Soare releases energetic R&B single High Ride

Soare has dropped latest track ‘High Ride’ pulling in that R&B and Soul sound through this fast pace and catchy track.

Starting off with that upbeat melody adding in that high-pitched sound that pierces through, using this pulsing beat that flows through. Combining that with the occasional clasp of the strings on the electric guitar. Intertwining that with a loud clap as the eerie sounds begin to fill the background.

The voice is fairly flat in terms of tone, adding in a soft texture, it’s quite a fast pace piece as the instrumentals and vocals tend to pick up speed often ensuring the pitch is always kept high.

But the way in which the melody and the vocals come together they create this infectious piece that gives off a lot of energy as you listen.

Check out Soare’s single High Ride by heading on over here.

Review by Karley Myall

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