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Mikwerdna – A Warm Shower On A Winter Morning In Pennyslyvia

This is more like that type of song that announces the break of a new dawn without any form of stress or hassle! It’s solely an all jazzed beat music that can subtly pass as sweet morning fresh air.

Just as the name spelled it out, you shouldn’t expect more of a hypnotic tone or the one that hauls but rather what you should expect is more of a calming instrumental beat that takes turn to drop at each calculated interval.

Really this song has a sound that is so easy and simple. It is that kind of song that can make you move your body while you’re in a bathtub trying to rinse yourself completely in a bid to look alluring immediately your footsteps have announced your arrival at the office.

At every drop of water that touches your body, you’ll have more reason to hop on its ride for a short but blissful adventure.

In the wind of a happy chime, Mikwerdna’s new song will wrap you around its arm and whisper so soft and nicely to erupts a surge that will shake up your innermost calm to adhere to its tune.

This piece is surely a simple song beat but it has the power to catalyze whatever you’re currently on to in a captivating way.


Dead Sullivan release indie lo-fi track ‘Sever’

Have you ever enjoyed a certain type of music with the specific intention of passively listening?  Need something to hum along while you focus on your daily monotonies and responsibilities? Dead Sullivan’s Sever is just the song for you.

Are there cute, imagery-laden lyrics hiding under a blanket of soft guitars in this song? Yes, but what’s more readily in the foreground are crinkling percussive bits and page turning samples that provide the illusion that the song is blossoming in the background of its own official recording. If that’s not a unique approach, I don’t know what is. Sever is aptly named as it seems to be gently removed from the listener enough to alter their mood and help them find a drowsy contentment without having to engage much in actually listening. This passive pop leaves so much to be discovered upon placing a headphone in one ear and another in the ear of a good friend to explore together.

Dead Sullivan proves inventive and evocative on this track. It has its own listening scene built into itself and seems perfect for so many specific moments of the day that there’s little excuse not to have it on a readily available playlist.

-Paul Weyer


A&R Factory Present: Tourist Dollars

With just two singles to their name, Melbourne trio Tourist Dollars have certainly made a strong impression for themselves — having already charmed the likes of Triple J, Indie Shuffle and Spotify (who featured previous single ‘Horse Girl’ on their global Fresh Finds playlist) in recent months.

Ahead of their eponymous debut EP release, Tourist Dollars will share the record’s enchanting opening track ‘Ageless’.

Playing out like a hazy, reverb-doused ballad, ‘Ageless’ is teeming with soaring harmonies; underpinned by warbling synths and a rickety drum machine, it finds itself sitting somewhere between a Beach Boys b-side and an Ariel Pink offshoot.

Much of the heavy-lifting is left to the trademark croon of songwriter Jesse McCormack though, whose penchant for ‘60s favourites The Zombies continues to shine through — as it did with previous singles ‘Horse Girl’ and ‘End of Times’.

McCormack’s knack for crafting potent, and engrossing pop songs is what’s particularly at work here. It’s a talent sure to see  Tourist Dollars continue to gain recognition, and one that will likely see them go far.

Tourist Dollars ‘ eponymous debut EP is due for release June 9th

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