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The Wrong Party – Mystic Woman: A Raucously Eclectic Take on the Psychedelic Revival

I’m finding it impossible to see how anyone with a penchant for guitar-driven tracks wouldn’t adore the Wrong Party’s stand out single Mystic Woman from their 2018 self-titled album.

The prelude riff sets you up to almost expect just another psychedelic revival track, but Mystic Woman is so much more. The chaos that they pour into the progression of the track will leave artists such as Thee Oh Sees envious. If Dr. Frankenstein did 60’s psychedelic revival, I’m pretty sure this is what it would sound like, because they’ve created an absolute monster. Each of the ten tracks off the album are as raucously decadent as the next. And of course, no review of Mystic Woman could be complete without mentioning the thunderous bassline as it ties around the scatty antagonistic guitar bites.

You can stream the Wrong Party’s album in full on Spotify now, head on over to Facebook to connect with the band and stay up to date with their latest releases and tours.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Uncle Einar – All I Thought

There is something great lo-fi about Uncle Einar, something that tells you that he is more interesting in the process of song writing and making music than in the polish and shine of the production process which seems these days to be often the more important aspect of a release. Instead he sits somewhere between that wonky and wonderful sound of bedroom troubadours and the lo-fi, punk attitude that much underground American indie music adopted from the nineties onwards.

But unlike many solo acts of this nature, rather than being merely a guy with a guitar and sounding like every other wannabe and musical wastrel not that serious about where it all goes, he instead builds layers of sonic textures around him, deep rooted bass, over dubs of extra guitar until he ends up at the eye of a psychedelic storm. If most modern music is the equivalent of watching lightning dance from a safe distance, All I Thought is the process of getting out amongst some serious weather and really feeling the wind on your face.


The Stan Laurels – Maybe: Reverberatingly Tantalising Psychedelic Revival

Ever wished that Radiohead had a bit more of a kick? Well, that’s exactly what you get with the Austin, Texas based collective the Stan Laurels. They’ve infused a Thom Yorke approach to vocals with a muddy, reverberatingly tantalising orchestration of instrumentals that almost act as a TARDIS back to the 60’s when the general record buying population actually recognised the talent in bands such as the Beatles & Zombies. There are very few artists who can create soundscape built upon pure nostalgic catharsis but the Stan Laurels have cracked it with their multi-layered composition of Indie and Psychedelia.  With their latest single Maybe the Stan Laurels created a futuristically anachronistic sound that will stick with you for long after it fades out. The rhythmic harmony contained within their latest track stands as testament to their melodic synergy. In short, it’s the perfect song to get excited about the summer to.

Maybe is the title track from the Stan Laurels 2018 album which will be available to download and stream from June 12th, 2018. In the meantime, check out the single via BandCamp & connect with the band via Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Aunt Cynthia’s Cabin – Solitary Man: How Does It Compare to Neil Diamond’s Version?

For all fans of Psychedelic revival sound rejoice, we’ve discovered one of the most nostalgically blissful emerging artists on the scene.  Aunt Cynthia’s Cabin has that quintessential nod to nostalgia, yet, the raucously sonorous edge to the bands latest track Solitary Man is nothing short of organic. The grooves of the guitar hooks are sweet and the soaring yet grinding riffs are nothing but filthy. If you’re a fan of El Goodo, Super Furry Animals, Black Keys and Hookworms then you’ll love Aunt Cynthia’s Cabin; the timeless Psychedelic sound. The Southern Californian based sound comes courtesy of musicians Anthony Defreitas and Brennan Justice who create their sound by weaving Garage, Neo Psychedelia, 60’s Surf with the classic effects of 1970’s American Rock. The fact that duo’s cover of Neil Diamond’s Solitary Man in their garage is nothing other than spectacular.

You can check out Aunt Cynthia’s Cabin’s latest track Solitary Man on Spotify which was self-released February 7th, 2018.  I can’t even imagine what the band could achieve with a record deal.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Arbor Creek – Danube Trail: As Progressive as Psychedelic Blues Rock Gets

Danube Trail is just one of the glorious tracks from Arbor Creek’s debut self-titled 2018 album that I fell I instantaneously fell in love with. For those who aren’t familiar with their effervescent sound, Arbor Creek are a Psychedelic Blues Rock outfit from Illinois who I’m fairly certain are well on their way to being the next big American Alt Rock act.

Before you start taking a collective sigh ‘not another revival band’, I’d like to put it out there that Arbor Creek are no mere assimilation of sound from decades gone by. Their immersive, progressive style quite literally made the hair on the back of my neck stick up through the complexity of their instrumental breakdowns. Taking inspiration from artists such as Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and My Morning Jacket, the bands powerful attack of talent should have really come as no surprise. Yet nothing could quite prepare you for the ingenuity behind each progression of the chord and twist of the rhythm, whilst the vocals to Danube Trail were a straight up mix of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Curtis Stigers.

You can download & stream Danube Trail via BandCamp & connect with Arbor Creek via Facebook to stay posted on their tours and new releases.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Peace of Mind – Musical bits and peaces?

Where to begin? Something To Get Over by Peace of Mind is a strange piece, there is no denying that. But strange is good, strange is mercurial, unique, original, boundary defying and there is no shortage of that here. At turns it wanders 60’s psychedelic landscapes, alt-rock noise, retro-pop melodies and post-punk swagger which takes some doing in just over three and a half minutes. But music isn’t always about following rules, much of the best of it comes from discarding them and beating your own path along whichever musical route takes your fancy not to mention taking tangential journeys of your own making, hopping fences and short circuiting convention.

Something To Get Over does all that and more, it sits between music and art, art and exploration, exploration and academia, it is blissfully unaware of genres, or more likely wilfully ignorant of their purpose and as such the result is unique. And if the choice is between the tried and tested and the odd and challenging, I’ll take the latter any day of the week…and twice on Saturday.


Sam Saint Jones – You: Dive into Some Psychedelic Indie Swamp

Sam Saint Jones track “You” helped me to forget everything that I thought I knew about music.

His sound can’t be confined to a genre, it’s much more of a feeling, and experience that you’re dragged along on through the power of his Swampy Psychedelic love song. The soothing sound guides you through the arrangements that lead you into warmth and uncertainty as the track unfurls in a Shoegaze way, that Mercury Rev, Slowdive & My Bloody Valentine would be proud of. The reverberation on the instrumentals is resonant and reflective which set the perfect stage for the melancholic flow of the vocals to create a cacophony of ambience.

The Sydney, Australia based artist defines style as Indie Swamp, Psychedelic, but that doesn’t even come close to hitting the nail on the head of this awesome instrumental mix, that’s been painstakingly polished after the heavy production.

Jones doesn’t have to tell you that his heart and soul went into this track, you can feel it through the sonorous vibe.

If you discover one more artist in 2017, make it Sam Saint Jones, check out his debut track You using the SoundCloud link below:

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Handmade, Amigo Proves It’s Better to DIY

There aren’t many tracks that can get me to proclaim feelings of love before the chorus even begins. But Handmade Amigo’s second debut single “Let it Roll, Or the Whale” hit the spot like no other musical collective have before. The Psychedelic Soft Indie Rock & Roll Jam is a carnality of uplifting pleasures that reminded me of the sweet melodies of bands such as Dinosaur Jr.

They teased the introduction with a lullaby of sonorous sound before crashing into the verse with a raucous ensemble of percussion headed by a bass soaked atmospheric beat. Attempting to deconstruct this track is ion impossible. The complexities and melodies fuse themselves so tightly together, it’s just best to sit back, relax and enjoy the cacophony on offer from The Orlando, Florida based quartet.

The Handmade Amigo’s switch from rattling guitar riffs with an adequate pinch of moody reverberations straight through to piano sweeps to reincarnate the song through every second of the 04:26 duration.

Judging by the innocently charming music video, they’ve got a long way to come in the industry, but I’m most definitely sold on what they have to offer.

Check out their latest hit via BandCamp now:

Head on over to their website to check out the official video to Let it Roll, Or the Whale:


The Routines – ‘di Arfar; The Best Welsh Band Since The Manic Street Preachers?

Ever had the pleasure of listening to listening to Welsh lyrics over an undercurrent of surf styled psychedelic rock? Nope. Neither had I until I pleasantly stumbled across The Routines latest hit ‘di Arfar. The only way to some up their sound is to imagine a cross between The Manic Street Preachers and the Arctic monkeys.

The Routines are made up of 3 extraordinarily talented musicians who implore their working class oppression to create an infectious sound that you can’t help but get behind in raucously euphoric ecstasy. No review of The Routines would be complete without mentioning the mesmerizing talent of the guitarist and his delectable  power he has over his riffs that have the power to suck you in until you’re completely immersed in the charismatic cacophony of sound that is being bestowed upon you.

The Routines are certainly not a band that likes to take themselves too seriously as you can gather from the video in ‘di Afar. Their rat race malaise is something that has the power to resonate within everyone. Even though I couldn’t make out a word of the lyrics, their energy conveyed the message and the evocative emotion behind the track poignantly. Their other tracks incorporate English lyrics such as ‘Christening’ however there’s something quite special and refreshing about listening to lyrics in a foreign language.

Check out their new track on Youtube via the link below.


ETCHES: Strumming Their Way To The Top

The days of storytelling may be a lost art, lyricism, and genuine songwriting may be all but extinct these days; and while we sit and scratch our heads over today’s music we have to ponder of what or who exactly is up next? Enter Etches’ and their single “Human Façade,” a strumatic instrumental with very little instrumentation but a very strong bassline. A pivotal story of sexual exploitation and the effects of being viscerally reactive versus proactive.

It’s a good track, actually it’s a great track with a somewhat skeletal bass that slowly rises to a climatic progression. The lead singer is impassioned and embodies a sound of true artistry; couple that with the musical score they have managed to create – and this may be one of the best culminations of simplistic sounds and musical elements I’ve heard in a long time. Their sound is progressive rock, psychedelic harmonies, and electro/pop bass lines and to be honest they remind me of a modern day, Tears for Fears. Their sound is infectious and can’t wait to hear more of the musical ear-gasm that for now we know as Etches.

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