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Timothy and the Apocalypse drops one of 2022’s best electronic anthems with ‘On the Run’

After previously shocking us awake with the trippy single ‘Adventures of a Nymphoid Barbarian – 9 Theory Remix‘, Timothy and the Apocalypse melts our emotions down to dust with the sensational track to gaze into the sky with while you are ‘On the Run‘.

Signed to Mass Experience Records, Timothy and the Apocalypse is a Sydney, Australia-based indie electronic artist and music producer.

The world, according to Timothy, is a whirling dervish of multihued sonic landscapes differing in textural terrain with psychedelic light and shadow consistently at play.” ~ Timothy and the Apocalypse

Showing us what classy music sounds like in this rather challenging world, Timothy and the Apocalypse displays such majestic greatness and further cements the notion that sunny Australia has the best sounding music on planet earth right now.

The producer from Sydney has been steadily building a catalog of music that quietly rises above the fray. So much so that he’s garnered the attention of and signed with Universal.” ~ Timothy and the Apocalypse

On the Run‘ from Sydney, Australia-based indie electronic artist and music producer Timothy and the Apocalypse is an absolute gem from all angles and sizzles the speakers until they glow rather radiantly. With a pulsating beat, sensual vocals and an overall vibe that will get that dance floor buzzing with excitement, there is something rather special on offer here.

Music heals all wounds – if you turn up the volume – and close your eyes, letting it lather all over your whole body.

Simmer inside this timeless single on Spotify and follow the dream on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Sound Animal fascinate yet again with the ear-sizzling new track, ‘Whistle the Wind Home’

With a hauntingly mesmerising start that forms into something quite intriguing and deep to close your eyes with, Sound Animal return with an instrumental track that will surely be in a Hollywood movie as we lather inside, ‘Whistle the Wind Home‘.

Sound Animal is a Berkeley, USA-based indie experimental psychedelic rock, electronic, doom and metal band that continues to defy logic with extraordinary soundscapes to swim deeply into.

Electric guitar, bass, lap steel slide and electrified dulcimers played with a violin bow, bodhrán, Peruvian triangle drum, snare drum, silver flute, double shepherd’s flute, suling, jaw harp, pungi, khaen, melodica, harmonica, recorder, boatswain’s pipe, pennywhistle, slide whistle, saxmonica, MIDI, voice, found objects, electric tennis racket.” ~ Sound Animal

After blowing our minds on the car alarm-blaring dystopian track from February that shocked our ears back into place on ‘Outlaw of No‘, Sound Animal are rather unbelievable on another totally mind-bending song for the non-masses. The different sounds on display are rather uniquely spectacular and shall take your whole body into another dimension.

Whistle the Wind Home‘ from Californian-based indie experimental psychedelic rock, electronic, doom and metal act Sound Animal is a speaker-shifting single that shall flow through parts of your body that haven’t been alive for years. They are a tremendous outfit that has defied the odds once again and grabbed our souls into a galaxy of wonder that shall make you smile with joy. Music should always be about exploring what is possible after all.

Listen to this creative experience on Soundcloud and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Florida-based rock band The Walkers find that mirror amongst those ‘Bright Shadows’

Exploring the highs and lows of humanity through a music video that shall have you beaming with joy at the originality portrayed, The Walkers are at their most colourful with their new visuals for a song that will shake your core awake on ‘Bright Shadows‘.

The Walkers is a Gainesville, Florida-based indie psychedelic rock 5-piece act who are all good friends and is united by their love of garage rock.

Inspired by nature’s polarity and focuses on the power of juxtaposition; light and dark, yin and yang, life and death.” ~ The Walkers

Cruising through with a single that has you feeling like you are in a movie, The Walkers show us what true ingenuity is about with this sparkling new track that shall get you feeling like you too should venture outside again to see the world.

Bright Shadows‘ from Gainesville, Florida-based indie psychedelic rock band The Walkers is a lightning bolt visual that will have you appreciating a humble group who are clearly making a brand of music that gets you off the couch. A swampedelic family experience is on offer here from a likeable band that is connected through blood and brings us an entertaining track that is packed with their signature authenticity.

Check out the music video on YouTube and see more news on their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Plymouth-based psychedelic folk act Drakes Island show us that something undiluted can actually ‘Last’

With a wistful look at something so special that has stood the test of time despite the missiles that could have broken it in half forever, Drakes Island is in scintillating form with a nostalgic single to truly embrace closely with the human of your dreams on, ‘Last‘.

Drakes Island is a Plymouth, UK-based 4-piece indie psychedelic folk band that makes a wholesomely delightful sound that puts you into a better state of mind from whatever challenges you are facing.

Their sound has been compared to artists such as A Blaze of Feather, Pink Floyd and Bears Den.” ~ Drakes Island

Drakes Island might be your new favourite band to look forward to after a long day of mind-numbing work. They remind us that it is actually possible to love like you deserve if two souls may connect as one and vow to be real with each other always no matter what. Soaring gracefully with only uncorrupted goodness and sweet butterfly kisses, this is a gorgeous single and one fit to be revered in any era.

Last‘ from Plymouth, UK-based 4-piece indie psychedelic folk band Drakes Island is a memoir about how a relationship that you hoped would be what you would be looking for, actually was better than you even comprehended. There is a serene daydream on offer here that will possibly find you smiling so calmly, as you close your exhausted eyes and feel so grateful for anything you have that has actually lasted the test of time. Sung with a tranquil style that has you moving your tired head slowly, this is a superb single made with that hygienic love to truly savour.

Hear this lovely new release on Soundcloud and see their vibe evolve on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

VENTRI knows that the end could be near on ‘Dread and Terror’ (prod. Pvrple Clxvd)

With an intended chaotic and dark energy that might have you feeling a bit uneasy and extra thoughtful about the world right now, VENTRI sends us a warning about the gloomy times that are approaching humankind right now with ‘Dread and Terror(prod. Pvrple Clxvd).

VENTRI is a Boston, USA-based indie psychedelic trap solo artist who propels his art to a stage that might not be ready but will be compelled to witness such a striking creation.

Soaking our mood with a single so end-of-world-like and filled with haunting vocals that might scare many, VENTRI drops one of the more intriguing releases you will probably hear in 2022 due to its content that is honest and filled with meaning.

Dread and Terror‘ (prod. Pvrple Clxvd) from Boston, USA-based indie psychedelic trap solo artist VENTRI, is a gloomy track that will undoubtedly have you feeling rather down with the state of the world right now. With so many issues plaguing us – as we look for a way out of this madness – this is the heart-piercing type of single that will have you feeling so overwhelmed and wondering why we can’t just all live in peace without greed and bad intentions.

The good must conquer evil, otherwise, we are all in trouble.

Check out this new doomsday single on Soundcloud and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

A Nostalgic Place: Freiburg’s ea Collective transmits us into a new world with ‘Tardigrada’

Rust Bear by ea Collective

Bringing the world a track that urges us all to free our contaminated minds and take an expedition into another planet for a few minutes, ea Collective sends us a reminder of the brilliance of his 4-track EP ‘Rust Bear‘, with his mesmerizing new single that shall put you into a welcome trance on ‘Tardigrada‘.

ea Collective is a fascinating Oliver Kern-created Freiburg, Germany-based alternative act that somehow fuses in krautrock, psychedelic, and an experimental ambient post-rock sound for our frolicking hearts to be totally encapsulated by.

Merging in different guest musicians each time, this is a conceptual idea that is well-constructed and expertly delivered with such skilful aplomb by ea Collective. It feels like you are witnessing something so uniquely fresh, in a sadly polluted world that seems to unknowingly gravitate towards the copy and paste that only serves to fill you up with littered waste.

Tardigrada‘ from the 44-year-old Freiburg, Germany-based alternative artist Oliver Kern aka ea Collective, is an instrumental track that seems to gain different layers of beauty through this whole experience. Your toes will be tapping as your spirit feels so replenished, from listening to an intricate track that needs to be in a Hollywood movie. You can feel the many hours of sweat and tears endured inside this invention by a true perfectionist, who wants each second to be something you remember eternally.

This is a special song indeed, that is deep in a substance that the whole family may enjoy naturally.

Hear this new gem on Bandcamp and see more via the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Rips Through My Brain: Virgin Winter tried to untangle the vicious web on ‘Syd Jangles’

With his long locks flowing into the wind as he looks up above, Virgin Winter sings with overriding emotion that might have you feeling like this is a track you need to close your eyes with to truly experience accurately on ‘Syd Jangles‘.

Virgin Winter aka Randall Pants is a Saint Paul, Minnesota-born, Roseville, Minnesota-based indie psychedelic rock solo artist.

I am a dorky hermit who loves art sessions and walks in the suburbs.” ~ Virgin Winter

Virgin Winter shows us his intense best with a splendid presentation that seems to summon your whole soul. This is a creative man who lets his music do the talking, as she shreds through the naked speakers with a stunning ambience that might leave you shaking in delight. His message of trying to get rid of the demons in his head is deeply honest, and you find yourself thinking back to when you burnt the webs of pain in your own world.

Syd Jangles‘ from the Roseville, Minnesota-based indie psychedelic rock solo artist Virgin Winter, is a mesmerizing performance from a young artist who sings with such a passionate tone. Each second has those deep lyrics that are so mysteriously intertwined in our mind – with vocals that are hard to hear at times – and cleverly forces you to turn the volume all the way upwards.

Hear this heartfelt encounter on YouTube and see more via his FB page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Keep It Moving: London’s Sandy Nun transports us into a happier place on ‘Retrospect’

Taken off his brand new EP which is due for a 26th November 2021 release, Sandy Nun is at his care-free best with a simply freeing-the-soul single to ease the hurtful dust off any lingering self-doubts with ‘Retrospect‘.

Sandy Nun is a quickly-emerging London, UK-based indie psychedelic-pop solo artist who makes that peaceful cinematic style of music that has you feeling so much more relaxed than before.

Featuring delicious ice-creams, sandcastles, skinny-dipping and ultimately winning at life, Sandy Nun has just brought the world some pure joy in a time of such sadness. He sings with a calming mentality and doesn’t take himself too seriously – as his gracious energy lathers some much-needed sunscreen – all over our burnt bodies with a fantastic new single made with love.

There is such a welcoming and almost-vintage feel when you listen to this brilliant young musician who seems so at peace with himself, as he brings that tasty fresh air back into our lives. Sandy Nun projects his voice so effortlessly and has your emotions relaxed quickly, to show us that there is a healthier way of doing things than hurrying around so stressed all the time.

Retrospect‘ from the effortlessly charming London, UK-based indie psychedelic-pop solo musician Sandy Nun, is a cleverly-made video that is all about just going on with your life no matter what mishaps come your way. There is always a way of emerging victorious no matter what and staying positive thought-out is ultimately the best way to stay smiling anyway.

See his brand new music video on YouTube and see more via his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Don’t Hold Me Down: Punk Angel wants to be lifted up to reach his dreams on ‘For No One’

As his positive energy flows calmly into your awaiting veins to be pulsated by something meaningful, Punk Angel sends our fragile consciousness into a beautifully created waterfall of much-needed healing energies with ‘For No One‘.

Sven Myren aka Punk Angel, is a The Netherlands-based electronic dream-pop act. He makes that striking music which puts your whole body into a happy trance – as he takes the top off all self-doubt – and replaces it with that warm sunny feeling.

The act started out in 2020 from a collection of Love for modern Psychedelic, Alternative Ambient and Synth Pop. The multi instrumentalist Sven Myren has decided to play live drums, bass and guitar on all the upcoming releases.” ~ Punk Angel

You feel the crisp harmonious blend of wondrous soundscapes that are pounding together with the crashing waves, to give us a saltwater feel of goodness to wash off the toxic nature of the world. This is a track to heal together with, to be played loud, and to be enthralled with, as you feel reinvigorated by the whole experience.

For No One‘ from The Netherlands-based electronic dream-pop act Punk Angel, shows us a tremendously calm song that is full of mightily intricate soundscapes, which shows us his amazing talent to blend in different elements so sweetly. He is an ever-evolving artist who is refreshingly not afraid to change things up to find his optimum level – as he strides forth confidently with his clean sunglasses on – to give us a real gem of a track here.

Pushing your mind to reach new levels of improvement, is the best way to live after all.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more on the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Free From Myself: Brandon Roach flies mightily high on the wonderfully crafted ‘Wings’ (ft. Amanda Morin and Mo)

As you feel the peaceful vibrations flying so calmly into your consciousness to get rid of the built-up toxins within, Brandon Roach roams into our ears so majestically on ‘Wings(ft. Amanda Morin and Mo).

Brandon Roach is an excellent Colorado-based guitarist, downhill skater and producer, who creates that unique body-moving experience, with his diversely fascinating psychedelic math rock and electric guitar dance music.

The skillful guitar simmers into your mind with the story about just following the direction you know is right, so that you may heal so beautifully. You sense the subtle vocals intertwine into your curious mind, and sparkle into your soul with just the right amount of intrigue, to keep you wanting more.

Wings(ft. Amanda Morin and Mo) from the superb Colorado instrumentalist Brandon Roach, is a heart-healing feeling that leaves your body as one with itself, after a long journey in a different world. You feel crystallized somehow and morph into a mellow state of mind that is so welcome, as this is one of those underground gems that deserves the upmost love.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more on Brandon’s IG, Amanda’s and Mo’s too.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen