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Melt into the Experimental Funk in Benzo Fabulous’ Alt Pop single “Jonathan in Jerusalem”

For some artists, experimentalism comes at the cost of accessibility, yet up and coming Alt-Pop artist Benzo Fabulous found the perfect balance in their Lo-Fi Garage Pop single “Jonathan in Jerusalem”.

Discernibly, Benzo Fabulous allows their creativity to lead the way when constructing their singles instead of their desire to appeal to the masses with a plastic and uniform sound. As a result, Jonathan in Jerusalem is laden with Psychedelic Funk and has plenty of Avant-Garde aural mayhem to throw your way.

The Brighton-based artist is definitely one to watch if you enjoy melting into off the cuff and endearingly eccentric tracks.

You can listen to Jonathan in Jerusalem for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


8udDha bl0od – Ophiuchus: Serafin: Transfixingly Avant-Garde Progressive Alt Rock

Ophiuchus: Serafin is the latest single to be released from the immeasurably ingenious aural alchemist 8udDha bl0od. If any artist could be described as the modern-day equivalent to The Residents, it’s 8udDha bl0od

The Brighton-based artist may constantly switch up their sound with their new releases, but you can usually rely on a transfixing level of avant-garde accessible chaos. The accordantly rhythmic disarray in Ophiuchus: Serafin certainly didn’t disappoint.

Within Ophiuchus: Serafin, you’ll find nuances of Psych Rock, Surf Rock, No Wave and plenty more. The ten-minute extended track may make some dramatic tonal shifts and throw some discord your way, but each progression is as indulgent as the last.

If there’s an artist we’re grateful to have discovered this year, it’s 8udDha bl0od with their infinitely wild imagination when it comes to orchestrating soundscapes.

You can check out Ophiuchus: Serafin which was released on July 20th for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Abi Flynn is a fantastic comeback story with ”Courage”

Abi Flynn is from Brighton in United Kingdom and has a spellbinding style that is a pleasure to listen to. She saves the day like a superhero with her beautiful new song called ”Courage”.

Courage” is packed full of deep vocals and magical drum beats and the ambiance is such a welcome addition to the airwaves of the world.

After recovering from the dreaded chemotherapy and making a full bounce back, Abi is one brave woman. She fought through cancer and never gave up. She then found out that she was giving birth and this must of been a huge shock to the system. After being told that her body was supposedly infertile, this is such a miracle of movie-type proportions. Abi Flynn is 2020’s UK comeback artist of the year and what an inspiration she is.

Courage” sums us 2020 perfectly and Abi Flynn is in stupendous form here. What a brave woman and what a talent.

Stream this wonderful soul song right here on Soundcloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


8udDha bl0od – SUm 0f the !x|xi gl17ch35 & 7h3 x!i 73ll7A!L 51gn5 0f 5p3c7R3 SARk0pH.:.rgU5

8udDha bl0od

Brighton-based experimental artist 8udDha bl0od has a tendency to leave us transfixed by their constantly evolving sound. With their upcoming release “SUm 0f the !x|xi gl17ch35 & 7h3 x!i 73ll7A!L 51gn5 0f 5p3c7R3 SARk0pH.:.rgU5” they’ve left us emotionally stung and aurally enamoured once more.

In their usual style, 8udDha bl0od ensured that the track carried an arsenal of curveballs which will throw you from the accordance you have settled into.

As the track kicks off, there’s something incredibly piercing about the artful tone and tempo despite the light textures and transcendent air which breathes around the slightly psychedelic progressions in the ethereally resolving soundscape.

Halfway through the 7-minute track, SUm 0f the !x|xi gl17ch35 & 7h3 x!i 73ll7A!L 51gn5 0f 5p3c7R3 SARk0pH.:.rgU5 takes an unexpected turn and veers in the direction of Lo-Fi Brit Pop which any fans of Blur will appreciate. But the evolutions in 8udDha bl0od’s track doesn’t end there. To fade out, 8udDha bl0od uses a haunting cinematic neo-noir outro which dissipates into the sound of rolling waves.

We needed no more proof that 8udDha bl0od was one of the most talented underground artists around in 2020, but with their latest single, he delivered yet another undeniable affirmation of his pioneeringly astounding talent.

SUm 0f the !x|xi gl17ch35 & 7h3 x!i 73ll7A!L 51gn5 0f 5p3c7R3 SARk0pH.:.rgU5 is due for release on July 5th. You’ll be able to check it out yourselves via SoundCloud from the date of the release.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Matilda Bond has made her RnB Soul debut with “Midnight”

Midnight is the debut release from Brighton-based Swedish RnB singer-songwriter Matilda Bond. It may be roots-deep, but that didn’t dilute the vitality of the viscerally captivating soundscape.

The accordance of the light and lofty Jazz-infused instrumentals carve sweet harmonies which exude a slick Neo-Soul groove are perfectly paired with the artists strikingly fierce vocals.

Reminiscences between Matilda Bond and Amy Winehouse are easy to make. Alluding to her magnetically fierce energy is a far harder feat. There’s a rare urgency behind her expression which affirms the level of passion projected into Midnight.

Naturally, we can’t wait to hear what comes next from the breaking artist.

You can check out Midnight which was released in April 2020 for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Keep up to date with the artist’s new releases via Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Brighton’s 8udDha bl0od return with soulful single ’We Still Miss You’’

Now it’s too late to say that we still miss you. This is a feeling that most humans on earth share, roaming with friends and lovers, carefree and happy in that moment. No worries about what tomorrow might bring.

Brighton’s 8udDha bl0od return with this very personal song about missing that special one and they have backing vocals on this new song which is great to see. I’d love to find out who the singer is- she adds a beautiful element to the band’s amazing sound. This is a question that will be answered when I meet the band soon. 

’We Still Miss You’ is a terrifically arranged song and it’s one of their strongest releases yet. A true roadtrip song or one shared over a glass of wine together after a long day, the band shows their soulful side on this track.

This is one of my favorite songs from the English band and they are showing more and more maturity after each release. Let’s await more quality offerings and marvel at the creativity.

Get on the music train via their SoundCloud page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


8udDha bl0od unleash a barrage of dramatic fuzz rock with new single

Brighton-based experimental rock outfit 8udDha bl0od have released a new track (wait for it): ‘x!R.:.W P0WxYx!i!Rxi!: PR!M.:.l 5cR3.:.M: 217:227:237:73:33:32:24:442:224:420; !! + ii = V.’ 

While the title sounds like it\s ripped straight out of Grimes album notes (and probably childcare guidance for that matter too), experimental rock connoisseur William Orpen has played another strong note on this release. 

‘X’ (yes I’m being character-count conservative) is dramatic, heavy soundscape fuzz rock that harks back to Sunn 0) levels of gloom – but formed with a much stronger emphasis on musicality. Yes it’s discordant and harsh, but that will strike a weirdly formed chord with lovers of this type of abrasively out-there sound making, 

You can check out ‘X’ on 8udDha bl0od’s Soundcloud account here.


8udDha bl0od shows us their tranquil side with ‘’0n .:. M!55i0n ChR!5 ii: Fin.:.l ph.:.7.:.57 X’’

With a soothing blend of piano to start the song, you feel at ease & and all your worries dissipate. One of the most fascinating bands of 2020, 8udDha bl0od are in a reflective mood with their latest single.

Looking for inspiration in a harsh world, the band are on a mission to break out and need the beautiful piano to take a step back and fully realize what they have before them. If the band can get their marketing game up to par with their music and direct more listens towards Spotify for example, they would surely have that breakout song. This is what they deserve, millions flocking and immersing themselves in masterpieces. 

‘’0n .:. M!55i0n ChR!5 ii: Fin.:.l ph.:.7.:.57 X’’ is a telling song and one that shows their softer side. Perhaps the boys needed this track to help them realize that it’s ok to show vulnerability- as the true fan will appreciate it & understand.

If you haven’t already, get to 8udDha bl0od’s SoundCloud channel and enjoy their variety of incredible music.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Spiritual awakening 8udDha bl0od style with new song ‘’Only Water 22;11;33: Y!n &; M37 H3R0!n3 7h3 1778’’

With the Amazonian sounding drums at the beginning and the raw guitar riff, this is an experimental song that feels like we are the band’s friends, lucky enough to be on the couch- sipping on a cold beverage and listening to the next big thing live at work.

The Brighton Psych Pop/Rock boys are back and this time they turn up the heat real high that it’s steaming on the speakers. They really let it all out, not holding back anything or for anyone. It doesn’t even matter that the lyrics are hard to decipher, the guitar skills and drum elements are absolutely incredible. This track finds the band in top form and we are just lucky to be here for the ride.

The unique style of ’Only Water 22;11;33: Y!n &; M37 H3R0!n3 7h3 1778’’ blows me away and this is the tribal anthem of 2020 right here.

With quality music firing all the time, stream 8udDha bl0od on SoundCloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Brighton’s 8udDha bl0od continues to evolve with fantastic single ‘’1551 5ym80l!k 5h1mm3R’’

Some music is just designed to get you in a positive mindframe and ‘8udDha bl0od’ smash it out the park with this terrific song that is psych pop at its finest. 

It’s not even about the lyrics in the track that makes it terrific, it’s the rhythm and melody that totally transfixes you, the song changes up with unexpected surprises. You know its English with the conversation about stars halfway through this 7 minutes 50 seconds classic. A music video must be on the cards here surely.

I feel like the band is a perfect act for a festival in the USA, somewhere hot and sticky with a massive crowd that hasn’t heard them before. The crowd will sway and new fans will be made instantly. Bring on world domination.

All I know is that this trippy song- presumably called ‘Shimmer’ – is that it’s a track you will play late at night with mates while staring at stars, reflecting and coming up with ideas on how to change the world. Streaming Brighton lads ‘8udDha bl0od’ is the best decision you will make all year and please do tell family and friends about them, they will surely thank you later. 

Get familiar with 8udDha bl0od today on SoundCloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen