South Florida’s HADEE makes sure there is no regret with spontaneous debut track, ‘4AM’

Reminding us that life is for the taking if you want to feel alive inside the bottom of your bones, HADEE delights the airwaves with a stunning first single that will freshen up your kitchen at ‘4AM‘.

Hadee Dosani aka HADEE is a South Florida-based indie alt-pop/rock solo artist who adds a refreshed vibrancy to the scene that needed a shake-up.

Taking influence from 80s synthpop likened to Billy Idol, 70s Bowie glam, a touch of classic film noir, HADEE. finishes off this blend with a balanced mix of modernity, not unlike The Killers, Two Door Cinema Club, Young The Giant, and Walk The Moon.” ~ HADEE

Sending us a terrific entry onto the thoughts of us all when we all needed it most, HADEE expresses wonderfully electric vocals that seem to shake you back into shape, after a sleepy time that has changed our habits from chasing the night’s adventures that give you stories forever.

I find that too many give in to overthinking rather than embracing spontaneity. Life presents itself as endless crossroads. Knowing when to go is what you have to decide. If you take too long, you might just miss your ride.” ~ HADEE

4AM‘ from South Florida-based indie alt-pop/rock solo artist HADEE is a nifty single packed with a vigour that shall take your breath away and possibly give you goosebumps. He sings with such a dynamic tone and your ears shall feel alight with enthusiasm, after all the cold nights of staying indoors.

Showing us that we need to venture outside again to meet our fellow humans, this is the call to unite as one and to return to proper life like we all deserve.

Hear this top debut single on Spotify and follow the vibes on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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