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Sir Jeremy Green – on a deep, soulful Motown ‘Cruise’

If Marvin Gaye hadn’t fatally intervened in his parents’ argument in 1984 and had, instead, continued making music, it might have sounded very much like Sir Jeremy Green on new single ‘Cruise’, a deep, classy nu-soul cut that simply oozes with class.

Mixing up a little of the retro, sexual, sensual ‘70’s Motown vibe with a modern take and a little bit of 90’s Brand New Heavies, a little jazzy funk, and just enough old-skool hip hop beat to add some groove, ‘Cruise’ is an absolute dope stunner of a track, Green’s rich, smooth vocal perfect over the top of a full-on retro track, all movie-soundtrack (like the accompanying official video), Rodgers-style funk off-beat guitar and Rhodes-style electric piano stabs. And then there’s that bassline, before the track resolves to drop into grooving-yet-chilled middle eight and breakdown.

‘Cruise’ is the first single from Green’s new EP; if the rest is as good as this, 2021 is going to be a VERY good year for Sir Jeremy Green.

See the awesome video for ‘Cruise’ on YouTube. Follow Sir Jeremy Green on Facebook.

Review by Alex Holmes



M.O.S. 73 Project pays ode to 80s soul with their guitar-driven serenade ‘Don’t Speak to Me’

After a successful 2020 debut, Italian guitarist and compositor under the moniker of M.O.S. 73 Project released their third soul-infused indie rock single ‘Don’t Speak to Me’. The track title may set you up for confrontation and dejection, but it contrasts the amorous soundscape which carries the same passion as tracks by Seal, Beck and Billy Ocean.

With elements of old school rock and soul spilling from fresh talent, you’ll be simultaneously hit with nostalgia and awe at the virtuosic modernistic prowess which seems so effortlessly exuded by M.O.S. 73 Project.

If you don’t feel something when you hit play, you may be dead from the soul down.

You can check out M.O.S. 73 Project’s latest release via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Flow has brought RnB into a new era with ‘Where You Been’

North Carolina RnB Soul pioneer, Flow, released his latest sun-soaked hit ‘Where You Been’ on December 11th, with elements of Deep House and Afrobeat weaved in, it’s impossible not to catch the infectious high vibes.

While playfully experimental progressions allow glitchy beats to add to the energy of the smooth RnB melodies, Flow gives you an idea of how he came about his moniker. By switching between soul-dripping crooning and energising Rap verses, there isn’t a moment in the track which will allow your attention to falter from the fresh ingenuity on offer.

You can check out Flow’s latest single via Soundcloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Moving out the shadows: Chris Dawkins has shown ‘Love & Sacrifice’ for so long and now its his time to shine (ft. Georgia Harrup)

Chris Dawkins shows his underrated class on the terrific new single ‘Love & Sacrifice‘ (ft. Georgia Harrup).

Session musician, co-writer and soul/jazz musician Chris Dawkins has been in the shadows for too long and 2021 marks the wave that will flow in our souls, so we can truly appreciate this extremely skilled creative.

Taken off the new eleven-track album ‘Painting Colours‘, this is his 2nd LP and is released with the guidance of underground Leeds based record label Released Records.

This is an experienced journeyman who is now on a mission to gain a truly worldwide audience that appreciates quality music.

This electronic layers mesh so sweetly with the stunning vocals that soak so much love all over your body as your neck and back shiver in delight. This natural energy is a spectacular addition to a world that needs so much inspiration and a light out of the dark bunker beneath us.

The story about needing to know that they will be there for you all the time and not just when things are all rosy and sweet is a blessing on our hearts and a true story. You want them to be there and now its up to them as you have placed full faith.

With the honey-coasted vocals of the lovely Georgia Harrup in full flow, this is the perfect song for Chris Dawkins to showcase his talents the world. ‘Love & Sacrifice‘ is what has happened before and now, with his labels full support, this marks a new chapter in the life of a humble musician who has paid his dues and now is thrust into the limelight to be brightly shone to the masses.

Hear the rise of an underground legend on Spotify and see his story on Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Jaron Smalls – Vibes Only: Amorously Arrestive RnB Soul

Jaron Smalls’ standout release ‘Vibes Only’ may be a short, sweet and succinct hit, but the weight of emotion allows the modern mix of RnB, Trap, Pop and Soul to hit harder than any archetypal stylistically-uninspired RnB track ever could.

The boundlessly dynamic artist has proven himself to be the vibe alchemist that everyone needs on the airwaves and their playlists in 2021 and beyond. If Jaron Smalls isn’t already on your radar, with his ability to offer arrestive escapism as you fall into his soundscapes, your sanity may ultimately depend on their amorously accessible sound.

You can check out Vibes Only for yourselves by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Desiring that real love: New Orleans singer/business owner L.E drops hot single ‘Want’

L.E is back with her phenomenally crisp vocal delivery that will have you listening and again on her single ‘Want‘.

With a loving memory of her late grandmother firmly entrenched in the deepest parts of her heart, L.E (Ellie) is a spectacular American singer-songwriter who has a rare ability to somehow fuse classical, gospel, RnB, and jazz all into one incredibly inspiring sound. With this loving memory with her each day, she has blossomed into a musician and also thriving business owner who teaches private vocal coaching at summer camp and at her Beyond the Stage LLC studio in New Orleans.

After learning her trade and excelling at The New Orleans Center for Creative Arts and Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York, this talented and inspirational creative has made it her mission to help her communities musicians to follow their dreams, showing that it is possible no matter what obstacles come your way in life.

You get the feeling that you are listening to a truly remarkable woman who makes music to love with. Her voice transcends traditional genres and pre-conceived notions and is like a fresh breeze blowing in after a hot and steamy day; her coolness and calming voice heals all sunburn from this wild world of scorching energies.

”Love me analogue not digital.”-L.E

Her Southern charm is such a pleasure on the soul as her voice blends so sweetly with the sensual but classy beat. She sings about wanting that real love and nothing more or less. The story of wanting to be with that special person so that you can love so deeply and with no doubts. This is a visually-pleasurable journey that takes us into this loving woman’s eyes who is looking for something real, far away from the quick-click dms’s that ultimately are a waste of time and effort.

Want‘ from the lovable L.E is a statement of intent from a successful woman who is done messing around and wants that real love that should exist more in the world. With a fabulous vocal delivery and real lyrics, this is a stunning song that is best played late at night with the bubble bath ready, cold beverage chilled and candles lit brightly.

Hear this voice you will never forget on her Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Honesty conquers all: Estonian indie-soul singer-songwriter Anett sings so graciously on new single ‘Selfish’

Taken off her brand new full album ‘Morning After‘, Anett enters our world to make her name known globally on the excellent new release called ‘Selfish‘.

Swimming in a sea of wonderful creativity that aims to channel contemporary soul, Anett is a thriving Estonian indie-soul singer-songwriter who performs with a honey-dipped voice that you will find hard to forget. Her magnificent vocals are backed up with a stunning style that will leave your back and neck shivering, in heart-beating delight of what you have just heard. Form is temporary but class lasts forever they say.

Her voice is a work of beautiful art. She sings with such a passionate light that shades away the darkness from view. With a vibrant tone that captures your heart tightly, it is so easy to get lost in her vocals as your eyes water a bit, her honesty is so refreshing in a sometimes heartless society where pushing blame elsewhere is unfortunately so common with the youth; their role models are nothing more that fake posers with no morals.

After many years performing her music, this is a talented woman who is at peace with her strengths and weaknesses. Her jazz vocalist experience shines through as she can take any note to her wishes, guiding us on a journey that is so wonderful on our tired souls. With an added RnB element to keep things fresh, there is so much to like here.

Anett only adds to the intrigue of Estonia for this writer as a must-visit country. Her spectacular vocal performance is a highlight of the new year already and it feels like she is now ready to use all of her gifts and self-motivation, to be heard all over the world.

After living and studying in London almost ten years ago, her eyes opened to new possibilities and that urge to travel and perform all over has never left her heart. Lockdown appears to have only added to her hunger for more and this extra fire has made all the difference.

Selfish‘ shows that sometimes we have to be a bit aloof to reach our goals as those times that could be spent at a bar or at a party, need to be used to put in those extra few hours in studio or working on plans.

To find that balance between life’s adventures, your own mental health and music is so hard but its your life and if you want to really make it, only true friends will truly understand where you want your path to lead. Being kind and real to yourself is how you truly find inner peace after all.

Cleanse your soul with this incredible singer-songwriter on her Spotify and see her story on FB and IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


James Jones – Christmas Passed (Feat. Olawale)

When you can count supporters as diverse as Eamonn Holmes and the great Dave Swarbrick, something’s clearly going well for you; James Jones had his first gig at the age of 11 as a soloist with the National Symphony Orchestra of London at Cardiff International Arena. Since then he’s gone on to support Swarbrick, his childhood inspiration, and performed at the BBC Proms In The Park.

‘Christmas Passed’ is Jones’ new single, from his album of classical and jazz-inspired pop songs due for release on the 29th December; featuring the wonderful vocals of Olawale Ojo (the winner of Project Fame West Africa) over Jones’ beautiful fingerstyle mildly jazzy classical guitar accompaniment. It’s an exquisite piece of work, the melody line of the guitar perfectly complimenting Ojo’s sublime voice, never intrusive but shadowing and balancing in a stunning counterpoint.

Hear ‘Christmas Passed’ on Spotify.

Review by Alex Holmes


Those romantic late nights: Price Dior sings with fresh energy on ‘Repeat’

Price Dior is back with a song so fresh, you will need to suit up in order to be allowed into streaming ‘Repeat‘.

R&B/Soul artist Price Dior is so impressive on this new single and this is a short and sweet track that grabs your attention and makes you groove along all night.

With a beat so hot you need sunglasses, the excellent vocals heats up your speakers and a cold shower is needed. You can’t help but click your fingers and like this a lot. This is the story about how his Mama told him to go and follow his dreams and make amazing music. He has taken that advice and is now driving in his lane to create a path to the top.

This is the kind of track that is perfect for those late nights when you have a lover over. His sensual voice is full of love and he heats up the temperature with sexy lyrics that shows his feelings for her.

Repeat‘ from the charming Price Dior features fantastic production from Kloudbeats and this is a new song to sink your teeth into and to turn up really loud.

Here is an artist with lots of self-confidence and a deep desire to succeed. If you want to be the best, you have to put in that extra effort and this seems to be a musician who wants it real bad.

Head through to the Spotify page for this song and see the socials via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Finding that closure: New York City singer-songwriter Javarr drops ‘The End’ visuals

The End‘ from Javarr is the true story about how dealing with closure can either keep you stuck into what happened, or whether you decide to accept the circumstances, and move on to a fresh start.

Brooklyn, New York singer-songwriter Javarr returns with his signature smooth style and is highly impressive here on this new single. His voice is vibrant and honest, he hits the high notes that so many can’t, while never overstretching or straining his vocals. The fantastic falsetto energy blows in hot and you find yourself swaying along and reminiscing about breakups and how they can either go well or badly.

”They say closure happens right after you accept that letting go is more important than protecting a fantasy of how the relationship/friendship could have been”.- Javarr

The visuals are so real and shows how the classy way to end things is so hard to do, but necessary. The pain is there but you both need to move on and start fresh after healing first.

Brooklyn’s Javarr sends us a message that needs to be heard on ‘The End‘. In life, being happy inside has to be number one and holding onto things, no matter how much you miss them, only sucks you down and does nothing to help you long-term.

See this new video on YouTube and see the journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen