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That New World: Brighton’s 8udDha bl0od defies the norm with the incredibly beautiful ‘6iX’

Returning with more outstanding music to helpfully expand our previously confused minds into another stratosphere, the prolific 8udDha bl0od has us all closing our eyes to imagine a peaceful universe that is safe to live in with ‘6iX‘.

8udDha bl0od is an incomparable William Orpen-lead Brighton, UK-based indie psychedelic alt-rock infused act who seem to time travel through genres like in an episode of Dr Who.

After the wonderful five-track EP called ‘V‘ which includes a song so marvelously named ‘SUm 0f the !x|xi gl17ch35 & 7h3 x!i 73ll7A!L 51gn5 0f 5p3c7R3 SARk0pH.:.rgU5‘, we are once again blessed with an ear-warmer of a track that seems to drift you in and out of consciousness.

You feel an aura of calm filtering all around you as the peaceful nature-filled ambiance has a fantastic balance to everything, as you put down your distracting phone and truly open up your imagination to what could be possible. The riff is stupendously excellent, the sky above seems to spark bright and everything seems okay again after all the unexpected anxiousness.

6iX‘ from the mysteriously brilliant Brighton-based 8udDha bl0od, is an exciting explosion for your whole soul to swim merrily into. The instrumental genre-less experience is a real gem on the soul, as you feel like this could be at the start of a movie that is going to be rather special. This is another true masterpiece from one of the most criminally underrated artists around, who prefers to let his music do the talking.

Hear this new track on Soundcloud and see more on the Facebook music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Want More: Kohzee patiently awaits that sensual signal to love again on ‘Like Sunshine On My Skin’

As they quickly brush off the romantic feelings into the cold breeze but miss how warm and loving it felt almost immediately, Kohzee vividly daydream about that special someone who is all they really want in a partner, but know that getting attached will only cause more heartbreak on ‘Like Sunshine On My Skin‘.

Kohzee is a fresh London/Brighton-based hip-hop trio and music producer team who combine elements of jazzy treats into their wonderfully catchy creations, via their cozy hidden home studio attic.

Rapped compellingly with a groovy vibe that easily gets the absorbed speakers uptempo and certainly alive, you sense their electric-blanket style which keeps you warm and thinking about if you will ever see your cute crush again. With intriguing vocals and a catchy beat, this is a really soothing track which is relevant during these lonely days and has you feeling that extra introspective about your own love life.

Like Sunshine On My Skin‘ from the emerging London/Brighton hip-hop/jazz trio Kohzee, is that quick recall of the sparked-filled feeling which is the moment you wouldn’t mind coming back. You try and tell yourself that its not a big deal but it actually is – as you definitely desire that tender touch again – and can’t get it out of your mind. Those cold nights only make it worse, as you wonder if they will ever come back into your life.

Hear this new track on Spotify and see more news via the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

8udDha bl0od – 8888: Avant-Garde Glitch Wave Psych Rock

Glitchy electronica meets psych-rock in Brighton-based artist 8udDha bl0od’s latest instrumental single 8888; the avant-garde production allows the static electronic effect to bite into the old school rock n roll guitars which drive you through the indulgent chaos of the soundscape.

As 8888 gears toward the outro, tribal energy starts to tear its way into the release before a sharp and sudden close affirms just how immersive the single was, once your rhythmic pulses are at a loss with the silence.

Even with the artist’s ever-evolving sound, you can appreciate the signature style of 8udDha bl0od that ensures each of his releases come with a psychedelic kick and dirty rock tones that bring familiarity to his otherwise eclectically obscure releases.

Listen to 8888 for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Milky – a deeply personal and honest debut with ‘I Miss You Mum’

Rising Brighton-based rap artist Milky has taken a bold step with releasing such a poignant, personal, and utterly confessional track as his debut single, but what a track it is; from the beautiful opening vocal courtesy of hometown friend Amy Owens, to the opening stanzas of Milky’s storytelling lyrical poetry (‘…those doctors can go fuck themselves/Yeah, I cut myself/It fuckin’ helps…’) ‘I Miss You Mum’ is just raw, open, and honest, and beautifully put together.

Released on We Are Not Saints records, a not-for-profit label and promotions company which works with musicians in recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction; Milky is, himself, a recovering addict, a theme addressed within the lyrics alongside the narrative of the loss of his mother when he was aged just seven years old.

It’s a stunningly powerful track, truthful and honest without being maudlin or melancholic, hopeful rather than downbeat. On the basis of this, there’s a lot more to come from Milky.

Listen to ‘I Miss You Mum’ on Spotify – follow Milky on Facebook and Instagram.

Review by Alex Holmes

Oli Morris takes us on a tour with the Acid Jazz-inspired ‘Bimal’

Oli Morris

It’s always a pleasure to review something a little bit out of the blue and unexpected, and when it’s from someone as accomplished as Oli Morris that holds doubly so. A saxophonist and composer originally born in Northridge, California but now living in Bristol, Oli studied music at the University of Chichester, but soon found himself an in-demand session player and live sideman, performing at Bestival and Glastonbury as well as decamping to Rockfield Studios with festival favourites Cut Capers.

Shortly before the world paused and ‘roadmap’ took on a new, Covid-related meaning, Morris returned from a month-long backpacking tour through India. The result, featuring a collective of Bristol’s up-and-coming music glitterati, is ‘Bimal’, a jazz-neo-soul fusion in two halves, featuring the stunning, silky-smooth vocals of Chrissie Huntley wrapped around Morris’ masterful saxophone, interspersed with Snazzback’s Eli Jitsuto’s deliciously restrained guitar parts and the oh-so-cool jazz-funk rhythm section of Sam Fox and Andee Liu. There’s some serious Rare Groove and Acid Jazz smoothness here, echoes of the Brand New Heavies and Incognito mixed with touches of Galliano’s ‘Joyful Noise Unto The Creator’ around Ruaridh Wilkinson’s Rhodes piano-work; it’s chilled, mellow, and it’s got some serious soul.

Check out Oli Morris here or on Facebook.

Review by Alex Holmes

Room Starting Spinning: Brighton’s Leo Aram-Downs reflects on his true love with the excellent ‘White Noise’

After growing tired of being boxed up as merely a normal instrumentalist in the unfulfilling session music world, Leo Aram-Downs breaks free and shows us his dazzling skills on his new single called ‘White Noise‘.

Leo Aram-Downs is a supremely patient guitarist, singer-songwriter and transcriber, who was born in busy London and is now living a peaceful life in happy Brighton in England.

After recently blessing our cold ears with the warm ‘A Life Abbreviated‘ recently, he returns with another top class effort from this productive artist, who never seems to rest.

My music comes from a unique blend of influences ranging from fingerstyle acoustic guitar to jazz to tech metal, and everything in between.”- Leo Aram-Downs

This soundtrack is absolutely wonderfully creative, with so many fascinating layers inter-webbed inside and deserves to be in a movie or the main song to a series. The intricate intro sets the mood as the foggy midst clears and we are introduced to a skillful musician, who’s vocals are simply lovely on the ear and soothes the soul.

White Noise‘ from the talented Brighton singer-songwriter Leo Aram-Downs, shows us into a man’s mindset who misses that true love tremendously. He knows that he has made so many mistakes but believes that they will open the door when he arrives, so that they both may hug tenderly and never let go of each other again.

True soulmates are meant to be together after all.

Stream this top new single on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Slip into the choral catharsis of 8udDha bl0od’s ambient single, ‘3ye 0f 7he jAgUAR’

‘3ye 0f 7he jAgUAR’ is just one of the recently released singles from the prolific and unpredictable Brighton-based artist 8udDha bl0od; once again, he’s experimented with his style and instrumentation and achieved in portraying organic expression that benefits the listener just as much as the creator.

4-minutes of unadulterated catharsis may seem like a dream come true in the chaos of our frantic modern world, but that is exactly what you will find in this easy to surrender to surf-rock-inspired ambient track.

Where birdsong would be on your archetypal meditative soundscape, 8udDha bl0od implanted chirping electronic glitches to cut through the choral tones spilling from the dreamy minimalist guitars. It’s mesmerising from the first note to the last, for the sake of my own sanity, I hope to hear plenty more ambient tracks from 8udDha bl0od in the future.

You can check out 8udDha bl0od’s latest single by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Exercise Restraint: Leo Aram-Downs shows us the way to true peace on ‘A Life Abbreviated’

As he sings with such class and leads us into a world that is so much better that what we currently see, Leo Aram-Downs is quite tremendous on his new single called ‘A Life Abbreviated‘.

Leo Aram-Downs is a prolific London-raised, Brighton-based indie singer-songwriter, transcriber and multi-instrumentalist, who makes that thoughtful music, which opens us your heart to that pure bliss that is so hard to find.

”My music comes from a unique blend of influences ranging from fingerstyle acoustic guitar to jazz to tech metal, and everything in between.”- Leo Aram-Downs

No matter what madness is going on in the world — with the once valued real connection of all, slowly fading away unless you are self-aware enough to truly see through what is real and what isn’t — the message here is that he is enough and he knows it. Finding that true love is the only thing that matters, away from the distracting noise that can consume you and lead you into the wrong direction.

He sings with such delight and meaning, each lyric is so poetic and carefully projected, as his mind is so alive with possibilities, instead of looking to the negative channels like so many.

A Life Abbreviated‘ from the Brighton-based singer-songwriter Leo Aram-Downs, is the journey to finding that light at the start of the day, your mind is ready to do whatever you need to do, no matter what it is. That self-enlightenment is so hard to find but when you do, each day is so much better inside your happy soul.

Stream this new deep track on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Brighton’s Jacko Hooper treats us to an intimate exhibition of relatable fear with his latest single, ‘This Was the Earth’

Being no stranger to Jacko Hooper’s all-consuming music, I thought I was prepared for what was to come in his latest single, ‘This Was the Earth’. Considering that it perfectly captures the sense of drowning while contending with your thoughts in a world where normality and certainty seem like too much to ask for, I was wrong.

With instrumentals mimicking internal conflict paired with Hooper’s vocals which reach deeper than most, This Was the Earth is an intense listen, but the single isn’t without catharsis. With baroque keys adding a touch of theatrical intensity to the semi-orchestral folk-pop single, you can’t help but find yourself overcome by the fact that it seems to unfold like an aural piece of fine art.

Not only is Jacko Hooper a phenomenal artist in his own right, but he also runs the label and promotions company, Folklore Sessions which has showcased over 200 live acts at their monthly shows. I was lucky enough to find myself at such an event in 2018, with Paper Hawk and Josh McGovern joining Jacko Hooper on stage, each act left me more transfixed than the last with their uniquely hypnotic command of modern folk.

The official music video premiered on March 11th; you can check it out for yourselves via YouTube.

You can check out the other artists involved with Folklore Sessions here.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Healing after a tough breakup: Danni Jackson tells the story of those close to her on ‘Stay True’

With an Indie R&B, Pop and soulfully simmering style that embraces you like a heartfelt hug, Danni Jackson shows her compassionate side on her brand new single called ‘Stay True’.

Danni Jackson is an actress and singer-songwriter, who grew up in sunny Brighton but has since made the move to further her career in the bright lights of lively London. Here is an inspirational young lady who has that extra self-motivation deep inside to be successful and do what she loves to do. Nothing seems to hold her back from chasing her dreams and achieving those lofty goals.

The stunning atmospheric piano gets us in the mood quickly followed with the rhythmical beat that makes you tap your feet. Then, the room is filled with a voice that is so striking the electricity plugs spark with excitement but with some sadness too with the loving vocals. She fills the room with so much care and compassion that makes you stop what you are doing and truly listen. You put your phone down and close your eyes, wondering why sometimes relationships end so quickly and gosh, it really hurts so deeply.

Moving on, taking time to heal, being with real friends and taking time to find yourself again is the only way to usher out those toxic energies that do you no good.. You need to let your heart breathe so you can fully love again without the scars visible in your eyes, even though you will always know where they are.

Her stunning tone is so tremendous and you feel a little tear go down your cheek as you wish things could work, but it’s over. At first you feel like it was a waste of time but will soon realize that this was all part of the journey to find someone that matches with you like a bright beam in the body.

Stay True’ from Danni Jackson might be the ultimate breakup healer song of 2020. In a cold world, this is a bright light to find understanding when things seem like they can’t get any worse. Time and being with caring friends and family, heals all wounds no matter how deep.

Hear her incredibly unique voice via Spotify and see what Danni has been up to on her FB and IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen