Angry and Depressed: Silverhours puts the weapons down on Doldrums

Released from the debut LP named Madeleine Moment, Silverhours attempts to soothe all worries away as the burnout days loom larger on the must-listen melodic wonder that is Doldrums.

Silverhours is a London, UK-based alternative musician who is comprehensively inspired by the dark sounds of the Scottish electronic duo, Boards of Canada.

His artistry features an eclectic mix of sounds, influenced by both jazz and electronica, intricate arrangements and catchy melodies.” ~ Silverhours

Class personified and swimming deeper within our own reflection, Silverhours guides us towards where the steel-forged tenderness really is. Delighting our frayed speakers and showing us the power of time and reflection, this is a rather splendid track and Doldrums might change the view for many.

Doldrums from London, UK-based alternative musician Silverhours is an augmented reality-avoiding single made with maximum skill and quality. There are ear-splitting breaks and so much to swim inside, on a track with vocally enlightening melodies that shall enrich all listeners due to its rather marvellously constructed core.

Avoiding the dark light within is the mission we all face during these weird times.

Listen closer on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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