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UK EDM duo Issi Noho rattle the windows of the drowsy with the hauntingly memorable pick-me-up, Back to The Abyss

Following the dynamics of a film that is still to be made, the massively experienced and much-loved Issi Noho drops track 8 from We erA (A Tale for Dreamers and Scientists) and this is called, Back to The Abyss.

Issi Noho is a UK-based EDM Psychedelic Beats lover who enjoys drenching all tired hearts into a bath of mass contentment and shall cause bodies to be reinvigorated again.

Formed by Nick Smith & Neil Riley who are known best for their electric track on the legendary and original FIFA game, Issi Noho scores a hattrick on their latest release which would trouble even the best keepers. This is riveting to the core of empty abdomens and shall fill up the hungriest, who are voracious for something proper. Eat up then. It’s snack time.

Back to The Abyss from UK-based EDM act Issi Noho is a fast-paced and pulsating track to turn the lights off with. With glowsticks in abundance and masses ripping off their shirts, we have found an anthem to stomp all toes off with.

Sizzling through the lights and never letting go, we hope you’re ready to pump up the volume.

Check out the video on YouTube.

Soak into the socials on Twitter.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Therum soars to the winners line with Sweet Victories (Sour Defeat)

Urging all to listen closer and featuring a divine sound made for those enormous festivals, Therum’s Sweet Victories (Sour Defeat) is a truly impressive single to be inspired by no matter the weather outside.

Therum is a Florida-based alternative psychedelic rock band that loves to drop sensational solos and songs featuring emotive lyrics which will draw the goodness back inside.

Showing us how Gainesville gets down, Therum is on top form here and lights up our fires that have burnt out to a crispy old pizza box due to the ragged fairytale which appears broken. Led by John Luke Melovich, we are treated to a warm embrace which is lovingly received.

Sweet Victories (Sour Defeat) from psychedelic rockers Therum is a stunner into the hearts of anyone who needed a wake-up call. Performed to levels of music splendour, we find a rather terrific single to turn up and let take over all past worries.

This is the kind of cinematic track we can all get excited about while closing our minds to the bad news on television.

Turn this up loud on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I believe in just one God: Carol Blaze doesn’t ask for much on Sex Drugs Rock And Roll

Carol Blaze Playlist by carol blaze

Rocking our socks off many feet and taking us back to a time so many humans treasure fondly, Carol Blaze sends all minds into a fireball of imagination on the charged-up single to feel reinvigorated by and this is called, Sex Drugs Rock And Roll.

Created by A.T. Vish, Carol Blaze is a massively experienced San Francisco, California-based multi-instrumentalist and psychedelic/goth rock singer-songwriter who is known for unforgettable live performances made for the memory bank.

the former drummer of Pittsburgh, USA’s dream-pop darlings, Lowsunday (Projekt Records), psychedelic monsters, Thickhead Grin, and musical productions of Hedwig and the Angry Inch and Without You, both starring Anthony Rapp (of Rent, etc.).” ~ A.T. Vish

Off to Lisbon soon for the summer, Carol Blaze shall heat up many souls with this fiery experience to nod heads with all night as the mosh forms. Avoiding the wartime narratives and sending a shiver down startled spines, this is a rather sturdy single to feel proud of while playing at full volume.

Sex Drugs Rock And Roll from San Francisco, California-based multi-instrumentalist and indie rock singer-songwriter Carol Blaze is one of the most raw tracks anyone shall hear this year. With confidence in spades and a real story to believe in, this is a proper song to feel alive with again.

Hear this electric track on Bandcamp.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Up in Flames Again: Supah Sayin doesn’t see the future on 01:12 AM in Tejas

After disregarding the disbelievers and making it rain on Double Dutch, Supah Sayin sees the world going crazy and packed with vicious wildfires ousting the hope of so many on the explosive new single, 01:12 AM in Tejas.

Supah Sayin is a 25-year-old Dallas/Fort Worth-based indie psychedelic hip-hop artist who is one of those creative wizards who drops elevating tracks and flips moods with his conscious message.

Influenced greatly by the psychedelic age of rock and his idol Jim Morrison, Supah Sayin created a unique, first-of-its-kind genre: psychedelic rap.” ~ Supah Sayin

Taken off the excellent Neo-Lizard King and hoping for sense and order to be restored and solutions to be found, Supah Sayin has torched the souls of so many with an enlightening song to open the lost eyes amongst the suffocating winds of modern times. There are sublime laser-sharp lyrics about the financial crisis and the immense upheaval of the planet, caused by the so-called leaders who have drenched pollution over innocent humans.

01:12 AM in Tejas from Dallas/Fort Worth-based indie psychedelic hip-hop artist Supah Sayin is a fighter-for-the-people single we all needed to hear. Avoiding the fake game and slicing the truth so calmly that millions can consume it without an upset stomach.

Keeping things in perspective and never holding back, we are treated to a look behind the masses, with a superbly honest single which deserves so much love and respect.

Listen up closer on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Testaverde took a jazzy astral trip through psychedelic soul in their standout single, Livre

Away from the fray of music manufactured for mainstream appeal, the music project, Testaverde, led by singer-songwriter Pedro Rafa and producer Ale Siqueira, always follows a mythical path to invite the listener to reflect on life. Ultimately, the soundscapes from Testaverde are the embodiments of our true selves.

The standout single, Livre, which was brought to life with an army of authentic artists, is a far cry from the archetypal indie tonal palette with the ethereally jazzy textures, funk-licked rhythms, and astral layers of psychedelic soul. Livre is definitively a single you will get lost within before you find yourself rejuvenated by artful experimentalism. Great minds don’t think alike; they’re all outside the box like the effortless originators in this accessible Avant Garde orchestration.

Add Livre to your Spotify playlists, or immerse yourself in the official music video on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Marlon Bianco Dials Major Tom in His Psychy Jazz-Funk Feat of Sonic Dystopia, Planet Coronet

With a tonal palette spacey enough it wouldn’t be out of place spinning on a turntable in the TARDIS in a vintage Dr Who episode, Marlon Bianco’s take on psychedelic jazz-funk in his latest release, Planet Coronet, will have you transcending into outer space from the first synthy oscillating note.

Bianco took care of every instrumental, bar the reverently jazzy sax lines laid down by Jonny Chung, who well and truly embodies the spirit of jazz to bring you back down from the astral plane the synthetics have transported you to.

Unlike many of the lockdown-born projects, the solo endeavour from the North London-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, which started by laying a few chords down on a Roland keyboard, Bianco is an artist the airwaves would cry out for if silence should fall around his ingenuity.

His dystopia-encompassing sounds are reminiscent of the alien times we find ourselves insulated within, but it’s hard to shed a tear when the end sounds so euphonically sweet.

Planet Coronet will officially release via Other Planet Records on March 17th. Catch it on Soundcloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Spend Some Time: Eugene Palmer searches for that quality time on a special Summer Day

With groovy riffs to ease all uneasiness away into the distance, Eugene Palmer takes the shirt off and cools down in a better place to be truly happy inside on Summer Day.

Eugene Palmer is a Buffalo, New York-based indie psychedelic pop 3-piece band that has a genuine style which will calm all heavy hearts.

Drenched in sweat and feeling so good after feeling the burn on such a beautiful day to enjoy for its magnificence, Eugene Palmer navigates us away from the smog of the city and into a more mellow world filled with smiles and kisses.

Taken from their first 10-track release called Rut, this is a memorable new single to remember for its spark-filled life.

Summer Day from Buffalo, New York-based indie psychedelic pop artist Eugene Palmer is a superb song which is packed with so much pureness, it might just change a sad soul’s day. There is impressive depth here which makes everything better, as our eyes are hidden with sunglasses as those sunny rays heat all worries away.

Turn this up on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Timothy and the Apocalypse drops one of 2022’s best electronic anthems with ‘On the Run’

After previously shocking us awake with the trippy single ‘Adventures of a Nymphoid Barbarian – 9 Theory Remix‘, Timothy and the Apocalypse melts our emotions down to dust with the sensational track to gaze into the sky with while you are ‘On the Run‘.

Signed to Mass Experience Records, Timothy and the Apocalypse is a Sydney, Australia-based indie electronic artist and music producer.

The world, according to Timothy, is a whirling dervish of multihued sonic landscapes differing in textural terrain with psychedelic light and shadow consistently at play.” ~ Timothy and the Apocalypse

Showing us what classy music sounds like in this rather challenging world, Timothy and the Apocalypse displays such majestic greatness and further cements the notion that sunny Australia has the best sounding music on planet earth right now.

The producer from Sydney has been steadily building a catalog of music that quietly rises above the fray. So much so that he’s garnered the attention of and signed with Universal.” ~ Timothy and the Apocalypse

On the Run‘ from Sydney, Australia-based indie electronic artist and music producer Timothy and the Apocalypse is an absolute gem from all angles and sizzles the speakers until they glow rather radiantly. With a pulsating beat, sensual vocals and an overall vibe that will get that dance floor buzzing with excitement, there is something rather special on offer here.

Music heals all wounds – if you turn up the volume – and close your eyes, letting it lather all over your whole body.

Simmer inside this timeless single on Spotify and follow the dream on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Sound Animal fascinate yet again with the ear-sizzling new track, ‘Whistle the Wind Home’

With a hauntingly mesmerising start that forms into something quite intriguing and deep to close your eyes with, Sound Animal return with an instrumental track that will surely be in a Hollywood movie as we lather inside, ‘Whistle the Wind Home‘.

Sound Animal is a Berkeley, USA-based indie experimental psychedelic rock, electronic, doom and metal band that continues to defy logic with extraordinary soundscapes to swim deeply into.

Electric guitar, bass, lap steel slide and electrified dulcimers played with a violin bow, bodhrán, Peruvian triangle drum, snare drum, silver flute, double shepherd’s flute, suling, jaw harp, pungi, khaen, melodica, harmonica, recorder, boatswain’s pipe, pennywhistle, slide whistle, saxmonica, MIDI, voice, found objects, electric tennis racket.” ~ Sound Animal

After blowing our minds on the car alarm-blaring dystopian track from February that shocked our ears back into place on ‘Outlaw of No‘, Sound Animal are rather unbelievable on another totally mind-bending song for the non-masses. The different sounds on display are rather uniquely spectacular and shall take your whole body into another dimension.

Whistle the Wind Home‘ from Californian-based indie experimental psychedelic rock, electronic, doom and metal act Sound Animal is a speaker-shifting single that shall flow through parts of your body that haven’t been alive for years. They are a tremendous outfit that has defied the odds once again and grabbed our souls into a galaxy of wonder that shall make you smile with joy. Music should always be about exploring what is possible after all.

Listen to this creative experience on Soundcloud and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Florida-based rock band The Walkers find that mirror amongst those ‘Bright Shadows’

Exploring the highs and lows of humanity through a music video that shall have you beaming with joy at the originality portrayed, The Walkers are at their most colourful with their new visuals for a song that will shake your core awake on ‘Bright Shadows‘.

The Walkers is a Gainesville, Florida-based indie psychedelic rock 5-piece act who are all good friends and is united by their love of garage rock.

Inspired by nature’s polarity and focuses on the power of juxtaposition; light and dark, yin and yang, life and death.” ~ The Walkers

Cruising through with a single that has you feeling like you are in a movie, The Walkers show us what true ingenuity is about with this sparkling new track that shall get you feeling like you too should venture outside again to see the world.

Bright Shadows‘ from Gainesville, Florida-based indie psychedelic rock band The Walkers is a lightning bolt visual that will have you appreciating a humble group who are clearly making a brand of music that gets you off the couch. A swampedelic family experience is on offer here from a likeable band that is connected through blood and brings us an entertaining track that is packed with their signature authenticity.

Check out the music video on YouTube and see more news on their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen