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Boston pop duo Blue Doll feels like the time is now to escape this broken love permanently on None The Wiser

Fellow EP by Blue Doll

After keeping their music hidden from the world and only available if you were one of their inner circle of friends, Blue Doll guides us inside a poignant story that will give you goosebumps all over your body on None The Wiser.

Blue Doll is a Boston, Massachusetts-based indie-pop duo who are close friends and have decided that now is the time to show the world their intimate creations.

Kendall and Steve first crossed paths at college orientation in 2007… but the inspiration to collaborate wouldn’t fully strike until they were about to graduate with their degrees in Music Business in 2011.” ~ Blue Doll

Guiding us into an emotional story that shows us a body-shaking moment when you suddenly realized you were alone in keeping a relationship alive, Blue Doll is supremely sincere and embraces our hearts with an affectionately made release that is laden with serene beauty at every corner.

Showing us deeply inside that precise realization when you knew you needed to get out before your soul was crushed forever, this is an honest song that so many shall unfortunately relate to.

None The Wiser from Boston, Massachusetts-based indie-pop duo Blue Doll is a tenderly made story from the heart. With a superb vocal ambience and a lovely production that will strike you deep inside your soul, this is an anthem for anyone who knew that it was time to walk away from something once so joyous, but now so shattered.

When you feel you’re being used for your kindness, it’s time to close the door for good.

Listen up to this new single on Bandcamp and see more via their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Always Dipping: Forynas apply that hardcore intent on Pressure

Lacing the airwaves with that serious artillery that so many will never feel in their lives, Forynas clicks into action and shows us how real rap should sound like in this vegan world with their latest meaty release Pressure.

Forynas is a Germany-based indie hip hop two-piece who are mostly inspired by the 2000s rap stars and continue to elevate their mindsets through legitimate street stories.

In 2018 we founded the rap duo and decided to transform our feelings, thoughts, and problems that everyday life brings, into music.” ~ Forynas showing us into the vision and how things all kicked off

Aiming for the target and catching their prey like expert hunters, Forynas are those hungry rappers who you definitely don’t want to mess with. Dominant and sturdy, they show ominous intent with a dynamic performance for the ages and teach the youth on what substantive lyricism is all about.

Pressure from Germany-based indie hip hop outfit Forynas is a leather belt smacking track that might wake many up who have been sleeping on this authoritative duo. They slice and dice their way into our consciousness with a no-nonsense approach that will open up many scars, and take us all deep into the underground.

When you believe in your abilities and keep it real, that respect will last a lifetime.

Listen up on Spotify and see more on their IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

We’re Alone Now: London’s Adult Fiction drops excellent debut single Down To Zero

Falling through the grave as the darkness forms like a suffocating cloud of apprehension, Adult Fiction sends our minds into a rather mysterious world on their incredibly haunting release Down To Zero.

Adult Fiction is a fascinating London, UK-based indie alternative ambient/rock/folk duo who are outstandingly led by Nancy Salt and October Swimmer.

Down To Zero confronts the moment innocence shifts to darkness.” ~ an exclusive quote from Adult Fiction about their latest creation

With an eerie anthem for the ages, which is cinematic to the core and made with a world class atmosphere, Adult Fiction sends our frightened hearts into a scared spin and guides us into an underworld of fear that might cause a quickening of blood flow in our veins.

Down To Zero from London, UK-based indie alternative duo Adult Fiction is a stunning single that shall be an experience which will put you into a deep state of thought. With transfixing vocals, a pure production to marvel at, and lyrics that have been carefully written, this is a gem of a song that might pierce your eardrums. Songs like this don’t occur very often, and for this reason alone, this is a remarkable release that deserves our love and appreciation.

Hear this spectacular song on Spotify and see more via their IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Clamp Down With My Leg Inside His Jaws: Powers of the Monk shows us the strength of nature with Big Bear Little Man

Big Bear Little Man by Powers of the Monk

Showing us deeply into the truly disastrous incident of a rural man’s rather unfortunate encounter with a scary grizzly bear, Powers of the Monk is at their finest on a single to remember as you sleep in your bed tonight with one eye open on Big Bear Little Man.

Powers of the Monk are a Detroit, Michigan-based indie alt-Americana duo who are fused with that boot tapping blues and tremendously soulful roots.

Detailing that hungry growl and the deep rawness of a moment that can cause death rather brutally, Powers of the Monk ravage through the trees and show us into a gruesome description, which will shock many and features a quality sound to treasure. Their intricate skill set comes to the fore for all to witness, as they fantastically fuse a track together that shall claw slightly on your soft skin.

Big Bear Little Man from Detroit, Michigan-based indie alt-Americana duo Powers of the Monk is a warning for anyone who turns their back away from the dangers lurking in the rustling and wind-swept woods. Showing us deep inside that sun-soaked whiskey and soaring into our mindsets, this is a release with a storyteller’s delight on offer here.

Filled with raspy vocals and an ear-opening sound to wake you up from that afternoon nap, guiding us into the mentality of that wild animal who doesn’t know any better.

Listen up to this descriptive single on Bandcamp.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Divinity At It’s Finest: Marvin Jupiter and The Xutians turn it into a war zone on So Lo

With their new 5-track EP LO flowing through the streets, Marvin Jupiter and The Xutians shows us that general mentality that would make Martin Luther King Jr proud via their exceptional new single, So Lo.

Marvin Jupiter and The Xutians is a London, UK-based indie hip hop duo and production team featuring the top tier talents of ngcEZY.

We want The Xutians to be a brand; a face for Art, whether that it is with music, fashion, performance, modelling, we have a lot that we want to achieve.” ~ Marvin Jupiter and The Xutians describing in vivid detail what the next moves are

Showing us deep inside the growth that all humans need to feel throughout their bones in order to truly grow, Marvin Jupiter and The Xutians opens up the lid to that underground life millions in London have been dealing with for years.

Rapped with rugged determination and with an ominous beat, this is a sizzling track that might burn your fingers off if you’re not too careful.

So Lo from London, UK-based indie hip hop duo/production crew Marvin Jupiter and The Xutians is the type of single you blast on loud if you are with your mates who like it raw. Showing us that vet-like perspective which could change your mind about a lot of things if you didn’t understand before-they break some fragile windows with a hardcore display that leads us into the truth.

Life is about getting things off your chest before they break your heart into pieces forever.

Hear this passionate new single on Spotify and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Dead Of Night: Boston-based rockers Canyons and Locusts shows us inside the Night of the Locust

Roll The Dice by Canyons and Locusts

Steaming through the airwaves with a high-speed release from their recent 10-track album Roll The Dice, Canyons and Locusts return with a raw display to mosh with all evening on their latest single Night of the Locust.

Canyons and Locusts are a Boston, Massachusetts-based alternative noise-rock duo who seem to have rocket fuel simmering inside their veins.

Their recording process took formative conversations between two cities to one studio in Boston where they dug in, found the essence of each song, and then brought it loudly to life.” ~ Canyons and Locusts

Brimming with a confident edge to tell your mates about, Canyons and Locusts are in formidable form and shake our souls awake with an authoritative performance that is quite superb and rather menacing at times.

Night of the Locust from Boston, Massachusetts-based alternative noise-rock duo Canyons and Locusts is a supreme production that is filled with intensity, a real drive, and a hugely desirable output. They are an electric outfit and show us that underground music is certainly where it’s at on this dynamic release. Laced with an ear-tingling vocal effort to turn your head and a delightful energy, this is a track to get excited about.

You will want to turn this one on loud. Neighbors beware.

Listen up to this vibrant tune on Bandcamp and see more via the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Red Dress: Medicine Hat knows that you just gotta do what you gotta do on Sadie

Bringing us something so genuine and rather stress free to help us think about washing away the shame of the current world, Medicine Hat return with a super performance to wholeheartedly remember for a lifetime on Sadie.

Medicine Hat is a Ventura, California-based indie Americana duo who were born over the toasty ashes of a steaming hot campfire.

With the fan coined term “Lonesome Desert Rock” as their tag, they continue to win over listeners with their gritty authenticity.” ~ Medicine Hat

Layered with an underground brilliance and soothingly exciting excellence, Medicine Hat shows us where the cure is on this vocally gritty performance, which is such a pure experience you’ll find hard to forget.

Sadie from Ventura, California-based indie Americana duo Medicine Hat is a guitar-packed experience from a skilled outfit who just knows how to make outstanding music. With solos aplenty to please those who like it old school, this is a fine highlight to float you into a better place in time.

Urging us to confess on Sunday to get those sins washed away forever, this is a splendid single made by a quality duo who has brought us something quite enduring to remember fondly.

Tune your ear inside Spotify to hear this track and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Berlin’s KOLLISION rock out with speaker-busting force on Provinz

Provinz by Kollision

With a pulsating sound that smashes a hole in the window and gets the birds flying away rather quickly, KOLLISION is at their powerful best, with a truly awe-inspiring display on their new single, Provinz.

KOLLISION is a Berlin, Germany-based alternative rock/post-grunge duo who sing in both German and English and are inspired by legends such as Foo Fighters and Stone Temple Pilots.

Right now we are enjoying ourselves playing shows after all lockdown restrictions have been finally lifted.” ~ KOLLISION telling us about their relief that live music is back

Shaking our ears and core alive like we haven’t felt for years, KOLLISION wreaks havoc with a forceful display that includes illuminated vocals, which will wake you up rather quickly. Loud and proud, fierce and brilliant, this is a band who might snap a few guitar strings as they belt out an anthem for those who love it heavy.

Provinz from the Berlin-based alternative rock/post-grunge duo KOLLISION is the type of single that we all needed to hear today. Sung in German and showing us they are a force to be reckoned with, as they powerfully guide us into a land that has a mosh pit ready for anyone who needs to forget all their worries away. Good music does that, you see.

Open up the windows and blare this loud on Bandcamp while scrolling through their Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Working All Week: Khema Tempo waits for that call on the body-grooving Can’t Get Enough

After his proud city recently hosted the Commonwealth Games so terrifically, Khema Tempo has dropped a powerful track to show that we can easily overcome our differences on their explosive 2nd single called Can’t Get Enough.

Khema Tempo is a mysterious mask-wearing Birmingham, UK-based indie electronic dance duo who formed in 2019 by Mush and Nanti.

We met in our teens and spent the following years in and out of bands together, mostly writing and performing progressive rock.” ~ Mush and Nanti describing their connection

Showing us the right way to tackle any situation full on, Khema Tempo leads us bravely to that safe light which shall set free the demons forever. Performed with quality precision and expert timing, this is an ear-puller when you needed it most.

Can’t Get Enough from Birmingham, UK-based indie electronic dance act Khema Tempo is an anthem-like song for the ages that calls us to be better. Brushing away the tears and showing us what is possible seems to be this beautiful mission that might make your heart beat faster than before.

If you are looking for a natural boost to get you gritting your teeth into tackling your next challenge, this is it.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

When I look At You: DURA LUNE wants those chocolate kisses on I Fly Alone (feat. Christine Ringborg)

As the craving to hold hands only grows through time, DURA LUNE is rather magnificent on their latest single that might make you feel you can go up into the clouds with that ultimate partner on I Fly Alone (feat. Christine Ringborg).

DURA LUNE is a Gothenburg, Sweden-based indie electronic pop/disco duo who makes a beautiful blend of scintillating music wonder.

The duo consists of Mateo Raspudic and Simon Duchén who met at the university in Gothenburg. Mateo and Simon started producing in 2017 in the progressive house genre.” ~ DURA LUNE

Taking us on a journey high above from the smoke of this burning world, DURA LUNE shows their close friendship with Christine Ringborg on a sizzling song that is quite inspirational. Washed in a beat that will probably excite your veins, this is a song to turn on loud when you need to get better energy in your soul and feel that kiss of life again.

I Fly Alone (feat. Christine Ringborg) from Gothenburg, Sweden-based indie dance duo DURA LUNE is such an enthralling mixture of replenishing brilliance to snack on hungrily. With a tremendous vocal explosion that is blended together so wonderfully, this is a special song that has the production excellence you have been waiting for.

if you have the strength within, anything is possible.

Listen in on Spotify and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen