Stories of the city: Ryan Ward shows us into the dark streets of ‘The London Look’

the london look by Ryan Lee Ward

Ryan Ward sings with such welcoming honesty on his enlightening new single with bar adventures to talk about for days on ‘The London Look‘.

Soulful London, England-based alt-folk singer-songwriter Ryan Ward, is a candidly talented musician with a truthful story to tell. He kindly opens up the cab door and takes us for a whirlwind ride through this fascinating city, that can push you off your feet sometimes.

He sings with a pure bluntness about perhaps having one too many of the cold beverages and performs with a voice that shows you inside his world. He is casual but has that self-awareness that so many don’t, as he speaks about that night on the town that ended a bit faulty but was fun up to a certain point, before things got a bit blurry.

The London Look‘ from London-based folk singer-songwriter Ryan Ward is a true story about how life can sneak up on you sometimes and you start to wonder how you got there. The street is slippery and cold, you have had a rough night with a black eye shiner and stories to tell for days to the lads.

This is a terrific artist with real tales of life in the city, where those bright lights from the promising evening, turn into dark corners really quickly. When your luck is low, things that shouldn’t happen do and you start to think twice about your path.

Stream this fantastic new single on Bandcamp and check him out on Twitter.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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