wanting to be left alone for a while, as he finds what he is looking for in this rather odd world. He wants that real company but feels like he isn’t quite ready, unless its with someone who will be patient with him and help him succeed. Small-talk and meaningless dialogue just won’t cut it.

With a cruise-like beat that overflows with magnificence, this is a likable track that is so relevant in this selfish world that can seem a bit too much for the shyer person, who just wants to be around totally genuineness.

I’m Probably Sleeping‘ from the soulfully advanced Sydney, Australia multi-instrumentalist Tom Vs Tom, has us peering through the curtains and admiring this wonderful talent who performs with such a self-aware edge. With singles planned for the rest of the year and a full length album on the way, you feel like he is only going to blossom brighter than ever.

Stream this top single on Spotify and see more new on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen