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That Booming Feeling: Dethhaus fire in hot with high-energy new instrumental effort ‘Track Three’

Dropped from dizzy heights through Rakka Rakka Records, Dethhaus stomp on the mic and let it rip handsomely with their latest single simply called ‘Track Three‘.

Dethhaus is daringly eye-piercing instrumental band consisting of Johnny Void from X-Ray Youth (guitar, bass, and keyboard), and Justin Welch from Elastica (drums). This impressive work of art was produced and mostly recorded in Room 101 in Central Florida, as well as also being recorded in windy England, UK.

This is a fast-paced and thundering storm of a splashing single that has your awakened eyes wide and your awaiting body shaking in anticipation for more to come. The distorted cacophonous melody has you feeling fully awake and without needing that coffee boost, as the electrifying energy is one that you can’t easily forget.

Track Three‘ from the deafeningly exciting Florida/England instrumental duo Dethhaus, rampages excitedly into your scared ears like a buzz saw on your fragile hair – as the ferociously intoxicating sounds somehow has you so thrilled – and a bit anxious at the same time. This is the perfect kind of video game music or from a dramatic scene from a movie. They are both seriously talented artists and provide us with a lovely mixture of crashing sound waves, to get you uplifted for the days events.

Stream this fantastic new single on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Take Me Somewhere: Suffolk singer Tom Stafford looks for that sunny adventure on ‘Golden Rose’

Taken off his latest six-track EP from 2021 called ‘When The Light Goes Out‘, Tom Stafford wants that thrill-seeking time with someone close who he thinks is so stunning called ‘Golden Rose‘.

Tom Stafford is a multi-talented Suffolk, England based, indie pop singer-songwriter, guitarist, drummer, photographer and music producer. He likes music from the 80’s and 90’s, as he fuses these two generations together, with a mix of modern to entertain us with such a pure sound.

He has an easy-going style and smooth lyrics to let us know his exact intentions, through a dreamy soundscape that takes you to places you forget existed. This is the perfect road trip song and is made with pure reasoning – as we are placed into a story that shows us where he wants to go – which is far away from the stresses of normal life.

Golden Rose‘ from the emerging music producer/indie-pop multi-instrumentalist musician Tom Stafford, leads us to a time where he is tired of staying inside and yearns for that exciting adventure, where he isn’t supposed to go. With a mellow style and his sunglasses ready for action, this is a peaceful single that will have you daydreaming of summer again.

Stream this new single via Spotify and support his vision by checking out the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Survival Mode: East London’s Sarah Isabella is honestly exquisite on ‘Pressure’ (feat. Tolu Shorts)

As she curiously wraps her head around the past, present and what the future holds in a sometimes bleak world around us, Sarah Isabella is quite simply incredible with a single that is so relatable to so many on ‘Pressure‘.

Sarah Isabella is an exceptionally gifted indie RnB/jazz and hip-hop fused singer-songwriter from East London in England. She brings onboard the top class production of Tolu Shorts for this one – which will have you lighting up the healing candles in your room – to importantly meditate those bad vibes out of your body for good.

For those sleepless nights, repetitive days, consuming self doubts and compressing unrealistic self expectations – ‘Pressure’ is my honest ode to all the moments spent feeling trapped and lost over these last couple years.” – Sarah Isabella

Her stunning vocals transforms your fragile emotions and has you closing your tired eyes to filter out all the negative thoughts and undesirable energy fields, that need to be closed off like a dusty tap.

The production and accompanying instrumentals are so classy and cool, as the song fills you up with sadness but shows you where to go so you may be free again, and unshackle your deepest thoughts from the wholesome treasures that awaits you.

Pressure(feat. Tolu Shorts) from the sumptuously talented East London, UK singer Sarah Isabella, is a true story about how things that happen in the world and with your life can really cause you to overthink and start to doubt yourself. You feel like you are being weighed down by a ton of bricks and can’t escape – when all you need is a change of scenery and perspective – to feel alive inside your precious soul again.

Flicking the inner switch from survival to winning mode is possible, if you open yourself up to the possibilities which are awaiting your eyes to see.

Hear this terrific new single on Spotify and see her stunning visuals on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

If You Missing Me: Ash Adams wants her to say yes on the sensual ‘Tell Me’

Taken off his just-dropped ‘Me, But Different’ EP, Ash Adams is happily back with an absorbing new single all about finding out if she really has true feeling for him or not on ‘Tell Me‘.

Ash Adams is an rising indie-pop artist from Oxford in England. He has a rather compellingly unique style that is freshly stimulating and is totally enrapturing on our perked up ears, that are looking for spiritual guidance during these lost times.

As he started recording this wonderful piece of work from his cozy hotel room in sunny Australia in late 2019 – this exciting project has taken on a life of its own – as you feel this quality time has really morphed the riveting release into something special.

This is a catchy track with steamy hot production, that has smoothly tipped vocals that breeze glowingly into your mind so willingly. His voice is full of life and has you on the edge of your seat, as you wonder where this love story shall go.

Tell Me’ from the well-respected Oxford, UK-based indie-pop musician Ash Adams, is the story of hoping that they are keen to be in your life as you feel so much love for them. You have been hurt before and don’t want that heartbreak to knock down your good vibes again, that have been putting you in a good space lately. The ball is in her court now, as you get the tennis rackets ready to play, if she indeed feels the same way as you do.

Stream this new track via Spotify and see more of his adventures on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Hold Tight: Accrington band Escapades reach for the galaxy beyond on freshly minted new single ‘Star Collisions’

Recorded at the cozy Electric Church in Blackburn, Escapades sparkle with the imaginative love story that has you feeling so alive on the superbly created ‘Star Collisions‘.

Escapades is an exciting Accrington, England-based five-piece indie pop/rock band. They have tweaked their sound recently and the results are for all to see – with a pacey drum machine – adding so much to an already superb music output.

Her stupendously crisp voice is so full of life and exudes such class- as each note is filled with harmonious brilliance – and is backed up by some seriously groovy and catchy vibes. This terrific band has a magnificent style and your head can’t help but nod in union – you feel toasty warm and lovingly enlightened by their superb energy – and this is such a tasty treat to our hungry souls.

Star Collisions‘ from the excellent Accrington-based act Escapades, is the story about being with someone who makes you feel like you are travelling to outer space when you kiss their lips, and feel such a welcome surge of shooting star attraction flood into your whole welcoming body. They get you and you feel like you are floating somewhere peaceful, far away from the mess of this currently confusion-filled world.

This is one of the best songs released in 2021 so far – as it fantastically leaves you in awe of this fast-rising – and criminally underrated UK band.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Close Our Eyes: Steve Winch and The Inception run free from the hot burning sky of doom with ‘Still Life’

Taken off their excitedly-awaited ‘Down At The Soul Dispensary‘ full album that is set to be released on the 25th June 2021, Steve Winch and The Inception knock the door down vigorously with another gem as their lead single called ‘Still Life‘.

Steve Winch and The Inception is a four-piece high-energy indie-rock band from Bletchley in Milton Keynes, England. They make that shrewd and welcome music vibration from their wealth of experience, as they get our feet tapping again with quality tunes.

Insightful lyrics depicting life, love and wry social commentary sit atop a unique bedrock of expertly crafted and decidedly English indie music.” – Steve Winch and The Inception

His vocals are so smoothly trimmed and honestly immaculately delivered with enlightening stories of the world – as the band back him up with a world class display – that further lights up the notion that this is a quality act, who definitely deserve more love. The chorus strikes your heart hot like an iron on full steam, and has you sneakily turning up the volume – as you imagine them live on stage at a sold-out festival – which is the place where they belong.

Still Life‘ from the experienced Bletchley, England-based rockers Steve Winch and The Inception, shows us into a world that is absolutely bonkers right now. They bring us a groovy track that is full of clever lyrics, which urges us to keep on dreaming no matter what other madness is going on in this crazy world, full of non-nonsensical decisions and undesirable heartache.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The First Chapter: Kiss Kanoo impresses on electric new journey to start fresh with ‘Outta Time’

Whilst sending us a pulsating synthwave beat that streams blood from her eye, Kiss Kanoo moves away from those who have sucked away her kind energies for their own selfish gains on ‘Outta Time‘.

Kiss Kanoo is a striking London, England-based, Italian-born, USA and Australia-raised indie dark-pop artist. She has a focused mysterious edge to her and is always looking to evolve the music style, to exciting new levels of intrigue.

Outta Time is about giving chances to the wrong people who end up taking advantage of you, mercilessly. We all encounter these type of people in our lives, but in this case they are running out of time, ‘Outta Time’ because it’s time to cut them off. I wanted to conceptualize this message with rolling waves of synth leads, moody atmospherics and crisply delivered vocals.” – Kiss Kanoo

This is a terrific music video that shows her intent, her voice is meaningful and full of frustration with this situation she wants to close the door on, as he are let into a wave of soundscapes that has your heart beating faster and nodding your head to the breathtaking beat.

Outta Time‘ from the absorbing Fashionista and London-based dark-pop artist Kiss Kanoo, has us looking upwards to find peace from our decisions. Some people just don’t deserve our time and need to be left in the dark, as we move to the welcoming light and switch them off for good. The soul needs good humans to elevate, otherwise you will only go into a downward spiral forever.

See this quality video on YouTube and find out more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Moving On: London’s Tana tries to brush off the past and slide freshly into the now with ‘Bad Habits’ (Keep On Coming)

With a gripping style that has you listening twice as its that nice, Tana warms up steamy with her new lover after being left in the cold too many times with her ex on ‘Bad Habits(Keep On Coming).

Tana is a sensationally talented half Italian and Nigerian, London, England-based indie RnB singer-songwriter. She sings fluidly with such flair and fuses some trap and electric guitar elements in this one, to make a track that certainly has your mind alive.

Her rich and diverse views on gay culture, have strongly influenced her musical and personal journey. Tana’s music is unapologetic, revolutionary, and liberating.” – Tana 

This is the story of being in a new relationship and soon realizing that you are actually taking some of the bad habits into this new adventure. You want to grown and start again — so choose to be self-aware and to work on yourself — so that you aren’t bogging down a new start with old rubbish, that needs to be cleared out into the trash forever.

Bad Habits(Keep On Coming) from London, England-based multi-skilled indie RnB singer-songwriter Tana, is a truthful single that speaks up on issues that plague so many. You want to move on but feel like your ex still has a pesky hold on you, even if you want to rid yourself of their memory and toxic claws. This is a song to play loud as it will inspire you to close the door on the past memory, so that you can give your new love the best chance possible to succeed.

Hear this striking new single on Spotify and follow her journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Where Will I be: Norwich band Leadboots worry where the road will lead on ‘Ten Years Time’

Taken off their enthusiastically rousing five-track EP from 2020 called ‘Call of the Void‘, Leadboots stomp purposely into the house with muddy feet aplenty on the reflective single named ‘Ten Years Time‘.

Leadboots is a foot-tap-appealingly awesome four-piece indie-rock/folk/bluesy-fueled band from Norwich, England. They show their vast experience with a catchy single here – and have a real natural rhythm with zero ego – which makes them such a fun listen.

You feel the bounce of their smooth combination lift you up like a trampoline, as the riff has you loving each second you entrench yourself into gladly. This confident English band have a superb style and take you for a ride that feels like you have just gone down a satisfying water-slide.

Ten Years Time’ from Norwich-based indie-fusion band Leadboots, is a story that makes you wonder what is going to happen down the wind-swept and dilapidation-filled world, that can really get you down in the dumps. After all the isolation, the danger is that over-thinking is leading us down dark and dingy paths, that are actually unnecessary if you just think positive.

Stream this top new single on Spotify and see more info on the voyage via FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Can Make Anything: London singer Elle Perry kindly lets us into her mind with deep fascination on ‘Hands’

With her delightful voice on high voltage as she looks closer in constant imagination, Elle Perry wonders about the power, creativity and uniqueness of the ‘Hands‘.

Elle Perry is a splendid London, England-based classically-trained jazz singer-songwriter and poet. She has that rare ability to pitch upwards to a level that is unimaginable to some, as you can feel her hunger to succeed in this fickle world.

Influences of mine include Joni Mitchell, Stan Getz, the poet Louise Gluck. They weave ballads and ideas, and their handling of language itself has always seemed to me to be strikingly musical. My aim has always been to create the best music that I can, drawing influence from my own experiences and modern culture.” – Elle Perry

With a moody but classy start, we stare vividly into her mind as she looks deeply at those hands to see what they are hiding inside. She sings with such assured confidence and this feels like a James Bond soundtrack that simmers deeply into your soul, as it only seems to web with mystery as the track flows deeper inside.

Hands‘ from London jazz songstress and pen-sharp songwriter/poet Elle Perry, has you floating into another level as she sings with so much desire and has your ears on full attention, simmering hot with a stunning song that will leave you shivering in anticipation. With a lot of heart and so much desire, you feel her strength and hunger through a smoothly delivered single that will have you so fascinated, on this often untouched subject.

Stream this new track on Spotify and see her IG page for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen