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Keep It Moving: London’s Sandy Nun transports us into a happier place on ‘Retrospect’

Taken off his brand new EP which is due for a 26th November 2021 release, Sandy Nun is at his care-free best with a simply freeing-the-soul single to ease the hurtful dust off any lingering self-doubts with ‘Retrospect‘.

Sandy Nun is a quickly-emerging London, UK-based indie psychedelic-pop solo artist who makes that peaceful cinematic style of music that has you feeling so much more relaxed than before.

Featuring delicious ice-creams, sandcastles, skinny-dipping and ultimately winning at life, Sandy Nun has just brought the world some pure joy in a time of such sadness. He sings with a calming mentality and doesn’t take himself too seriously – as his gracious energy lathers some much-needed sunscreen – all over our burnt bodies with a fantastic new single made with love.

There is such a welcoming and almost-vintage feel when you listen to this brilliant young musician who seems so at peace with himself, as he brings that tasty fresh air back into our lives. Sandy Nun projects his voice so effortlessly and has your emotions relaxed quickly, to show us that there is a healthier way of doing things than hurrying around so stressed all the time.

Retrospect‘ from the effortlessly charming London, UK-based indie psychedelic-pop solo musician Sandy Nun, is a cleverly-made video that is all about just going on with your life no matter what mishaps come your way. There is always a way of emerging victorious no matter what and staying positive thought-out is ultimately the best way to stay smiling anyway.

See his brand new music video on YouTube and see more via his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Don’t Hold Me Down: Punk Angel wants to be lifted up to reach his dreams on ‘For No One’

As his positive energy flows calmly into your awaiting veins to be pulsated by something meaningful, Punk Angel sends our fragile consciousness into a beautifully created waterfall of much-needed healing energies with ‘For No One‘.

Sven Myren aka Punk Angel, is a The Netherlands-based electronic dream-pop act. He makes that striking music which puts your whole body into a happy trance – as he takes the top off all self-doubt – and replaces it with that warm sunny feeling.

The act started out in 2020 from a collection of Love for modern Psychedelic, Alternative Ambient and Synth Pop. The multi instrumentalist Sven Myren has decided to play live drums, bass and guitar on all the upcoming releases.” ~ Punk Angel

You feel the crisp harmonious blend of wondrous soundscapes that are pounding together with the crashing waves, to give us a saltwater feel of goodness to wash off the toxic nature of the world. This is a track to heal together with, to be played loud, and to be enthralled with, as you feel reinvigorated by the whole experience.

For No One‘ from The Netherlands-based electronic dream-pop act Punk Angel, shows us a tremendously calm song that is full of mightily intricate soundscapes, which shows us his amazing talent to blend in different elements so sweetly. He is an ever-evolving artist who is refreshingly not afraid to change things up to find his optimum level – as he strides forth confidently with his clean sunglasses on – to give us a real gem of a track here.

Pushing your mind to reach new levels of improvement, is the best way to live after all.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more on the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Free From Myself: Brandon Roach flies mightily high on the wonderfully crafted ‘Wings’ (ft. Amanda Morin and Mo)

As you feel the peaceful vibrations flying so calmly into your consciousness to get rid of the built-up toxins within, Brandon Roach roams into our ears so majestically on ‘Wings(ft. Amanda Morin and Mo).

Brandon Roach is an excellent Colorado-based guitarist, downhill skater and producer, who creates that unique body-moving experience, with his diversely fascinating psychedelic math rock and electric guitar dance music.

The skillful guitar simmers into your mind with the story about just following the direction you know is right, so that you may heal so beautifully. You sense the subtle vocals intertwine into your curious mind, and sparkle into your soul with just the right amount of intrigue, to keep you wanting more.

Wings(ft. Amanda Morin and Mo) from the superb Colorado instrumentalist Brandon Roach, is a heart-healing feeling that leaves your body as one with itself, after a long journey in a different world. You feel crystallized somehow and morph into a mellow state of mind that is so welcome, as this is one of those underground gems that deserves the upmost love.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more on Brandon’s IG, Amanda’s and Mo’s too.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Spooky Edge: Sydney’s Joel Sammut is terrifyingly brilliant on ‘Home Ghost’

Returning back to where it all started after many years away, Joel Sammut opens up our curious minds with his latest striking single called ‘Home Ghost‘.

Joel Sammut is a supremely gifted solo indie psychedelic/alt/electronic multi-instrumentalist, who creates that haunted type of music that bridges the gap between total carnage and hope, all somehow at the same time.

After living and working in London, New York and Berlin, he’s now back in his hometown of sunny Sydney, Australia, working hard on his debut album set for a 30th April 2021 release.

The tremendously fascinating track strikes a wondrous mix of illusion and mystique, as his smoothly poured voice enters your veins so vividly. This feels like a headline song out of a new Guy Ritchie movie, its dark and edgy, each part feels like you are inside the haunted house with him, you feel his power and intent as the beat blusters into your mind with conflicting abandon.

Home Ghost‘ from Sydney, Australian psychedelic/alt/electronic artist Joel Sammut, is that excellent piece of original music that you don’t get to savor too often in this copy and paste kind of world but when you do, it certainly satisfies the hungry palate.

Stream this track on Spotify and see his IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Macaroni smile: Mister Tickle Hands bring that soulful funk food meal on ‘Reverse Vertigo’ (ft. Blaise and Emily Grove)

Bringing that old school imagination back to our lives, Mister Tickle Hands turn on the lights to the brightest they can go on the deliciously freeing ‘Reverse Vertigo‘ (ft. Blaise and Emily Grove).

Mister Tickle Hands are a Psychedelic Dance Music Crew from cozy seaside town Asbury Park, New Jersey in the USA, who are brained up by General Roshane Karunaratne and Brother Andrew who sizzle like pro chefs on a sauce so tasty, you will definitely be asking for more like Oliver Twist.

With so much dazzling funk, marvelous guitar solos, soothingly vocals that might cause you to sweat, this is all about that old school 70’s fun with roller blades on, the music free and loving. This brings your heart back to the fresh times when music was so pure and with only sweet intentions in mind, not trying to brainwash you like a lot of modern day tracks.

You feel alive here, the beat is wonderful and you can’t stop clicking your fingers, you feet instantly start tapping and all is okay again in the world.

Reverse Vertigo‘ (ft. Blaise and Emily Grove) from the smiling wizardry of Mister Tickle Hands, is a real gem in the rough, their music is stupendously attractive and you feel like getting that dusty headband back on, to see if you still have those back-in-the day-dance moves in your locker.

Hear this wonderful new single on Spotify and see the vibes on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The underdog won: Jay Saffran is fascinatingly free-spirited on the crafted gem ‘Porcupine in the Rain’

Scenes from a Whirligig by Jay Saffran

Taken off his promising experimental five-track debut called ‘Scenes from a Whirligig‘, the supremely creative Jay Saffran spikes our coats off the rack with the fantastic ‘Porcupine in the Rain‘.

Jay Saffran is a joyful hipster, humble traveler, Downstate New York-born family man and Vermont-USA-based mind-blowing indie-psychedelic guitarist, keys player and percussionist, who majestically blends his music to chill out your soul and takes you to a far-away place, so you can happily escape this whirlwind world for a while.

The splendid sounds are consistently mesmerizing all throughout this sumptuous ten minute experience to the outer reaches of space and his movie-like journey on the road comes back to life, this is the type of free-lifting music to just let play the whole way through and immerse your whole body in gently.

After sleeping in his car for some time whilst travelling around most of the USA, before meeting his loving his wife through mutual friends, it feels like we are witnessing all of his previous experiences meshed into a dazzling sound like no other. He is the underrated creator, the diamond in the rough that is slowly being found with each passing day, as his captivating music gets found by willing music fans each day to enjoy gleefully.

Porcupine in the Rain‘ from Vermont’s multi-skilled Jay Saffran, is a wondrous palate-feeding smorgasbord of different sounds that your curious ears will find a healing layer to hold onto, as your body shakes in delight.

This is the unexpected encounter you probably needed to rinse all the doubts away, so you can just lay back, close your eyes and apprise your soul with this spectacular track.

Hear this delightfully original single on Bandcamp and see more on his FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Britta Pejic has broken the monocultural mould with their rhythmically beguiling Alt Pop hit ‘Spring Roll Skin’

Britta Pejic has served up a smorgasbord of culture in her latest electronic Avant-Garde Latin Pop single ‘Spring Roll Skin’. With windingly psychedelic guitar notes adding beguile to the rhythmically arrestive instrumentals which create the perfect platform for Britta Pejic’s almost phantasmal vocals, the only thing which parallels the ingenuity is how deeply you will fall into the magnetically mellifluous release.

If you could imagine what it would sound like if Kate Bush strove for a more colourful and tribal sound, you’ll get a good idea of what you can expect when you hit play on Spring Roll Skin which was released on October 31st.

You can check out Spring Roll Skin for yourselves by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

London’s Tamarind Dream take us on a groovy lo-fi ride with ‘Grapefruit’

Tamarind Dream take us on a groovy lo-fi ride with ‘Grapefruit‘ and this is a lovely track to help us all in 2020.

This young London-based group and are making waves and we are just enjoying the ocean. This is so smooth with classy attributes for our ears.

You fight so hard for that extra bit of energy. It’s that bittersweet moment as you know that it is there but you need to find it. New memories are on the way and you just need to fight through this currently moment. Time will help but you you want this moment now.

Tamarind Dream are quite glorious on the new single called ‘Grapefruit‘. This is a fruit lo-fi mix of wonderful music that will surely cheer you up. This is one of the best tracks of the year so far due to its awesome vibe and subtle lyrics. Here is some pure Psychedelic R&B that will make you happy. This is a welcome 2020 release and this is a fine track.

Click here for the Soundcloud page.

Head through to the Facebook link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Jake George cooked up kaleidoscopically-sweet Funk in their Psych Rock single “In the Rain”

Australian singer-songwriter Jake George has cooked up a Funk-soaked psychedelic storm with their latest bass-led autumnally-apt single “In the Rain”.

Melt into the smooth sultry grooves and fall a little bit in love with Jake George’s equally as provocative vocals which project into the kaleidoscopically effect-laden soundscape.

In the Rain sweeps across the full tonal palette, giving the instrumental arrangement plenty of depth, but you won’t be able to tear your consciousness away from the warm, steady reverberation which comes in the form of a throbbing bassline.

You can check out In the Rain for yourselves by heading over to Soundcloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Heavy Salad have given ‘cult hit’ a brand-new meaning with their debut album “Cult Casual”

The debut album from Manchester’s finest soulfully-blessed Psychedelic trailblazers Heavy Salad has finally dropped.

Cult Casual hit record stores on September 25th and affirmed that the optimism that I’ve held since hearing their eccentrically resolving sophomore single Battery Acid in 2019 was entirely well placed.

Some records, you put on the turntable and know you’ll be apathetic about letting the needle hit it again. Others, you know you’ll delve right back in for the successive hits of emotion which manifested the first time around. Cult Casual is firmly in the latter camp.

Track 1, Death is a gentle Surf Pop easing into the colourful chaos which ensues in the form of their cult hit (in the most literal use of the phrase) Battery Acid. Track 3, The Wish is the feat of feisty grunge which blows every other Garage Rock artist in Manchester out of the water while simultaneously giving artists such as Dinosaur Jr a run for their money.

Track 4, Inner Versions carries the same bite as The Wish, but this time the playful angst is projected over punchy Indie Rock licks, leaving plenty of space for guitarist Rob Glennie to humbly unveil the virtuosic talent he’s been hiding all along. Track 5, Reverse Snake is Heavy Salad’s psych Rock scathing attack on the ideocracy which led us to Brexit. Arcanely, they actually succeeded in creating a high-vibe Anti-Brexit track.

Fans of Avant-Garde will be suitably enraptured in the album from Track 6 where the experimentalism truly starts to take hold. After you’ve enjoyed all the juicy Psych Pop earworms, it’s time to immerse yourselves in the unpredictable yet pragmatic progressive nature of High Priestess and This Song is Not About Lizards. Unapologetically, the tracks take seismic shifts in tone and ferocity, leaving you at the mercy of their rhythmic prowess and whatever celestial magic the Priestesses are serving up in the form of their intoxicating vocals.

Whichever plateau you’ve floated to with the former singles, Routine Dream will allow you to crash down to earth with the scuzzily confrontational track which serves an aggressive yet compassionate reminder that you’re probably living blind. Thankfully, there’s plenty of aural comfort in Slow Ride which will make sure that you’re in the best possible mindset for the evocative assault which follows.

The final track It’s OK to Bleed will break my heart over and over again. In a time where people are more likely to invest in bitcoin rather than their emotional intelligence, it’s utterly priceless. Straight from the intro, the tenderness rings through the guitar progressions, then, the vocal and lyrical empathy bring torrid emotions to the front but there’s plenty of solace to be found in the track which unravels as gospel for the impious.

In short, it’s a cosmic rollercoaster and easily up there with the best things to happen in 2020. Listen to it.

You can check out Cult Casual via Spotify & Bandcamp or you can (and you definitely should) treat yourself to a CD or vinyl copy of the album released via Dripped in Gold Recordings.

Review by Amelia Vandergast