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Take a rural trip with Mike and the Psychedelic Humans debut single, ‘UFO’.

Why listen to Alex Jones ranting about UFOs when you could listen to Mike and the Psychedelic Humans’ debut single, UFO, which brings small-town rural vibes to international airwaves and celebrates the quintessential nature of them?

UFO is a psych-rock soiree that takes you deep into the heart of the old-school Louisiana funk sound while tapping into the soul of raw Chicago blues. It’s a psychedelic trip that any city slicker will want to take. With vocal reminiscence to Frank Zappa, UFO is all too efficacious at abducting your consciousness and filling it with kaleidoscopic colour. Naturally, we can’t wait to hear what comes next from Mike and the Psychedelic Humans.

UFO is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

D Boone Pittman paints a panoramic picture of romantic disparity in ‘She Likes the Beach’

‘She Likes the Beach’ is just one of the instantly immersive bluegrass singles taken from country-folk singer-songwriter D Boone Pittman’s debut album, Emerge.

The 10-track straight from the soul album pays a fitting ode to the storytelling roots of folk. As the acoustic bluegrass chords lay out the welcome mat, Pittman paints a panoramic picture of romantic disparity with his endlessly magnetic vocals as he expresses his frustration at being with someone that you can’t quite see eye to eye with but you end up in a situationship regardless.

You can check out D Boone Pittman on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Marshall Artz are ‘Coming Home’ with their twin guitars and a brand new album

Marshall Artz

Taken from their fifth album ‘What Matters’, Marshall Artz’ new single ‘Coming Home’ is a mildly folky, Louisiana-tinged acoustic-led duet, fast-paced and upbeat with some bluegrass vibes in places around the banjo-roll lead breaks and slide guitar pieces, all wrapped around the uber-tight fingerstyle rhythm work of Kevin Artz. There’s a folk-rock, Americana feel to the track, reminiscent of 70’s trio America, Bread, or Harry Chapin, with maybe an element of the Doobie Brothers thrown in in the way both players interact organically around the track to create something that sounds fuller than ‘just’ two guitars and vocals.

It’s an excellent track, pacey and tight; lyrically, the title’s pretty much on the money – a long time away, nothing but ‘FaceTime on my iPhone’ to connect with, and ‘today is the day that I’m coming home’. Gentle, fun, and uplifting, ‘Coming Home’ is a great introduction to Marshall Artz new album.

You can hear ‘Coming Home’ here.

Review by Alex Holmes

Be There For You: Vibrant Virginia band Franklin Gotham wishes they could offer support on ‘I Can’t’

As he wonders why he can’t be there like she was for him, Franklin Gotham returns with a striking story about how sometimes the heart just won’t let you get in too deep on ‘I Can’t‘.

Franklin Gotham is a likable pop infused Americana three-piece act from Alexandria, Virginia. They bring that catchy music to the fore, that has your heart alight with possibilities, whilst providing us a soundtrack to jump right into the upcoming summer days.

With a punchy acoustic tone and fresh vocals that entrenches in your mind, you feel the sense of regret in his voice as he knows that he needs to be there, but just isn’t able as she has moved on and you miss those moments together.

The visuals are fun to watch on this exciting music video at the fair — and you feel engrossed into their story that you have felt before in your life — when you needed to be present to help out.

I Can’t’ from the awesome three-piece Alexandria, Virginia band Franklin Gotham, shows us into the light to where you want to be but feel its best to rather give them space. You know you need to do this simple thing, however you are madly in love with them and don’t want to ruin that special friendship.

Stream this catchy video on YouTube and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

John Paycheck – bringing the toe-tapping back to country with ‘Lone Stars’

‘Lone Stars, crowded bars, fast women, and slow guitars’; that’s pretty much the job description for John Paycheck on ‘Lone Stars’ – a fast-paced, shuffly little slab of neo-trad country that’s laced with humour and proper musical pedigree. Paycheck is a self-confessed ‘nerdy high-tech redneck’, and what he’s aiming for – and delivering here – is a return to 90’s style fun country and western with toe-tappin’, foot-stampin’, whiskey-swillin’, country groove that people can dance to.

The son of a country music legend (and Grand Ole Opry member), part of Country’s ‘outlaw movement’ along with Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings, and Willie Nelson, John Paycheck is proper country and western through and through; that comes across in the obvious enjoyment of ‘Lone Stars’, the Texas shuffle and lap steel slide guitar sit alongside the swing and the clear ‘lovin’ it’ grins that are evident across ‘Lone Stars’. It’s a cracker of a single, and frankly if this doesn’t make you want to tap your (cowboy-booted) foot then nothing will.

Check out ‘Lone Stars’ on Spotify; find out more about John Paycheck here.

Review by Alex Holmes

Psych Folk meets Old School Blues in Reverend James Elmore Jenkins’ single, ‘Rise Up!’

Rise Up! is the latest single to be released by Tennessee-hailing minister and musician Reverend James Elmore Jenkins; the request won’t seem all that unreasonable once you’ve experienced the upraising melding of old school blues and psych-folk.

With dizzying electronic effect, potentially more mind-warping than anything that The Legendary Pink Dots have ever offered, infused into the soulful Americana soundscape – complete with lap steel guitar twangs, Rise Up! It is practically a transcendental experience. Any fans of the Blues greats such as Blind Willie Johnson won’t want to miss out on this release.

Rise Up! officially released on April 1st; you can check it out for yourselves via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Take A Stand: Siren Valley send out powerful message about speaking up for what is right on ‘Behave’ (ft. Janell Crampton and Tina Guzman)

As they join forces to put out a real message that needs to be heard, Siren Valley are back with the visuals for Behave‘ (ft. Janell Crampton and Tina Guzman).

Siren Valley is the likable Antelope Valley, Southern California four-piece folk-pop/Americana band who play with a conscious mindset that is born from being close friends for so long. They bring joy to your smile during these horrific times that have made us seek that fulfilling emotional perspective that keeps us sane, when the world seems dark and cold.

They create their art-form so that they can bring hope to the healing, as you get washed away into their likable melodies, their close friendship is heard on each part as their music is effortless and so refreshingly honest with their joint collaboration with two inspiring vocalists, who sing from the heart.

This is the story of standing up for what is right, no matter what you were taught or told when you were young. The world evolved, but sadly some families didn’t and kept a lot of the bad old school practices which holds you back. The mission should be to fly free and expressing yourself by doing things that helps you, while developing your perspective and self-awareness.

The vocals are so enchanting and you feel the love on this message of showing that all women are definitely equal and need to treated as much in this male-dominated world, that needs to be way more supportive to basic human rights and cut out the poisonous plants that are stopping the growth, so we can all live with the same opportunities.

Behave(ft. Janell Crampton and Tina Guzman) from folk-pop/Americana band Southern California-based Siren Valley, is an eye-opening music video that shows you inside to truly motivating artists who use their platform for the right reasons. No women should ever be hurt by or be treated badly by any man. Life is meant to be loved and be loved after all.

See this new music video on YouTube and check out the IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Brandon Bing – Dyin’ Breed: Rapturously Raucous Country Rock

Singer-songwriter Brandon Bing is keeping modern country rock alive and breathing, ironically, with tracks such as ‘Dyin’ Breed’. The southern sun-kissed single plants itself firmly within the roots of country and resounds through the massive radio-ready rock production.

It’s a track that rhythmically commands you to move and lyrically compels you to see the beauty in the world in the same way the Florida & Nashville- based artist does. You almost don’t need the artist’s bio to know that he lives between Florida and Nashville, the gloss and grit delivered in Dyin’ Breed is a telling sign and just one of the reasons why Brandon Bing stands out so easily from the rest.

His rapturously raucous lyricism paired with their gritty southern twang will do infinitely more for your outlook on life than pawing your way through a mountain of self-help books. The energy from the stomping rhythms paired with the rich resonant vocals won’t fail to crawl under your ribs as you listen to the hook-filled feat of honkytonk.

Dyin’ Breed is now available to stream via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Need Some Peace: Harrisonburg’s Who Shot John sing with such soul on ‘Big Mean Light’

Bringing us the story about needing a few extra winks in bed before rising again, Who Shot John sing so passionately on their new single taken off their debut album called ‘Big Mean Light‘.

Who Shot John is the unassuming Shenandoah Valley, West Virginia-based indie Americana/blues/rock-fusion four-piece act, who organically formulate a humbly lovable sound, as they sing about true life stories of how crazy this world really is.

Their true love for the rock, soul, blues, and Americana music shines through their bones, as they effortless charm flows like the stream of your beating heart, your body uplifted by their soulful music.

With a likable sound and vocals that has you in raptures, this is a band with a classic feel that absolutely love what they do when they are together, playing their hearts out and telling stories that inspire them each day.

Big Mean Light‘ from Harrisonburg, Shenandoah Valley-based Who Shot John, is an escape from the current world of heartache, as they tells us their disgust with the sun filtering in, that has interrupted their sleep to barge into the door unannounced. The day has begun with a flick of a switch, as they try and get those extra five minutes before rising up, to see what the world has in store.

Hear this top new song on Soundcloud and see their story on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Award-winning bluegrass singer, Kevin Serey is set to release their wisdom-driven single ‘Old Man’s Eyes’

Singer-songwriter, Kevin Serey has been raking in the accolades since making their debut. As an Ohio Music Award Winner and an International Acoustic Music Awards finalist, his highly-anticipated forthcoming album holds plenty of promise. On the basis of the standout single, Old Man’s Eyes, he’s discernibly delivered.

As we’re collectively living through some of the most isolating times in living history, wisdom-fuelled singles, such as Old Man’s Eyes are priceless. Serey’s consoling words melodically shove you in a positive direction while his timeless bluegrass country folk tones leave you enraptured by evoking just as much emotion as the lyrics.

You’ll have to wait a little longer before you can check out Kevin Serey’s new album, in the meantime, hear their award-winning previous releases via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast