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Late Guest at the Party delivered moody alchemy in their latest alt-electro hit, HUH.

Alt-electronica duo, Late Guest at the Party, is fresh from the release of their sophomore synth-pop album, Classic. Each track is a spacey high-energy dance-worthy hit, but the lead single, HUH, is the perfect introduction to their hyper, moody dance-pop alchemy.

HUH shares a similar sonic palette to Shiny Toy Guns, Policia and Hayloft as it exudes 90s Euro house vibes and teases euphoria through the bass-heavy breakdowns with all of the style and gravitas as the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. If anyone has what it takes to top the electronica charts, our money is on Late Guest at the Party.

HUH is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Get your euphoria fix with MAR1’s alt-electronica single, Someone Else

If it has been a while since you’ve encountered an uplifting track that does what it says on the tin, delve into MAR1’s hyper-pop dance track, Someone Else, which uses distorted vocals that find ubiquitous synergy with the beats.

Someone Else was never orchestrated to fall in line with contemporary trends or style. The Alexandria, Egypt-hailing producer and DJ thrives when his electronic craft knows no stylistic bounds. Experimental it may be, but by no means is MAR1’s evocative sound niche. The artist has counted plenty of successes in his career, including joining big-name acts at festivals such as Firefly Music Festival. Something tells us that MAR1 won’t stop there, considering that his potential leaves us with as much hype as his energetic sound itself.

For the sake of your serotonin levels, safe space on your radar.

Someone Else is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Get Moving: Chile music producer Cosme De La Cruz slides up the volume on ‘Body’

After briefly performing under the alias of ZEST, Cosme De La Cruz returns to his roots on his latest flamboyant track full of foot tapping trap combined skillfully with urban latin to soothe all our frustration-filled worries away into the wind called ‘Body‘.

Cosme André De La Cruz García aka Cosme De La Cruz, is a Coquimbo, Chile-based DJ and music producer. He makes that quick-fire dance music, that has been made to boost your mood to its maximum capacity.

This is a track that seems to take your mind back to those parties of yesteryear, with a creative beat which changes up without notice to stun your impressed senses. There is a real intention to get the crowds moving again after a long slumber away from those pulsating nights out like before, as he entertains massively here on this burning-hot track.

Body‘ from the well-respected Coquimbo, Chile-based DJ and music producer Cosme De La Cruz, is an explosive party-starter that has you busting out – and dusting off – those elite dance moves you have hidden away for ages. He displays a real skill on the decks and has put together a real ear-warmer here. There is a stack-full of variety and body sliding rhythm to bathe into heartily, to heat up the soul again after being locked inside for too long.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Make It Happen: Mined Music urges us to keep that mind fresh on ‘Waterfalls’ (Stickybuds Remix)

After giving us a much-needed flow-watered lesson in going after your goals and avoiding being stuck in that quick-sand past which can suck you into dark places of no return on the first version of ‘Waterfall‘, Mined Music is back with the freshly added sprinkle of extra inspirational droplets with amazement-filled beats on ‘Waterfalls (Stickybuds Remix).

Michael Newell aka Mined Music is a world class trip-hop/ambient/electronica producer and DJ who is based in Munich, Germany. He has been joined on this spine-tingling new single by the well-known Western Canada-based music producer Stickybuds.

Together, they put on quite a show and this is a highly memorable track which will easily get you off your couch, and on your feet to reach your dreams. This is that dust-off what happened before moment, as you get your boots on and get to work.

Renowned for his skills on both the turntables and in the studio, Stickybuds has become one of Western Canada’s finest exports, performing live in over 25 countries and growing. His ever impressive list of touring accolades includes acclaimed venues and festivals such as Burning Man, Shambhala, Envision, “We Love Space” Ibiza, Boomtown, and Glastonbury Festival.” ~ Stickybuds

Waterfalls(Stickybuds Remix) from the mightily skilled Munich, Germany-based Mined Music, rattles into your soul like a vision that has you feeling stronger again, as you let it all go. Letting things flow naturally is the only way to be truly happy anyway. On a thumping beat with so much fire and a breathtaking energy, this is a real foot stompin’ gem that needs to be played loud and proud, to get the full cleansing process as you reclaim your destiny.

Hear this groovy self-doubt washer on Soundcloud and check out his IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

That Dreamy World: Welsh DJ Keltech takes us to an exciting planet on ‘Off Grid’

With a breathtaking tone that enters your mind as it reminds you of a thrilling movie that you can’t stop enjoying, DJ Keltech marvelously takes us really far away from this stressful madness to totally reinvigorate ourselves gloriously on ‘Off Grid’.

DJ Keltech is an experienced synthwave, cyberpunk and darkwave scratch DJ and music producer from beautiful Wales in the United Kingdom. He makes that thumping music full of tasty intrigue – that spices up your day – and put that little bit of hotness back into your hungry tongue.

Influenced by the sounds of John Carpenter’s bleak analog horror scores and Stranger Things” – Keltech

His eclectic background in Hip Hop, turntablism, electronic music and film scoring give him quite a solid foundation for capturing that nostalgic vibe.” – Keltech

Off Grid‘ from the wonderful wizard Welsh scratch DJ DJ Keltech, shows us a place where we need to be, as its miles away from the current affairs which dogs the world back into its undesirable kennel. He has a terrific ability to show us what we are all feeling in music creation art form, as this talented DJ takes us into his flashy car to hide us from what is really going on outside. This is a powerful song that smashes through the windows willingly, to slide our minds into a good place again.

Stream this fiery new single on Soundcloud and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Escape: Oska Zaky looks for that new start on ‘Power in Me’ (feat. Taliesin and Samuel Hunter)

After gigging extensively all over the world including the UK (Glastonbury Festival), USA, Spain, Portugal, Ghana, China and Egypt, Oska Zaky has taken the last year to really focus on making quality music from home and returns with his stunning eleventh single called ‘Power in Me(feat. Taliesin and Samuel Hunter).

Oska Zaky is a creative South West, England-based singer-songwriter, DJ, and music producer with Arabic and Irish Lineage. He forms that cinematic style of art that is different to the rest, as its made with a real authentic vibes and full of unrivaled vest.

I am, In plainer words, a bundle of prejudices— made up of likings and dislikings.” – Oska Zaky

This is a wondrous effort from a truly classy artist, who has brought together a quality team that transforms your mind into another space entirely. Each second feels so special and clear, like a massive headache that has passed after you felt so misty and unhappy for so long.

Featuring Taliesin, who is a well-respected singer-songwriter from London, who’s played at Glastonbury, Envision and Wilderness festivals, plus Samuel Hunter, who is the identical twin to Taliesin – an exciting electronic and pop producer – this is a classy effort and a terrific song that has your heart beating in unison, to the incomparable beauty intertwined inside.

The song came together as naturally as it sounds. 3 friends in a studio for 3 days connecting to the landscapes and ancient power of Glastonbury with an intention to create a track that empowers people. The song contains no midi forcing the use of natural sounds and musicianship. It explores the idea of becoming hooked on the digital realm and how it can cause us to lose our connection with the planet. With an ending resolving to the words “power in me”, listeners are left with a flare of strength and stability.” – Oska Zaky

Power in Me(feat. Taliesin and Samuel Hunter) from the UK-based multi-talented music producer, DJ and singer Oska Zaky, is a movie-like soundtrack all about looking forward to a new day, as you have been locked up in your daydreams for too long. The world changed and you missed being outside so much – the fresh air and the buzz of meeting old and new friends – as you look forward to when you can fully express yourself again.

Stream this top new single on Spotify and see more news on the IG channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Strange Melody put an experimental spin on Eurodance with ‘Don’t Go’

‘Don’t Go’ is the latest single released by Poland-born, Belgium-based DJ and producer Strange Melody. If any Eurodance track is going to make you nostalgic for t.A.T.u., it is this experimentally progressive single.

Don’t Go switches between direct deliverances of spoken word to hyper pop vocals that add to the sense of arresting anticipation as you’re left to wonder what aural curveballs will follow the preceding ones.

It’s a stunning release that stands as a testament to Strange Melody’s refreshingly diverse sound; expect atmospheric breakbeats, ominous symphonic tones and infectious future bass-style choruses that make an earworm of Don’t Go.

Stream Don’t Go via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Didn’t Plan on Staying Long: Gemini Chris stays late until the shadows are gone with ‘Dance On My Own’

On a flourishing new single that reminds us to be careful who we let into our lives, Gemini Chris is back with a terrific electronic single that shall have you enthralled into the dynamic story called ‘Dance On My Own‘.

Gemini Chris is a thriving International DJ and electronic music producer who is originally from Jamaica and now based in the UK. You feel his vast experience floating all over the beat here, as he floods in with a sound that is so enjoyable as it nibbles happily on your earlobes and projects astonishingly through your hungry soul.

You feel the electricity sweeping into your awaiting speakers, as we feel the story of feeling that bitter feeling inside your bones. They faked their way into your life and your mind, before leaving rather quickly and making it seem like they didn’t plan on staying long anyway. You now dance alone into the shadows — trying to think that’s okay and you didn’t care — but the feeling of betrayal is so evident, and bites hard at your healing heart.

Dance On My Own‘ from the Jamaican-born, UK-based music producer/DJ Gemini Chris, gives us an outstanding listen that foams a feeling all over your body which reminds you of the best parties back when things weren’t so uncertain.

With a stunning beat, crystal clear vocals and an honest story, this one of the most enjoyable dance tracks yet from 2021.

Stream this top dance single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Move To The Beat: Assal Cobra grooves our imagination together just perfectly on ‘Wine Pon’ (ft. Village Boy Prince)

Bringing us one of the most peaceful and well-made tracks of the year so far, Assal Cobra brings the enjoyable rhythm to our willing bodies on the superb music video ‘Wine Pon (ft. Village Boy Prince).

Assal Cobra is an excellent German-born, LA-based DJ, musician, vocalist, producer and creative director. She is joined by fellow fast-rising LA-based artist Village Boy Prince on this catchy new single.

With a tasty Caribbean steel drum to start us off and then some sweetly mixed organic percussion gets us into the mood quickly. We are introduced to some calming raps and combined with luscious vocals, we are in for a lunch box treat here on this shake-your-body track to remember.

This is the story of working together and showing love to those who you respect and love working with. We are placed into a song with a real true authenticity and style — as that is such a pleasure on the hungry earlobes — that hungrily lap up each second of this quality release.

Wine Pon(ft. Village Boy Prince) from Assal Cobra, is full of spectacular visuals and is a true feel-good track. With a world class beat and stunning vocals that has you moving and grooving all day, this is a summer track to play real loud. The message at the end of us being one human race no matter what we look like, is also highly welcomed. Appreciation and love is what we definitely need more of.

Watch this vibrant single on YouTube and see more news on Assal’s IG and Village Boy’s IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Making The Move: Kang wants something different on the electric gem ‘Take You Home’ (feat. Gillian Caruso)

Taken off the bass-thumping four-track dance EP called ‘Arcadia‘, Kang wants it to change for the better on ‘Take You Home(feat. Gillian Caruso).

Kang is a Hoboken, New Jersey-based music producer, songwriter, performer and DJ, who loves finding out what others are inspired by and how it replenishes their soul for the better.

This is the true message of knowing where you are in life, and being able to take action — as you open the creaking door and go towards exactly where you need to be — your heart is beating and you know it won’t stop, until you do something about it.

She sings with such heart and deep thought attached as the gaze out the window has her mood alight, as she is unhappy with how things are and wants to change it.

With a sweeping beat that catches your attention and featuring a luscious vocal delivery, this is that perfect winter track when you are feeling down and need to be inspired again.

Take You Home (feat. Gillian Caruso) from New Jersey-based music producer and DJ Kang, shows us that sometimes you just need to take a chance and give your heart a moment to heal with another soul. Having a bottle of wine by yourself may keep you happy for a short time — but soon your mind wonders — as you desire that intimate touch, that can heal all worries away into the distance.

Hear this brand new single on Spotify and see more visuals on Kang’s IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen