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Kanyun sonically embraced the duality of December with the warmth in the chill of ‘Winter In Sight’

Kanyun’s seminal single, Winter in Sight, is a testament to the power of musical innovation; the journey through the heart of winter encapsulates its contrasting emotions with a finesse that only a cultivated artist like Kanyun could achieve.

The track opens with a haunting melody reminiscent of a Nils Frahm composition, setting a profound and melancholic tone. The minor keys speak volumes, hinting at the long, dark nights of winter and the introspection they bring as the lo-fi production shares the cosiness of intimacy, away from the biting cold.

The soft meandering guitars weave through the track like warm threads in a winter tapestry, creating melodies that comfort and embrace the listener. The guitar lines are an embodiment of sitting by a crackling fire or finding solace in the arms of a loved one.

Kanyun’s journey from a trap-beat producer to a lo-fi maestro is evident in this track. His ability to create a sound that resonates with a broad audience while retaining a distinct personal touch is remarkable. Winter in Sight is not just a song; it’s a feeling, a moment in time captured through the lens of a gifted artist.

As we look forward to Kanyun’s future projects and the evolution of his new record label, Amelia Grace Recordings, Winter in Sight stands as an attest to his artistic growth and the potential that lies ahead.

Winter in Sight is available to stream and purchase on all major platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

djamesk13 reached the pinnacle of haunting subtlety in the twisted psych-rock tale, ‘She Was Angelina’

She Was Angelina by djamesk13 is a captivating piece that solidifies the artist’s position in the realm of grungy, bass-driven psych rock. This single is a masterful blend of raw energy and haunting subtlety, showcasing djamesk13’s adeptness in creating a soundscape that is both gritty and ethereal.

The track opens with a deep, resonant bass line that immediately sets a dark, immersive tone. The distortion is cranked up, not just as an effect, but as a statement, echoing the grunge era’s love for raw, unpolished sound. This choice pays off brilliantly, as it adds a visceral edge to the song.

Lyrically, She Was Angelina is a poetic exploration of a film noir femme fatale figure. The character is painted as both innocently sweet and dangerously alluring, a combination that is as intriguing as it is unsettling. The reference to the Jesus and the Mary Chain not only situates the song within a specific musical lineage but also adds a layer of depth to Angelina’s character, suggesting a complex individual with a rich inner world.

The melody, dusky and lingering, perfectly complements the lyrical content. It’s a siren song, drawing the listener deeper into the narrative and the emotions it evokes. The use of lo-fi elements by the London-based solo artist adds a personal, intimate touch to the track, making it feel like a glimpse into a private, almost secret world.

She Was Angelina was officially released on December 10th; stream it on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

djamesk13 touches on the existentialism of the temporal experience with ‘No Time’

“No Time” is a sonic meditation on temporal experience, a nudge to wake up to the present and to prioritise what truly matters. djamesk13’s unique blend of grungy guitars, atmospheric psychedelia, and introspective lyricism creates a powerful commentary on the human tendency to let life’s precious moments pass us by.

By encapsulating the elusive and fleeting nature of time and serving as a poignant reminder of the moments that slip away unnoticed as we get entangled in the minutiae of everyday life, the theme of No Time is universally affecting as it reflects on the complicated tapestry of the human condition.

The instrumentals weave together the dark tonal shades of grunge with the introspective swirls of psychedelic rock. There’s a weight to the sound that mirrors the gravity of the song’s message, creating a soundscape that’s both haunting and intimate. As the music unfolds, it lays down a dark and reflective atmosphere that perfectly captures the essence of the lyrics, encouraging a deep, inward look at the listener’s own personal timeline.

djamesk13, with this track, asserts why there’s always space for his artistry on our radar. His lo-fi expressionism has a rawness and authenticity that strikes a chord with his audience, tapping into emotions that are often left unexplored. His music doesn’t just pass through the ears but lingers in the mind, igniting thoughts and feelings that resonate on a deeply personal level. The gritty authenticity of the production enhances the song’s message, allowing the listener to feel the immediacy and the urgency of the present moment.

No Time was officially released on November 19; stream it on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Peach Giraffe scorns the sands of time in his grungy lo-fi indie gem, Running Out of Time

Running Out of Time by Peach Giraffe is a lo-fi indie gem that marries the raw, emotionally charged vocal delivery of Kurt Cobain with a lighter, more melodic instrumental arrangement, which creates an entrancing dichotomy between the visceral vocal expression and the gentle yet complex, guitar work. The track is bound to captivate listeners drawn to the music of AJJ, Roar, Vundabar, and The Mountain Goats.

Peach Giraffe’s approach to music production—treating each recording session like assembling pieces of a puzzle—lends the track a sense of organic cohesion that’s both intimate and relatable. With genre conventions cast aside, the independent singer-songwriter channels pure and spontaneous creativity, evident in the sound and lyrical expression alike.

The lyrical content is a thoughtful reflection on the ephemeral nature of existence. The way Peach Giraffe intertwines the desperation of time slipping away with the soothing instrumentals is a beautiful contrast that keeps delivering the consolation, regardless of how many times you hit repeat.

Watch the lyric video for Running Out of Time via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Buddy J Francis – Paralysed by Fear: Avant-Warped-Garde Psych Rock

Adelaide’s most endearingly audacious artist, Buddy J Francis suited himself in pink and his sound in psychonautic scuzz for his latest installation of Avant-Warped-Garde psych rock, Paralysed by Fear.

Each of the kaleidoscopically fuzzed instrumentals you hear on the release was individually tracked, giving the progressions plenty of mind-melting volition to captivate listeners within the lo-fi production, which laments the stagnancy that being afraid to take life-altering leaps breeds.

Even with so many experimental layers to his work between his instrumental experimentation, tongue-in-cheek guises and lyrical conceptuality, it is all too easy to get on the same level as the artist, who has transcended parody to deliver deliciously delirious subversion.

If Paralysed by Fear racks up 10k streams on Spotify in the first week, Buddy J Francis has vowed to get his nipple pierced, allowing his staunch fanbase to get their sonic and sadistic kicks in one swing.

Thankfully, there are fewer conditions attached to the imminence of his forthcoming LP, which Paralysed by Fear snuck out of prematurely; it is set to arrive in early 2024. Keep Francis on your radar for it, and undoubtedly other outlandish antics via Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Join Harry Bone in his ambient retro synthscape, Journey

After gaining a background in classical music and a conservatoire degree in orchestral percussion production, the Bristol, UK-based producer, composer, and mixing and mastering engineer Harry Bone started to take a more experimental and lo-fi approach to his sound after discovering that almost anything can serve a musical purpose.

His 2023 ambient album, Ambi, featuring the odyssey voyage of a single, Journey, is a cathartic exhibition of his freshly rendered explorative talents. The reverb-lavish keys weave cinematic melodies while still delivering a chill synthy lo-fi smorgasbord of nostalgic alleviation.

The single was constructed to depict the journey from naval-gazing self-pity towards gratitude and positive affirmative action. By euphonically visualising a trip through the woods while allowing elements of nature to coalesce with memories that still evoke positive emotion, Bone succeeded in crafting a consoling score that will set your imagination alight.

If you’re always on the hunt for soundscapes that facilitate tranquil mental repose, don’t hang around waiting to discover the quiescent gems in Harry Bone’s discography.

Stream the Ambi album on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

EB seeks sanctuary in his mindfully melodic alt-hip-hop earworm, SECRET GARDEN

American rapper and producer, EB, is disrupting the hip-hop hegemony with his charismatically quirky sonic signature. The Virginia-based artist’s latest single, SECRET GARDEN, is the perfect introduction to his sunny disposition and wholesome bars, which throw away the allusion that every rap track needs to be charged with conviction.

The playful polyphonic Nujabes-ESQUE prelude draws in fans of 8-Bit-adjacent music before veering into a feat of cinematic East Coast hip-hop in the same vein as Jay Z and Nas. In the short and sweet space of 1:39 minutes, EB made sure his audience got their dopamine fix and brought mindful compassion into trend.

“This song is a collaboration with Dale Richman, and within the lyrics, we paint the dynamics of the pain of one-sided relationships, a common theme throughout the project. I produced, mixed and mastered this song to my own standard of perfection.”

SECRET GARDEN is the first track to drop from EB’s upcoming project, Sorta Flying…REMADE~!!!, which is due for official release on February 23rd.

SECRET GARDEN hit the airwaves on February 3rd. Hear it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Been A While: Sadbxylee x Eryn Nicole drifts through on that self-love journey while Rain Falls

Seeing that cloudy outlook even if you want to actually be happy, Sadbxylee x Eryn Nicole pours through and helps us see what is actually important on Rain Falls.

Sadbxylee is a Long Island, USA-based Lo-Fi artist/music producer/audio engineer who is joined by Canadian-based Lo-Fi hip hop producer/composer/songwriter Eryn Nicole.

Knowing now that time flies and the smiles will be hidden until you learn to love yourself, Sadbxylee and Eryn Nicole are quite splendid together and send through a scent that is rather incredible to witness. Forging through with so much introspection, this is a lovely effort that has been clearly made with care.

Rain Falls from the incredible Lo-Fi wizards Sadbxylee x Eryn Nicole is a rather terrific song that will send you into a whole new galaxy altogether. With serene vocals and a breathtaking soundtrack to get your veins ready for more, this is a stunning release, which is exactly what our thrilled bodies had been waiting for. There is a pulsating power at play here which will get your eyes alert and ready for finding that content place we are all seeking.

Listen up to this fine single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

New York Squalor: Brooklyn’s Price Tag breaks his back on the old school gem Just Another Dollar

Rock The Mic by Price Tag

Taken from his much-anticipated and self-therapeutic debut album called Rock The Mic, Price Tag drops that Beastie Boys-like sound that has us pushing through all challenges presented on Just Another Dollar.

Price Tag aka Mike Preis is a Brooklyn, New York-based indie musician who makes his own authentic brand of self-coined Urban-lofi-hip-hop-punkadelic-street-pop-electro-hop-electronic.

With an MC-909 sequencer, Mike has created a sound that transports you back in time to the suburbs of Chicago where a younger nerdy version of him grew up.” ~ Price Tag detailing where it all started

Showing proper respect to the legends who trail blazed a path of ingenuity and creativity that changed everything, Price Tag is a reminder of that fresh-sounding music with that electrifying old school feeling that millions miss.

Drenched in that blue collar attitude who just wants to work hard, get paid and go home, this is a reminder that the underground shall never stop despite whatever fads are currently dominating the airwaves.

Just Another Dollar from the Brooklyn, New York-based multi-genre artist Price Tag is a track that might have you transfixed beyond previous levels of belief. Pumping up the volume and guiding us through life in this hugely busy city, to show us that realness when there are so many copycats pretending in every corner. Showing us his MTV and VH1 fused memories in one, this is exactly the rocket fuel we all need to sip rather quickly to keep on trying no matter what.

Keeping the faith when others give up shall give you a renewed sense of achievement no matter how small it is.

Tune into this underground master at work on Bandcamp and see his career blossom on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

newmath traverses loss in the noisy dream pop discord of his latest single, Without You

As someone who will always hold a candle for the shoegaze pioneers, I will eternally be enthralled by 21st-century experimental iterations of the genre. newmath, the creative project of Chris Fish, certainly didn’t disappoint with the noisy dream pop discord in his latest single, Without You.

The lo-fi to the core production goes heavy on the sludgy effects – being from Seattle, it would be rude not to – but Without You is far more in Grandaddy’s arena rather than your definitive Seattle sound icons. The shimmeringly bright vulnerability of the release is incandescently sweet. Without you may be a song of mourning, but notably, no love has been lost.

With his forthcoming album, BLOOM, due for release on September 9th, save a spot on your radar.

The official music video for Without You premiered on August 29th. Check it out on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast