Smoove Lyrics – Taste U: Salaciously Ingenious RnB Hip Hop

The prelude to Smoove Lyrics’ latest single “Taste U” may fool you into believing that you’re about to listen to an archetypal RnB hit unfold, but the progressive genre-mashing urban hit is host to plenty of seamless unexpected evolutions.

From soft and magnetic RnB crooning to rapid-fire rap verses, Smoove Lyrics’ vocal style is boundless. While most of the lyrics will make it easy to see how Smoove Lyrics came about their artist title, the Rap verses throw in salaciously shocking lines making a sharp shift away from the romanticism which the RnB vocals have sultrily subdued you with. Yet, that’s not the most shocking part of Taste U, that lies in the fact the orchestration of the track was executed with such deft, inventive perfection.

Perceptibly, Smoove Lyrics is an up and coming RnB virtuoso worth watching.

You can check out Taste U for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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