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Skitzo Flowz – Fright Night ft. DJ Hub: The Papa Roach Mash-Up You Never Knew That You Needed

Skitzo Flowz latest drop “Fright Night” is an insanely fresh and filthy Hip Hop track rehashing of Papa Roach’s iconic track “Last Resort” which will allow all of that 00s Alt-Rock nostalgia to hit you like a fuzzy reverberant brick.

Skitzo Flowz teamed up with DJ Hub to create a high-octane hit of caustic in-your-face Hip Hop using the lines which will always carry that unmatchable angsty catharsis along with their own original lyrics proving they’ve got plenty of lyrical flavour of their own.

Many up and coming artists struggle when it comes to contending with classics and genre pioneers; people will always love that direct link to the past which they get from revising era-defining tracks. Yet, Skitzo Flowz has used this to his advantage by allowing an absolute earworm to feed into his own harsh EDM Hip Hop mix which mashes guitar chords and places them in a smorgasbord of irresistibly raw rhythms.

You can check out Skitzo Flowz’s latest track Fright Night for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


CharLeon’s Latest Release Takes Listeners On A Journey

Hans Christian Anderson once said, “Where words fail, music speaks.” No listeners know this better than the ones attending raves and filling dancefloors for the chance to share an energetic session of dancing and feeling without the need for greater cultural contexts or interpersonal discussions. CharLeon answers the call and his prepared with more than your average dance beat with his song Journey. This song attempts an expression of exuberance incarnate, and it may just make it happen once the speakers start pumping.

The introduction gives us the faintest hint of vocal samples and prepares the listener for a standard pop hit with tinges of electronica. But once the bright pianos are accompanied by thunderous kicks, we know we’re in store for much more. The colorful lead synth and razor sharp basslines command the scene and only allow interludes for playful and bluesy piano lines that help break things up before the next intense climax. It’s a familiar format but it’s used because it works. This isn’t looking to cross into new boundaries; it’s a celebration of where we are and a reminder to enjoy the moment. CharLeon certainly knows how to take the listener on a Journey.


Twalle: The King of Killer EDM Remixes

Twalle’s remix of Avicii’s 2017 hit ‘Without You’ has gone down a storm with indie and EDM fans alike.

With his killer remixing skills he fuelled the originally classic hit. This Dance / EDM remix is a smash hit pumped with transgressive energy, euphoric beats and flawless production. As an experienced EDM and DJ Twalle has surpassed the talents of many EDM artists with his enviable ability to manipulate and blend dancefloor favourites into even more energetic mixes. Originally from Rhode Island now living in New York, Twail has toured all around the world injecting his own brand into high energy sound, the release of the Without You remix allows the world to enjoy his sound.

Twalle’s remix is injected with bass lines that will hook you whether you’re at the gym, on the daily commute or the dancefloor, it’s an amazingly diverse track which reinvents a classic track by creating a mind blowing musical masterpiece.  Twalle and his production skills have a way of injecting smooth arrangement from start to finish thanks to his impressive sound design skills. The anthem beats show that he certainly knows his way around a bass line.

The visionary artist has promised that we’ll hear more from him soon. I can only hope so.


Kloyd’s “Balearo” Will Keep You Moving

There is an art to the introductory sequence. To set a tone while promising there is more on the horizon and building to a climactic delivery knowing that it will be up to the audience whether or not the payoff is worth the wait, it’s no easy task. Kloyd keeps us in suspense wit Balearo, slowly building from almost sinister noises to a smooth dance track that is built from a remarkable variety of different timbres. Kloyd knows just how to implement different elements into a cohesive beat structured with rising and falling transitions that range from rough noise to ambient reversed sounds.

This is a track that needs no major climax, only the introduction and reintroduction of the beat. It keeps you moving from the first kick to the last and that’s how you know the payoff is worth every pang of anxious feeling during build-ups. In fact, it’s this pattern of suspenseful build and release that makes this song stand out even more so than it is the eclectic instrumental combinations. Kloyd plays with structure, tone and patch repertoire in ways that make this track a one of a kind dancing experience. This track will not fade into the rest of a DJ set. Balearo will get everyone’s attention from intro to outro.

-Paul Weyer