Sun-Pinned Leaves urges us all to return to that sweet 1967 ‘Summer Of Love’

With the entire world on a cheese board and ready to be sliced into tiny pieces by a grater of doom awaiting the call to action, Sun-Pinned Leaves reminds us that by holding hands and being closer than ever is actually the cure to all evil on ‘Summer Of Love‘.

Sun-Pinned Leaves is an award-winning Deal, England-based indie folk/Americana duo that has been assembled by the experienced Neil Faulkner and Christopher Brown.

Sun-Pinned Leaves’ 4th album ‘Rock ‘N’ Road’ blends a myriad of Americana music styles to narrate tales of aspirational journeys and destinations. Each track is the story of someone’s pursuit of tantalising goals via the concept of “the journey” often literally occasionally metaphorical.” ~ Sun-Pinned Leaves

After first writing songs together when they were in school back in the heyday of 1975, Sun-Pinned Leaves are rather magnificent with a gloriously sung and performed effort from a team who fuse like two friends who gel like glue when together.

Summer Of Love‘ from Deal, England-based indie folk/Americana duo Sun-Pinned Leaves is the message of hope that we all needed to witness right now. Call this a divine intervention if you like, or just a sterling track that Archer would be proud of, as your whole heart feels like you have just been kissed by an angel.

Quality music is here to help us see beyond the pesky noise-that has rattled the cool of so many-through the storm that shall surely end, but at what cost?

See this honest music video on YouTube and view more tidbits of inspiration via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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