Sydney-based electronic artist ZUSO drops 2nd release of 2022 with hypnotic deep house gem ‘Atlas’

After dropping the hot summer track ‘Melt Like Gold‘ that took us to a higher place we all needed, ZUSO has us flying beyond the mountains of what we think is possible with the excellent new release called ‘Atlas‘.

Gabriel Cuenca aka ZUSO is a Sydney, Australia-based indie electronic artist and DJ who makes a sizzling blend of heart-healing vibrations that sends your body into euphoria.

With multiple successful singles under his belt, including Skies and Feel Better, both amassing over 60k combined streams between them, Zuso is more than ready to take on the challenges of a new year, experimenting with soundscapes, pushing the boundaries of genre and developing industry connections the world over.” ~ ZUSO

Sometimes you listen to a song and it has the power to take your breath away as you have just climbed Kilimanjaro. ZUSO has that effect here and is quite tremendous on ‘Atlas‘ as he takes our minds into an atmosphere that seems to have rarified air seeped inside.

Atlas‘ from Sydney, Australia-based indie electronic artist and DJ ZUSO, has a beat so tasty you might want to sink your teeth all the way into it as you smile gleefully to yourself. That is that sky-high track that soaks away any self-doubts that can lead you astray like a ciggie-filled ashtray, as you look deep inside your soul to find that heightened place where you know you can succeed.

Looking upwards and seeing what is possible rather than straying downwards into the pointless noise, is the best way to be content after all.

Hear this hot new single on Spotify and follow his life via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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