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Goshok explored the pleasure-pain parallel in his visceral EDM single, Reach You, ft Otto Palmborg

For his latest single, Reach You, the independent Czech music producer, DJ, and songwriter Goshok teamed up with Otto Palmborg to reach the pinnacle of electronica fervour.

Ironically, we couldn’t get his last single, On My Mind, off ours; if Reach You is anything to go by, his talents in infusing his momentous Kygo-inspired tracks with visceral emotions have become superlatively honed. Once you hit play, you’ll be immersed in a bitter-sweet hit that errs on the side of affectionate rapture. If you know how it feels to be caught in the middle of a relationship that forces you to explore the pleasure-pain parallel, the resonance in Reach You will be phenomenal.

By pulling in elements from across the EDM spectrum to enliven his tropical house edge and augment his pop hooks until they’re ensnaringly sharp, Goshok created a hit that could facilitate his dream to become the first producer from Czechia to feature on the line-ups at Tomorrowland, Coachella, and Balaton Sound.

Reach You hit the airwaves on August 25; stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Izzy Trixx created a rhythmic firestorm of an introduction you’ll never forget with ‘Our Friend Manuela’

The Indonesian-Irish DJ and producer Izzy Trixx made no bones about shaking the EDM scene to its core by unleashing the vibrantly electrifying house mix, Our Friend Manuela.

With one of the most transcendent drops you will ever follow the descent of while the euphoria floods through your synapses and rhythmic pulses, Trixx lets it be known that there are few better producers equipped to lead you to a euphonic utopia. With over 7k monthly listeners after releasing her debut single, success isn’t just on the cards for Trixx, it is a given.

After spending ten years behind the decks, Trixx learned what it takes to make a crowd move; all her experience DJing everywhere from Singapore to New York, Jakarta to Germany was infused into her debut single that teased even greater things to come in her upcoming 5-track EP, But What If It All Goes Right. It is safe to say that there’s never been a better time to deliver hypnotically high-vibe sonic sanctity. For your own sake, get her on your radar.

Our Friend Manuela was officially released on July 21st; hear it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Have We Lost Our Destiny: Tim Young sees us going round and round like a lost mouse on Divided We Cannot Stand

Wondering if we still care or if our sails are misplaced in the windy sees of life, Tim Young tells us an honest story about how fractured this planet is on the old-school feeling single to relate with, Divided We Cannot Stand.

Tim Young is an experienced 62-year-old Willimantic, Connecticut-based indie folk solo singer-songwriter and former DJ who has a traditional feel for all music creations.

Worrying about society as a whole, Tim Young is rather brilliant and honest to the bone on Divided We Cannot Stand. This is memorable. It’s made with patient quality. Each lyric has been forged with knowledge and wisdom to learn from. Please put this on maximum volume and close your eyes. It will be worth it.

Divided We Cannot Stand from Willimantic, Connecticut-based indie folk artist Tim Young wonders if we shall ever learn. He sings with wisdom and care, showing us a beacon of hope like a lighthouse to bring the ships in during those dark and moody nights.

A leader is here for us to learn from. It would be foolish to ignore him.

Listen up on Spotify.

Follow his next moves on Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Aza.B dawned a new era of electronica in his deep house disco anthem, Funkin’ You Up

Lincolnshire, UK-hailing DJ and producer Aza.B’s raucously funked third single, Funkin’ You Up, grooves with big beats and even bigger blasts of euphoria.

After a blazing sax solo, the momentum starts to build in the vibrant electronica tapestry, which grooves through entrancing disco rhythms and the irreplicable atmosphere of deep house to construct a galvanising anthem that could only have been assembled in Aza.B’s wheelhouse of authenticity.

After getting a taste of different EDM scenes and cutting his teeth in many of them as a DJ and producer, Aza.B developed an understanding and passion for a myriad of genres before melding them into bespoke testaments to his boundless creativity. While other producers are attempting to go mainstream or fit into the confines of niches, Aza.B took the less pedestrian route with his interstellar productions to dawn a new era in electronica.

Funkin’ You Up hit the airwaves on June 16th; stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

DJ CoolRex grooved through the depths of desire in his tech-house debut, I Want

After the debut single, I Want, from DJ CoolRex, it is safe to say tech-house has a new iconic architect. While encompassing the epitome of desire, the techno kicks and basslines punctuate the soul-soaked house synthetics to create an authentically immersive atmosphere that electro heads will want to drench themselves in time and time again.

His future-ready flair, noted through the bass-drenched deep cuts, effortlessly set him apart from his contemporaries and the tech-house pioneers Laurent Garnier and Carl Cox. DJ CoolRex may be new to the scene, but on the basis of this deliciously strong debut, the Ohio-born and raised innovator has exactly what it takes to make his ascent from the underground an ephemeral trip.

Check out the DJ CoolRex debut by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

A Dancefloor Journey: VVILLØ’s ‘Wrong Road’

VVILLØ, the UK-based house DJ, takes us on an exhilarating ride with his track “Wrong Road.” Embracing the nostalgic sounds of 1990s club music, VVILLØ infuses dance-style synths and infectious drums to create a captivating sonic experience. With the addition of gifted vocals, this summer anthem exudes energy and sets the perfect mood for a night on the dancefloor.

“Wrong Road” kicks off with pulsating synths that instantly transport listeners back to the heyday of classic club music. The vibrant and upbeat drum patterns drive the momentum, creating an irresistible groove that will have bodies moving in no time. VVILLØ’s meticulous production captures the essence of the genre while adding his own modern touch.

The vocals on “Wrong Road” soar with confidence and soul. The heavy reverb adds a dreamy quality, enhancing the emotional depth of the lyrics. VVILLØ strikes a balance between euphoria and introspection, weaving together heartfelt storytelling and infectious beats. The combination of soaring melodies and rhythmic energy creates a dynamic contrast that keeps the track engaging from start to finish.

VVILLØ’s social media presence is strong, with active profiles on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Fans can connect with him on Facebook and follow his journey on Instagram. His YouTube channel, offers a platform to explore his music and visually immerse oneself in his creative vision.

In conclusion, “Wrong Road” by VVILLØ is a high-energy dancefloor anthem that pays homage to the golden era of club music while infusing it with a contemporary flair. With its infectious synths, captivating drums, and soulful vocals, the track transports listeners to a realm of euphoria and carefree dancing. Get ready to lose yourself in VVILLØ’s sonic journey as he guides you down the “Wrong Road.”

EONE X MARAM fly into unimaginable places so high in the sky on TEMPERED

Featuring vocals from Bahraini soul artist MARAM, EONE X MARAM‘s TEMPERED is a rather delightful statement to plunge into with much mass appeal and lip-licking delight and one to get soulfully excited about.

EONE is a Brighton-based electronic music producer, DJ and music lecturer who is known best for his performances at the legendary Ministry of Sound nightclub and radio all over the world.

With the ability to enhance any bass-heavy music style with his unique sound, Eone has become seen as one of the leading lights across the UK’s experimental Neogrime and Wave scene. Right off the bat from his Los Angeles debut for Tears in the Club, he has been securing prime-time DJ slots and last year played at Brussels and Prague shortly after. He has also just played his first-ever headline show in Budapest.” ~ EONE

EONE X MARAM‘s TEMPERED is one of those masterpieces which are rarer than the most exotic diamond. Feeling the energy and taking us to an extraordinary place to treasure no matter the weather is the mission, which has been skillfully navigated like an inspirational captain of the seas.

TEMPERED from Brighton-based electronic music producer/DJ EONE X MARAM is one of the most spectacular songs around right now and deserves to be on everyone’s mind. Thundering in with a heavy beat and so much intrigue, we find a rather stunning song to get thrilled about all night with the pj’s stretched to the max.

There are dreamy melodies to get involved inside like a night out on the town, that shall stay soaked into the mind forever.

Turn up loud on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Chxmist drops an instant electronic classic to turn up all night called Rather Be

Seducing our inner party mode with punchy electronic drum lines to start the weekend with, Chxmist does his hometown of Dublin rather proud with a rather excellent soundtrack for summer on Rather Be.

Chxmist (pronounced chemist) is a Manchester-based project formed by the exceptional electronic producer and DJ Conor Barry.

Pitched vocals and garage grooves complete the sound forged from an ambient project birthed during the national lockdown of 2020.” ~ Chxmist

Scintillating with an assortment of delightfully crisp and saucy music to get enthusiastic about, Chxmist demonstrates so much quality in boatloads as we feel happy and free-flowing excellence to munch on for hours on end here.

Rather Be from Manchester-based electronic music producer and DJ Chxmist is a rocket-fueled mission that Elon Musk might listen to. This is a superbly lit experience which didn’t need too many vocals. Each ear shall feel thunderbolt stuff from a hearty meal of a song that shall change moods and get many dance fans excited. For good reason too.

This is addictive music which will get the body moving. Turn it up.

Listen up on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Forest Funk exhilarated hip-hop in his funked-up reggae mash-up, Run It

Augsburg, Germany DJ and producer, Forrest Funk, stayed true to his moniker in his latest cross-genre mash-up of hip-hop, funk, and reggae, Run It. The stylishly energised amalgamated ensemble of funked-up progressions exhibits his unparalleled reverent approach to celebrating the diversity of the roots of urban sounds. Yet, perceptibly, there is plenty more to the producer’s modus operandi than keeping a fixed gaze on the past; he is bringing in the future of funk with his own authentically funked flair that is as moody as it is euphoric.

After touring the German gig circuit and rubbing shoulders while sharing stages with the likes of Jayl Funk, Lack Jemmon, Quincy Jointz, Dj Maxxx, Nobody’s Face, Djane Jo-C, XRated, Dj Sticky, Len Beam and many more, he’s turning his attention to enlivening the airwaves – there’s no denying that his approach is highly efficacious.

Run It was officially released on April 7; delve into the groove pockets on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Supa G Swift has launched his dark, dirty, and droning techno debut, Take You to Attica

Take You to Attica is the debut dark, dirty and droning tech house hit from the up-and-coming artist Supa G Swift. Taking their listeners far beyond earth’s banal and predictable atmosphere, this helter-skelter ride through the cosmos treats you to funked-up surging electro-electricity by the smorgasbord.

The Cork, Ireland-based artist, DJ, and producer initially set out to take over the hip-hop scene in Cork before entering DJ battles in Ireland and relocating to Canada, where he became one of the most notorious and revered DJs in Vancouver.

For the past seven years, his upcoming debut album, Enter Infinity, has been his labour of love; it promises to be a psychologically expansive high-energy ride. On the basis of Take You to Attica, we don’t doubt his ability to deliver exhilaratingly trippy hits that could lead to a dancefloor frenzy.

Take You to Attica released on April 3rd; entrance yourselves via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast