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The Every Glazer chartered a self-sacrificial downfall in his latest release, Singularity

Every time we hear a new release from The Every Glazer, it feels like the first time; there is always something engrossingly unique in the way he pulls you into his productions. The solo artist’s latest single, Singularity, is no exception.

After a moody and nuancedly grungy intro which uses spacey electronica synthetics to echo isolation and desolation, Singularity evolves into a melodic rock lament that unleashes a full spectrum of emotion to pull you back and forth between sentimentality and melancholy.

As the guitars ring with assurance, the angular instrumentation heightens the evocative magnetism of the single which explores how easy it is for others to leave us by the wayside, even if we’ve given our all, which can all too easily be our self-sacrificing downfall.

Stream the official music video for Singularity via YouTube or add the single to your Spotify playlists.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

BlueMelt’s ‘Stardust on Your Dress’: A Nostalgic Riff-Laden Reverie

BlueMelt, spearheaded by the adept London-based Vito Tardia, has unleashed a sonic tempest with their latest single, “Stardust on Your Dress.” For anyone who kneels at the altar of rock, the track is a rite of passage. From the first note, you’re plunged into a whirlpool of nostalgia, driven by a lead guitar that dances with a fiery passion through the overdriven amplification.

The release masterfully blends the soul of classic blues with the grit of modern rock, creating a sound that is both raw and refined. The garagey texture of the track adds a layer of authenticity, a nod to the unpolished gems of rock’s golden era. As the guitar solos soar, they paint a vivid picture while the technical precision becomes a testament to Tardia’s skill and dedication to his craft. Each note is meticulously placed, yet there’s an underlying wildness that can’t be tamed.

Stardust on Your Dress is a journey back to the roots of rock, yet it propels the listener forward, hinting at the boundless potential of BlueMelt’s future endeavours. This track is a must-listen, not just for rock aficionados but for anyone seeking a taste of musical fervour that’s both nostalgic and exhilarating.

Stardust on Your Dress will officially release on January 26; stream the single on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

djamesk13 reached the pinnacle of haunting subtlety in the twisted psych-rock tale, ‘She Was Angelina’

She Was Angelina by djamesk13 is a captivating piece that solidifies the artist’s position in the realm of grungy, bass-driven psych rock. This single is a masterful blend of raw energy and haunting subtlety, showcasing djamesk13’s adeptness in creating a soundscape that is both gritty and ethereal.

The track opens with a deep, resonant bass line that immediately sets a dark, immersive tone. The distortion is cranked up, not just as an effect, but as a statement, echoing the grunge era’s love for raw, unpolished sound. This choice pays off brilliantly, as it adds a visceral edge to the song.

Lyrically, She Was Angelina is a poetic exploration of a film noir femme fatale figure. The character is painted as both innocently sweet and dangerously alluring, a combination that is as intriguing as it is unsettling. The reference to the Jesus and the Mary Chain not only situates the song within a specific musical lineage but also adds a layer of depth to Angelina’s character, suggesting a complex individual with a rich inner world.

The melody, dusky and lingering, perfectly complements the lyrical content. It’s a siren song, drawing the listener deeper into the narrative and the emotions it evokes. The use of lo-fi elements by the London-based solo artist adds a personal, intimate touch to the track, making it feel like a glimpse into a private, almost secret world.

She Was Angelina was officially released on December 10th; stream it on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Tim Miscavage ethereally distorted grungy indie rock in his latest standout single, All the Work

Tim Miscavage’s latest single, All the Work, is an intoxicating foray into the realm of introspective rock, where Miscavage not only writes and performs every element but also infuses his music with a raw, authentic energy.

The single begins with a hauntingly ethereal distortion which brings swathes of quiescence to Korn’s iconic Freak on a Leash basslines. However, Miscavage takes this inspiration and transforms it, weaving ambience and contemplation into the song’s fabric. The result is a piece that is both reflective and lamenting, yet undeniably gripping.

What sets All the Work apart is its ability to gently persuade the listener, drawing them into its depths without overwhelming force. This subtlety is the antithesis of the rock tracks that have evidently inspired Miscavage, yet it’s this very contrast that makes the song so affecting. The track doesn’t just play; it breathes and evolves, taking the listener through its layered composition.

His vocals, too, are a standout feature. They convey a sense of earnestness and vulnerability that is rare in today’s music scene, further enhancing the introspective nature of the track. The production is equally commendable. It strikes a perfect balance between clarity and distortion, allowing each element to be appreciated without losing the raw, unpolished edge that gives the track its character.

All the Work was officially released on December 5th; stream it on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

David Mauer modernised 80s soul with his cinematically vulnerable debut, One More Day

Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist David Mauer has commenced his solo career with the sweetly sombre debut single, One More Day; one of the most affecting attests to the intertwining proclivities of love and grief the airwaves have ever received. Written after the loss of someone close to him, One More Day captures the unrelenting bargaining and yearning that mourning leaves us at the mercy of.

The cinematically intimate track wouldn’t be out of place in a heart-breaking Blockbuster’s OST; David Mauer clearly has a talent for sonically visualising the most tender facets of the human experience. It is by no means farfetched to say One More Day is a soul-rendered ballad to end all others.

The magnetic and deeply relatable melancholy fused with a contemporary RnB edge which pushed the evolution of the genre leagues forward while affirming there’s a place for Mauer in the music industry; in the charts beside his icons of influence, John Mayer, and Dermot Kennedy.

One More Day was officially released on November 3rd. Stream the single on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Nullor has arrived with his compelling prog rock Tour De Force,  Here

The Fort Worth, Texas-hailing solo artist, Dan Crawford, operating under the moniker Nullor has made his long-awaited debut; it came in the form of his dynamic LP, Finalform. The dusky, doomy and artfully captivating lead single, Here, envelops you in an atmosphere you will never want to come up for air from.

The progressive 6-minute Tour De Force won’t fail to evoke contemplation; the grungy vocal lines which run in the veins of Alice in Chains allow the melodic ambience in the orchestrally cut instrumental arrangement to resonate as a sonically sweet sedative before the monolithic build and burst into intricately electric groove metal.

In the following single, Overdrive, Nullor gives you a taste of classic thrash metal, proving that there are few alternative genres outside of his repertoire. Rather than being a jack of all genres, the versatility of his talent is just as impressive as the degree of it.

Here was officially released with the Finalform LP on September 29; stream it on Spotify and follow the artist on Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

djamesk13 lit a beacon to the outliers in the Lynchian post-punk atmosphere of his latest single, The Left-Over Piece of the Puzzle

If djamesk13 wasn’t a solo artist, you’d be forgiven for wondering if Paul Banks had added a new project to his legacy. With echoes of the early Interpol records lingering in the guitar’s reverb entwined with an atmosphere which could only be described as Lynchian, the latest single, The Left-Over Piece of the Puzzle, is an alluring pool of tonal and textural mesmerism.

When you’re not busy being consumed by the artful effects applied to the post-punk nuances, you will find the time to find the melancholic beauty in the release. While some people lament because a piece of them of missing, others are alienated by the unshakable feeling that there’s no place where they can fit in and feel at home.  This one is for anyone who has felt a kinship with Camus.

The Left-Over Piece of the Puzzle was officially released on October 8th; stream it on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

djamesk13 has unveiled his retrospective krautrock lament, If We Had Been Forthcoming

Oasis told us not to Look Back in Anger in 1996; djamesk13 heeded that warning before getting to work on the production of his latest lo-fi alt-rock release, which carries the swagger of 90s Britpop into the sludged-up sanctuary of a release that emanates the artful style of an unreleased Pixies B-side.

If We Had Been Forthcoming is a retrospection-rich release that era spans and genre hops to lead the listener in a track that kicks with as much psychedelia as a Krautrock record and picks up just as much dust as desert rock. Between the laments of government-instilled delusion and bitter-sweet retrospections on how we’ve moved past the point of salvation as a society, there are some pitch-black dark lyrical themes, but the blows are nicely cushioned by the sonorously inviting distortion-drenched grooves.

If We Had Been Forthcoming was officially released on August 25; stream it on SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Mario Vayne put the power in pop rock with his debut single, Baby

If you take your classic rock with a pop twist, the debut single, Baby, from the Queensland-hailing singer-songwriter and guitar virtuoso Mario Vayne efficaciously hits the anthemic spot.  There isn’t a stadium on Earth that Vayne couldn’t fill with his boundlessly powerful vocals that could charge a national grid.

With as much passion as I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing by Aerosmith, the serpentine rhythmics of White Snake, and Journey-esque melodic hooks, Baby is a triumphant Tour De Force for the solo artist who cut his teeth fronting various rock outfits in the UK and Australia. Between the 70s rock nostalgia and contemporary production stylings lingers Vayne’s tendency to make everything he vocally touches turn to euphonic gold. If this isn’t the start of a promising solo career, I don’t know what is.

Stream Baby on Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Ethan Senger augmented retrospective regret in his seminal single, Everything

Ethan Senger became the New Wave Indie Rock equivalent to Springsteen in his fastidiously manicured latest EP, Standing Still, featuring the standout single, Everything.

Balancing anthemic instrumentals with intimate proclamations of ruminative regret, Everything ticks all the right indie pop-rock boxes while setting the bar for any artist who wants to give their heart-on-sleeve lyricality galvanising propensities.

The lyric “I don’t know you but we talk all the time” just goes to show how honed Senger’s song crafting has come since he made his debut; as for the superlative guitar work, which has seen Senger revered by industry tastemakers as a virtuoso, you’ll have to experience it for yourselves to understand why the Atlanta-born-and-raised artist is an icon in the making.

You will often hear music fans moaning that they don’t make them like we used to, but the truth of the matter is that the music industry doesn’t produce global artists as they did in earlier eras. If they did, Senger’s poster would be on the wall of every aspiring guitarist.

Ethan Senger’s Standing Still EP is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast