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Chose To Waste My Time: $inful Bluu knows that the heartbreak could have been averted on 2AM IN L.A.

Taken off the 7-track release from May 2022 called Ruby, $inful Bluu jumps in the coupe and is far away from the drama even though this selfish figure is still in her heart at 2AM IN L.A.

$inful Bluu aka $B The GøD is a 24-year-old South Florida, USA-based indie lesbian hip hop/RnB artist who shows us her intriguing charismatic personality on each track.

”As a singer and rapper, she has been heavily influenced by artists such as Kehlani, Drake, Morray, Summer Walker, and more to capture both of those talents into her own unique sound.” ~ $inful Bluu

As she draws us into her romantic side that was ready for the next step that is now laced with disappointed tears, $inful Bluu simmers the speakers with a striking I-hate-you-but-I-love-you anthem for anyone who has felt this cruel wrath in your bones.

Brimming with honesty about that empty feeling that gets your eyes wide awake for longer that you want, showing us that regretful tone as you let someone evil inside your life.

2AM IN L.A. from South Florida, USA-based indie lesbian hip hop/RnB artist $inful Bluu is a stunning track that might cause many to delve back into a locked-away memory you wish to delete from your past.

Opening the door and showing us what is feels like right now-this is a brave track from a sensationally talented musician-who has dropped one of her best tracks yet.

Hear this fine new single on Spotify.

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South Florida’s HADEE makes sure there is no regret with spontaneous debut track, ‘4AM’

Reminding us that life is for the taking if you want to feel alive inside the bottom of your bones, HADEE delights the airwaves with a stunning first single that will freshen up your kitchen at ‘4AM‘.

Hadee Dosani aka HADEE is a South Florida-based indie alt-pop/rock solo artist who adds a refreshed vibrancy to the scene that needed a shake-up.

Taking influence from 80s synthpop likened to Billy Idol, 70s Bowie glam, a touch of classic film noir, HADEE. finishes off this blend with a balanced mix of modernity, not unlike The Killers, Two Door Cinema Club, Young The Giant, and Walk The Moon.” ~ HADEE

Sending us a terrific entry onto the thoughts of us all when we all needed it most, HADEE expresses wonderfully electric vocals that seem to shake you back into shape, after a sleepy time that has changed our habits from chasing the night’s adventures that give you stories forever.

I find that too many give in to overthinking rather than embracing spontaneity. Life presents itself as endless crossroads. Knowing when to go is what you have to decide. If you take too long, you might just miss your ride.” ~ HADEE

4AM‘ from South Florida-based indie alt-pop/rock solo artist HADEE is a nifty single packed with a vigour that shall take your breath away and possibly give you goosebumps. He sings with such a dynamic tone and your ears shall feel alight with enthusiasm, after all the cold nights of staying indoors.

Showing us that we need to venture outside again to meet our fellow humans, this is the call to unite as one and to return to proper life like we all deserve.

Hear this top debut single on Spotify and follow the vibes on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Matt Brown shows us where our souls need to be on the special new kiss-filled release, ‘Find Us’ (feat. Allegra Miles)

With his much-anticipated performance at SunFest scheduled for 1st May with his loyal crew, Matt Brown hopes that together with his new partner, they can find that real connection to keep this new romance alive forever on, ‘Find Us(feat. Allegra Miles).

Matt Brown is an emerging indie-soul singer-songwriter, and social injustice activist, who also founded the Soulfam Collective which is based in sunny South Florida.

Primarily a bassist, he is fluent in a variety of instruments including vocals, piano, percussion, guitar, ukulele and whatever else he can get his hands on.” ~ Matt Brown

Featuring the dreamy vocals of the sultry 19-year-old West Palm Beach, Florida-based singer-songwriter Allegra Miles, Matt Brown shows us how sweet that love can be if it’s so pure and untainted with anything to spoil this romantic expedition. This is a lover’s anthem, as we are treated by two artists who are keeping their authentic nature, to bring the world something to truly embrace.

Find Us(feat. Allegra Miles) from South Florida-based indie-soul artist Matt Brown, is a charming release that shall get your mood alive with imagination, to bring you into a world of smiles and blushes, when everything else around is cold and dark. Music has the power to heal you see, as we are blessed by a release made with only unpretentious intentions, that should lather a warm glow of goodness all over your priceless soul.

Hear this fine new single on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Open It Up: 12 Below wants to rapidly break through from the darkness on ‘Cage’

With a grippingly moody start that has you thinking you might be in the new Blade movie, 12 Below finds the weak point and busts through in an overwhelmingly effective manner to be free again on ‘Cage‘.

12 Below is a South Florida-based indie alt-rock band who forge through fiercely into our curious minds, with a darkly soaked mesh of dark progressive soundscapes to ponder deeply inside our raging souls.

Heavy drums and bass, distorted guitar riffs and haunting keyboard soundscapes set the stage for the evocative and often socially or politically oriented themes of vocalist To’Be.” ~ 12 Below

There is a horror-movie type flow here as everything is so gloomy and a bit scary at times, the vocals are pitched in a way that might give you the shakes as this is a world no one wants to be in. Each second pierces at your skin like having a tattoo from someone who wants to inflict pain on you – as there is so much to sink your blood-stained teeth into – the whole way through this at-times terrifying experience.

Cage‘ from the swamp-filled reaches of South Florida alt-rock act 12 Below, is all about being trapped for so long in a world with no light appearing at all. The heart-shaking ambience is one of shivering mystery and sung with a dark tone to have your whole body in sweats – as this is a track to play when you are feeling at your lowest – and need to find the courage to lift your soul from the sewage you have fallen headfirst into, so you may reach up to safe landings again.

Hear this fine new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Broken Heart: J-Desir keeps on ‘Searching’ to be with his true soulmate

With a caring tone that shows evidently that he shall never give up on who he truly desires, J-Desir drops the delightful visuals for this romantic story which is all about realizing that you can never understand her, but will always be there for her when she needs you on ‘Searching‘.

OG Josh aka J-Desir, is a talented RnB/hip-hop artist from South Florida in the USA. He cleverly constructs that loving sound that sweeps you off your feet and has you reaching for those dusty candles, to dim the flashing lights of this harshly lit world.

Music is not my passion or my hobby, music is my life! I am a creator I was made to create“. – J.Desir

The visuals are clear and concise, you easily see his passion towards her as he hopes that she will indeed forget the other guy and join him hand in hand again. His voice is smooth and full of animation on his bearded face, as he wishes that things could be simpler than they appear right now.

Searching‘ from the stylish South Florida hip-hop/RnB artist J-Desir, shows us a man on a mission to be with that sweet woman who he really wants to spend all of his spare time with. He knows that she wondered away for a while to see what what out there, but in his deepest heart he knows that they will end up being together.

Sometimes you can wait forever, or it will happen sooner than you think. Such is the unpredictable game of love after all.

See this new music video on YouTube and check out his IG music channel for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Always be hungrier than you: EEETEE rises up through the stifling heat of the street on ‘Crazy Mutha-Fucka’

Featuring a hungry flow which has that real spark of someone who has really lived, EEETEE tells us the ultimate underdog story of never giving up no matter what the obstacle on ‘Crazy Mutha-Fucka‘.

EEETEE is an enlightened hip-hop artist based in Lake Worth Beach, Florida. He creates that real rap sound that is born from moving around a lot as a kid and surviving the wild streets to make ends meet.

Now thriving on the roster of Slap Box Music Group, you can feel him turning things around to reach his goals through his witty lyricism and honest portrayal of life as he sees it.

The wild stories of the movie-like street life and doing things you wouldn’t do now just to survive ring true, with the lights sometimes startling and blue, his world seemed like it was going downhill but he stayed on the music path and never regrets it.

He never deviated from his belief and this separates the nearly-men telling half-true stories from some dingy bar to drunken ears of the half-listening, to the ones that actually pushed through to make it happen. Whether through some luck or persistence, all that matters is that the goal is on the way to the back of the net and not in the stands.

Crazy Mutha-Fucka‘ from motivated South Florida emcee EEETEE, is that lighter spark in your mind that shows you that you can win when you are down and low, that special angel came into your life and guided to you where you needed to be, opening up doors to other good souls to embrace you.

No matter what happened in the past and how crazy you have been told you are, getting to where you need to be is possible if you try and never give up. Your vision lifts you up through the smokey fog to take you to that peaceful place where you can be in the zone and feel at home.

Hear this street banger on Soundcloud and see more of his moves on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Its okay to talk about it: J0VANNA puts her heart and soul into inspirational story of extinguishing mental health demons to help others on ‘Brain On Fire’

Powered by Funky Indigo Entertainment, the sensational J0VANNA is absolutely breathtaking on the personal ‘Brain On Fire‘, that shows us that its okay to ask for help, when you feel like you are sinking in your own mind.

Motivational Pembroke Pines, Florida-based r&b/soul singer-songwriter, spiritual badass and Berklee Music Business student J0VANNA, makes that meaningful music that took so much strength to release to the world, as he puts her feelings on paper to help others through her own struggles with anxiety, depression and OCD, when she was an impressionable young teen. She sings with honest passion guide others that are dealing with this right now, as he is a caring individual that truly believes that through this wonderful art, healing is waiting for us all if we ask for help.

Her voice is so spectacular and she sings with that inner desire that lifts your mind to overcoming your own demons. The heights here are angelic, her vocals so high but effortlessly delivered, with amazing class that impresses mightily.

Brain On Fire‘ from the dynamically talented and sweet soul J0VANNA, is an ode to the future and trying to cool down the heat-filled mind, that is overstimulated and needs to replenish the cooling mechanisms inside, to soar above in the clouds again.

She isn’t hiding away and if anything, her voice is on fire. She has bravely walked outside to send a must-hear message of unity with a life-changing story of breaking those shackles and walking free.

Hear this inspiring single on Spotify and see her story to the top on IG.

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The Supplements vibe in perfectly on the reflective new single ‘On Your Own’

The Supplements vibe in on the reflective new single ‘On Your Own‘.

This is a supremely gifted South Florida based indie rock band who are hot in the scene with their indie-rock vibes. I love this video as it showcases all of the musicians and their clear skill level.

The Alternative rock band from Fort Lauderdale, Florida send us a radical music  video which is so funky and fresh. Shot in various locations over a day in Miami by Matheus Nogueira, you can tell that this was done right.

With a groovy-deliciously made start, this revs into gear really quickly. A story about meeting a girl at the bar who was all alone. Your eyes soon meet and things get interesting. You turn the other way as you aren’t too sure about this situation. Perhaps you know things won’t work or you are seeing if she is really into you?

South Florida rock band The Supplements are on top form here with their ‘On Your Own‘. This is a top act who make that music that makes you wanna dance.

Head to the YouTube page for the song.

Click here for the Facebook page.

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New Miami band Veta Ceti stomp in with debut track ‘Tell Me’

Young South Florida rock band Veta Ceti are here with the brand new debut track ‘Tell Me‘.

Founded in April of 2019 by its four members Felipe Lopez (guitar and vocals), Sebastian Lannes (lead guitar), Christopher Kingsbury (bass guitar) and Heney Leyva (drums) with influences ranging from Rock, Pop and some of the biggest alternative bands of recent times.

Veta Ceti offers a breath of fresh air to the established sound of Rock music with unique melodies, introspective lyrics and a huge sound like that of Foo Fighters, Paramore, Catfish and more. I love how they let it rip and spray out some waterfall dancing new music to get us excited.

Tell Me‘ from Veta Ceti is a rocking song that makes you jump around like you are at a party with your mates. The energy is tremendous here and this young band are a pleasure to listen to.  This is what 2020 needed.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Here is the Insta page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Rapper Southpaw rips through the 9-5 life on ‘Grindin’

South Florida/Tallahassee rapper Southpaw is back with his new track called ‘Grindin‘.

Grindin‘ from Southpaw is a real-life journey about working the 9-5 life and wanting to do the best you can each day to do what you do. The lure of being a full time musician is always there but you know that you need to stay in the job the pay the bills right now. The struggles are real but you know that this is only a part of the whole journey of life.

I love the rap skills from the South Florida rapper who has a unique style and this video is a such a great listen. Southpaw punches in with Grindin‘. Anyone working from home now will relate to this video and I like the real look into the life with cereal and working on the roof. This is a fun track that shows this new rapper making his move in the game.

Stream this new track right here on YouTube.

Check out the Facebook page here to find out more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen