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Blowing My Own Trumpet bring the sounds of Africa with ‘Umsindo’.

South African-hailing newcomers Blowing My Own Trumpet keep it in the family with their band formation; with their sound, they explore folk and Latino through tribal African rhythms. You’ll feel a rise in the temperature as soon as you hear the first few sun-bleached notes in the wholesomely eclectic track that will happily act as a guide to warmer climates for anyone who needs an escape from the cold chill of the UK winter.

Umsindo was the first track released from the band’s debut album of the same title. Umsindo, the single, is now available to stream via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Dylan Walker drops his debut single, the chilled love-song ‘All I Need Is You’

It’s not often that bible quotes spring readily to mind when reviewing new music, but “when I was a child, I spoke and thought and reasoned as a child. But when I grew up, I put away childish things” could easily be the tag-line for ‘All I Need Is You’, Dylan Walker’s debut self-penned single.

An ex-childhood tennis prodigy and professional player turned musician and songwriter, 20-something Dylan Walker’s opener is a beautiful, gentle mellow little acoustic-guitar-and-vocal-led ballad to love, loss, and the understanding that the important things in life aren’t – as he puts it – ‘…fancy things/ like fast cars and grand clothes and diamond rings’, but the love and support of those close to us. Dylan Walker’s voice is soft, lilting, almost falsetto at times, carrying the message of the lyrics beautifully over the chilled melodic backing. It’s a strong, confident debut, and bodes well for Dylan Walker in the future, with two more singles – ‘Life Began With You’ and ‘We Are Meant To Be’ slated for release later this year on Happy Sloth Records.

‘All I Need Is You’ is out now across all major streaming platforms; you can check it out on Spotify now.

Review by Alex Holmes


Those Late Nights: Blowing My Own Trumpet bring us a welcome cross-genre new single about her ‘Spanish Eyes’

Taken off the debut album called ‘Umsindo‘, Blowing My Own Trumpet heal our innocence with the Latino/folk-flavored new single about her ‘Spanish Eyes‘.

Blowing My Own Trumpet is a terrific family band featuring the works of South African Trumpeter Claude Lamon. With so much variety and and a loving sound, they make music to entertain and to help us think of fun moments that inspire us again.

This is the story of her striking eyes that distracts the room, as her long flowing dress has everyone watching her each move. The night is dark with the drinks flowing and the chatter is on full volume, with the crowd enjoying their evening to the maximum.

The cheerful soundscape is so tremendous and you can feel the close bond between them, as the flowing energies transfix into your mind and make you smile again. This is a song that is a refreshing distraction from current times, with an immense variety of instruments and features a sweetly-voiced singer, who puts your mood into a better one instantly.

Spanish Eyes‘ from the quality family act Blowing My Own Trumpet, is a world song that puts you into a good place, as you are placed into a happy trance of cross-cultured sounds that reminds you that happy and joyful times, are just around the corner.

Stream this new track on YouTube and see more on FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Music Pop

For Somer: JB Somers is incredible on heartfelt message to her loving memory on ‘Hurt You’

With his fast-beating heart in so much inner flux, JB Somers shows us all what true love really is on the stunning new single that gives you chills all over your spine called ‘Hurt You’.

Nashville, Tennessee-based indie singer-songwriter JB Somers has traveled from his birthplace in Alabama to Florida to his new home, as he took a huge risk that ultimately paid off in the end. Moving to the home of music during a horrid pandemic could of turned sideways, but due to her angelic presence watching over him, this is what movies are made of.

Usually a folk singer-songwriter, JB was persuaded to make more of a pop/dance song here and warmed up to the idea after wanted to truly honor his lost sister Somer who sadly passed. She loved so many different genres of music and taught him how to love deeply, encouraging his passions to blossom and how to forgive.

With a breathtaking voice that has your body shaking in anticipation, he sings with such magnetic energy that soothes your tears as this story further unfolds. He misses her so much and just wants one more conversation to say that he is sorry for that one moment, that could of been so much better.

Hurt You‘ from the humble Nashville-based singer-songwriter JB Somers, is a loving story about how he wishes he could take back that short space of time that he truly regrets and wishes his beloved Sister was still beside him, helping him through his career and seeing how it all came together.

That bond can’t and will never be broken. Somer lives on and is still inspiring him to this day.

Stream this heartfelt story on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Salmon Run have released their chorally accordant country folk single, ‘She’s Alright’

With their latest single, ‘She’s Alright’, Appleton, WI-residing duo Salmon Run played with roots of country-folk while giving the production a chorally enticing contemporary feel.

The lyrics are sentimental and heartfelt enough for you to become personally enamoured with the object of affection which the accordant single gently introduces, reminding you well and truly that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that, for the most part, thankfully, it lies in idiosyncrasies.

It’s a stunning single to hand over your emotions and rhythmic pulses to. Any fans of contemporary folk acts such as Bonny Light Horseman will appreciate this quiescent journey of romantic adoration.

The official video to She’s Alright is now available to stream via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


ghost singers have released their plaintively hypnotic folk single ‘Remember When’

‘Remember When’ is the latest plaintively hypnotic folk single from ghost singers, a collective of artists that have never met. There may be plenty to mourn when contemplating our increasingly digital cultural landscape, but this harrowingly soft and sparse single definitely isn’t one of them.

Over quiescently picked guitar notes, the female vocals seem to find every inch of space to occupy them with celestial timbre. If you thought that Daughter’s or Sharon Van Etten’s vocals are arresting, wait until you hit play on this timeless single.

Remember When is now available via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Snir Yamin: maybe your new favourite singer-songwriter with new single ‘Taking’

Snir Yamin might just be the best male singer-songwriter you’ve never heard of; his previous singles, ‘Down The Line’ and ‘Twenty Three’, both made it to number one on the iTunes Top 200 Alternative Tracks chart, but new single ‘Taking’ is simply stunning, a painfully wistful melancholic nostalgia to Yamin’s guitars and plaintive vocals.

It’s a great track, evocative and emotive, gentle yet powerful all at once, some intricate, melodic guitar picking underneath the poignancy. It’s reminiscent, a little, of The Calling, but also classic singer-songwriters like Elliot Smith and guitar-led artists like Snow Patrol and John Mayer, there’s also classic songwriting with elements of older influences such as the Stones, Dylan, or the Police in the mix too.

‘Taking’ is available on Spotify right now; check out Snir Yamin on Facebook and Instagram.

Review by Alex Holmes


Takar Nabam mixes up East and West with his poetic new single ‘Ashes’

The tribal region of Arunchal Pradesh in India might not be the first place you think of when looking for guitar’s ‘next-big-thing’, but Takar Nabam – already named in Guitar Player Magazine’s ‘Top Five Guitar Players in India’ in 2020 – is absolutely at the forefront of innovative, convention-defying guitarists with his deep, instinctual understanding of both his instrument and his voice. Nabam demonstrates a deep respect and foundation in the musical traditions of his own culture whilst mixing in elements of contemporary blues and roots greats such as John Mayer, Tom Minsch, and slide supremo Derek Trucks.

Nabam’s 2018 album, ‘This Home, That Home’, garnered rave reviews, including featuring on Apple Music’s ‘Top Ten Indian Releases’ and Rolling Stone’s ‘Top Ten Summer Songs’; Nabam now returns with his new single ‘Ashes’. Born from Nabam’s collected life experiences, and mixing up all of those guitar-playing influences, ‘Ashes’ is a deep, meaningful, and mellow track that never lacks in power, authority, or lyrical poetry. Betraying Nabam’s deep understanding of blues and rock, but with a clear jazz and eastern tinge too. It’s a beautiful, gentle track which is at the same time expressive, calming, and uplifting. We’re looking forward to hearing more of Nabam’s new work later this year.

Check out the video for ‘Ashes’ on YouTube, and look Takar Nabam up on Apple Music or Spotify.

Review by Alex Holmes


Joshua Dennis – Turn Around: A 2021 folk-pop playlist staple

Brand New Day by Joshua Dennis

North Carolina genre-blender, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Joshua Dennis has unleashed their affable folk-pop album ‘Brand New Day’ which will top up any optimism that you may be falling short of.

The instrumentals in the standout single ‘Turn Around’ merge indie with pop and folk while Joshua Dennis’ softly all-consuming vocals bring 21st-century modernity to the crooning soul-pop style.

If any album should be on a hipster’s turntable, it’s Brand New Day. Joshua Dennis’ commitment to bringing a sense of positivity to the airwaves is just one of the reasons why you’ll want to add him to your radar.

Turn Around is available to purchase and stream via Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Feelings Won’t Change: East London’s Shannon sings lovingly from the heart on exquisite new crush-filled single ‘But He’s There’

As she nervously twists her curly hair in his presence and giggles at his jokes, Shannon was over him for a while, ‘But He’s There‘ again and her bursting heart wishes he would feel the same.

Shannon is an enchanting East London, England-based solo indie modern-folk singer-songwriter, who tells us sweet stories about love and life in this complex world, that can take your heart for a wild ride full of ups and downs, if you let it control you.

”The lyrics reveal inner thoughts of uncertainty about stepping out of one’s comfort zone to fulfill an exciting idea of love. As the song builds, the story unfolds and reflects the fantasy for a closer relationship.”- Shannon

You hear her feelings for her best friend rise and rise, the idea is firmly planted in her curious head as she listens closer and looks deeper and deeper into his eyes. Her stunning voice reflects that true love and she hopes that someday (soon), he will realize that she is actually the one for him too.

But He’s There‘ from the captivating East London singer-songwriter Shannon, is a cute story about how your fondness for a real friend can really cloud your mind. You love them dearly and the lines between lovers and friends is so close in your consciousness, but is it the same for them?

Sometimes you can’t be with someone even if you wish it so, the world has other ideas and even though it hurts real deep inside, the lesson taken is that you need to let things come to you spontaneously. The heartbreaking anguish is too sore to bare otherwise.

Stream this carefully crafted love letter on Spotify and see her adventures on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen