Spooky Edge: Sydney’s Joel Sammut is terrifyingly brilliant on ‘Home Ghost’

Returning back to where it all started after many years away, Joel Sammut opens up our curious minds with his latest striking single called ‘Home Ghost‘.

Joel Sammut is a supremely gifted solo indie psychedelic/alt/electronic multi-instrumentalist, who creates that haunted type of music that bridges the gap between total carnage and hope, all somehow at the same time.

After living and working in London, New York and Berlin, he’s now back in his hometown of sunny Sydney, Australia, working hard on his debut album set for a 30th April 2021 release.

The tremendously fascinating track strikes a wondrous mix of illusion and mystique, as his smoothly poured voice enters your veins so vividly. This feels like a headline song out of a new Guy Ritchie movie, its dark and edgy, each part feels like you are inside the haunted house with him, you feel his power and intent as the beat blusters into your mind with conflicting abandon.

Home Ghost‘ from Sydney, Australian psychedelic/alt/electronic artist Joel Sammut, is that excellent piece of original music that you don’t get to savor too often in this copy and paste kind of world but when you do, it certainly satisfies the hungry palate.

Stream this track on Spotify and see his IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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