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Californian Lo-Fi luminary Bubbush proves that there’s two sides to every toxic story with ‘Toxic Me’

Rarely is lo-fi hip hop as ingeniously fresh as the standout single, Toxic Me, from the Californian recording artist, Bubbush. Right from the first verse, his playful lack of ego grips you and pulls you into the RnB laced single that runs through the quirky progressions and old school grind.

With hyper distorted high-pitch vocals layering around Bubbush’s bars, there’s a dialogic element to Toxic Me, serving the bitter-sweet reminder that there are two sides to every toxic love story.

After making a debut in 2015, Bubbush’s career quickly started to gain traction in his local scene and far beyond. We can only hope that there are more soul-sating tracks in the pipeline.

Check out Toxic Me for yourselves by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Prepare your ambient playlists for the chill wave catharsis in !Noj’s latest single, sweet memories


‘sweet memories’ is the latest Synesthesia-inducing single to be released by the Netherlands-based chill hop experimentalist, artist and producer, !Noj.

The ambient lullaby chimes through hypnotic melodies, leaving ample space for points of reflection before the next progression that drags you deeper into the soundscape. With the beats keeping track like a metronome, the neo-classically underlined melodies add even more magnetism to the instrumental score.

sweet memories is enough to impart what it says on the tin; it provides a brief window of tranquillity; given the times we’re living in, you should probably take any chance you get to pull your mind out of the gutter.

Check out !Noj via Soundcloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Just Remember Where You Started: Arizona’s Victims of the New Math bring us an inspiring lifeguard moment to float with on ‘You’re Swimming’

Taken off the latest four-track EP called ‘Heading to the Suburbs‘, Victims of the New Math urge us to turn our mindsets around from the negative to remind us that ‘You’re Swimming‘.

Victims of the New Math is a compellingly down to earth Phoenix, Arizona-based 70’s inspired lo-fi rock act lead by Thomas Young.

With several album and EP releases over the past 15 years, the band has incorporated other diverse influences ( Glam rock, New Wave, psychedelic rock, lo-fi rock, and indie rock) to create a unique sound that never quite fits prescribed genres or styles.” ~ Victims of the New Math

With an honest tone and compelling lyrics that have you suddenly feeling so introspective about those moments you wish you could take back, the message here is to look forward as you are floating anyway. The seas will always calm down eventually once the tide changes – as you move forward to brush off any sticky seaweed – that is holding you back from progressing your soul to better times ahead.

You’re Swimming‘ from Phoenix, Arizona-based 70’s inspired lo-fi rock band Victims of the New Math, shows us a story about being sad about something ending, but being self-aware enough to know that the bad times won’t last. With a glaze-filled ambiance that has you feeling like you are in a movie on this tremendous new single, this is something rather specially-made with that rare class of yesteryear.

Hear this new track from the experienced Arizona native up above in the Soundcloud and see more news on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Warren Davis has released his era-defining ambient EP, Oden’s Palace.

Birmingham, UK-based independent artist, Warren Davis, has released his ambient, mood-reflecting EP, Oden’s Palace, featuring the standout single, Discord. The meditative tempo makes it easy to drink in the organic flair of Warren Davis’ signature style which is defining a new era of new-age lo-fi. He leaves enough space for the listener to feed in their own emotion and imagination, but the gentle guitar melodies still lead to a higher mental plateau.

By taking inspiration from RnB, reggae, and Anime OST’s, Davis can orchestrate soundscapes that are as tonally vibrant as they are explorative and intensely cathartic. Do we even need to tell you he deserves a spot on your radar?

Discord is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

True Peace: RandyRan has us all feeling relaxed and in that happy ‘Dreaming’ state of mind

Released as the first single off his soul-calming brand new ten-track ‘Melodic Euphoria: The Lo-Fi Trip‘ album, RandyRan has our thoughtful minds sharply alive with thrilling ideas of conquering all our worries away into the awaiting distance with ‘Dreaming‘.

RandyRan is a more-than-handy lo-fi hip-hop/jazz music producer who returns to our awakened consciousness after his wonderfully electric seven-track ear-warmer called ‘808-Bit State of Mind: Level 1‘ from earlier on in 2021.

A music producer that’s inspired by ambient and nostalgic sounds. Sound is focused on primarily bringing joy, calm, or the best out of who’s listening.” ~ RandyRan

With the gentle sounds of delicious water gushing from the tranquil speakers inside the deepest part of your sensationalized soul, this is a true classic of beautiful sounds for the ages. The jazzy/hip-hop beat suddenly gets a bit darker, after first having us feeling in a daze-infused calm, when then all returns to normal brilliance again. This is perhaps a warning that life can’t always be so peaceful. as much as you want it to be.

Music to study, chill, work, sleep, or just have in the background.” ~ RandyRan

Dreaming‘ from the top shelf lo-fi/hip-hop/jazz music producer RandyRan, is a birds-chirping kind of effort which brings so much stillness to your mind, after being over-stimulated for too long. The middle sections turns us back to the true life again, as this is a story of life in one song.

We can all find that peaceful place – but it will be a road filled with potholes that need to be navigated skillfully – so that true inner calm may be finally obtained.

Hear this extremely captivating single on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Nick Rannikko gives us ‘More’ than we bargained for in his latest single.

Nick Rannikko

‘More’ is the latest intimately sweet indie single from the alternative artist Nick Rannikko, which dropped onto the airwaves on July 7th, bringing with it bags of catharsis and consolation as it flirts with elements of pop, rock, RnB and trap in true cloud rap/indie-pop trip-hop style.

After a prelude of tape deck static and ambient waves of shimmering reverb, the smooth melodies come to the surface to serve as the perfect platform for Nick Rannikko’s vulnerably compassionate vocals that candidly contend with raw and intimate thought. When kicking 808s come into play, there’s a surge of energy in the release that you just can’t help getting caught up in.

Check out More on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Wondrous Sounds Of Enlightenment: Amir continues his good work on ‘Youth’

Taken off his terrific debut album ‘Rise, from Depths, of a Preliminary State of Youth: A Change Within One in Worlds‘, Amir is back gloriously with the fifth single called ‘Youth‘.

Amir is a motivated Beirut, Lebanon-born photographer, music producer, and a computer engineering student at the Lebanese American University. He cleverly makes that indie pop/lo-fi sound, that has moved slightly from his previous ambient music style.

”I chose music and photography as a form of expression to the overwhelm of my thoughts and as a reaction to the current state of youth of my country, therefore my art and the art of thousands of youth of the same state of mine.” – Amir

””Youth” is rich in terms of providing a definition to the state of youth, their desire to express their thoughts, and their desire to change.” – Amir

Youth‘ from the talented Lebanon-born multi-talented producer, photographer and student Amir, shows us the wonderful creativity from a hugely promising creative who seems to be in the zone at present. He brings us a sterling effort that is full of life, wonder and authenticity,. He continues to fuse a wondrous mix of delicious music genres, all in one tasty pot of goodness for the soul to stir up beautifully.

Click here to the Spotify and see more on his IG for release news and visuals.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Evoke Altered Nostalgia with Swimsuit Season’s Debut Self-Titled Vaporwave EP

Enjoy altered nostalgia with artist and producer Swimsuit Season’s debut self-titled EP. With their retro-futuristic approach to lo-fi vaporwave, the melodies lock into recontextualised sun-bleached memories as the instrumental mixes flow through their hazy, glitchy in part, progressions. Perceptibly, Swimsuit Season has no trouble keeping listeners entranced and simultaneously lost in daydream ambience.

The title track is the perfect introduction to Swimsuit Season’s almost ethereal sound that pulls in nuances of 8-bit and 16-bit for a touch of contemporary within the chillwave mix which could easily go viral.

Swimsuit Season’s debut EP is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

That late-night vibe: Storm: Season drop impressive new single ‘My Lover’s’

Storm: Season drift in beautifully with the stunning new single ‘My Lover’s‘ that will have you closing your eyes and imagining the good times ahead in 2021.

With soothing lo-fi, indie-rock, electro-pop and avant-grande all mixed together to make our hearts flutter in the wind, Storm: Season are here to freshen up our moods from this wild time in the world. They make that heart hugging type of music that is a lovely listen for all ages.

The atmospheric start gets you in the mood seamlessly, as you take a breath and get ready for what is next. The clear vocals catch your attention instantly as the lover’s story takes over. This is that romantic tale of wanting to be with her all night and wake up together, so close that you are connected like a phone to a charger.

The electric soundscapes are highly satisfying on this one as they all seem to have that inner connection to fuse together like glue, with a style that is so rare to hear. This is an act that have so many different genres intertwined inside of them, which makes them a unique group for us to immerse ourselves into.

My Lover’s‘ from lo-fi indie rockers Storm: Season is a song that bridges the gap between different styles and is a highly impressive listen. This is a new song to embrace closely with that special one in your life, as you hold each other close and gaze into each others eyes.

Stream this sonic breeze that will leave you breathless on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Jungle.wav – Old School analogue ambience with “Jai Guru Deva”

The video to Jungle.wav’s single ‘Jai Guru Deva’ is roughly 100 seconds of dreamy, escapist visions of mountains and alpine forest, all lo-fi shakiness on old-school cine-8.

That’s pretty much the music, too; dreamy, escapist, and low tempo. Sweeping old-school electronica mixes lo-fi beats, soothing chillwave and half-spoken mellow vocals; it’s trancey and reverb-soaked, chilled and psychedelic. Yes, there’s an obvious Eno-like reference in its ambience, but there’s elements of Ryuichi Sakamoto and Youssou N’Dour mixed in with the chiming strings and sweeping, old-school analogue synth. Behind the whispered vocal sit lo-fi, Moog and ARP sounds, and then, all too soon, it’s over.

You can hear ‘Jai Guru Deva’ on YouTube, and find more from Jungle.wav here.

Review by Alex Holmes