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L.I.G.H.T. – Hero’s Rising: The Echo of R&B Soul

L.I.G.H.T.  has just dropped a stunningly soulful new single ‘Hero’s Rising’. It’s anachronistic, rounded sound is instantly cathartic and intrinsically rooted in the depths of Soul. Its ethereal edge induces you into the track which incorporates elements of old old-school R&B.

The soul behind the project L.I.G.H.T is courtesy of the resoundingly talented song writer and performer Crystal ‘Light’ Parker, who also happens to be a John Maxwell Certified Leadership Coach, trainer and motivational speaker. Her passion for inspiration and healing bleeds through into her sound in her latest track Hero’s Rising. You can feel the hum of the vibrations as they shift you in tune with the vibrant melody of the track, as the Soulful grips of Crystal’s echoing vocals wash over you.

LIFT. INSIPIRE. GUIDE. HEAL. TEACH. Is the ethos by which Crystal orchestrates and performs in her track to provide a welcome reprieve from the world and to motivate change her listeners through her blissful soul souring narratives. After hearing one track, I’d say it’s pretty effective.

Hero’s Rising is available to purchase on both iTunes and Google Play, or you can check out the track here:

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Testify Brings the Funk Like 1979!!!

No, you don’t need to bring out your bell bottoms, but you do need to check out this song. “Testify” is an excellent song from Orange Burn that infuses the elements of Funk, Soul, Rock, and R&B. This is one of those songs that really blurs the lines between contemporary and classic, in a very tasteful way. I would argue that this is one of those songs you can’t help but get into, even if you aren’t a fan of this style of music.

The instrumentation on “Testify” is superb. Percussive stabbing rhythm guitars, the almighty organ, and stellar bass and drum grooves drive this soul-filled track along. The vocal delivery is absolutely incredible with stunningly powerful and soul-filled honey to the ears. The music is a bright patch of uplifting goodness reminiscent of a bygone era. A contemporary take on a classic funky vibe with incredible grooves, powerful uplifting soul-filled vocals, and an overall joy-filled sound make this song such an enjoyable listen.

The mix of collective interests of the band is very apparent, making this song nearly impossible to lump into any single genre. It’s the collaboration of so many influences that give this song such a potential wide appeal. Incredible musicianship, diverse flavors, and powerful hooking choruses give “Testify” a special sonic blend that leads me to say this; you need to drop what you are doing right now and experience this!

Check out “Testify” here:


June – Natural Love: The Discord of Humility

Ohio based R&B singer songwriter and artist June has create one of the most synergetic tracks of 2017 with his Soul inspired rendition Natural Love. For any fans of the delectability of Kendrick Lamar, you’re in for a treat. The mid-tempo mix is more than just a track that belongs to a genre. It’s raw, human, scorned emotion in lyrical form.

His debut track Natural Love is backed by a pounding and resonant track the ominous synth beat drifts in and out, perfectly complementing the melancholy of June’s vocals as they traverse through his pensive lyrics. The track doesn’t just skim the surface of emotion, it reaches deep into the psyche, haunting you with the staggering parallels which he offers you through the verse.  The humble humility flows through his lyrics to trap you into his torment which he projects into the track.

Throughout his discography, he’s created a truly elective mix of sounds, some steeped in 80’s synth, whilst others he chooses the acoustic guitar to accompany the humble humility which he shares through his sound.

Head on over to SoundCloud to check out Natural Love along with June’s other Singles:


Brandon Tyree – The sound of future past

Brandon Tyree is a torch bearer, one of those artists who is taking the musical traditions and classic sounds of the past and bringing them into the future and repackaging them for a modern audience. Not that there is too much of an overhaul going on in his soulful R&B, you can clearly see the lineage of his music but here the dexterous band sound is channelled through a more modern set of sounds.

This more electronic rendering adds sophistication and effortless uptown cool, and whilst classic piano sounds are still at the heart of the music its clinical beats and synth driven swirls mark it out as a part of a cutting edge soul reinvention. That said, some things never change and Give Me Another Chance is an expertly and exquisitely delivered vocal and despite its modern trappings a sassy and soulful groove beats at the songs heart.


All You Need is JSY

Taken from his album Love Drug, All I Need sits at the cutting edge of the modern commercial music vibe. Slow, late night R&B grooves built from skittering beats and swirling electronica, half spoken, half sung intimate lyrics and space and atmospherics adding a whole slice of mystery and anticipation. This is music of the understated, the considered, the restrained, where as many fellow artists working in a similar field would through every trick in the book, employ every studio technique known to man to layer and texture their songs, JSY instead turns to the art of deconstruction and the use of space.

The result is a song so elegant and gossamer delicate in its form that with little else to distract, the lyrics become the vocal point. Music for the late night wind down, the after party chill session or the soundtrack to a romantic encounter, this is what happens when an artist concentrates on the lyrical message and not the musical envelope it is delivered in.


Ebony Joi – Joi to The World

It is the season when when “twas” and “tis” become an accepted part of the language for the first time since the seventeenth century, gaudy jumpers, or these days possibly onesies, replace having an actual personality, people talk about how A Wonderful Life is the best film ever made and Mariah Carey is every other song on the radio or jukebox. It is also the season when it seems acceptable to release unnecessary and poor quality versions of Christmas classics. That’s why we need Ebony Joi so much.

Eartha Kitt ’s iconic Santa Baby may have been flogged within an inch of its creative life over the years but Ebony Joi has found the perfect new format for the modern age. It loses none of the sultry soulfulness of the original but adds a modern sassy R&B vibe to this new delivery, a slow and sensual grove which wanders wilfully around the beat like a jazz diva and throws in a bit of urban street smarts. Most often there is no need to try to reinvent songs which have all but passed into musical lore but if you do why not give them the perfect make over?


Toffee Toes – All I Know: 2017’s Most Powerful Sound

Have reservations about Soul music?

You won’t after listening to Toffee Toes debut track All I Know. It’s impossible to stick a Genre on this band, there is no word to describe the sound when all that comes through is pure feeling through their Alternative, Progressive, Rock Pop riddling.

I’ll admit, I wasn’t quite expecting a sound so bad ass from a band named Toffee Toes. I thought I would be in store for a Twee installation of hell. I’ll hazard a guess and say it was a great triumph in irony that they were able to project such a naïve image with such a raucous beat.

The colourful band released their stand out track earlier this year and what they created with such a simple track was absolutely astounding. The track is a pure cacophony of Soul which reverberates through you with such empowering veracity that you’re powerless to the cascade of sound that drowns you in it poignantly upbeat rhythm.

Toffee Toes are a trio of musicians living in Tel Aviv, Israel dedicated to creating powerful music through their manipulation of rhythm and harmony that comes straight from the soul.

Head on over to BandCamp where you can listen to or download the debut single off their ground-breaking album:


Salvatore Manalo – Rain: Winters Antidote

Through the impossibly competitive music scene of Portland, Oregon emerges Salvatore Manalo with his debut track Rain.

It’s a mixed bag of genres, but when you get to the bridge, putting a label on his majestic sound quickly floats to the back of your mind as you find yourself fully attuned to his sound. With riffs more fitting in Rock tracks this R&B Funk Pop enigma allows the track to flow with sweet unpredictability.

The entire ensemble is flawless, from the vocals to the instrumentals, the lyrics to the Jazz vibes that taint the track with poignantly upbeat symphonies. I’m really not sure how Manalo remains on the underground with such an array of talent. There’s a true narrative to his emotions which he explores through his command of rhythm.

Sadly, Rain falls under the category of the type of track that you’re likely to hear whilst dining at an upmarket restaurant or wandering round the supermarket. It’s not a sound that you’d hear in trendy cocktail bars or being spoken about fondly by teenagers. Never the less, if you’re looking for a sound to dispel the winter blues look no further! (Despite what your friends may think)


Stella Angelika – Sleep: Sonorous and Simplistic Sound

If you’re looking for a musician to send you to sleep, look no further than Stella Angelika, her rhythmic, delectable sounds are everything you need to hear. Her sonorous sounds echo over the reverberation of the acoustic guitar to treat you to a compelling sound that no other acoustic act has doused me with in a long time.

The orchestral sound which she recreates through her latest track Sleep is as poignant as it comes. The track allows you to get lost in the instrumentals as they patter with ubiquitous ease. Her vocals are empyreal and resonant enough to captivate you whatever mood that they reach you in. Her sound is almost a lullaby that allows you to traverse the soundwaves with her. I couldn’t recommend this acoustic act enough.

The instrumental version of Sleep is equally as spectacular, as the singer songwriter invites you to get lost within the sound that transcends any expectation of words through its majestic cacophony of sound allowing you to create your own narrative to the melancholic pace of the track

Check out Stella’s latest track Sleep on Spotify using the link below, you won’t be disappointed.



Numbsoul Releases New Hip-Hop Beat “Spring ’17″

Numbsoul is a beat-maker with a great sense of melody, rhythm and flow in the music, blending just the right elements to make hip-hop beats with character and dimension that can serve a variety of purposes. His track “Spring ’17” proves exactly this through a relaxed and mellow steady beat that features also suitable changes in texture to distinguish sections and provide a coherent sense of development.

“Spring ’17” does not only showcase Numbsoul’s ability to create structure through texture but also showcases his ability to integrate melody and harmony within the beat. With delicate and soft melodic phrases shining within the texture throughout the beat also carries a sensitive character to it and it is also interesting to note how these melodies evolve and change within the diffferent sections. Having said all this, the most important part of any beat is the rhythm itself and in this case “Spring ’17” does not disappoint. With a cool, laid back and relaxed vibe the rhythm is not too fast and provides a solid foundation with hints of trap and also further changes between sections that add to the overall dynamic and character of the beat. Check it out and you’ll definitely feel the groove!

-Sarah Marie Bugeja

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