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R&B and Soul fave Shayne Durbin longs for his ‘’Weekend Lover’’

Being just a weekend lover can be tough, especially if you want more from that person. Should you just ignore these feelings or carry on as normal?

Inspired by the likes of ‘Prince’, ‘D’Angelo’, ‘P-Funk’, ‘Tame Impala’, and ‘The 1975’, Shayne loves music and you can see that different genres really get his blood flowing.

Shayne is a self produced artist who plays guitar, bass, and piano. He is currently mastering and getting ready for the release of his debut EP entitled “Shades of Blue”.

‘Shayne Durbin’ is definitely talented and has a strong voice. You can tell that he really cares about what music is put out. A future R&B star in the making, keep an eye out for ‘Shayne Durbin’ and remember the name.

Stream more from his link here on SoundCloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Charmingthesinger sings about his love ‘’Brandy’’ in feature single

This multi-talented artist- Vocalist, Songwriter, Jingle Writer, Producer, Engineer, Musician, and Composer developed a passion to produce music and write at an early age of 8. He has clearly matured from there and makes really inspiring music now.

The latest single is called ‘’Brandy’’. It’s a very slow, chilled and to the point song. He likes love and brandy. In that order. ‘’Brandy’’ is taken from his debut EP from 2020 called ‘’Special Features’’. It’s 8 minutes long and is a clever way to make a debut. 

‘’Charmingthesinger’’ shows lots of promise on this EP and he has already worked with a few top artists who clearly love his work. With more time to  hone his craft, we could be witnessing a massive star in the making here. Tune in now while it’s all quite new & enjoy this talent.

Listen to more of this soothing music here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Toronto’s The Silk Demise stalk in with seductively haunting single ‘’Professor’s Lake’’

Wrapped in a promise, under stars. I set our feet as we melt in the dark.

Founded in 2006, this is the ultimately dark ambient electronic, trip-hop, and chillout music for the soul- to be enjoyed with the lights ideally off. 

The Silk Demise’ are highly influenced by trip-hop legends Massive Attack and Portishead and they expertly conjure their own smooth brand of the genre, relying on samples, synths, and melodic drones. Their music is a bit scary but enjoyable and this is a quality outfit.

Let’s enjoy this top act from Toronto, Canada and hope for more quality release while they create that one massive hit to propel them to the front of the queue. 

Stream more from ‘The Silk Demise’ here on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Acoustic artist Solly spreads hope with peaceful single ‘’Shelter’’

Shelter from the storm is the paradox you are choking on. It’s so encouraging to be exposed to such positive vibrations from a very talented, upcoming artist like Film Editor/ Musician, ‘Solly’. He mixes these two passions together like an old pro.

Solomon Margo aka ‘Solly’ , released ‘Love & Harm’ on YouTube on the 1st May 2020 and this is the follow up single, the peaceful ‘’Shelter’’. It’s about sheltering your soul from all the fakeness in the world & to just be yourself, the best version of you. This is a perfect message. 

‘Solly’ is a young artist who alternates between NYC and LA in the USA. He is still finding his feet in this wild music game and I see a very promising future here. His music has a positive style and is so jazzy with touches of soul. A bigger stage awaits for this fine musician. 

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


New Denver Emcee Cipher gets his girl in ‘’Make You Mine’’

I wish you were mine, I think you know why. The former US Navy Vet is now fully in the music game and shows us his chops with his 3rd single ‘’Make You Mine’’. 

‘Make You Mine’ is about reflecting on a relationship where you are in the friend zone with someone that you really care about. A tough situation to be in, the likeable R&B/Hip Hop artist ‘Cipher’ shows us his tender side in this track. With a quality Music Video to boot, this is a sexy release to add to his ever-growing repertoire.

Known in the Denver music game for his debut ‘Blowing Up’ that did just that locally, this is another good track to this budding artist’s name. 

‘Cipher’ is in a very tough genre with artists that come and go way too quickly. He is making his move now and with quality releases, the young Emcee is leading the Indie Denver Rap charge to the top.

Check out more from this talented R&B artist on his DistroKid page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


A suave voice and an acoustic guitar: Michael K. Woods’s new release Lady With the Guitar

A suave voice and an acoustic guitar are the only tools Michael K. Woods employs in his new song Lady With the Guitar.

One the sweetest falsettos you’ve ever heard and a magnificently controlled and subtle vibrato make of Michael K. Woods’s voice an incredible and powerful instrument that doesn’t need deep enhancements from the guitar that plays simple and bright in the background.

Drawing mixtures of soul and R&B, Lady With the Guitar stands as a minimalistic ballad full of harmonic workarounds and extra-melodic tones spanning from a mid to high-pitched range.

I’m definitely stunned by this performance and if you want to be too, check out Lady With the Guitar and more of his material on Spotify now.

Review by Jim Esposito.


90s Reggae Soul Pop lives again through breaking artist Jindi’s single “Midnight Love”

Reggae Soul artist Jindi encapsulated the smoothly romantic 90s Reggae Pop vibe with the standout single “Midnight Love” from their EP “1995”.

Along with the unfiltered romanticism and funk-riddled rhythms, you can expect a flood of nostalgia to hit and allow you to reminisce over amorous sun-soaked memories. Any form of escapism is more than welcome these days, and escapism doesn’t come much sweeter than what the warm tones in Midnight Love have to offer.

There may be elements from decades past within Midnight Love, but with the artist’s uniquely evocative appeal and fresh approach to production, their earworm more than deserves a spot on international radio waves.

You can check out Jindi’s single Midnight Love along with the rest of the EP for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia


Chris Howard releases Fool For You – a multi-featured soul pop effort

A multi-featured soul pop effort is what best defines Chris Howard’s new track Fool For You.

From the song’s structure to arrangement and piano patterns, Fool For You sets a milestone for soul music and captivates through Howard’s immensely powerful voice.

A dedication to a loved one for whom he’s ready to be a fool for despite the “long road of hardship, of pain and tears”, the song speaks to those who in relationships are willing to step forward when things go wrong, through all obstacles. Throughout the song you can actually feel a passionate torment in his vocals (an incredible interpretation) but still appreciate that forward-looking, unflinchingly positive, soulful vibe.

Perfectly matching what I always look for in R&B and Soul music, the downtempo helps dramatize the story and musically enhances this emotional Slow-jam.

Trust me on this one, you won’t be fooled if you check out Fool For You on Soundcloud.

Review by Jim Esposito.


Kid Icarus is back with electronic reflector about ex-friends with ‘’Femto’’

With a popular name, ‘’Kid Icarus’’ is hard to find out much information on but he does bring out good music. ‘’Femto’’ is the latest release and it’s got Electronic soul written all over it.

There are a few artists with the same name but no one with the same vibe as this US based musician. He comes up with sing–along music that is meant to be all about love and peace. There is no ego with this artist and his grounded music is there for all to see. 

‘’Femto’’ is all about friends that we used to have that are no longer. This is a deep song about memories and moving on due to the energy-sapping nature of trying to make things work that aren’t there sadly.

Get more of this peaceful Kid Icarus vibe here on his Spotify page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Illinois duo Sleepy Soul deliver an underrated masterpiece with ‘’Hazy’’

Sometimes a song just really inspires you and takes you to that happy place. You know what I’m talking about. Have you had this experience lately? 

After releasing their popular breakout indietronica track and fantastic music video directed by Dustie Carter- ‘’Still Can’t Dance’’- ‘Sleepy Soul’ are back with an absolute masterpiece with 2nd single ‘’Hazy’’, a track that reminds me of my love affair with Philadelphia band, Dr Dog.

With their debut EP due on 12th May 2020, the talented duo are quietly making a mark all over the world at a rapid rate. ‘Sleepy Soul’ is a collaboration between Nick Hummel and Michael LeFevre. Their  their mix of indie, soul and dance with a layer of candy coated goodness is a treat to the ears.

‘’Hazy’’ is the follow up to the smooth and steady ‘’Uncool’’ single featuring the incredible Lily Ibur. The song gets it right with the consistent delivery and it’s one of my favorite tracks by far in 2020. The indietronica coming out of the ‘Sleepy Soul’ boys is very impressive and let’s hope this high standard continues and that a world tour is on the cards very soon.

Hear more of Sleepy Soul on Spotify to give yourself a boost in the soul department.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen