Check Out Shawn Forrest’s Chillout Track “Wayward Travels”

When the term “mood music” is used, it evokes a very specific mood. With the knowledge that music can have such an effect on the brain, it’s no secret to the public that mood can be intentionally changed with the right media. Some fear the descent of naturally occurring emotion, which will fall by the wayside once our overlords have perfected their media distraction methods… Others just like the way it feels. Shawn Forrest is one of such people who get to stand behind the speaker. He knows that with each key he strokes, he can wield your brain like a basketball. Bouncing to the rhythm of Wayward Travels, you’ll find that his only intentions are far from sinister. The mood to best describe this music is chill.

This music is perfect for easing frustrated feelings after a tough day, a way to maintain clarity on your morning commute, or maybe just the background you need to focus on your tasks at hand. No matter how you use it, this song has an infectious tone. With expressive keyboard sequences dancing over steady beats, there’s no dissonance here, only good vibes. It may not put a smile on your face, but it will certainly help you find your center, keep you mindful, and be there to prove your paranoias invalid. For those in need of a destination, see Wayward Travels.

-Paul Weyer

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